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  1. If you move right on the keyboard and start typing Mr. Coates’ name you get “{jo;” Phil wrote: Nothing rewards evil more than when good men remain silent (or bail out, which has many similar effects). Then there would be less strength opposing their takeover. Less of a vigorous determined opposition to the march toward socialism or fascism. end quote There have been recent articles about how companies are hiring younger people who need less or no medical insurance (and a few places like big stores that hire healthier, old people on Medicare who require no medical insurance. Our local Harris T
  2. Thanks for the link to the Blankley article on his old boss, Mr. Newt. I also respect Tony’s opinion – a lot! Like Mitt I think Newt’s potential first four years as President would be ruled by SURVIVALIST, rational, conservative actions. We are in a deep hole. Australian News is trumpeting a “further, deep, economic contraction” in the European Union which will spread across the Atlantic and the Pacific. It’s happening now and 2012 will be a year of dread. If I were Newt and I won the primaries I would consider Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney in that order, as Vice Presidential materia
  3. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: Consider the Stern-Gerlach Experiment. At the subatomic level things are chancy. Fortunately the probabilities can be accurately calculated. Just look at the eignvalues of the applicable Hermite Operators and square them. end quote I thought Ba'al Chatzaf was just making stuff up. So what Bob said was about something real? That reminds me of a recent cartoon. A Dilbert cartoon featured an engineer named Wally who is always fooling his stupid boss into thinking he is working when he is really doing little to nothing. In panel one Wally says to the boss, “I successfully inst
  4. I was listening to local, conservative talk radio today as I was running errands and they were discussing the primaries. Ron Paul was held in high esteem except for his isolationism which they thought naïve. One caller disagreed and said if we minded our own business we could be a war free country like Brazil which has not had a war since 1850. Nobody threatens Brazil. Nobody hates Brazil. Their trade is free and they are a democracy. I looked the country up on wikipedia and they disagree about the date of 1850 as their last conflict. They abolished the international trade in slaves in 1850 an
  5. Blackhorse wrote: Rick Santorum looks REALLY good right now. End quote There are a lot of “Tractor Counties” in Iowa that are evangelical Christian and they won that contest for Mike Huckabee in 2008. I think Santorum or Bachmann could do better than expected there, because of their religious conservatism. I could reluctantly vote for Santorum or Bachmann if they were the choice against Obama but I would prefer Newt or Mitt. Will those Iowan farmers vote for a Latter Day Saint? Realclearpolitics has it 21.7 for Paul in Iowa 20.3 for Romney 15.7 for Gingrich 12.0 for Perry 9.7 for Bachmann 6.3
  6. I went to the AnybodybutMitt web site and did not see anything new. Some good questions for Mitt would be, “Since you have unequivocally stated that you will roll back Obamacare as one of your first jobs as President, if you were, hypothetically, reelected as Governor of Massachusetts would you roll back Romneycare? Would you support a rollback of Romneycare if you are elected President?” Peter
  7. From a story on the web: I am uncertain how much of the warming, however, is attributable to man and how much is attributable to factors out of our control. I do not support radical feel-good policies like a unilateral U.S. cap-and-trade mandate. Such policies would have little effect on climate but could cripple economic growth with devastating results for people across the planet.” -- Mitt Romney No Apology, p. 227 Summary: Mitt Romney on Cap and Trade/Global Warming Cap and Trade legislation would be disastrous for our economy. The earth’s climate has been constantly changing throughout it
  8. Thank you Adam. I owe you one. Well, maybe a dinner. With domestic wine. He was a monster. I served in the Army in South Korea for thirteen months. Hey, lovely Kim, how you doing? (Kim is a loat name. The Kim I am addressing is female and a very good person.) The North Korean Premier's passing is as relevant as someone stepping on a cockroach. May he roast in the Christian’s Hell. Peter
  9. Going to the John wrote: It's why Peikoff needed to get rid of people from Kelley to McCaskey. Envy. You're envious of those who are better thinkers and producers end quote Phil? Oh, he is a bit British, but you are wrong. He thinks of things that no one else discovers. He is unique. Peter
  10. Ba'al Chatzaf wryly wrote: Consider the Stern-Gerlach Experiment. At the subatomic level things are chancy. Fortunately the probabilities can be accurately calculated. Just look at the eignvalues of the applicable Hermite Operators and square them. end quote Damn. You are good. I won’t spring the trap. My last letter gives the answer to whoever is first to discover its relevance. Make it yours. Publish. Peter
  11. Michael wrote: I think her identification here is one of her best ideas. I don't know how many times I have seen science-minded people argue that just because a man-made fact could have been different, this means that a natural fact could have been different, also . . . end quote That thought was rather good. Would Rand say Quantum Mechanics is the man-made? I have been watching a bit of PBS and the Science Channel about elemental particles, QM, the Higgs boson, etc., so my understanding is nil. Scientists are now predicting that the most elemental thing is actually a “probability wave” and no
  12. Adam wrote: I think that it addresses the issue fairly. end quote Is it SO tough to be principled and say no to “influence money” that could later be used to question your suitability for the Presidency? A million bucks helps to buy a shot at a Presidential run but I wish Mr. Newt could have earned it on the free market like Mitt. Rush Limbaugh’s Two If By Tea Company is a good example of a principled use of celebrity. We will need to accept his version until and unless he is charged or sued like those Fannie Mae executives. But it tarnishes his reputation. Mr. Newt should swear he will put h
  13. Daunce wrote: . . . we were a permanent unsuccessful Adopt-a-Kitten site, with a rotating population of at minimum four cats in the house (the neighbor cats freeloaded at mealtimes) for at least a decade . . . We thought we had just been feeding him too much. End quote Ours are all fat. We usually have a lot of whole milk on hand because we give it to our granddaughter, so the cats get about three cups a day and they all have “chukkers.” Their bellies nearly scrape the ground. When our local raccoon population was decimated by our County who trapped and shot them just in case they had rabies t
  14. Duance wrote: Peter, what great taste you have. end quote It's the egg nog talking when Groucho said, “I bet Carol tastes good and is less filling too.” What a cool story. They are extraordinarily good looking, loaded with talent, people. When you wrote, “a uniquely beautiful blend of masculine and the feminine,” those were eloquent, electric words. Thank you! Back to the trenches. “Don’t you want to go where everybody knows your name and everybody’s glad you came?” Come on Adam. Have a beer on me. I am not going to put my faith in The One and Only Rasmussen or Pew polls however they might ref
  15. I saw country and folk artist Suzy Bogguss last night. We sat in good seats on Row E. She was a star back in the 90’s, was a collaborator with Chet Atkins and knows and sings Ian Tyson’s songs (He is one of my all time favorite song writers and artists. I have two albums of this Canadian’s when his group was “Ian and Sylvia,” his wife. Some of their songs are “Four Strong Winds,” “Early Morning Rain” and “You Were On My Mind”) Two of Suzy’s hits were the beautiful “Letting Go” and my favorite, “Drive South.” Wow, I like those two. I bought her folk CD after the concert so that my two year old
  16. Adam wrote: It seems you selectively retain information that supports your point of view my friend. end quote My point of view is based on more evidence than yours. Your big picture is too rosy, selectively reflecting what you are hoping will happen. When I started the thread, “My Man Mitt,” I meant to give him a fair hearing. He has flopped in the right direction in the years after he was Governor of Massachusetts. We have a bumper sticker, saying “Romney” but it is on our refrigerator, not my car (which has a license plate number that starts, “GWB.”) My wife likes Mitt. I have always joking
  17. Excellent job, Phil. Dennis Hardin responded: The one thing you might have added, Phil, is that, tragically, Ayn Rand set the stage for allowing personal vendettas to supercede rational discussion by excommunicating so many of her own admirers . . . . I believe it was Jennifer Burns who stated that, toward the end, she had very few friends. She had managed to alienate just about everyone who had ever been close to her . . . . It's fascinating that many allegedly 'independent' adherents of a philosophy of reason have shown themselves utterly incapable of distinguishing her genius from her perso
  18. Adam, Obama is leading the field in spite of his disapproval ratings. The Realclear averages as of today, December 17th, are: Obama 46.4 Romney 44.6 Obama 50.0 Gingrich 41.6 Obama 50.2 Perry 39.5 Obama 49.7 Paul 35.7 The other Republican candidates fare even worse. Michael wrote: I'm not negative on Newt, though. I think he scares the living bejeezus out of the powers that be (you know, the ones behind the scenes). And anyone who scares those nasty folks can't be all bad. end quote Your clip of The John Stewart show is a fine example of the beating Newt would get from the left wing and from
  19. Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive... then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. - Howard Thurman Adam wrote: Well, the Republican establishment is starting to take it's toll on Mr. Newt... end quote Mr. Newt does sound better than “The Wind in the Willows” Mr. Toad. I am sorry that Romney called Gingrich, “zany.” It reminds me of when Chris Wallace asked Michelle Bachmann if she was a flake, which was uncalled for and rude (even though I think her born again Christianity is about the worse kind. A kid raised that way is one thing but
  20. Adam wrote: One aspect of her that I admire is that she has been on the front lines of fiscal responsibility and she has refused to vote for the continuing resolutions, TARP and other false measures from Weeping Willie Boehner's agenda. Moreover, she has been a solid leader of the Tea Party. end quote I agree. Bernie Goldberg is on Fox now at 1:48pm saying there should be no tolerance of people who insist the earth is 6000 years old and people once walked around with dinosaurs, but he is very tolerant of Tim Tebow. I see an official in Newt’s campaign has resigned after calling Mormonism “a cu
  21. Adam wrote: Neither Palin, nor Bachman have brought their personal religions into their secular government positions. Quite the contrary, as Michael continues to remind folks of Palin's public stance in Alaska, in reality, where she took the pro-freedom choice and supported a position that her church did not endorse. end quote I typed in “Michelle Bachmann religion.” I like your “fairness doctrine” Adam, but it would be easy to become a spin-meister too soon. After the primary process, OK. I probably will put the best spin on for our candidate. But Not during the primary process. I stopped cut
  22. Adam wrote: Be positive. Explain that O'biwan is a fine man, but he has made the wrong choices about the direction of the country. Additionally, his policies have failed and we have to return the country to its and I. Ask them for their vote. Make it personal. All politics is local. end quote That is good advice Adam. I may do a bit of that but I think letters to the editor, or to the candidates or to the RNC would also be effective. Knocking on our local doors could get you dog bit by “Old Yeller.” I have come close to getting bit just by jogging along our country roads.
  23. Adam wrote: Newtzilla - the monster candidate - conventional weapons will not be effective against NEWTZILLA! end quote I like it. NEWTZILLA! Conservative talk show host, Michael Savage has offered Newt one million dollars to drop out because Newt cannot beat Barack in the general election. He thinks though, that Mitt can win the Presidency, even though he is not as conservatively desirable as Newt. I have seen a Democrat attack ad against Newt on The Five on Fox and it was quite affective. They could beat Newt. The one liberal also mentioned that the 60 or so House and Senate people up for r
  24. Adam wrote: chuckling as the trap is baited End quote Want to bet ten thousand, jillion dollars? That was elitist of Mitt betting poor Governor Perry. I can’t imagine anything more nerve wracking (or rewarding if you win) than being in charge of a campaign. Nobody knows what will be hot. Nobody knows what can change a “flow” of voters towards anything. It can be as stupid as promoting the newest bubblegum music pre-teen rage like The Bieber, The Hansen’s, Leif Garrison, or the Beatles. Or as intelligently nitpicking as mapping a workable campaign strategy, like, “If, in the debate, Mitt allud
  25. Carol wrote . . . you know the US political process and I am merely a gaping outsider. In the interests of gravitas however, if you persist in referring to the prez as Obiwan (which is kind of cute, I found myself calling him that recently to the amusement of my hearers (I gave you credit), I think you should refer to Mr Newt as Mr Toad. End quote I still like Komodo Gingrich or Crocodile Gingrich but Mr Toad is cute. My wife mentioned that he is never seen in a full body shot, only shoulders up. Newt has quite a gut on him and he is 68, perhaps too old to survive the Presidency. Pliny the El