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  1. Shane wrote: To me, it encapsulated that his efforts and messages have hit damn near the same as the two above him. Many didn't expect that to happen. It's a small change, but a change none the less. end quote I get you. Paul’s close finish establishes a strict constructionist candidates “precedent.” Going forward into future elections, precedent is important. A candidate who can speak plainly like Ron Paul or Paul Ryan espousing Tea Party values will not be dismissed out of hand. The liberal guy on Fox’s The Five, Bob Beckel, just said something very perceptive. “Romney wanted a close race
  2. Michael just closed a topic from Cortes. Very exciting. I recently recounted an old conversation to someone I knew when we were teenagers and studying Ayn Rand. It went like this: I said. You said. We agreed. We disagreed. You get the picture. When I looked back at the note to proofread it, it reminded me of dialogue from, “The Big Bang Theory.” The guy I was writing to was definitely the tall, thin, nerdy Sheldon Lee Cooper, BS MS MA PhD ScD from Texas. And I was nerdy horn-dog Leonard. Peter
  3. sbeaulieu wrote: I have to say I'm pretty impressed by Ron Paul's standing. Although a "beauty pageant" of sorts, I think this makes him a very good contender in the overall picture, especially seeing how close the top three percentages were. end quote I will agree that the rest of the primary elections have not yet occurred so no one should bet the farm on speculation. However, Doctor Paul is not leading in the next three contests, nor does any political strategist predict a “Santorum miracle” for Ron Paul anywhere. Many states now have rules that any candidate who gets 50.1 percent of the
  4. Greybird wrote: the Iowa fix was in: Mittens, then Lubricant, then Paul . . . Paul is very much electorally alive. end quote What a snail biter, last night was. I had to go to dread before it was over. Now, Mr. Newt just spoke on the Laura Ingraham rodea show. Newt is swilling to unite with Rick Santorum to pull down the establishment malcontent candied yam, Mitt Romney. I don’t get your nickname for Santorum. Paul is “very much electorally alive?” No, he is not, according to the RealClearPolitics compiled polls. New Hampshire? Romney 41 percent, Paul 18.3, Gingrich 12.5 Huntsman 10.0, Santo
  5. blackhorse wrote: Santorum looks to be a spoiler, which I welcome with open arms. Romney is Bush III. Santorum, though he has his PORK record in the Senate, appears to be the most rational and CONSISTENT of all the candidates (not including wRONg Paul). Go Santorum go. end quote You wrote that on January 2nd. Hmmm, maybe you are smart. I have been looking around for reasons to support Santorum, “just in case.” I feel bad for Michelle Bachmann who is swallowing a morning after pill and withdrawing. From a, not political doctor’s perspective, Santorum gets decent marks. The renowned epidemiolog
  6. Stephen Boydstun wrote: I think we should credit also Wikipedia, for providing a wide platform for dissemination of this list of accomplishments end quote Thank you Wikipedia. If you want some of my dough, SEAL an article at a objectively verified point, using a volunteer panel of experts like at Encyclopedia Britannica, then reopen agendum to the article from the wide, wide world, verify, seal, reopen, amend using context. Stephen, as it is, YOU CANNOT TRUST WHAT YOU READ. I do quote them, during my day to day activities, but NOT if my life depended on it. There is a group out of Germany
  7. Phil wrote: Or maybe I'm on tranquilizers? If rape is inevitable, just relax and enjoy it. **of course, that could change in a heartbeat end quote Is that YOUR fantasy? You just might be a redneck if you say the above. Goober, I am not a feminist but that is just not funny though it was briefly, snicker-worthy back in 1955. And your attempt to bring Ghs into the conversation won’t work while my saying this might. You’ re welcome. Peter
  8. I just received the following in my inbox. I must have rube or potential donor on my email description. Below, Rick but not rich Santorum says, “The future of our country depends on what conservatives like you do in the next 72 hours.” Really? !!! Wow, he is a “Passionate Conservative.” Peter Dear Patriot: It's Now or Never for Conservative voters. We can either unite now behind one candidate and have a conservative standard bearer in 2012, or have the GOP establishment choose another moderate Republican who will have a difficult time defeating Barack Obama in November. I don't think that's wh
  9. The order you picked, Adam, was Dr. Paul, Santorum, Romney, Perry, Newt, Bachman, and the last three who’s. So, who is your top tier voting preference Adam? In your professional opinion, you were completely wrong. Here tis’: Mitt Romney ® 30,015 25% Rick Santorum ® 30,007 25% Ron Paul ® 26,219 21% Newt Gingrich ® 16,251 13% Rick Perry ® 12,604 10% Michele Bachmann ® 6,073 5% Jon Huntsman ® 745 1% No Preference ® 135 0% Other ® 117 0% Herman Cain ® 58 0% Buddy Roemer ® 31 0% I picked Romney number one then, Paul, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, and Bachman. The top two are so close it is
  10. I waited until 18:48 military time to see if you had posted anything or if you were going to try and snooker us. Good choices. I think most people would unconsciously put their first choice first, second choice second . . . etc., until you get to the lowest vote getting also ran’s. Your order of performance was Dr. Paul, Santorum, Romney, Perry, Newt, Bachman, and the last three who’s. Is your top tier also your voting preference? Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  11. My wife just got two letters from Mitt in the mail. I retrieved one from the trash and it had what looks like a credit card in it with the words, “Romney- believe in America,” then “2012 member” below, next to his 1½ by 1½ inch color picture. On the back it says, “This card identifies you as a financial supporter . . . etc." Oh, and the amounts specified to contribute on the cardboard note the card was stuck to are $25, $38, $50, and Other $_ The 38 dollar amount baffles me. I think I will keep it just in case he wins. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  12. Brant wrote: disobedience to authority is also not taught in schools. end quote That is insightful Brant. Or should I say incite-ful? Should it be taught in schools? I think it should. Another word for it could be patriotism, or love of “the rational and good.” Michael wrote: But exercising full in-focus choice, especially under stress, is a lot harder--sometimes a hell of a lot harder--for the follower than the leader. This means the follower is a lot more vulnerable to manipulation than the authority figure is. This is something I believe we should teach our children as part of their mora
  13. Ba'al Chafatz who does not joke said, “Mitt Romney has the chin of a leader.” Who’s chin did he take, Ronald Reagan’s? Chin? I would say he has Chan, grasshopper. Too bad he does not have Popeye’s forearms. Peter
  14. I will play it safe and go with the polls. Romney number one then, Paul, Santorum, Perry, Gingrich, and Bachmann. Who will drop out? Bachmann. I would have also said Perry, as recently as yesterday, but with Rush behind him I think he still has a hope. If Gingrich does not win Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or Florida, he may drop out. If I were running and had the money I might stay in longer just hoping the leaders will implode. It has happened to all he front runners so far. Peter
  15. From the Washington Times 24/7 Virginia AG backs off fight for freer ballot access Virginia’s attorney general on Sunday backed off of a proposal to loosen the state’s ballot access rules to allow more Republican presidential candidates to qualify. end quote So it looks like Perry and Newt are definately out since the law says there can be no write ins - those ballots will be thrown away. Peter
  16. Blackhorse wrote: As the primaries progress it will be either Perry or Santorum who will end up facing off against Romney the RINO. end quote Very astute. I am listening to Rush right now and he is exploring the rumor that conservative insiders are asking some to drop out so they can coalesce around one anti – Romney. That source may be Sarah Palin who said, “It is not Michelle Bachmann’s time.” I saw that on Neal Cavuto’s show just like Rush, where a guy from The Five is filling in. She must have been on for forty minutes yesterday and answered every question under the sun. Sarah has grown in
  17. I just got this in my inbox from Steve Forbes. Interesting. Peter Dear Friend & Supporter, There is no question that all Conservatives are united in their unwavering goal of defeating Barack Obama this November. The problem has been that Conservatives haven't been united on who the best candidate to defeat Obama might be. I'm afraid that the results from the Iowa Caucuses in less than two days will still show Conservatives fractured in their support, leaving a huge opening for Mitt Romney to become our party's nominee. While I'm not sure of the order in which they will finish on Tuesday n
  18. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: What has philosophy done for you in 2011. end quote It hasn’t cured baldness or fixed *stupid,* not that I am Forrest Gump but I have shortcomings and sometimes I sit here and wish I could have did something differently in my earlier life. You can’t alter the past. But you can insure that you never repeat your mistakes or if you have the means, with whatever currency is needed, pay back the person you harmed. Am I starting to sound like Confucius? Philosophy speeds my moral reaction time to split second, right answers. Even in the new millennium of 2012. Hey, Arthur C Cla
  19. Michael quoted Ronald Reagan who said: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same... end quote Brant responded about how that quote pertained to “Atlas Shrugged:” It wasn't so much the productive creators disappearing from the world as their neutering. Can you believe the power of Washington, DC in that novel? end quote Rand and her latter day friends have fun at pointing at some new aspect of Big Government and its response from our citizenry. “
  20. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: I am. He promises to bomb Iran. How did he put it? He would -degrade- Iran's nuclear sites. You have to love that. If he runs, all other things being equal I will vote for him. We need a stone killer at the helm. end quote ok. You got me. You are capable of sarcasm? We have three carriers within striking distance which means three sea-going battle groups and hundreds of ships, and troops around the area in Qatar, UAE, etc., so stone killing can be done. Does a strike need to be done? A military analyst on Fox said it would take three days, and boots briefly on
  21. Phil, this is your conscience speaking. Please stop using profanity. It should be saved for the rare interpersonal moment that requires it, and never in print. Jiminy Cricket
  22. Dennis wrote: One surprise for me was how many of their arguments for the Constitution vs. state power sound like today’s debates between anarchists and limited government advocates. end quote As Ronald Reagan said, “Ah, there you go again.” Now Phil’s thread will be infested by those strange bedfellows (or bedbugs), the Rational Anarchists. Let me spray some deep woods “Off.” The concept *Planned Rational Anarchism* is a floating abstraction which has never been concretized by anyone. Rand wrote that, “Abstractions as such do not exist: they are merely man’s epistemological method of perceiv
  23. Truth is the only safe ground to stand on. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton Thanks for the link Xray. You wrote: So they aren't really "figments of the imagination", are they, given that nature itself offers ample study of mathematical principles at work. From your link The English mathematician G. Hardy refused to justify mathematics in terms of its utility and pursued it as an art for its own sake. He seemed to rejoice in the very abstraction of his own research and in its remoteness from practical applications. Indeed, Hardy once spoke of a monument so high that no one would ever be able to see the
  24. Michael wrote: When I try to analyze the details, I just don't see impotence in evil. end quote Causation is always inexorable but time is the determining factor. A slice of life at any particular point may show evil “apparently” prospering but as time goes by it is obvious tyranny and destruction are not self sustaining. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  25. I just received this in my inbox, from Mitt. Peter, You guys are great. I’ve been overwhelmed by your support on the campaign trail. At recent events, so many of you have shown up that we’ve had to add overflow rooms. We have all been working hard. After all, this isn’t just an election to replace a president — it is an election to save the soul of America. Election Night in New Hampshire will be a great a chance to celebrate how far we’ve come. I want you to be there with me on January 10th. Donate as little as $1 to be automatically entered to join me on Election Night. I know that many of