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  1. No one could be elected to a major position in America who is an atheist. Even though a majority claims to be theists they are not true believers in all aspects of their religions. This makes them hypocrites but they don’t see it that way. They won’t vote for the “godless.” A lot of Americans believe in ghosts, close encounters with aliens or ESP. With no evidence other than hear-say or special affects on the Syfi Network. Senator Ron Paul, when he was running for office, mentioned that he agrees with the Objectivist stance that a restaurant owner has the right to refuse to serve someone bas
  2. Adam wrote: Finally, out of curiosity, you make reference to "your polling" data, who do you utilize for your numbers and do you have any links to substantiate your numbers. end quote My old, erroneous polling data was from a female correspondent on Fox News. I later checked RealClearPolitics for better, more up to date polling data. They combine several polling companies and take an average which really is “really clear”. Adam, I commend you for your excellent fact checking and links. I can’t believe how many times I have taken the word of The Lame Stream Media only to find out that they lie
  3. I see Sarah Palin “nearly” endorsed Rick Santorum for his religiously conservative stances on “the sanctity of marriage” and the rights of fertilized human eggs even after just one day in existence. I won’t be voting for either one of them. Better stances would be to drop religion out of political discourse and instead use reason as an argument. “Equal protection under the law,” is a better stance than gay bashing and clearly more Constitutional and “one day old embryos” are not yet “persons with rights,” though a human embryo should be treated with more respect than a turtle egg. Thank
  4. Crocodile Gingrich NOT Chameleon “Newt” Gingrich needs to run. Or at least his campaign should allude to the name Crocodile with a cartoon look alike. Uh huh, that’s it. Not too provocative or menacing. BO is the President after all. Yup, a grinning, big toothed, crocodilian Newt logo with the Speaker holding a big (rubber) blade labeled ‘big government cuts’ and saying in an Australian accent: “Now, that’s a knife. I’ll (figuratively) poop that jerk out after the breakfast election, then I’ll go after Congress for lunch.” Or is that too threatening? Michelle might think it is bullying. Forget
  5. Adam wrote: How do you feel about Newt, who I can certainly support? end quote He needs to change his name to something more imposing. I could suggest Crocodile Gingrich or Komodo Gingrich though NOT Chameleon Gingrich. Peter
  6. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote of the Republican’s presidential chances: Not a chance. Unless the Republicans can come up with a human being, we are doomed to another 4 years of The Empty Suit. end quote After voicing despair over the lack of a Daniels or Paul Ryan, Trancinski in The Intellectual Activist thinks WE should be the ideas guy and actively support Mitt or Newt or anyone but “Brock O’bama.” Our candidate and future Republican President will be hearing from the Tea Party and the new pro-Constitution Congress in 2012. I will agree with Robert though I still hold out a slight hope for a deadlocke
  7. I rarely buy taped lectures. The last one was one of Barbara’s. I may buy der perfessor Peikoff’s book out of curiosity. Peter
  8. Dear Comrade, keeper of the OL history which can be revised for the proper bribe in keeping with revisionist history standards, Adam. Thank you! If I see an error I also try to contact the person, or I will fix their error if I quote them. (usually just spelling or double “word word”) OL traffic is really down for the holidays and I have not looked here in a couple of days myself. Peter
  9. Thank you Angela. That link to The Jerusalem Post was thought provoking, though I more readily agree with Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Religion is a form of self-imposed mental slavery for adults and a form of child abuse for the wee ones. Zeus and his other idiotic manifestations are figments of whimsical opportunistic or evil minds. As Cervantes said, “The first priest was the first rogue who met the first fool.” I liked the author’s point that religion in America is “the best sermon wins” and the more commercial or entrepreneurial church gathers a bigger flock, rather than the
  10. Off topic Daunce, I am sure your cookies are just fine. I was just watching Jeopardy and a contestant said she had taken up “Bollywood” dancing, and it got me thinking about its similarity to “Flash Mobs.” The better Flash Mobs are reenactments of the scenes we used to see in old Hollywood musicals or in current Bollywood musicals. Peter (from Wiki: Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), Maharashtra, India. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to the whole of Indian cinema; it is only a part of th
  11. Here are some old Holiday / Religious letters youse guys might enjoy. Peter Taylor From: Douglas Wagoner <> To: Subject: Re: ATL: Re: A word to the Wise Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 15:02:42 -0500 At 02:57 PM 12/28/2001, you wrote: From "The eight reindeer first appeared in American literature in 1823 in the famous poem by Clement Clarke Moore (we thought), called "A Visit from St. Nicholas", popularly known as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas". You can read the entire poem at the link above. I quote here from the te
  12. I should keep my trap shut, no longer being young myself, but heck, this thread sounds like late night high school / freshman college discussions from around the late nineteen sixties. The holiday season is upon us and we hope things will improve for you Sam. Or more likely, it will depress you more. Smile! Happy Holidays! Peter
  13. Thank you for the link to that brilliant bit of drama! Peter
  14. Peter


    Hmmm? This thread is called arguments. I will park this argument here. Charles Gasparino, a free market guy on Fox, just said the US Government will still bail out banks that are “too big to fail,” like Bank of America. My first thought mirrored the hosts, Neal Cavuto’s: “Have we learned nothing?” Then Gasparino explained it would be cheaper to give them a temporary loan, than to have the FDIC pay off a trillion dollars in lost assets. OK, I said to myself. Then he said something I thought I would never hear from a Capitalist, that we should break up all these large, too big to fail banks in a
  15. Newt News “Newt Gingrich, who has built his now resurgent presidential candidacy in part around virulent criticism of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, found himself Wednesday defending the at least $1.6 million he reportedly earned while under contract to Freddie. While campaigning in Iowa, Gingrich was besieged by reporters asking him about a Bloomberg News report that his consulting firm took in much more from Freddie Mac than previously reported.” end quote Ah crap! And he has already lied and waffled about it. If he can weather this he could beat Mitt. I believe the media report
  16. john42t wrote: I don't know what Peikoff thinks about this, these are my own thoughts about the matter. end quote Well said. You got me thinking. I wrote about what should occur after an error in Objectivism is found and the first component in the fix should be Leonard Peikoff. I wrote: “Then that understood error would require the acknowledgement that Objectivism is NOT a seamless robe that has no inner contradictions.” I wanted to talk about my choice of words, “would require.” By that I meant, if not acknowledged and corrected, then Objectivism would be in a similar class with Creationism,
  17. Great post and link Michael. And I agree. One would need to find and demonstrate that a basic tenet of Objectivism is fundamentally wrong. Then the results must be duplicated by other reasoning people who re-prove it wrong. Then that understood error would require the acknowledgement that Objectivism is NOT a seamless robe that has no inner contradictions. And it would need to be fixed to remain contextually true. I have been swayed by arguments that her outer shell – her esthetics and psychology - have flaws, but not its core. And to further agree with one of your past arguments I think her o
  18. Logic is a deterministic system. If you accept a certain hypothetical proposition (or premise,) then, by the laws of non-contradiction, you must agree that the conclusion is true (or true, that it is false) Michael Marotta finds a problem with logical absolutism. Michael insightfully wrote: She maintained later, as the ARI does now, that the Objectivism is a seamless robe, that Objectivism has no inner contradictions; and by "Objectivism" she meant . . . (the) . . . sum total of Ayn Rand's published works. “Abstraction from Abstractions,” end quote I see similarities between Michael’s seamles
  19. This has been briefly covered however, here is a question for inquiring minds, with first, a tip of the hat to OL contributor, Roger Bissell’s research. How much of our being – spirit – brain – or essence, is hard wired? We all know about the “reflexes” and “normal reactions” that exist in human babies. Skim over these before answering my question. Here is a list of reflexes, some observed as early as 1965. [source: Child Development, 1997, 4th Ed., Laura E. Berk]. Rooting--Stroke cheek near corner of mouth--Head turns toward source of stimulation--3 weeks (becomes voluntary head turning at 3
  20. Philip Coates wrote: I'm glad he elaborates at such length on the Hernado de Soto point I alluded to. And points out that it applies globally - not just to the poor in Latin America but to the current day Arab world. end quote You were ahead of Robert Tracinski on tha, Phil, and I noticed. When the poor get richer, governments will start issuing "letters of mark' and have the coast or home guard blast their hotdog carts. Peter
  21. It would be somewhat derivative but many scenes in the movie, “Unbreakable,” with Bruce Willis are dramatically powerful and could be an inspiration for the film makers of the new Jack Reacher film. “Unbreakable” is the story of a Philadelphia security guard, David Dunn, who slowly discovers that he is much stronger than even the pro football players who play in the stadium he guards. His son fantasizes about his father being a “superhero” and the scene I am specifically thinking about is when David agrees to test himself for his little son Joseph by lifting weights. They discover that his phy
  22. Ghs wrote: “Why on earth would you call Napolitano an "anarchist"? He is a “limited government constitutionalist.” end quote He said, in his heart he was a “rational anarchist," when he filled in for Glenn Beck. He used his own terminology. Obviously, a Judge would know there could never be a part of a competing Judiciary in America unless it abided by and tolerated by the Federal Government. But I know what he means: an all-consuming sense of Self Sovereignty possessed by most Americans, even those of us who swear allegiance to the United States of America. I will even say especially possess
  23. We own the government. A few questions and points for anarchist Judge Napolitano and for anyone reading this. Now that Ayn Rand is more mainstream and not so heretical, in the coming years will there be a third swell in her acceptance and prominence? What other “heresies” will arise challenging conventional wisdom? Ron Paul would insist that we can put a stop to those “forever wars” by minding our own business, but that might also mean NOT supporting Israel, accepting that other countries will become nuclear powers, (and keeping our fingers crossed for our own safety – after all, bitter enemi
  24. Robert follows up on yesterday’s article about System D with a point many of us intuitively knew: The connection between the rule of law and capitalism. Wealth cannot become capital without a system that recognizes and enforces property rights. Capitalism requires a government, not the lack of government – but one that protects freedom. Peter Commentary by Robert Tracinski 1. The Forward Strategy of Capitalism I linked yesterday to an interesting piece on the global black market—known in Franco-African slang as "System D"—as an example of how capitalism is so necessary to life that people w
  25. Phil Coates wrote about the alternative economic universe of System D or working outside of governmental supervision: This is not as successful or productive or dynamic as it might sound, except on the level of "street corner enterprise" . . . Black market operators don't have the rule of law, are vulnerable to thieves, piracy, broken contracts. When an operation gets to a certain size, this sort of thing matters. end quote I agree, though Michael E. Marotta, on an other thread, has also shown that unsupervised laissez-faire capitalism goes on at the millions of dollars, corporate level in neu