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  1. Adam wrote: Assuming Mao is in the -90--95 range, I would place O'biwan at about -50. I would put Goody Two Shoes at +10. End quote I prefer a 0 to the left, mixed breeds at 50, and 100 to the right; Commies at zero and anarchists at 100. “Big Love” Fundamentalist Mormons are at about 98. They ARE Sovereign Citizens and they do it their way. Latter Day Saints are at about 82. You haven’t known any have you Adam? When you talk to them for the first time and express your opinion or “conventional wisdom” you will see a certain “Attentiveness” briefly flash across their features, and wonder what d
  2. Adam wrote: What's the matter Peter, folks on that Peninsula are too "uppity" to make football picks with us "feriners" on the football thread? End quote Ah, what a difference a couple of beers make. I live in Merlin. It’s furners, not feriners, I once saw a turkle, not a terrpin, who was not squished, cross the road. I came inside and warshed my hands in the zinc. My daughter’s, husband’s grandparents are from Hoopers Island. If you hear them say it and ask them about it, they will say “It’s pronounced Hoopers, not Huppers. I did not say Huppers,” but of course they did. Up the road a bit t
  3. Blackhorse wrote: Jeff Flake would make a great VP for Romney. end quote Who? Is he as good as Ozzie Osbourne? Are you ready for some football? I am going on a beer run. Peter
  4. Abbot: Who’s on first? Costello: Hmmm? We need a home run. In fact we need some humorous or catchy slogans for political buttons as in “I like Ike.” Abott: Mitt is not a myth? Costello: Not bad. How about we need Sheriff Mitt Dillon to clean up (DC) and I don’t mean Dodge City. Abott: Nah, too wordy. Costello: Mitt will catch America before it falls? Abbot: No. Too much like Catcher’s Mitt. Costello: You got anything . . . ? Abbot: Keep your Mitt's off my wallet! Costello: Not derogatory Lou, like that Isolationist slogan from WWII England Will Fight to the Last American. More like In Yo
  5. The big cheese, Newt Joisey Edam asked: You live in Maryland...correct? Isn't that like living in North Korea? end quote Say that moniker is pretty good. If you call Mitt goody, I will call you gouda. I live in an entirely different part of the country named Delmarva or the Delmarva Peninsula, also called the land of pleasant living, or The Land of Sky Blue Waters because we are surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay, the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Some of us who live just across the Mason Dixon Line say we are from “Slower, lower Delaware.” We are also called “Down Homers” because when we
  6. PDS wrote: Perhaps I will give Mitt a chance, notwithstanding his penchant for onesies. end quote Colonel Batt Guano in “Doctor Stranglove:” “That sounds preverted.” Do you mean a penchant for self gratification? That is very un Mormon like. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not spill thy seed upon the ground.” That is why they are blessed with so many children. Or is Onesies a type of underwear? Either way, I hope you mean it. Now we need a slogan like “I like Ike.” Hmmm? Mitt is not a myth? No. We need Sheriff Mitt Dillon to clean up (DC) Dodge City. Nah. It will come to me. You got anything? Se
  7. Adam wrote: My problem is winning the day with Goody Two Shoes because I have absolutely no confidence in his dedication to ripping the centralized state out by its roots. end quote The name, “Goody Two Shoes” could be worse. It could be, “Goofy Two Shoes,” but Mitt is no John McCain. You cannot have it both ways, Adam. If he is a Goody Two Shoes then you should have confidence in his dedication to ripping the centralized state out by its roots, or at the very least to do the reflective, necessary, political things to put this country back on a sound financial footing. I don’t mean to imply a
  8. Adam wrote: This video is devastating. I cannot get the picture out of my mind of Goody Two Shoes with the smile, the money in his hand and the jerk to his right with the money in his mouth! end quote No one is really praising the attack video now, not even Newt Gingrich. But you got me thinking. I knew “productivity” was a religious virtue to the Latter Day Saints, as was charity or benevolence. I went to a Mormon site and the vast majority of Mormons polled viewed charity as a “necessary” virtue for salvation. They view "personal" chicanery, deception, fraud or failure as very, very negativ
  9. Xray wrote: I don't know if I’m recalling this correctly - but haven' there been attempts (by David Kelley?) to add "benevolence" to the list of Objectivist virtues? If yes, imo this can seen as trying to fill a gap in the Objectivist ethics. end quote I just went to the Lexicon and the topic “Benevolence” has disappeared, though ”Benevolent Universe” is still there. Then the site shut down on me. I have the book but I do not feel like transcribing. I know it was in the Lexicon and I think David Kelley wrote it, which may be why it has been “shunned.” Here is a nuanced quote I found. Ayn Ra
  10. I just renewed and gave a subscription to a friend. Independent Objectivist, Peter Taylor TIA Daily • January 12, 2012 FEATURE ARTICLE The GOP’s Lost Generation Part 2: Ideas, Not Men by Robert Tracinski Editor's Note: Thanks to all of my readers who offered advice on switching to a Mac, for which there seems to be quite a constituency. My old laptop may be cobbled back together in some form as soon as tomorrow, but I'm going to make a switch as soon as I can. I'm leaning toward a MacBook Air, which has better portability and a solid state memory, which seems appealing because most of my
  11. Andrew Napolitano was quoted as saying, "There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them [Mitt Romney and President Obama]" end quote That is a mistaken belief that ten minutes of rational comparison could fix. Go to Ron Paul’s and Mitt Romney’s websites and you will see that their views coincide, except on the Libertarian issues of drugs, and how to defend our nation. Paul says he is not an isolationist, and if we are attacked he will defend our country. In comparison, Mitt Romney would extend our surveillance and reach a bit further than New York Harbor and San Francisco Bay. In cont
  12. Just War Theory, prudence, and morality necessitates the elimination of the very real, Iranian nuclear threat. Day one A comprehensive strategy for dealing with Iran will require that we use airpower to degrade their military down to foot soldiers – no navy, no planes, trucks for troop transportation, missiles or artillery. We should take out their leaders, and means of communications, and destroy all gasoline pipelines up to the borders of Iran and destroy their gasoline reserves. Simultaneously the United States should begin the destruction of their nuclear capabilities. Day one, Step two. D
  13. Adam wrote: The numbers could indicate that Gingrich's aggressive strategy — which has included controversial attacks on Romney's business and abortion records — is gaining him traction by hurting the GOP front-runner. end quote I just watched the attack video, “When Mitt Romney came to town.” It features several people who lost their jobs at companies bought by Bain Capital. They are bitter and there is no Marxist rhetoric. The theme is that Romney bought companies then made money from closing them, losing these people their jobs, and leaving them without benefits. Apparently, the version
  14. I think Ron Paul would eventually support Mitt Romney if he or Rand Paul were under consideration for the Veep spot. I sent a suggestion to improve Governor Mitt Romney’’s numbers with The Tea Party. Praise Ron Paul. He isn’t going to win and the numbers voting for him are almost set in stone. Praise him during the debates when he demonstrates the truth of the *morality* of Capitalism, his plans to restore prosperity, energy independence, and to secure our borders. Say, “you would consider Ron Paul or Rand Paul as a Vice President.” When Mitt is nominated, Ron Paul’s supporters will rush to th
  15. Xray wrote: It would be interesting to examine in what way the rise of individualism is also connected with the rise of empathy. end quote Rand was a champion of individualism but I don’t think she had any empathy. Yet she was not always mean spirited or begrudging. Her characters reflect that, and I seem to remember Eddie Willers putting coins in a bum’s can. They are aware that their productiveness will benefit others, and they are just fine with that. In some ways Christianity promotes individualism - free will, individual salvation through good works, and charity, so this particular indiv
  16. The president of American Atheists, Dave Silverman, has written about Tebowing on the web. Silverman, 45, has added a clever twist to the fad. He is genuflecting like Tebow does when he prays, but he's also mimicking Rodin's The Thinker. This is a nod to the atheist or humanistic belief that it is man -- not a higher power -- who is purely in control of his fate. Silverman is Tebowing to his fellow man. "The universe has a trillion stars," he says. "Ninety five percent of it is dark matter. It's hubris to think the Creator of all that wants the Broncos to win a football game." Elsewhere - BLYT
  17. Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: We are meat that thinks. end quote Stop beating up on yourself. You are an intelligent, heroic being. No delusion is required to accept the ‘you’ that wakes up in the morning, then despairs throughout the day. That is not the machinations of meat. End the dispair and go back to your mood when you first woke up. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  18. I accept Adam’s explanation for what I saw as switching quotes for nefarious ends 8 -) Adam wrote: It’s been the same stupid system for 30 years now. When is the GOP going to fix this? end quote I would rather have primaries that are NOT winner take all. It would make for a more robust Convention. But the System is mostly fixed. The Tea Party is not a backroom full of fat cats making decisions while masking their reasons. The people the Constitution most needed to run, did not for personal reasons. Mitch Daniels from the great state of Indiana did not think his wife could handle it, though
  19. I will just reprint what I have written about a Rational Anarchist’s Terra Nova, with my final addition at the end. If any of my story has validity, take it and do something with it. The cost of prosecuting and warehousing career criminals is a problem, but that is required by our Constitution’s speedy trial clause and prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. A cheaper alternative that is not cruel or unusual might be a “Devil’s Island” situation. Using Rational Anarchic Theory, the convicted career felons, settle on an isolated island in the Hawaiian archipelago, are given seeds, cat
  20. Michael E. Marotta wrote a thoughtful, thorough response but I will just truncate what he said to show what was, and is, on my mind. Michael wrote: Peter, you are theorizing without facts. I have not read GHS's works, so it is with caution that I say that his writings on this also seem to be pure rationalism, a Plato's Republic where everything works as described because there are no real people involved . . . . If you want to establish the proper role of government, you need to start with the facts. From that, you can build a theory to be tested. end quote Precisely. You nailed my primary
  21. It takes too much energy to be against something unless it's really important. - Madeleine L'Engle I was responding to this moronic statement of yours. Adam wrote: He will win South Carolina because South Carolina's Republican primary voters do what they are told to do when in comes to following orders from the Republican Party elites. end quote But now you have switched your con by saying I was responded to this eminently sensible quote. Adam then quoted: "It has historically been more important for the Republican Party than for the Democratic Party; from its inception in 1980 through the el
  22. Adam wrote: He will win South Carolina because South Carolina's Republican primary voters do what they are told to do when in comes to following orders from the Republican Party elites. end quote That is rubbish. Consent theory does not extend to Political Parties. They are not “Tar Heels” in South Carolina. You must think they believe that their motto is “While I breathe, I obey the “massa” and I am ready to salute him and open my wallet.” Their two mottos are actually: Dum spiro spero or “While I breathe, I hope.” and Animis opibusque parati or “Ready in soul and resource.” 51 percent of Ne
  23. I wrote that career criminals could serve out their lives in a mainland prison or on a tropical “Devil’s Island utilizing the principles of Rational Anarchism. They are free except they cannot leave the island. A dramatization. You all signed a contract when you chose to come here. The contract reads: “I give consent to the rights of others while living in an anarchistic state of nature. I possess the "executive power" to enforce my own rights against the aggressive actions of others. This consent theory, consistently applied, is the contract I freely sign. True sovereignty resides in each
  24. From Newsmax: Tea Party supporters lined up behind former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in his New Hampshire primary victory. Exit polls show that of the 51 percent of voters who said they supported the tea party movement, 37 percent went for Romney. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, the projected second place finisher, had 22 percent of tea party support . . . . end quote 37 percent of the people who say they are for The Tea Party in New Hampshire voted for Romney. Before South Carolina it would be good to have some major stars of the Tea Party and who could also be potential Vice Presidential m
  25. I wrote that career criminals could serve out their lives in a mainland prison or live semi-free on a tropical “Devil’s Island.” Of course this voluntary option would be available for male and female convicts. However a dilemma immediately arises: what if a child is born on the Island? Any child born there would be a United States citizen with rights. The option to allow children born on the island to live on the island is not a good option because their rights would be denied. Parents are normally the legal guardians and speak for the child until a certain age, but because of the circumstanc