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  1. Here are a smattering of letters of interest to me. Pete Taylor From: "George H. Smith" <> Reply-To: "George H. Smith" <> To: "*Atlantis" <> Subject: ATL: Reply to Jeff Olson, Part Two (was Locke's Lament and Other Imponderables [from JeffO]) Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 05:24:20 -0600 [This is a continuation of my first response to Jeff Olson. I have duplicated some quotations in the beginning to set the context.] Jeff wrote: "This idea distills to the proposition that given a particular possible state of knowledge (a
  2. I had written how my brother and I had gone to see, "Doctor Strangelove," on a military base. My brother had just taken a year of high school Spanish. He knew that "Bat Guano" meant Bat Shit in English. He told me in the middle of the movie. I could not stop laughing. A senior military person demanded that I stand up and tell eveyone what I was laughing about. I told the whole audience. No one could stop laughing for the rest of the movie. With time, I forgot the details. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor From: "Andy Dufresne" <> To: solarwind47@h
  3. General quoted: 4.One who resents outside control or influence on his or her life, in particular a government, and therefore desires the absence of political control. General wrote: I don't think it's possible for humans to live together without laws - to do so we would be animals. If you have laws then you need an agency to enforce them and so government is formed. That being said I see nothing wrong with #4 above if you simply substitutre 'absence' with 'mimimization' or something. end quote I never saw this post. Interesting, General. I agree. An anarchic expedition. 1000 people agree to f
  4. I wrote: ....the English despise The Frogs to this day. and received this reply: As soon I read this I stopped reading. I don't think I've been missing anything in these REALLY long posts. end quote OK. What I said was not PC. And historically there have been several wars since 1066 between France and England. My basis for the word "Frogs" comes from the novels of Patrick O'Brien. No you have probably not missed anything from my posts. If you had read them it may have pissed you off even more. Or perhaps you have lost something. But that is what archives are for. Adam wrote: Are there any oth
  5. Michael M. wrote: So, the point is that governments can come and go, but laws remain and they do so with greater stability when they derive from culture, as opposed to be being imposed (by conquest, etc.). end quote I think “common law” is what you are referring to. The English monarchs came and went but English Common Law remained. After the Norman Conquest in 1066, French culture was imposed, but rather than sticking, the English despise The Frogs to this day. Anarchy, as I have said, is a manifestation of one of the first “untaught feelings” we have as a child: Personal Sovereignty. What
  6. I have no knowledge of Como, except I think it is a place and a lake. Read John Grisham's, "Playing for Pizza." It is a good read, especially if you are an American football fan, and it gets into the Italian mind. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  7. I worry that a vengeful American dictator will start silencing his enemies. Isn't it great that we don't have a marxist dictator? I don't think any public figure should accept anything ingested. Rush was being sent boxes of cigars and like an idiot smoking them. Nothing was ever publicly noted but he seemed to be losing his voice. Yesterday, I received an email from Hotmail asking for me to confirm my email address, password etc. I immediately went to MSN and spent 10 minutes trying to reach Security to tell them about the scam. Those idiots should make it easier. But then I guess their Securi
  8. Michael E. Marotta wrote: How can government be granted a LEGAL monopoly, except by an institution antecedent to government? End quote I always thought it was simultaneous with the signing, and ratification by the individual States. You are over-thinking the answer. Before the signing, it was just a bunch of State representatives. After the signing, they represented The United States of America. Michael wrote My definition: Anarchy is when an actor determines for himself whether to hire via contract, and whom to hire via contract, for adjudication of disputes. End quote. Nobody I know uses t
  9. Thanks Rich. I felt good reading that, and a bit happy and sad for the Marine. I would like to be there to push the button dropping munitions on the Taliban. Now that is a way to raise revenue! For five grand you get to push the button, releasing a 500 pound bomb on a terrorist. For ten grand you get to send a hell-fire missle down Osama bin Ladin's throat. The remote control would be set up at a working class bar where guys could pool their money, and draw straws to push the button, while it is all caught on a television camera. If you think the Super Bowl might be tense when you have money o
  10. I just received a call from the RNC asking me if I would contribute the last amount again? Seriously, the spiel was first class. I said yes, but I don't get my next Social Security check from President Obama, until the forth Wednesday of each month. That cracked her up. But then I told her I consider myself a Tea Party Supporter first, and a Libertarian Republican second. And, if Michael Steele shows disrespect for Rush one more time, I will give nothing. She transfered me to a supervisor for confirmation, and I said the same to her. The supervisor could barely talk, she was quite hoarse. They
  11. Michael E. Marotta wrote: I dare you, defy you and challenge you to convince me otherwise on any of these points -- or on any other point. You cannot do so, I prevent it by my superior arguments. End quote Adam Selene previously suggested we agree upon a definition of Anarchism. Let us start with something already out there. I have posted, IN DEFENSE OF RATIONAL ANARCHISM, Copyright Smith H. Smith (November 1997). It is free to use as long as he is attributed as the author. Use that posting to verify my quotes. I have used some of my words in previous letters to Objectivist Living. Are Smith
  12. Michael, Adam, and to all. Here is what I am quoting in my next letter. Peter IN DEFENSE OF RATIONAL ANARCHISM Copyright George H. Smith (november 1997) Anarchism is a theory of the good society, in which justice and social order are maintained without the State (or government). Many anarchists in the libertarian movement (including myself) were heavily influenced by the epistemological and moral theories of Ayn Rand. According to these anarchists, Rand's principles, if consistently applied, lead necessarily to a repudiation of government on moral grounds. I call this rational anarchism, be
  13. Adam wrote: You have successfully eviscerated the straw man of Anarchism by your or Ayn's definition. end quote Thank you Adam. I stopped reading at this point. What perfection. Damn. Tracinski came on just now, not at 7:30. Petite Pierre
  14. Adam, that live feed was awesome. I saw Brown's Cosmo centerfold today. Anna Quinlan was commenting on the hunk factor. Christ that guy is and was good looking. Barny Frank might even vote for him for a sniff. Hopefully, CNBC's Kudlow Report will keep Tracinski on at 7:30 tonight. I just turned to it. Fingers crossed, Peter
  15. Thank you for correcting me Adam. I did not remember Eric Hoffer saying that there was a specified number of True Believers. I read him too, but it was around 1971. Now, will you forgive me? I like to hear myself talk. Special note at the bottom. What is the stated mission of an Anarchist? To be as free as he can be, so that he may be all that he can be. To not be hampered by a harmful government. To live a peaceful life recognizing the individual rights of all others, whenever he comes into contact with them. And to protect his life and property, while engaging in Capitalism and prospering.
  16. Robert Tracinski on TV Tonight Robert Tracinski is scheduled to appear tonight, Tuesday, January 19, between 7:00 and 7:30 pm Eastern Time, on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report" to discuss the significance of the Massachusetts special election. Peter Taylor
  17. I see. Adam Selene is your full name. I wondered about that. I kidded you about that. Sometimes you do not sign your posts, but Selene, which sounds like Celine or a female name to me, appears at the top. I am amazed how many people do not use their names on this list or others. Is it fear? Prudence? Deception? I am terrible with names but by now when I see Selene, I usually link it to Adam. I advocate no one who is an anarchist. I came across that guy when I googled some key words like 'anarchy, movies,' and thought he was interesting, if not right. Show me a working Anarchic Society where yo
  18. Michael M. wrote: “I have already pointed to actual, working, real world, profit-making, examples perfectly consonant with Objectivist expectations for laissez-faire capitalism and you have ignored them. You prefer to make your statements for your own purposes.” End quote I will reexamine what you showed me. OK. Global *free trade,* or a stock exchange where disputes are settled internally, is not Anarchism. It is Capitalism, operating within various jurisdictions. Now if a sly fraud were to occur, your money would be gone. Would you then seek regress if the perpetrators had disappeared? Sur
  19. Adam, can you tell me what that music was that was playing in the video? That was excellent. I still remember when the anti-Goldwater video played. A little girl was playing in a field when an atom bomb went off behind her. Powerfull. They showed it, then pulled it. Then showed it as news coverage, then pulled it, then showed it. I think it was CBS. Everybody demanded to see this video. Good bye Barry. Hopefully, the other side doesn't resort to this tactic in 2010 because I think they are better at it. But this video, if you agreed with its basic tenets, was a powerful force to bring out the
  20. Rational Anarchy as a *System* lacks a hierarchical command structure. Everyone does whatever they please until another anarchist persuades or forces them to stop. Rational people, the Anarchist says, can agree to associate with each other, respect individual rights, and peacefully settle disagreements. Yet, people who profess a proclivity towards anarchism won’t supply an example of a current working anarchy where individual rights are protected. I ask them, if anarchy is somehow more rational than a Constitutional Government, why didn’t the countries that made up the former Soviet Union, spo
  21. Randall wrote: I wish I had the time to discuss some of your posts, unfortunately I do not . . . End quote Not a problem Randall. No reply is ever required, even when I am addressing you directly, as I am right now. I will not take offense. And my quantity is going down rapidly. Since Atlantis sank, I have not been on an Objectivist site, so for five years I was saving up things to say. I post old letters to see if anyone has new thoughts on an old issue. You wrote about Kelley’s approach: The more evil the idea, the more challenging it will be for the adherent to demonstrate that he is hone
  22. Chris Grieb wrote: We maybe see the beginning of the end of our national nightmare. Everybody say one termer Obama. end quote I will be watching closely Tuesday night. The Intellectual Activist was saying twenty percent of the Democrats will vote for Brown and it may turn into a landslide, but then I saw something elsewhere showing the vote is fifty-fifty. And the vote may be stolen, or put into controversy as in Minnesota, and they will keep recounting until it comes out 'right.' Then there may be a deliberate delay in seating Brown. Team Obama does not consider anything they can get away wi
  23. Mike M. wrote: For me, the most profound moment in Carl Sagan's Contact was when Ellie asks the extraterrestrial guide about the wormhole transport and he says, "We didn't build it. We found it here when we arrived." The Universe did not have a Creator, but given the Universe, whatever else exists besides us must be wonderful. end quote My favorite movie is Contact, and I named my cat, Sparks, after her Dad's pet name for Ellie. After seeing Jodie in Contact I thought she would make a great Dagny Taggert. Does anyone else think we are in the middle of an inter-galactic conversation, and we
  24. Dragonfly wrote: It's knäckebröd and I eat it every day. Thank you. I also eat the whole wheat kind. I tried swedish meatballs, once more, last year and like you I was not enthused. My Mom loves things like canned sardines on Knackebrod. Ugh! My cousin Veronica Johnson went to Sweden in 2007 and brought back a slide show for us to see. There were all the people I had heard so much about growing up, and yet I never personally knew them. In 2004 or 2005, my Aunt Vera and another cousin went to Sweden, and then to Swedish speaking Russia to see other relatives. Then they went to Moscow. After th
  25. I wrote this over ten years ago, and now I barely recollect writing it and cannot vouch for any of the facts, I once knew so well. I remember reading Robert Efron’s article “Biology Without Consciousness – And Its Consequences,” in the February to May 1968 editions of “The Objectivist,” I was skimming the article and then a shock went thru me. The articles are in 4 parts. I was able to find parts 2, 3, and 4 and part three was in the magazine, “THE OBJECTIVIST Edited by Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden” while part 4 was in the magazine, “THE OBJECTIVIST Edited by Ayn Rand.” Nathan was gone. And