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  1. Rand or NB mentioned "The Scarlett Letter" once. Rand's letter back was terse but she must have gone to the trouble of stamping it and sending it back. If I had gotten a letter from Rand I would have sung, "C" is for cookie, good enough for me!" The Cookie Monster. Friend of Oscar Rand the Grouch.
  2. Peter


    Bonjour, mon amie. So, are you Polish? Or just anon? Peter
  3. My historian, youngest daughter is going to Jeopardy Nights at local pubs and she is excellent within most categories and even better at Wheel of Fortune. She is considering re - taking the Jeopardy challenge. The last time she did was when she was in High School, but alas, with no call - back in the night. I am most satisfied when I can answer a Jeopardy question none of the other three contestants can answer, which happens frequently. I am not as fast as the younger challengers but I still win maybe once or twice a week when I keep score. Here is an interesting idea for a scifi novel. Aliens
  4. Madman wrote: Therefore, either Peter's post is in error, or Barbara's post has an error, or she has information that Heller did not obtain. Adam End quote Your posts and your great info and links are continuously improving, Adam. Thanks! I kept that that particular BB post inside my hotmail account since the day it was published by Barbara Branden. When I repost anything I may fix the spacing, delete the old > mark that appeared at the beginning of every quoted sentence, and fix any errors my spell checker turns red to indicate an error. Otherwise I don’t change anything except maybe the
  5. Is your name Calvin? Perhaps you could get an auto signature put at the end of your OL messages. Calvin wrote: Canada - stand-up comedy / acting on camera. end quote Comedy? Don’t make a mistake with your name, or you might add a letter and get “Calving.” Or, how about this, Mr. Seinfeld? Have you ever noticed that lady comedians are mostly good looking but the guys are spatially and facially challenged? They fall flat on their faces. Peter
  6. Studiodekadent wrote: All I'm saying is that a mass movement with popular appeal cannot depend on "every member must be deeply philosophically educated.” end quote I agree. Copy the following paragraph to a word processing system: Ron Paul could change the world. No other candidate could move America into a place it has not seen since the early 1800’s, and that place would be a territory called The United States of America governed by the U.S. Constitution. With the help of a Tea Party congressional majority, he could steer us away from the fast approaching abyss of constant wars, fiscal hel
  7. Studiocadet wrote” Phillip, You are making a mistake; specifically you are assuming that the success of Objectivism requires people to be heavily educated about the highly technical facets of it . . . . Take Evangelical Christianity and its charismatic/Pentecostal offshoots . . its all concrete-bound "all the answers are in the bible!" stupidity that promises 'revelation' through direct-download from the "holy spirit" . . . end quote I agree with Brant that, “Objectivism is not a religion. . . “ but studiocadet’s phrase, “direct-download from the "holy spirit" . . .” is so funny it needs some
  8. Robert Tracinski wrote in TIA Daily: The only problem is that Gingrich is the not-Romney who is not not-Romney . . . Romney is disliked by three quarters of Republican voters because they understand that he is the guy who will smoothly tell them what they want to hear in order to get the nomination, but who has a long history of supporting big government and the welfare state . . . . Well, ditto for Newt. Where do we start? There is his stunningly overpaid stint as a "historian" consulting for Freddie Mac. Fannie and Freddie, the government-sponsored entities who touched off the mortgage meltd
  9. Phil wrote: The complacent claim "If x thousands of people read Atlas this culture is doomed" has not come close to being true so far. Admiring Atlas is not enough. end quote Now you’re cookin’! Good topic. Celebrities can sway millions of people. I remember when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt declared that they were fans of Rand, but I am not sure how much they ever understood. Jodie Foster is a fan, as is Trace Gallegher on FOX news, Rush Limbaugh, Rush the rock band, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan. Even the lyrics of a Paul Simon song say, “I was Ayn Randed.” Celebrity fans, even with their less t
  10. Peter Reidy wrote: Plenty of people are married to animals and loving every minute. end quote My wife says I am always so warm in bed because of my Neanderthal pelt. As the years go by I get hairier all over except for my head. I remember Barbara Branden once said most women including her, liked a Nazi in the bedroom. I went looking for that letter but could not find it. But I did find the following. Peter Taylor From: Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 20:17:40 -0400 Subject: Re: ATL: The Queen Speaks To: It is difficult for me to convey the amount of scorn and
  11. Mark wrote: Anyway, the GOP fight is only beginning and it would be better to promote Ron Paul than defend a political hack like Newt Gingrich. End quote The exchanges between Mark and Adam were fun reading. Thanks for the links to the Glenn Beck Newt Gingrich radio interview! Here are a few of my observations. Newt nearly always starts with false premises, per Glenn Beck. Speaker Gingrich starts with big government programs AS THEY ARE and does not propose that we end them. For example, since we have Medicare shouldn’t we have drug subsidies? The drug Lipitor is cheap and will make open heart
  12. blackhorse wrote: I have withdrawn my support for Gary Johnson because of his support of gay marriage. My reason; it opens up the virtual Pandora's box such as marriage between humans and animals or humans and machines ad nauseam. That is anarchic morality. I am an Objectivist because I believe in biological identity and morality qua reason. end quote Adam responded: Oh no! Barney Frank took his peter. end quote Ixnay with the Peter jokes Adam. Wow. Such vehemence from blackhorse. We were just talking about this on another thread, so I will repeat myself. The Ayn Rand Institute’s stance on g
  13. Peter


    Dglgmut replied to the "Anarchism" thread: Wow... I doubt that is the typical Objectivist approach. Owning a slave at all should not be considered rationally selfish for the same reason stealing property should not be considered rationally selfish. end quote I don’t want to lead this thread further astray of the topic of Anarchism, but I do remember that the Ayn Rand Institute’s stance on gay marriage is analogous to the issue of *property rights involving slaves*. Someone in Leonard Peikoff’s inner circle (it may have been Binswanger) said gay marriage would amount to an ex post facto rewrit
  14. My first response to the thread was to show that worrying about the purity of Objectivists is fine but the bigger picture is getting Rand’s thoughts out to the majority American view or the “general consensus.” The Tea Party is doing that. “Atlas Shrugged,” the movie is doing that. I DO want Rand’s proponents to know the right stuff and to be consistent Objectivists so that they may persuasively sway. But the internal ARI warfare is moronic. Adam wrote: There is absolutely no correlation between the EPA's budget / regulations that has had any effect in producing "cleaner air," or "cleaner
  15. No one could be elected to a major position in America who is an atheist. Even though a majority claims to be theists they are not true believers in all aspects of their religions. This makes them hypocrites but they don’t see it that way. They won’t vote for the “godless.” A lot of Americans believe in ghosts, close encounters with aliens or ESP. With no evidence other than hear-say or special affects on the Syfi Network. Senator Ron Paul, when he was running for office, mentioned that he agrees with the Objectivist stance that a restaurant owner has the right to refuse to serve someone bas
  16. Adam wrote: Finally, out of curiosity, you make reference to "your polling" data, who do you utilize for your numbers and do you have any links to substantiate your numbers. end quote My old, erroneous polling data was from a female correspondent on Fox News. I later checked RealClearPolitics for better, more up to date polling data. They combine several polling companies and take an average which really is “really clear”. Adam, I commend you for your excellent fact checking and links. I can’t believe how many times I have taken the word of The Lame Stream Media only to find out that they lie
  17. I see Sarah Palin “nearly” endorsed Rick Santorum for his religiously conservative stances on “the sanctity of marriage” and the rights of fertilized human eggs even after just one day in existence. I won’t be voting for either one of them. Better stances would be to drop religion out of political discourse and instead use reason as an argument. “Equal protection under the law,” is a better stance than gay bashing and clearly more Constitutional and “one day old embryos” are not yet “persons with rights,” though a human embryo should be treated with more respect than a turtle egg. Thank
  18. Crocodile Gingrich NOT Chameleon “Newt” Gingrich needs to run. Or at least his campaign should allude to the name Crocodile with a cartoon look alike. Uh huh, that’s it. Not too provocative or menacing. BO is the President after all. Yup, a grinning, big toothed, crocodilian Newt logo with the Speaker holding a big (rubber) blade labeled ‘big government cuts’ and saying in an Australian accent: “Now, that’s a knife. I’ll (figuratively) poop that jerk out after the breakfast election, then I’ll go after Congress for lunch.” Or is that too threatening? Michelle might think it is bullying. Forget
  19. Adam wrote: How do you feel about Newt, who I can certainly support? end quote He needs to change his name to something more imposing. I could suggest Crocodile Gingrich or Komodo Gingrich though NOT Chameleon Gingrich. Peter
  20. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote of the Republican’s presidential chances: Not a chance. Unless the Republicans can come up with a human being, we are doomed to another 4 years of The Empty Suit. end quote After voicing despair over the lack of a Daniels or Paul Ryan, Trancinski in The Intellectual Activist thinks WE should be the ideas guy and actively support Mitt or Newt or anyone but “Brock O’bama.” Our candidate and future Republican President will be hearing from the Tea Party and the new pro-Constitution Congress in 2012. I will agree with Robert though I still hold out a slight hope for a deadlocke
  21. I rarely buy taped lectures. The last one was one of Barbara’s. I may buy der perfessor Peikoff’s book out of curiosity. Peter
  22. Dear Comrade, keeper of the OL history which can be revised for the proper bribe in keeping with revisionist history standards, Adam. Thank you! If I see an error I also try to contact the person, or I will fix their error if I quote them. (usually just spelling or double “word word”) OL traffic is really down for the holidays and I have not looked here in a couple of days myself. Peter
  23. Thank you Angela. That link to The Jerusalem Post was thought provoking, though I more readily agree with Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Religion is a form of self-imposed mental slavery for adults and a form of child abuse for the wee ones. Zeus and his other idiotic manifestations are figments of whimsical opportunistic or evil minds. As Cervantes said, “The first priest was the first rogue who met the first fool.” I liked the author’s point that religion in America is “the best sermon wins” and the more commercial or entrepreneurial church gathers a bigger flock, rather than the
  24. Off topic Daunce, I am sure your cookies are just fine. I was just watching Jeopardy and a contestant said she had taken up “Bollywood” dancing, and it got me thinking about its similarity to “Flash Mobs.” The better Flash Mobs are reenactments of the scenes we used to see in old Hollywood musicals or in current Bollywood musicals. Peter (from Wiki: Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), Maharashtra, India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; it is only a part of th
  25. Here are some old Holiday / Religious letters youse guys might enjoy. Peter Taylor From: Douglas Wagoner <> To: Subject: Re: ATL: Re: A word to the Wise Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 15:02:42 -0500 At 02:57 PM 12/28/2001, you wrote: From "The eight reindeer first appeared in American literature in 1823 in the famous poem by Clement Clarke Moore (we thought), called "A Visit from St. Nicholas", popularly known as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas". You can read the entire poem at the link above. I quote here from the te