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  1. I support what is “the good” and OO is not the good. It is Diana’s site and I now hold her in ill repute, and I will not support her in any way. A site that I support may not make me anxious or doubtful about the crap I will receive from the moderators, because of my views. A site I support may not criticize me for praising Barbara Branden, (with stated reasons) or for calling Ayn Rand, “Ayn.” A site I financially support should treat me like a valued customer. Those royal ass holes at OO are not spokesmen for Ayn Rand. I would take that scolding from her but not from anyone else. Peter From
  2. Blackhorse wrote: I bet Gingrich wins South Carolina. end quote As Adam noted Gingrich has a 2 point lead at Friday 12:43, with voting tomorrow in SC, but the fallout from wife number two may not have completed its affects. I am not a social conservative so his philandering bothers me personally but won’t bother me politically unless he drops his trousers as Prez in the White House, like Clinton, (or her panties like Ayn Rand.) Is letdown inevitable? Article II Section 4. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment fo
  3. OO is the worst example of the misuse and misunderstanding of Objectivism, and of the Hazards of the Ayn Rand Cult. How the owner can let the moderators be dictators speaks volumes about Diana. I got the feeling while I posted there that I was speaking to the violently insane. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  4. Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. - Steve Jobs Adam wrote: Second, I am completely suspicious of the Republican establishment, which is completely anti-Tea Party, being behind the anoint Mitt now as the nominee movement. end quote James Heaps-Nelson echoed that sentiment: I agree with Adam. The race in South Carolina is tightening. I want to see a long drawn out 3 way race between Romney, Gingrich and Paul with brokered convention. end quote I do not disagree. I closely watched the Rino’s sabotage Christine O’Donnell’s Senator
  5. Adam wrote: Ask Peter, he is the Goody Two Shoes supporter who will tie himself into a moral and ethical pretzel to somehow justify Romney the Massachusetts big government moderate squish Republican establishment candidate as the mandated choice. end quote. How unkind. Adam, I am not in a moral and ethical pretzel. Like Ba’al, I callz em az I seez em. My original quest was to convince a family member to switch from supporting Mitt to Nott. Go realclearpolitics on the issue. Weigh ALL the old evidence from before 2008 like I did. Weigh the new evidence. Look at his old website Free and Strong
  6. Evita Palin said, "If I had to vote in South Carolina order to keep this thing going, I would vote for Newt and I would want it to continue. More debates, more vetting of candidates." Gringrich was exciting during that debate. I would have given him a standing ovation. Rush is a big fan and sorta, kinda hinted that the pragmatic reason Newt took that Fannie May money was because he is not rich. End of story. It is not a question of any candidate being unqualified, though Ron Paul and Rick Perry come the closest because of their unfavorable numbers. When that blond country singer who was on Ame
  7. Adam wrote: So, we should get behind the guy that represents 35% of the 50% of the allegedly divided electorate? end quote What is in your rational self interest? Obama? I honestly think many Constitutionalists are being steered by the prevailing conservative pundit’s wind: emotions, not wisdom, are leading you to the edge of a flat earth. Be careful. At the edge of the world there be dragons named The Red Menace. You wrongly think, “Anybody but Mitt.” Well, Romney is not John McCain. He is not Dubya. He is closer to Ronaldo Maximus Reagan. Reagan was not perfect but he had a clear vision
  8. Dennis Hardin wrote: Harris argues that calamity awaits us in our struggle against radical Islam due to our inability to understand the minimal role reason plays in the lives of those who burn with the passion to kill us. end quote The minimal role reason plays in their lives is disconcerting and places them in the same category as the Japanese in WWII who refused to surrender. Guam, Guadalcanal Okinawa. That “Victory at Sea” footage I have seen is gruesome because they would rather die than surrender. All was not lost if they could die for the Emperor. Or with the Muslims: if they could onl
  9. I just heard on Fox, what I call a Cyrano allusion from a viewer who emailed news anchor Bret Baer: “We need Newt to debate President Obama and Mitt to gain the Presidency.” Rasmussen South Carolina 1/16 Romney 35, Gingrich 21, Paul 16, Santorum 16, Perry 5 After last nights debates it will interesting to see how much Newt gains by tomorrow’s polls, and then there is another debate on Thursday where Newt may also shine. But a 14 percent deficit is a lot of ground to gain. Newt was talking about dropping out if he did not win in SC but now he is backing off that gloomy forecast. Rush is playing
  10. Michael E. Marotta wrote: But there is no basic acceptance of Ayn Rand's suggestion that if the police have a legal monopoly on force, then handguns might best be illegal. Not at all. The "God, Guns, and Gold" gang insists on everyone's right to self-defense. end quote I want to thank Michael for his thought provoking letters and nuanced reasoning. I am not picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution have "authority" over me and which do not. However, I place my moral authority over that of the Constitution, or authority in any form. It is not a slippery slope toward Anarchism or law
  11. What is your most elegant or beautiful scientific theory? Snipped from below. So, love at first sight is really a mechanism where the conscious, deliberative mind is not the author of important decisions such as what work people do and who they marry. Instead, "an ancient brain system called the basal ganglia, brain circuits that consciousness cannot access," pull the strings. Running on the neurochemical dopamine, they predict how rewarding a choice will be - if I pick this apartment, how happy will I be? - "evaluate the current state of the entire cortex and inform the brain about the best c
  12. TIA Daily • January 16, 2012 FEATURE ARTICLE The Bane of Capital What Our Political Leaders Don't Understand About Capitalism by Robert Tracinski Mitt Romney has been the presumptive front-runner since the candidates first declared themselves for the Republican presidential nomination. But he has been the front-runner in name only. In actual fact, someone else has usually been at the top of the polls, and this person came under immediate and intense scrutiny that caused his campaign to fold, which is why we had a different someone else at the top of the polls every month. But now Romney is th
  13. When a warrior learns to stop the internal dialogue, everything becomes possible; the most far-fetched schemes become attainable. Carlos Castaneda Wanting to be a warrior like StarTrek’s Worf or Conan the Barbarian is tied to an appreciation of athletics. Not everyone can be a pro athletic. I did not have the prowess to be a good athlete, though I was usually one of the strongest guys in my class after about the second grade. I did play high school soccer and we were the state champions. Not everyone can be a professional soldier. Athletes can become soldiers. Soldiers can become warriors. Whe
  14. Dennis May wrote: Physics has not parted company with philosophy - far from it. Since the foundations of QM influential physicists have pushed philosophy in a not so subtle manner - being quite nasty about it at times. End quote. That Prodigy Jake on 60 Minutes that Dennis linked us to, utilizes the 4th dimension, which cancels out the other three, to solve math problems. At least that is the way he described the working of his mind if I heard him correctly. The video stopped and started over and over again. When I utilize the term “Objectivist” below, I mean I prize reason, facts, science, i
  15. James Heaps-Nelson wrote: Huntsman showed by this action that he was not running a real race, just angling for another gig with his supporters' money. end quote One pundit called it a Boutique Candidacy. Will huntsman’s support go to fellow Mormon Mitt Romney? The following is mostly from Rasmussen but I stuck some of my thoughts in there and did not feel like going back and editing. Nonetheless it is the truth as I know it. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor Nationwide, 79 percent of likely Republican voters say Mitt Romney will be the nominee. Two “forecasters” on Newsmax, out of a hundre
  16. Bring in the champ. Bring in the champ. Ba'al Chatzaf, Ba'al Chatzaf, Ba'al Chatzaf! Ba'al Chatzaf wrote: I spent my youth working on nuclear weapons and guidance systems for cruse missiles so I have some knowledge there. I also am a history buff of wars up through WW2. I do not study wars we fought since, because we lost them. end quote Can you say which facility? As a kid, I lived on one which I still cannot mention. I have no damage from radiation. It is a shame but it looks like the Libertarian Party or at least its representatives here, are back to their traitorous, Murray Rothbard, hate
  17. Adam wrote: “I am extremely familiar with Persian society. A more "fair" historical place to start is 1905. This is one point where US "advisers" began "working" with elements in Iran who were forming a Constitutional government.” end quote Well, I have seen Disney’s “Prince of Persia,” and no where is the current theocratic, terrorist sponsoring Government mentioned. Gee. Maybe, we should just go back to when the new regime took power. Wasn’t that around mid-January of 1979? You will surely know that because, as you noted, you are an expert on Persian history. So, the embassy takeover was
  18. I wrote, “Rand’s Objectivist Psychology is in its infancy.” And Brant disagreed: if there ever was an "Objectivist psychology" there isn't now nor will there ever be going forward unless there is also an "Objectivist physics" and an "Objectivist biology"--that sort of thing, and for sure we don't want to go there end quote OK. There was some of the “tongue in cheek” in my letter but Objectivists do inject philosophy into science as with its “officials” dismissing Quantum Mechanics. Rand’s definitions and descriptions of humans mix the philosophical with the biological sciences. There are so
  19. Tony asked PDS - would, “. . . a culture which values expressing feelings, indiscriminately, will eventually destroy the capability to feel . . . “ PDS must not like Italian Americans, the most expressive, generous, patriotic, emotional people in the United States. If you want to read about modern Italians today I suggest reading a small novelette called, “Playing for Pizza” by John Grisham. From Wikipedia: Rick Dockery is a third string NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, who throws three interceptions in 11 minutes in the AFC championship game, blowing a 17 point lead and resulting in
  20. Mark wrote: I can’t help but wonder if the reasons that the "Powers That Be" give for bombing Iran are their real reasons, if perhaps the rhetoric about a nuclear bomb hides another agenda. End quote I don’t think so. If the United States were a country that believed in “to the victors go the spoils,” we would have lowly paid Japanese and German servants and workers, and we would already be pumping Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq dry of oil. You lump Iran, Communist China, and Israel together as “unsavory countries.” I disagree. There is a common element in that Iran is a Theocracy with some
  21. Michael wrote about an Iran with nukes: Just because the USA does monkey-shines in the Middle East, this does make the Iranian leadership any less irrational and evil, nor any less a pack of Jew-hating bullies . . . . I, for one, do not give them the benefit of the doubt. Not with that kind of firepower. end quote Chris Matthew Sciabarra wrote about our war with Iraq in, “Understanding the Global Crisis: Reclaiming Rand’s Radical Legacy:” To be clear, there has never been a time where I doubted the immorality of a regime that fed its dissident citizens feet-first into wood chippers and indus
  22. Others have already covered the idea on this thread but I want give my take on it, after reading theirs. Snips from The Ayn Rand Lexicon: Man’s distinctive characteristic is his type of consciousness—a consciousness able to abstract, to form concepts, to apprehend reality by a process of reason . . . [The] valid definition of man, within the context of his knowledge and of all of mankind’s knowledge to-date [is]: “A rational animal.” . . . (“Rational,” in this context, does not mean “acting invariably in accordance with reason”; it means “possessing the faculty of reason.” A full biological de
  23. Scott Rasmussen was quipping about the South Carolina race. It is between Mitt and Nott. Whoever the presumptive Republican President is, he will need a “conservative Senate,” made up Republicans if possible but with temporary coalitions of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats on some issues if trends come to pass. From RealClearPolitics. Battle for the Senate. Dem 48, 44 safe or not up for reelection - Toss up 7 - Republican 45, 35 safe or not up for reelection. Likely Dem DE NY OR. Leans Dem CT. Toss up CA CO IL NV PA WA WV. Leans GOP AK KY MO WI. Likely GOP FL IN LA NH NC OH. Surprisingly, i
  24. Xray asked: So where's the wrong premise? An unrealistic assessment of man's nature? end quote In the movie “Extreme Measures,” the actor Gene Hackman plays a medical researcher and medical doctor. When it is discovered he is experimenting on homeless people he tries to explain his actions by saying, “If by killing one person you could save ten thousand, wouldn’t you have to?” I have always loved that line because it illustrates how an “evil person” does not see themselves as evil. The persons experimented on and who died were mentally ill or on drugs or alcohol, and living on the edge beca
  25. Excerpted from the article below: Even if everyone had an IQ of 200, you'd have exactly the same range of personalities as you have now. End quote I don’t think that is true. What do you think? Peter Taylor What If Humans Were Twice as Intelligent? You might someday be much, much smarter than you are now. That's the hope of neuroscientists focused on understanding the basis of intelligence. They have discovered that the brains of people with high IQs tend to be highly integrated, with neural paths connecting distant brain regions, while less intelligent people's brains build simpler, shorter