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  1. She starred in the movie "Soylent Green" as a tasty burger.
  2. Bingo! Did you know Biden killed his first wife? That was a story back in the early or mid 1970's.
  3. My wife and I filled out a form to get a ballot in the mail. She thinks it would defeat the purpose of "not" getting the virus if you went to see if they got your vote, thereby exposing yourself to covid-19.
  4. I think some deep state politician's group took what Trump said about McCain many years ago, and reconstructed some fake news that sounded plausible.
  5. The VA recommended 2000 IU, and when I asked if the infrequently taken 5,000 IU's I had on hand, would be better they said, "No." I didn't question the nurse and 2,000 IU is all I take now. I see some local drug stores are offering early flu shots but I have not gotten one yet.
  6. Fox News had a interesting point. Since 1964 a majority of Presidential voters have been women.
  7. Can Americans and the people of the world be "mind controlled?" I know dictatorships are always losing that battle, though it sometimes takes war and misery to make people come to their senses. I was influenced by the commercial that said, "It is springtime in America." Only history makes dreams and commercials come true. Now what about, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star . . . ?" Does that song induce mysticism or scientific inquiry? Adolf: What? You mean you can't hoodwink kids for long? What kind of propogandist are you Goerbles? (sp.)
  8. Saddest song? “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac though I remember reading Stevie Nicks wrote it before joining the group. “Landslide” I took my love, I took it down I climbed a mountain and I turned around And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills 'Till the landslide brought me down Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love? Can the child within my heart rise above? Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life? Well, I've been afraid of changing 'Cause I've built my life around you But time makes you bolder Even children ge
  9. My county is still doing video classrooms but I think around Monday, Sept 28, 2020 they will begin on-site classroom work, which could be worrisome for older teachers and those with preexisting conditions, and their families. I did not read the web story but in it they talked about kids being the next "mass spreaders" of Covid-19. With a vaccine in the works I no longer think the "deliberately enacted herd immunity" idea is a good one. Would anyone want to get chicken pox or the measles if they could get a shot to prevent it?
  10. If I heard correctly the Kenosha city council welcomes Trump's visit.
  11. I remember the Viet Nam War protesters and there were millions of them. In contrast there are sometimes hundreds of “city protesters” and most of them are paid agitators not even from those cities. So, does the following also apply to the rioters, looters, and murderers in cities across America? Is insurrection a reason for the Federal Government to get involved? After all, those mayors who are allowing some lawbreakers, in the name of free speech, to squash the rights of law abiding citizens, are derelict in their duties. From the “Playboy,” Ayn Rand interview. PLAYBOY: What about forc
  12. It will be invigorating to see the Arabic and Israeli regions be at peace with everyone. I think the UAE peace deal is a step that may be matched by other, larger Arabic countries, with no more Yasir Arafat type venom to annihilate the Jewish people . . . except from some Palestinians and the Iranians. Why be civil? Why not just lash out emotionally? Jimmy Wales was the founder of Wikipedia and monitor of the various “wetheliving” groups. From: Jimmy Wales To: atlantis Subject: ATL: David Kelley on civility Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 08:33:13 -0800, Here's a fairly long quote from Davi
  13. Wait until the aftermath of Trump’s visit to Wisconsin. Mostly, the Kenosha rioters are not from the city of Kenosha. The traitors go there to participate in a rebellion. Trump is not backing down about his visit. "I will see you on Tuesday!” Unfortunately, that reminds me how bank robbers wait for a delivery from an armored car before striking. Peter Notes. KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Some residents in Kenosha fear a planned visit by President Donald Trump after unrest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake may stir more emotions and cause more violence and destruction in the divided southeast
  14. Michael wrote: “In modern times, I am sure enough money, goodies and privileged resettlement for natives who choose to move out can be offered to make the transition attractive (and much easier than, say, suffering genocide, bloody wars, and so on )” That sounds like one of my favorite movies, Tom Hanks in “Castaway,” or “Robinson Crusoe” or that “exile movie” Pappy something. And it might be more humane than execution. We are binge watching “Colony,” about an alien invasion. Spoooooky!
  15. From Fox News. Acting DHS secretary says more federal forces could be sent to Portland. I think I will put this on the old thread which began about the Pope. I had no idea BB wrote so much about the death penalty. Peter Excerpt from Bill Dwyer below, “It has been claimed that capital punishment cannot deter fanatics who believe they are giving their life for a cause, which may be true. But there is also good reason to believe that capital punishment does deter some people, and in order to be effective and fair, criminal sanctions must be applied consistently and impartially. One ca
  16. Eight to the bar! that was exciting.
  17. I was re-watching that revolting video of Rand Paul and his wife being accosted on the street. I was thinking about the moral and legal advisability of defending him if I had been there. The question I pose: “Is it moral to travel to a place and help defend individuals and property owners from those who seek to riot, loot, destroy, maim or murder? I don’t think any “rational person” would deny that the police, national guard, and Army are legitimately tasked with that job. But what about honest, decent patriots who declare, “This must stop?” In the American Old West no one waited for the sheri
  18. Remember Jimmie Rogers singing “Bimbombey” and “Honeycomb”? Those are songs that are hard to stop re-hearing in your head. Oh Oh Spaghetti O’s. Peter Notes. With over 40 top ten hits in the late 50s and 60s, Jimmie Rodgers is one of the early superstars of Rock & Roll. His biggest #1 hits include "Honeycomb", "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", "It's Over", "Child Of Clay", "Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again" and "The Long Hot Summer", which nominated Jimmie for an Oscar. You also know him from commercial jingles taken from his songs-- Honeycomb was used for the cereal, Honeycomb; and Oh Oh Spa
  19. Hurricane Laura. The Weather Channel was just reporting at 1:41 am as the hurricane hit land and the female reporter yelled, “Ow!” She turned away from the wind and the camera cut away. I think something struck her in the face or eye.
  20. William wrote: I swtiched all my displays to "dark mode" a couple months back - What? Switiched? Is that a game from Harry Potter, William? “EENIE MEANIE CHILI BEANIE, THE SPIRITS ARE ABOUT TO SPEAK!” OK, Bullwinkle. Who is going to win the 2020 election? I predict President Trump, Rocky! How do you know for sure, Bullwinkle? Well, to be honest the spirit was Jim Beam, recommended by that pretty lady Mila Kunis! Who is she? She’s married to that guy Christopher Ashton Kutcher. Who? Ah shut up, Rocky.
  21. Now it's back to half the display page. I ask you to go back to the last way grasshopper.