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  1. I haven't been following any threads lately. I have been watching the Documentary on Country and Western music on PBS. Apparently blackface was considered hilarious back in the 20's to early 60's. Blacks were made fun of as their musical influence was absorbed by White artists. Interesting. Tonight's episode of the Ken Burn's documentary made its way up to Johnny Cash and Elvis. Excellent viewing.
  2. Hubris. They can do what they please and never be held accountable. Celebrity and fame. Power. They have fixers. And sometimes they will pay you back for messing with them.
  3. I re-watched “Forrest Gump” today, “Castaway” last week, and “The Green Mile” tonight, all on TV for free, and almost by accident. Let me check the TV Guide, Babe, to see what’s on. It must be a Tom Hanks summer. Wow. Very enjoyable viewing. Forrest Gump: Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here? Lieutenant Daniel Taylor: I'm here to try out my sea legs. Forrest Gump: But you ain't got no legs, Lieutenant Dan.
  4. A bunch of Trump supporters are coming to town because the Ocean City Bike week starts today. Who’s going to be there? Rival Sons (head banger, hard rock, and not bad), Stone Temple Pilots (Plush is one of my favorites), ZZ Top (Gimme All Your Lovin, Sharp Dressed Man, Legs) Cheap Trick, and others will be playing.
  5. Their system of government has worked well for centuries but ours is better, to my way of thinking. Though it would be nice to kick some arse out of office if he botches everything, without going through an impeachment process.
  6. I watched the original movie, "Taken" and it was very well done and concerns this subject.
  7. Well gobbly gook. The cone of the possible paths of hurricane Dorian has us, the Loyal US Citizens of Delmarva under a 100 mph instead of 90 strike possibility. Evacuations are starting in the Carolina's. I saw a story where they were moving people in nursing homes to higher ground. Amazingly, I have only heard of one confirmed death in The Bahamas.
  8. The story is the cameras went down one night and into the next day when he departed this earth like a true pirate.
  9. How did Ayn Rand impart logical and mathematical precision to her words? I was thinking of her frequent use of the Latin term *qua*. Any ideas about her sentence and paragraph progressions leading to clarity? Peter Notes. From Merriam-Webster. qua preposition \ ˈkwä also ˈkwā \ Definition of qua: in the capacity or character of : as discussing the story qua story. Did You Know? Which way? Who? No, we're not paraphrasing lines from the old Abbott and Costello routine "Who's on First?" We're referring to the etymology of qua, a term that comes to us from Latin. It can be translated as "which way" or "as," and it is a derivative of the Latin qui, meaning "who." Qua has been serving English in the capacity of a preposition since the 17th century. It's a learned but handy little word that led one 20th-century usage writer to comment: "Qua is sometimes thought affected or pretentious, but it does convey meaning economically." First Known Use of qua? 1647, in the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for qua. Latin, which way, as, from ablative singular feminine of qui who — more at WHO.
  10. Interesting inter racial British trend, "Ay wat?" I was looking at the Wiki page for The Bahamas which is 90 percent black or black, mixed. Sydney Poitier may be their most famous person, and the Duke of something (York? He married that Non noblewomen) was in charge for 5 years after WWII. They are still considered independent since 1973 but they are also part of the Commonwealth and the British Navy is on their side. The most wealthy North American countries are the USA, Canada and then the Bahamas in that order. 98 percent literacy rate. Half the population works in the tourist industry. I wish them well. The news said some of the people are sheltering in caves. I searched Bahama caves and they are beautiful. Peter edit. And "finance" was their next biggest money maker.
  11. Well thought out, Michael. 007 wrote: Who needs mercenaries or hit-men if you can program a drone to take someone out for you? . . . Seriously, it would not surprise me if soon we start to see suicide drones instead of suicide bombers. end quote And drone peeping Toms? Keep your venetian blinds tightly closed. A drone could look down from an angle into a window. I am sure the drones are getting quieter and smaller with each year of improvements. Its angle of view can be restricted but blinds may leave a slit available for snooping and filming, so I suggest drapes to cover the slits. And the home owner can improve their surveillance system with something like a Roomba drone that can be motion activated for a look and then be returned to its charging station. I think drones may become a commonly used tool for Private Detectives too. If the *parts* are available someone may build their own killer drone, but reputable drone suppliers are already similar to arms dealers in a way. So any commercially available vehicle or drone could be weaponized, but drones and self-driving cars may become the *rage.* What could be done to lessen the threat? Individuals need to be forewarned with drone stories prominently displayed in the news. Police and military scientists could develop jamming devices. Imagine a terrorist getting access to a building and from their reconnaissance position they could call in reinforcements in the form of weaponized drones. Peter
  12. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Jerry Seinfeld. Lyrics to the TV show “Alice.” I used to be sad, I used to be shy Funniest thing, the saddest part is I never knew why... Kickin' myself for nothin' was my favorite sport I had to take off, start enjoyin' 'cause life's too short There's a new girl in town, 'cause I'm feelin good. Got a smile, got a song, for the neighborhood. Things are great when you stand on your own two feet and this girl's here to say with some luck and love life's gonna be so sweeeeeeeeeet!
  13. "Oh I love this!" some guy wrote. Do ye be gay? What do you call a hitch hiker from Calcutta? An Indian Thumber.
  14. Florida, are you feeling like a squirrel in the middle of the road? A main man on The Weather Channel is “suggesting” we should know Dorian’s path by Sunday, noon. There are watches all the way up to South Carolina now and Dorian might not make landfall until The Carolina’s outer banks, if we are lucky. I may buy some extra gas for my generator on Tuesday, which means I may not have booze on hand as some guy named Brant suggested. No gas refill spills or kabooms are anticipated. The Weather Channel is saying Dorian is looking very hearty/healthy. I think tennis shoes make more sense than rubber boots. A guy in Chatham County Georgia is talking about their emergency operations. Be aware. Be prepared! What is your next step?
  15. Greetings, why should we care? What was that about collectivism? Oh, it's Silly Time. Amulets? A wrist band may get you on the Wild Mouse at a theme park but it won’t protect you from harm. And there are no magic rings, my precious, my precious. Boardwalk Zoltan’s who can really tell what your story will be? Naw. Is luck a scientific concept at all? Are there lucky bugs like the firefly, dragon fly, or the lady bug? Nope, just bugs. You’ve got a wonderful sense of direction? Try getting lost in a tall cornfield. I have one in front of my house. You can’t rely on the rows always being in the same direction. And you can’t rely on a constant noise to guide you. Rows weave around ditches and other obstacles. Farmers weave around sometimes only a few degrees when sowing the seed. The only sure way of exiting a cornfield quickly is to note your position with the sun as you step into the field. Orientate yourself with the sun and extend that to the place you want to exit and don’t forget it as you squeeze through the corn, Farmer in the Dell. I still can’t think of collectivism as being good in any way, other than the collectivist rulers could make it a lot worse as in Hong Kong.
  16. “Take time off from the news,” said Jerry Seinfeld? How do you do that? What is the news really? Doesn’t the news just keep happening? And does *evil* exist in a real, scientific sense? I want to know!
  17. Michael wrote: In my opinion, President Trump's open disbelief of the climatisionist agenda has been more important to undoing the charade than any individual policy action he has taken as President. end quote Is climatisionist like Dana Carvey's GWB’s strategery, strategerist? I had my driveway repaved on Monday and the workers cut my cable and landline phone line. I couldn’t get Mediacom to fix it until today, Thursday. You don’t know what you got, till it’s gone. I hooked up an old antenna to my main TV and got to watch CBS, a Fox affiliate and “Antenna TV” a nostalgia channel, for three days. Brrrr. Jittery from a lack of news, I turned on the Weather Channel to watch the hurricane updates. Oh no! !@#$%^! It could be a Category 4 when it hits. About 16 of the projected paths have a direct hit on Florida (as of now) and a few paths swing north closer to me near the Chesapeake Bay, and 2 paths go out to sea. Bread, Jif and Saltines, canned meals, water, gas for the 10 year old, rusty generator sitting under an outdoor awning . . . plastic utensils, flashlight and radio batteries . . . have I forgotten anything? Peter
  18. A new James Clavell, Prince Harry and Baby Archie poster slogan: Tie one on (Taiwan) with trade to Taipei, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and you won’t be wrong, but make a muck of that Peking duck. Japan was warning North Korea about their two missile launches recently. New slogan from an angry Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Abe Shinzō: Japan should start dropping free transistor radios over North Korea brother, pre tuned to real news about Little Kim the mother . . Peter Some other Japanese sayings. “One’s act, one’s profit.” Equivalent to “you reap what you sow,” this one rings way more timelessly as few are sowing these days. “Ten men, ten colors.” Aka, “different strokes for different folks” — I prefer the image of colors to the image of folks getting stroked. “Wake from death and return to life.” Meaning “to turn a bad or desperate situation into a success,” this truly underscores just how dire some bad situations feel sometimes. “Pulling water to my own rice paddy.” “Doing or saying things for one’s own benefit.” While totally regionally charged, I feel like dropping this one would give you an air of well-traveled-ness. “Evil cause, evil effect.” Another “you reap what you sow,” this one is a tad more specific, and almost suggests a karmic outcome. “Not seeing is a flower.”I love the fact that the Japanese use “flower” to describe imagination, beauty, and sometimes pointlessness. In this case, “reality cannot compete with imagination.” “The weak are meat; the strong eat.” “Survival of the fittest” — I like eating meat so this was always going to appeal to me, and it rhymes. “Ocean thousand mountain thousand.” A reference to a “sly old fox,” someone who has been through everything and seen everything and can therefore handle any situation, usually through cunning. A thousand oceans, a thousand mountains, an ultimate badass. “Drunken life, dreamy death.” Meaning to dream one’s life away, or spending all one’s time dreaming without accomplishing anything significant.
  19. Well said. What if all King Kong American trade had to go through Hong Kong? I tried to make that sound Chinese but it might be more like Thai.
  20. I dinna know, Laddy. It wunna fool nobody. He is a great hoaxer but sometimes he gives it away with a twinkle or a grin.
  21. One more deep thought. Come on, carry a big stick like the President! 50 states and the major phone companies team up to stop robo calls. Excellent! In a way they are an invasion of privacy and an initiation of force . . . at some point they are more than a nuisance. And piled up junk mail in your mailbox? Cut that out too! I want a tool that does more than delete them all after I quickly scan them for 1. Scams that I report. And 2. Legitimate mail. I hate going through 65 junk messages and then finding one real message from the guy who is giving me a quote to cut shrubbery. After Bejing, Peking, or Dongjing, is taken care of let’s get rid of constant annoyances. America! President Trump? Are you with me?
  22. Fake News! From the news. Trump says national security laws could be used to force American countries out of China. They are stealing our patents. They are sending “students’ over to work for national security firm affiliates in and around colleges. They have infiltrated American industries and they are stealing our techniques and products. They have been in a trade war with us for a decade but it was too hard for Obama to see without his thinking glasses which he refused to wear. North Korea fires two more short term missiles. China pulls a Willy Wonka, saying passively, “Oh no. put that down.” Tropical Depression 5 should reach San Juan Puerto Rico by Wednesday as a category 1 hurricane. Peter Notes from Willy Wonka. “Try some more. The Strawberries taste like . . . Strawberries.” “If you want to view paradise, take around and view it.” A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.” “So Shines A GOOD DEED IN A WEARY WORLD.” “LITTLE SURPRISES AROUND EVERY CORNER, BUT NOTHING DANGEROUS “There is no life I know, to compare with Pure Imagination”
  23. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 25,628.90 on Friday with a loss of 623.34 points or -2.37%. The S&P 500 closed at 2,847.11 for a loss of 75.84 points or -2.59%. The Nasdaq Composite ... Progressive “wish for headlines”. On Friday the height of America at sea level dropped one inch. And with this catastrophic drop in the Dow, America is now more susceptible to hurricanes and the price of a softie sno-cone at the boardwalk has risen to $2.50. Walmart has pulled all the brands from its shelves that are labeled, “made in China,” while American trade with Taiwan has risen dramatically. President Trump now refers to Taiwan as Free China. Lower case, mainland china is back to being what it is, Communist china. It will be interesting to see if Taiwan, Hong Kong, American industry and workers benefit from a “trade war.” But I bet the folks at ARI are having a laissez faire conniption fit. "My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." I definitely think Ayn Rand would be enthralled with a truly heroic President Trump. Peter Notes. How was the economy under Theodore Roosevelt? John Barry, Process Engineer at Semi-retirement (2018-present) In general, the economy expanded significantly during Roosevelt’s tenure. The US went on the gold standard in 1900, during McKinley’s first term; with that, the amount of currency in circulation per capita rose, as did prices, the number of factories, capital investment, the value of products, and farm production. In short, within a few years, the United States was the supreme industrial nation in the world, leaving Great Britain behind and setting the bar for other nations like Germany. (A history of World War I mentions that by 1914, Germany’s industry had also surpassed Great Britain and might one day hope to rival that of the United States.) One fly in the ointment was the brief panic of 1907, which happened during an existing recession. It was triggered by an attempt to corner the copper market, which attempt failed. Collaboration between the US Treasury and major financiers like J. P. Morgan prevented a major collapse. Immediately thereafter, Senator Nelson Aldrich (R, RI) introduced legislation that led ultimately to the creation of the Federal Reserve System, and a more stable economy.
  24. I named my "outside," fixed, all shots up to date, pure gray, loving female cat Sookie after the True Blood character, Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Pacquin. What a fun series it was. Sookie must be around 10 or 12 years old but she is still going strong. If I pick her up and start petting her, it takes three seconds before she is purring and making bread.