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  1. PDS wrote: And no, I will not be voting for Santorum, or any other Republican, unless I can get past the notion of Romney's choice of undergarments. end quote That might matter if you were an emergency room technician who frequently sees objectionable underwear. For the record, I have never asked a girl out, but only if she first showed me her underwear. I don’t vote that way either, because a politician’s underwear can only be legally examined and contemplated in a Tell All with Pictures book called, “I did the President’s and First Lady’s scandalous Laundry, a White House Diary.” Rethin
  2. I wrote that career criminals could serve out their lives in a mainland prison or live semi-free on a tropical “Devil’s Island.” Their main loss of liberty would be the loss of the right of free movement beyond the Island. The criminal’s initial limited choice united with Rational Anarchism, if it is true, ensures that there is nothing cruel or unusual about the punishment. My pragmatic test for Rational Anarchism is not stacked against the theory because criminals are used as test subjects. As its most prestigious proponent George H. Smith has clearly stated, “Anarchism is a theory of the go
  3. From the role of government thread, DGLGMUT wrote: I originally leaned towards anarchism, as I figured that private police forces would emerge and that the most productive and capable would be protected by their value to those who protect them . . . However, I've since decided . . . that the role of government should be to enforce the human rights of its people. end quote Thanks for such a thoughtful letter. Your plan to tax by first “paying for services rendered” is right on the mark though as Michael M. noted, many poor people might not be able to afford it. I think a minimally progressive
  4. Not the crotch! Not the crotch!
  5. I had Romney 41%, Ron Paul 19%, Jon Huntsman 16%, Gingrich and Santorum tied at 11, and Perry at 2 Results from The Guardian versus me The results had Romney at 39.4 me at 41 plus 1.6 Ron Paul 22.8 me at 19 minus 3.8 Jon Huntsman 16.8 me at 16 minus .8 Newt Gingrich 9.4 me at 1.6 Rick Santorum 9.3 me at 11 plus 1.7 Rick Perry 0.7 me at 2 plus 1.3 Karl Rove and Nostradamus move over. They kept saying Ron Paul would do better in the college towns and they were right. Perry should drop out. I am still slightly worried that Ron Paul will run as a third party candidate. Then Romney would
  6. Phil wrote: ND, seriously, you come across as a stalker who has nothing better to do than to criticize every post I make. end quote Fair Phil, you may be too fair. Anyone who is a psychological bother should be zeroed out. It’s like NOT looking at a bloody accident. You will be glad you didn’t. Peter
  7. Ah, Dad. Where were you? Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin A child arrived just the other day, He came to the world in the usual way. But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay. He learned to walk while I was away. And he was talking 'fore I knew it, and as he grew, He'd say, "I'm gonna be like you, dad. You know I'm gonna be like you." And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, Little boy blue and the man in the moon. "When you coming home, dad?" "I don't know when, But we'll get together then. You know we'll have a good time then." My son turned ten just the other day. He sa
  8. Adam wrote: Turnouts are critical determinants . . . end quote “Madmen,” Adam, no they are not, You are SO sixties. How they vote is the critical determinant. It is 9:21pm and Romney is a bit below my prediction but I have the order in order. For now. I am no Nostradamus. Romney won the Republican vote. Ronmney won the Republican vote. Mitt won the . . . Adam, take your enthusiasm to South Carolina. Send your favorite candidate some talking points. Like this. Congratulations President Romney. Seriously consider playing the theme to the movie “Popeye” by Harry Nillson at your rallies in the
  9. william.scherk wrote: It's important to remember that even brain damage is no excuse for bad behavior. A sociopath should develop a clear set of rules... a Code of Conduct. To take the place of his lack of conscience. end quote I have thought about William Scherk’s letter some more and I am still impressed with his reasonable candor about himself and his “smarts.” I have spoken before on the web about my deceased father who was a fairly rational, prudent predator and my Great uncle who was the godfather of the Irish Costello’s in the San Francisco Bay area. I have even been blessed with a th
  10. william.scherk wrote: It's important to remember that even brain damage is no excuse for bad behavior. A sociopath should develop a clear set of rules... a Code of Conduct. To take the place of his lack of conscience. End quote Very insightful. The Showtime Channel’s character Dexter, is such a person. He is a vigilante who lacks all remorse and conscience. I see no reason why a sociopath cannot *behave* rationally. I will go further. There is no reason why a sociopath cannot *be* rational, if he or she volitionally chooses to be. The fear of retribution need not be the reason for faked rat
  11. This was sent a few minutes ago. Good evening Governor and Staff. Here are some talking points that might help. Bain Capital. We are broke. I will use the acumen I sharpened in the private sector to shrink our bloated bureaucracy. I will eliminate waste and pare down the size of Government while streamlining Social Security and Medicare without eliminating them, so that they are sustainable programs. I will tell our deficits, “You’re fired!” To hecklers and the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Turn your anger towards the Obama administration that has lost you your job and lowered your horizons. Let
  12. Mark wrote about Crocodile Gingrich: Defending him against even worse Marxists is not only not worth the effort . . . end quote I have not heard any Marxist rhetoric from Speaker Gingrich but he is a big government, crony capitalist. Another name for crony capitalist is influence peddler or non-ideological fascist. He would “rule” by edict just like Obama, the guy he wants to unseat. Like John McCain, Newt is very hard headed and if he decides he is right on an issue, it must be because it is the only reasonable solution, and then he will implement it, even something as onerous as cap and tr
  13. Two qualms I have with Mitt Romney are Cap and Trade and TARP (and “The Stimulus.”) Yet he now seems to have denounced his prior support of these issues. Rush is speculating today, “Would Romney give us TARP II or bail out Europe?” I emphatically say no. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor Mitt Romney on Cap and Trade/Global Warming “I am uncertain how much of the warming, however, is attributable to man and how much is attributable to factors out of our control. I do not support radical feel-good policies like a unilateral U.S. cap-and-trade mandate. Such policies would have little effec
  14. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: Our governor, Chris Christie is Heavy Duty. end quote Who else supports Mitt? There are too many to list. Peter Taylor Ann Coulter, super model Cindy Crawford, Randy Owen, musician and lead singer of legendary group Alabama, Pat Boone, and the Osmonds, all support Mitt Romney. Famous TV personality and producer, Robin Leach, who first became well known by hosting and producing "Lifestyles of the Rich and famous", also supported Mitt Romney, as does former Miss America, Charlene Wells Hawkes also supported Mitt Romney, stating "Mitt Romney gave Utah world-class leaders
  15. Phil wrote: I've long advocated using the liberal media's "comments and responses" space to puncture their lies, bad reasoning, and hypocrisy. end quote I was watching MSNBC after one of the Republican debates and there were 8 commentators. One of them said, you can’t trust the bias of the New York Times. Six of the eight commontors jumped all over him and a couple of them literally booed! A chorus of “That’s just not true,” “It’s the best and most honest paper in the world” rang out, while one poor conservative lady was agreeing with him but was drowned out. So my question is, are Liberals
  16. Adam, I cannot locate any turnout predictions so that is unknown to me, and frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn. From Rasmussen on New Hampshire on January 8th: Romney earns 37% support, with Texas Congressman Ron Paul a distant second with 17% of the vote in the latest telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters taken Sunday night. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is now in third with 15%, Gingrich at 12, Santorum with 11, and Perry at 1. A local N.H. TV station poll done today has Romney at 41 percent and Gingrich at only 8. South Carolina on January 21st as of 1/5 to 1/7: Rom
  17. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: 52nd state. Israel is the 51st state end quote Let me count them on my fingers. Idaho in 1890, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma in 1907, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska in 1959, Hawaii, Israel, Canadia . . . What was I thinking? Of course, you are right! I remember Benjamin Netanyahu putting it like this, “. . . Israel is the last and farthest outpost of America.” And just as I thought, Afghanistan is too old hat for Obama. Flash, bang and awe are what we need. Our President is going to be a hands on “war President” going into the 2012 election. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Tay
  18. Erick Erickson wrote: The best thing Romney has going for him in this regard is Barack Obama also being an elitist. end quote At last, Adam can quit calling Mitt “Goody Two Shoes.” He’s b, b, b, bad - bad to the bone. Thank Joseph Smith, Mitt was not cussing as a result of being pepper sprayed at an Occupy Wall Street rally. I am sure he will follow the directions of all Park Rangers from now until the vote in November, and then he will go back to his Rebel Without A Cause, bad boy ways. They are digging deep for the dirty mother lode, or should I say “mother of all loads” like this Headlin
  19. I had noticed he had lost a lot of weight, the last two times I saw him. He was a good man. Good bye Tony. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  20. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had. - Michael Crichton Michael M. wrote: <p> </p> < div style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); "> < p style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; end quote Could you resend that Michael? It is jumbled in my inbox and on OL. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  21. William Scherk wrote, “I have Peter on a No Fly list for a reason. Why MM would respond to his uninformed rants and bigotry and slop is beyond me.” fini au quote And Monsieur Sherk’s interests are: fringe beliefs, pseudoscience, pseudophilosophy, fringe psychology, moral panics, satanic ritual abuse/recovered memory therapy controversy, True Believers, cult dynamics, Grand Guignol, and snarkiness. Not one thing “normal.” But he is from our 51st State, Canadia, so I will cut him some slack, especially since he says he is not reading this. That would be like poking a nearsighted bear with a stic
  22. Xray wrote: What about e.g., the conquest of the American continent which involved many 'evil' acts against the natives, but still ended up with America becoming one of the most flourishing and wealthy nations on earth? The role of evil in human history is quite complex. I venture to say that no individual currently alive would have been born if countless of our human ancestors in past millennia had not committed 'evil' acts in the course of the struggle for survival, for power hunger, etc. end quote Evil acts may lead to good though their intentions were evil? Now that is an interesting
  23. Marita Noon Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great wrote in Town Hall online: Dear Mitt, we have a problem. . . . . In your 2010 book, No Apology, you state, “I believe that climate change is occurring . . . I also believe that human activity is a contributing factor . . . I believe the world is getting warmer… I believe that humans contribute to that. . . I think it’s important for us to reduce our emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases that may well be significant contributors to the climate change and global warming that you’re seeing.” As recently as six months ago, you s
  24. New Hampshire Suffolk Poll, January 8th: Romney 35, Paul 20, Huntsman 11, Gingrich 9, Santorum 8, Perry 1. South Carolina Rasmussen Poll, January 5th: Romney 24, Santorum 18, Paul 11, Perry 5, Huntsman 2 No Florida polls are recent but Gingrich was leading substantially in mid – December at 35 with Romney at 28, but until new polls are taken I would say this old one is not valid. Commentators are saying Romney who won Iowa will win New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida. If that occurs, then Romney will sweep the majority of the rest. It may be time for the Tea Party to bite the bullet a
  25. The debate on MSNBC today at nine am was OK, and a bit of rancor and feistiness were shown. Perry did OK, with no major gaffs. The commentary by Chris Mathews and his ilk was interesting. What lousy journalists. They are members of Obama’s Pravda. Blackhorse wrote: I Blackhorse, am giving my support to Rick Perry. It looks as though he is gaining a lot of ground since Iowa, thanks in large part to Rush Limbaugh and the voters really going over the leftover candidates with a microscope . . . he is the most qualified GOP candidate for President of the USA. end quote Sitting Governor of a l