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  1. Nasty conjecturing from, HBO. I like that picture of Biden asking Kamala, ‘Will you go to the prom with me?” “Of course I will,” she coos. And I will let you smell my hair whenever you want with maybe one kiss? . . . if needed. Uh? You don’t take too long do you?
  2. Copper? How about Rearden Metal? One of the best scenes in all of literature is of Dagny Taggart in “Atlas Shrugged,” fighting a philosophical and Romantic battle for Hank Reardon at a cocktail party and winning: “This?” Lillian was saying, extending her arm with the metal bracelet for the inspection of two smartly groomed women. “Why no, it is not from a hardware store, it’s a very special gift from my husband. Oh yes, of course it is hideous. But don’t you see? It’s supposed to be priceless. Of course, I would exchange it for a common diamond bracelet any time, but somehow nobody will o
  3. Someone mentioned “sensation” and using that as the key I found the following which may be interesting to some of us. Peter From: "Scott Ryan" To: objectivism Subject: OWL: Questions on ITOE, ch. 1, continued Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 21:31:29 -0700 (MST) Greg Johnson asks: "What is Rand's precise view of sensations?" This is a very good question. The answer is: she hasn't got one. As Johnson correctly notes, "In ch. 1 Rand claims that we do not remember sensations, nor do we experience pure isolated sensations." [This is nearly an exact quotation from ITOE, p. 5.] What Rand is
  4. From: Steve Reed To: Atlantis <atlantis Subject: ATL: Fractional reserves and fraud Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 02:41:19 -0800 Kirez Korgan wrote that Nathaniel Branden expressed to him >shock at my assertion or implication that Objectivists reject fractional reserve lending. He drew an emphatic distinction: *Rothbard* may reject fractional reserve lending, but where on earth would I get the notion that *Objectivists* do likewise? Objectivists do. Objectivists also beat their sex partners. Objectivists also steal office supplies. ... SOME, not all. (One good grammatical turn, I'd say, de
  5. The Dow rose over 28,000 today and then went lower.
  6. Peter


    Even the lower levels of humanity have a purpose. From the junkie to the street thief and thug their purpose is for instant gratification. The purpose of the bully is to diminish others to raise themselves within a perceived hierarchy. The sadist gains gratification through the pain of others. All these lowlifes want ‘power.”
  7. That's a good one. How about Comma or Kama but pronounced comma for her? Edit. What? Koma has no nickname? How about Kommon then? Or how about semi colon or semi comma? Naw. That makes no sense. From NBC News. Harris was difficult to pin down ideologically in the Democratic presidential primary, which left many voters wondering what she stood for and hurt her candidacy and ultimately forced an early exit last December before the first votes were cast. But it also made her a more complicated target for attacks by Trump, who has also struggled to land a punch on Biden: During the De
  8. What will the composite Real Clear Politics poll say about Biden's choice? I think he has been 8 points over Trump up until now. Of course I understand polls are wrong unless they support your choice, joke. However, every campaign pays attention to them and disperses resources to states they can carry.
  9. Trump supporters are completely loyal and Kamala won’t draw in any votes from them. Will the Biden campaign control “the spin” among Independents and people “on the fence?” They will certainly try. Will she be a good campaigner? She didn’t excite very many voters during the primary so who knows. I think she will add to Biden’s popular vote count. But can she add to the electoral college vote? From Bing. Political spin, in politics, the attempt to control or influence communication in order to deliver one’s preferred message. Spin is a pejorative term often used in the context of publi
  10. Will her more conservative approach affect how many blacks vote for her? I don’t think so. What percent of black voters will vote for the Republican party of Lincoln, this time? Fewer? I think so. Will more women vote for the Democratic ticket too? Again, I think so. What percent of political pundits, if they are honest, think she is a good pick? We shall see, but . . . . can you feel the energy . . . and hear the cheering on the Left? But all these things will need to play out. Princeton University Press. African Americans are Democrats. Since 1968 no Republican presidential candidate ha
  11. On “The Five”: Attacks on her will be portrayed as Sexist and Racist. Trump won’t have a problem going after her though. Bret Baer thinks her strict record in law enforcement will help because no one on the left will NOT vote for her even if she was a top prosecutor. Let’s get real. I think she is the best pick for Biden’s campaign, and will energize the Democratic Party. As Joe’s 55 year old, attractive back up “President” she lessens fears about Biden’s mental acuity and physical health. Peter
  12. If you have "old securities" or investments, don't change them for anything new. 2 to 5 percent per year is NOW pretty good. Old cash stuffed in a purse? Spend it as needed instead of using a credit card. Using cash because of Covid-19, I would let 2 bucks or less be a gratuity. They will like you for it. You will be the king of the world!
  13. Exactly. I was thinking about who made boatloads of money. I guess I am a hundreds of dollars-aire. Would i want to be a billionaire? Guess.
  14. I went back and looked at the Charlize Theron article. The movie that “changed her life” was “Aliens” with Susan Alexandra "Sigourney" Weaver. Before that she only knew male, action show heroes from shows like “MacGyver” and “Knight Rider” . . . “just all these dudes.” But the character Ripley in “Aliens” knocked her socks off. Here is an interesting fact. The original “Alien” was directed by Ridley Scott and “Aliens” was directed by James Cameron, age 65, who was once married to Linda Hamilton, who with her twin sister, is from a place near me. I always wondered about those like sounding name
  15. Values are held individually. Then there are the words like ethos and culture. Sometimes a blockbuster movie or even a Disney film like Cinderella can change how kids and adults think, so the media is not just the news media, it is how many or most of us think "collectively" in a society . . . in a good way. A South African actress, Chailize Theron?? in Entertainment magazine was talking about how little TV they had and how some movies had a tremendous impact on her as a kid. Interesting thoughts.
  16. Aug. 10, 2020. Battle for the White House RCP Poll Averages. Election 2020 Biden Trump Spread RCP National Average 48.9 42.0 Biden +6.9 Betting Odds 58.9 39.0 Electoral College 212 115 Battlegrounds
  17. I thought it was nickels in the coin tray that kept cash register operators from getting sick. And don't taken any wooden nickels, Laddie.
  18. The first Presidential debate will be on September 29, 2020 . . . I think. One venue has already cancelled. From Town and Country: The first presidential debate, when the incumbent President Trump will face off against Joe Biden for the first time, was to be held on Tuesday, September 29 at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. In late July, the institution withdrew from hosting due to concerns about the pandemic. "I am grateful to the many members of the University community who have devoted countless hours planning this event, and to the Commission on Presidential Debates leadership
  19. FROM: Trump Platinum Card < Did you see the President’s email? He invited you to become an Official 2020 Trump Platinum Member. We’re only reaching out to the President’s TOP supporters to join this exclusive program, and out of EVERY file we’ve looked at, YOU were identified as a PERFECT MATCH. DONOR FILE: SUPPORTER: Peter Taylor CONTRIBUTIONS: 6. end quote Please. Hold your applause. I am not sure I want a Trump credit card. Now a Trump flag would be nice. Peter
  20. Rumor has it . . . it’s down to two candidates for VP, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and former national security adviser to President Barack Obama, Susan Rice. In a moral sense I would say Kamalalalala is the better of the two. Dirty, dirty, dirty. From The New York Post: Susan Rice’s now-infamous memo was blatant bid to cover Obama’s butt. May 20, 2020 . . . Oh, and Rice’s lawyer says she drafted it “upon the advice of the White House Counsel’s Office,” Fox News reports. The point? Ostensibly, to memorialize the meeting with her, Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, FBI boss James Com
  21. I have been dithering about what I will do. But if the trials are successful I will get the vaccine when my doctor advises it. Too many people talk about their coronavirus experience and say, "I thought I was going to die." I remember getting the flu shot only after I was infected and felt miserable for about a week or more. So, I don't want to feel even worse with covid.