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  1. Paleontologist Jack Horner has always been a bit of an iconoclast. In the 1970s, Horner, the curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont., and his friend Bob Makela discovered a Maiasaura nesting site, painting the first picture of dinosaurs as doting moms and dads. He's also been at the forefront of research suggesting that dinosaurs were fast growing and warm-blooded. But Horner's newest idea takes iconoclasm to a new level. He wants, in short, to hatch a dinosaur. Or something very much like one, at least. Horner, who served as a technical advisor for the "Jurass
  2. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: Keep your eye peeled for the Black Helicopters. end quote Oh, I will Ba’al. Just remember the evidence, the facts, and science united with your reason is your correct path as you yourself have said. A politician’s political philosophy past words, associates, and current actions can predict a possible future. Obama thinks the Constitution needs a re-write to address a redistribution of wealth. From each according to his abilities - to each according to how I dole it out could be his motto. I am not a conspiracy buff but I think wariness and vigilance is necessary, especia
  3. Rachel Ray has Bill Clinton on her show today. Rachel looks a bit like Monica Lewinski. Ten to one odds, Bill will try to have sex with her. Peter
  4. Ellen mentioned George Soros. George Soros is one of the traitors funding the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Fox is reporting that OWS is going to disrupt the Iowa Caucuses. Local conservative talk shows are saying Obama has no intention of running and losing in 2012. Because of the “emergency” caused by his “Community Activists” the election will be “postponed.” Camps are being set up on nearly deserted Army Bases in New York, Georgia and elsewhere, to handle the dissidents. Peter
  5. Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics 1) A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2) A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3) A robot must protect its own existence, as long as such protection, does not conflict with the First or Second Law.” end quote How this programmed morality functions in real life, with Robots using their perceptions of reality, in much the way humans do, is where the drama comes in. Should a robot allow a human being to do something risky?
  6. Ghs wrote: This is basically the same point I was making about Asimov, and I regard this approach as an excellent way of expanding the frontiers of Objectivism. You suggest, in contrast, that we should shun any thinker who doesn't toe the Randian line, at least on essentials, even when it is possible to show how Rand's theory provides a better explanation for the valid points they make than they themselves provide . . . I reject this insular approach lock, stock, and barrel. It is largely responsible for imparting a cultish feel to Objectivism, and that amounts to a death warrant. end quote Ex
  7. There are three Libertarians already running but I can’t remember who they are. Ron Paul has been too successful within in the GOP at getting his Tea Party ideas across to run on the Libertarian ticket at the last minute. He would lose his chance to be a keynote speaker at the Republican Convention. He would earn the everlasting animosity of the Ayn Rand crowd and Republicans and independents who want Obama out. Johnson is a different story. Peter
  8. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: Cheetah, Tarzan's chimp friend, died at age 80. His handlers said while he was not a vicious killer as are some chimps, when you crossed him he would throw shit. end quote From the Ron Paul Newsletter: Cheetah’s handlers said his aim was good up to 30 feet. Just yesterday, the website OMG spotted him after some “Air Jordan” shoes at the Mall of America. end quote Come on Ron! You want to be President with jokes like that? A Concerned Citizen
  9. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: R.P. is a wonderful constitutionalist and a piss poor war chief. end quote Concisely said. I can’t defend his “Blame America first” foreign policy, even though I do want us out of continuous ground wars and to stop interventionist nation building. I am for his strict constitutionalist thinking but not for his implementation of it. President W. Bush’s idea for a republic in Iraq did lead to the Arab Spring, but what will happen in Iraq, Libya, Egypt or Syria is anybody’s guess. Saudi Arabia may ask for Pakistani nukes to be stationed there just as America has them in Germa
  10. Adam wrote: As of tomorrow, we have three hundred and thirteen days [313] to President O'biwan's re-election. end quote A mighty wind is blowing across the mid-Atlantic. Has it reached New Joysey yet? Your letter was well written and informative. I just hope Iowa goes to a primary system for 2016 and Virginia loosens its tough rules to be on the ballot. I went and looked at the list of candidates out there and it must be a dozen or more, so some restrictiveness is understandable. But Newt Gingrich, when denied access, was clearly leading in the polls in Virginia. Peter
  11. Michael wrote: So instead of looking at DNA as a physical form, they look at it as an information package, and contend that the code is what replicates and evolves. end quote I don’t hate Scientologists, Muslims, or lowlifes in general – I just guardedly regard them as I might a rattlesnake. A PBS show was on last night. The subject was Botany and they looked at plants as information packages. They examined tulips, pot, potatoes and other plants. The narrator said things like “the pot developed stronger chemicals so it would be spread by humans.” The whole idea and the way they presented
  12. Michael wrote: We're supposed to think with minds, not with jerking knees. end quote It is pissy when someone dismisses me out of hand, so I did try to write something respectful. It’s just that the Scientologists remind me of my recent, brief time on another Objectivist site. Kooks, says I – Never again. I support your efforts, despite my jerking knee to Scientology. Another interesting thing I don’t think Scientology or writers like Ayn Rand can touch is the private self vs the public self. First person narration gives you the thoughts characters are having but how realistic are they? I try
  13. Dennis Hardin wrote: Michael—I agree with your apparent reservations about Rand’s statement that sense of life changes “only after a long process of psychological retraining, when and if a man changes his philosophical premises.” end quote I have been gone for a day but I see this topic has advanced. I want to speak to this issue of psychological changing and specifically to Msk’s touting of Scientology’s methods. Before the relative safety of civilization, when evolving humans were in a state of ever-present peril they frequently experienced “combat like situations.” How did that affect the
  14. The way a child is praised when they accomplish something should be extended into adulthood by someone you love and who loves you. I try to do that. I am not sure if this subject is for laymen. Peter
  15. Msk wrote (I believe this is one of the reasons so many high-profile actors and media people are Scientologists--there's just enough truth in things like the tone scale to work a lot of the time and it gives actors an extremely useful tool for putting together a character.) end quote I did a web search and came up with a lot of derogatory info on “tone scale” and Scientologists. I have only known two and they were vindictive people. I have no doubt there may be some good in tone scale but I would not pursue it or speak well of Scientology in any way. Here is one brief article from a detractor.
  16. Michael wrote: “I wonder what Aristotle thought about evolution, electricity, space travel or QM for that matter.” end quote Yesterday on OL I wondered what “our” world would be like if Nathanial Branden had access to the internet back in 1966 to publicize his side of the story and to take questions? I was watching a show about evolution a day ago on the Science Channel or PBS and wondered what if Darwin knew of genetics? What if Einstein had access to a high speed computer? Each of this inventions does not negate the contextual truth of past thoughts but they sure could of advanced the world
  17. Is that the packaging for a Mr. T blow up doll that former first lady Nancy Reagan is holding? It looks so real. Peter
  18. From a Ron Paul newsletter 22 years ago: “Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the criminal justice system, I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal“ and ”If you’ve ever been robbed by a black teenaged male, you know how unbelievably fleet of foot they can be.” end quote That is funny, and a perhaps a slight exaggeration, though DC is almost all black. Blacks have slightly longer tendons and ligaments. I remember their arms are only one quarter inch longer than other races which does give them an ave
  19. Msk wrote: I did a variation of "sense of life" in my article on addiction. I called it "sense of identity." As time has gone on and I have learned more about the lower parts of the brain, I believe I am on to something. And I believe this might become a useful idea in a way sense of life is not. (More at another time on this.) end quote I have been away for most of a day, and oh well! The one thing you are not ready to explore is what greatly interests me. There is a union of the body and the mind so a theory would be needed to explain our physical and mental survival or put another way, our
  20. Tony wrote about Nathanial Branden: As the saying goes, the guy best for the job, wouldn't want it. Branden would have gone on his own either way, end quote Great insight! Kudo’s to Dennis, Phil, Tony and everyone else I hope some others who were Objectivists back when Nathan and Ayn were united in purpose will comment. I was a neophyte in the mid 1960’s but it seemed to me that NB only reluctantly stepped in and spoke as the “next in line” for Ayn Rand. I thought she was pushing him to be a spokesman but his interests lay elsewhere especially in the field of psychology. Starting the Nathan
  21. Rasmussen December 21, 2011 Nationally Romney 17 Gingrich 38 Iowa Romney 23 Gingrich 18 New Hampshire Romney 33 Gingrich 22 South Carolina Romney 23 Gingrich 15 Florida Romney 24 Gingrich 19 Will that national average hold if Romney wins the first three or four primaries? I went back and listened to most of the interview. Jerry, we are not going to get a Ron Paul / Objectivist style libertarian. I agree that the primaries are the time to push our values to the utmost. In the interview, the economy and entitlement reform, are Romney’s first two concerns. I DO THINK he
  22. Carole wrote: Interesting. I would like to see Dr Presley's thoughts also. End quote And I would like to hear yours too. And the following little stories have psychological components. Two black psychologists were on TV talking about stereotypical black men being “oversexed” and that was their word not mine. It was a week or two after The Herman Cain incidents were divulged. Today, Cavuto had somewhat Black Virginia Governor Douglas Walker or is it Wilder on who also did not run for reelection in 2008 after being caught with his pants down. Walker is actually an OK guy but what goes thru the
  23. One of the tenets of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism is that one’s “sense of life” can be reprogrammed. But can it be reprogrammed to think happy thoughts, or rational appreciation of the good, etc.? when you read the following notes, wonder about it, because she writes so well, even a “not yet proven” or dis-proven assertion seems to logically flow from her chains of logic. I hope some of you will comment especially Ellen Stuttle with her Jungian background. What does the science of psychology say today? Peter Notes from The Ayn Rand Lexicon Sense of Life “Philosophy and Sense of Life,” The Romantic
  24. Phil wrote: . . . much of the premises and psychology we're talking about . . . . starts to get set early and is harder to unravel later . . . end quote After I finished writing my last response I realized I was not explicit about what I meant so thanks for picking up on that. Anger. Distrust. Envy. Belittling. Some cultures practice meditation. When agitated I sing songs to myself like, “Don’t worry, be happy.” We gave my two year old granddaughter a play guitar that plays a song from Nick Junior’s “Yo Gabba Gabba!” “Think thoughts, happy thoughts. That’s all you’ve got to do. Think thought
  25. Jerry Biggers wrote: When pinned down on principles, he finally says that RomneyCare was "just fine for Massachusetts," and merely thinks each state (note, not individual) should choose the type of mandated health on their own, end quote That is troubling. I heard part of it when it was broadcast the second time and I remember one of his reasons for not renouncing his Massachusetts’ mandated health care was that before the law eight percent of the people in his state were uninsured. Afterward, nearly 100 percent were insured. How is this not coercion? Federal and State laws insist that hospita