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  1. blackhorse wrote: Romney will be Bush III. We'll all get just a pittance of our liberty back...a pittance. End quote Those who won’t be elected will have little affect on the quality of our Constitutional Government. How much of our liberty will Ron Paul or Gary Johnson retrieve? Their role is philosophical and inspirational but not political. One of the points where I am in agreement with the Rational Anarchists is that republican, Constitutional Government is cumbersome and has “loopholes” within which power can be usurped. Let’s fix that. Are you willing to go down the road of rebellion? N
  2. Phil wrote: Do you have any favorites so far, or is it too early in your phase? Any writers (or particular books) who are particularly clever, dramatic, good at story-telling, satisfying plot twists, or the like? end quote Baldacci who is particularly clever comes to mind. I will look up the others tomorrow, since it is nearly 11:12 pm, and I have had two bourbons and my wife is about to open the Champagne. Burp! I know you don’t like diversions but as I was donning my two hoodies to jog this afternoon, I started watching, “Deep Impact” for about the third time. Cinema buffs always tout “Cit
  3. Jerry Biggers wrote: Ultimately, the public will not buy his equivocations. In debates, Obama will eat him alive, pointing out that RomneyCare was a model for ObamaCare. end quote I will agree to disagree. Let me let you in on a secret. Mitt Romney has been the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party by HIS design, since the elections of 2008, but not by RINO (Republican In Name Only) decree. He is not a RINO and for proof look at his political stances on his site. As do the other nominees who saw the writing on the wall in 2010, he is philosophically compatible with the Tea Party but his
  4. I wrote: We need a TOC or Atlas Society network. I would pay for that on cable, and it would probably outdraw CNN. A little voice just whispered to me, and I must answer. Are you saying you would not pay for a cable channel where you could see guys dressed up, playing Francisco and John Galt? Harrison Ford as Hank Rearden? Or like at a StarTrek Convention, a babe dressed up as Dagny Taggart? Are you insane? You wouldn’t pay for a cable channel where you could see Barbara Branden getting tipsy on New Years? Sacrilege! It is 59 degrees here ago so I will jog to work off the resentment. Peter
  5. Phil wrote: I like to read several books at once and take many weeks to finish all of them, then start another batch. end quote Right now I am going through a ‘mystery’ phase. I am reading Ridley Pearson’s “In Harm’s Way,” about a small town sheriff who’s voters and neighbors are mostly the ultra wealthy and the people who work for them, the shop keepers, and a few of the low life’s you would expect hanging around rich people. There was also a John Wayne Movie called, “In Harm’s Way,” from the book, “They Were Expendable,” written by Admiral John Bulkley who I had the privilege of knowing whe
  6. From Thursday, December 29, 2011 Rasmussen Reports After months of volatility, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul remain the front-runners in Iowa for the third week in a row with the state’s Republican caucus just five days away. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely GOP caucus participants finds Romney with 23% support to Paul’s 22%. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum has moved into third place with 16%, his best showing to date, closely followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Governor Rick Perry who earn 13% of the vote each. This Iowa survey of 750 Likely Republican
  7. Michael wrote: Carol, You make me ponder the folly of the human animal . . . But I always wondered what attracted you to OL. Now I see you were scratching an old itch. (One of the BIG THREE.) end quote Yeah, Carole, let us see your picture. Off list is just fine, Babe. DOM (Dirty Old Man)
  8. REB wrote: I'm certainly not supporting or voting for any RINO Republican candidates, who are all variations on the theme of John McCain. end quote I hear you. What if Iran, or a proxy given an atomic bomb, attacked the United States, Britain, or Israel? Can you see Ron Paul calling together a joint session of Congress and saying, “This is a date which will live in infamy. As commander in chief of the Army and Navy I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense. Always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us.” I CAN SEE Ron Paul retaliating after a Congressional
  9. Michael wrote: As to a nuke ad, the Goldwater thing is so old cap. end quote I was hoping you would play along with the (not very funny in the morning) Machiavelli idea a bit further, and explain why so many “laymen” think Rand is a Machiavellian. Personally I think one could say Anarchists in practice, not theory, are Machiavellian’s because his dictum is “self interest” rather than “rational self interest.” The Prince, the robber baron, and even the robber cattle baron in recent cinema exemplify “self interest,” and the constant psychological motive of, “What can I get away with?” The risqu
  10. Michael quoted me but on my hotmail screen in doesn’t show my quote. He responded to the quote by saying, “Suddenly I feel visible...” I thought, what the heck did I say, so I strolled back to OL and found that he was responding to: “Whoa! What an ingenious, Machiavellian mind Michael has.” Suddenly you feel visible. Seriously? You are The Machiavelli? Can I have your autograph? Did you write those Blondie, Debra Harry lyrics, ”Die Yankee Dog! One way or another, I’m gunna git ya. Git ya. Git ya?” Are you going to work for Newt’s campaign? I can see the attack ad now. A mushroom cloud explode
  11. Wow. This is the last business day of 2011. Adam wrote: What is interesting about Christie is that he wears no jacket in 20 degree weather and comes across as vibrant and vital. The weight is his insulation. end quote What a cruel dig against Chris (friend of Snookie) Christy and mass-challenged people everywhere. Nicknames are fun. I cannot find the “Anybody But . . .” poll just mentioned on Fox but they said Ron Paul’s national negatives from likely Republican voters is higher than Mitt Romney’s. Mr. Newt also has high negatives. The Christian Evangelical vote in Iowa IS STILL LARGELY UND
  12. Adam wrote: Here comes Goody Two Shoes to seal the deal in ad... end quote Adam, what is wrong with being incorruptible and GMan Elliot Ness, untouchable? I do think Mitt can be persuaded with reason but he has to hear the facts and then think about it for a week or two before he will change his mind. He needs a Tea Party worthy running mate. “Goody Two Shoes” as a derogatory nickname should be replaced with “Sir Lancelot,” or “Superman,” who he could play ala Christopher Reeves on the big screen, or in a 60 second ad. “Look up in the sky! Who is that man soaring in a cape? Why it’s
  13. Ayn Rand wrote: ". . . Mrs. Branden suddenly confessed that Mr. Branden had been concealing from me certain ugly actions and irrational behavior in his private life, which were grossly contradictory to Objectivist morality and which she had known about for two years." end quote Dennis Hardin responded: Suppose Rand had said, ". . . Mrs. Branden suddenly confessed that Mr. Branden had been concealing from me that, for the past two years, he was having a love affair with a younger, married woman." end quote Excellent thinking. If Ayn Rand and I we were friends or associates in a relaxed sett
  14. Daunce wrote: The real extremities wear subject here, is however Stu's wonderful tuque (I prefer that spelling though there is a heated debate about it and toque). It has two protrusions that look like little rabbit legs when they are flopping down, but can be restyled in infinite ways and they are all wonderful. I suggested that it could be braided, but that would require Extensions and thus profane the purity of the design so he rejected the idea. end quote The reason we have laws to prevent cruelty to animals isn’t because animals have rights, but because it bothers people who do have righ
  15. Sorry for my supposedly comic letter. If someone gets instant notifications I guess they got to read my possibly offense letter anyway. On to more pertinent matters. . . . Consider this Consider this the hint of the century Now I've said too much I thought that I heard you laughing I thought that I heard you sing I think, I thought, I saw you try That was just a dream That was just a dream That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight Losing my religion Trying to keep up with you And I don't know if I can do it Oh no, I've said too much end quote Reinventing oneself and discarding mysti
  16. Phil wrote: Peter, my largeness of mind is shown (and magnanimity) in the fact that I'm willing for either New England or the Patriots to win it all. end quote Huh? That is similar to me saying I hope either Dallas or the Cowboys win. Oh. I get it - “largeness of mind” does not extend to sports teams you don’t like. Very perceptive. Sometimes I can get behind an underdog (no joke meant), and I am not like a fanatic Manchester United Soccer fan, but I still cannot root for cheaters like the Patriots or the bad sport Philadelphia Eagles. I will root against Un-Patriotic New England if they make
  17. Adam wrote or quoted: In June, polling put the familiar Mr. Paul at about 5.5% for the Iowa caucus and 8% nationally. That would be his normal ceiling. Suddenly, Ron Paul is the Iowa front-runner at over 22.5% and is up to 12% nationally. Why? Daniel Henniger wrote: In the no-longer-mentioned November 2010 elections, the often disrespected "tea party vote" handed the Republican Party a victory of historic magnitude and depth. Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives but also won state offices on a scale not seen since the Great Depression. The 2010 election was the result of
  18. Angela wrote: Another thing I'd have problems with: where is the place of "little whims" is such a community where the mental imperative to constantly pass moral judgment both on oneself and others is so over-present? end quote Atlantis as “over-present” sounds like a small town mentality at best or a crowded trailer park at worst. I think modern Objectivists are much more libertarian with the small, personal stuff and say live, and let live. X-ray wrote: I just don't want to pass moral judgment all the time. end quote Select your environment without becoming predominantly a recluse. I lik
  19. Philip Coates wrote: Sometimes Rand goes off the rails in discussing psychology, but not here: this is one of her -best- discussions of a psychological / philosophical set of approaches to life. end quote Thought of the Day Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside. - Albert Schweitzer Now, if Tony Romo could just heal his throwing hand in time for Sunday’s critical game Dallas 8-7 against the New York Giants 8-7. A loss eliminates Dallas or New York. Peter
  20. Paleontologist Jack Horner has always been a bit of an iconoclast. In the 1970s, Horner, the curator of paleontology at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont., and his friend Bob Makela discovered a Maiasaura nesting site, painting the first picture of dinosaurs as doting moms and dads. He's also been at the forefront of research suggesting that dinosaurs were fast growing and warm-blooded. But Horner's newest idea takes iconoclasm to a new level. He wants, in short, to hatch a dinosaur. Or something very much like one, at least. Horner, who served as a technical advisor for the "Jurass
  21. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: Keep your eye peeled for the Black Helicopters. end quote Oh, I will Ba’al. Just remember the evidence, the facts, and science united with your reason is your correct path as you yourself have said. A politician’s political philosophy past words, associates, and current actions can predict a possible future. Obama thinks the Constitution needs a re-write to address a redistribution of wealth. From each according to his abilities - to each according to how I dole it out could be his motto. I am not a conspiracy buff but I think wariness and vigilance is necessary, especia
  22. Rachel Ray has Bill Clinton on her show today. Rachel looks a bit like Monica Lewinski. Ten to one odds, Bill will try to have sex with her. Peter
  23. Ellen mentioned George Soros. George Soros is one of the traitors funding the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Fox is reporting that OWS is going to disrupt the Iowa Caucuses. Local conservative talk shows are saying Obama has no intention of running and losing in 2012. Because of the “emergency” caused by his “Community Activists” the election will be “postponed.” Camps are being set up on nearly deserted Army Bases in New York, Georgia and elsewhere, to handle the dissidents. Peter
  24. Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics 1) A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2) A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3) A robot must protect its own existence, as long as such protection, does not conflict with the First or Second Law.” end quote How this programmed morality functions in real life, with Robots using their perceptions of reality, in much the way humans do, is where the drama comes in. Should a robot allow a human being to do something risky?