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  1. Crossword puzzle clue. Slow moving Middle East game? Answer. Yemeni Cricket
  2. Michael wrote: In further fact, ditto for foreign interference in US elections, whether Chinese or Canadian or other. end quote I can’t see many being influenced by foreigners but jeez, look at ThatGuy’s list of conspiracy theories. Are they domestic or foreign and how many people believed the lies? Could libertarians and O’ists have influenced the election by voting for President Trump? If they had spoken out AND voted for the most libertarian candidate in a hundred years he could have won the election. Peter Notes. “Welcome back to Civics class, boys and girls. Let’s keep the
  3. And as Tucker Carlson mentioned tonight, we should not tolerate domestic terrorism, whether it is from the kids or the adults.
  4. Here are a couple of letters that mention Rothbard. Peter From: "George H. Smith" Subject: ATL: Re: Buridan's ass (was "Are mind and will an illusion?") Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 16:33:05 -0600/ Bill Dwyer quoted Murray Rothbard as follows: "If a man were really indifferent between two alternatives, he could not make any choice between them, and therefore the choice could not be revealed in action.... Any action demonstrates choice based on preference: preference for one alternative over others." [_Man, Economy, and State_, HB, p. 65]" Bill then concluded: "In fact, what free will w
  5. I could not find much about BB’s Master Thesis. I may have pasted these letters on OL before, but it is interesting to reread something after a lag of time. And there may some duplication because I had a bad habit of saving letters to two or more different threads. Peter From: "George H. Smith" To: "*Atlantis" Subject: ATL: Re: Murray Rothbard and Ayn Rand Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 18:23:16 -0600. Greg Johnson wrote: "On the question of whether Murray Rothbard plagiarized from Barbara Branden's MA thesis, Peter Reidy writes that the "old debbil Kant had used it [the argument given by Natha
  6. Michael wrote: Notice that Dorsey said after they finish with "this one account" (Trump's), they are going to focus on QAnon and the process will go on for weeks. end quote This has been discussed, but . . . Objectivists promote laissez-faire and property rights. Should common carriers be allowed to ban President Trump from access? I am interested how “fans of Rand” think about this issue. Peter Some background from Microsoft Bing. What are common carriers? Some common carriers transport goods for other businesses and others provide transport for members of the general public. Some b
  7. I am feeling pissed off but not yet depressed. In his second inaugural address President Bush said: From the day of our founding, we have proclaimed that every man and woman on this earth has rights and dignity . . . . Across the generations, we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government." And he vowed to "all who live in tyranny and hopelessness" that "when you stand for your liberty, we will stand with you. Peter From “Imperium,” by Robert Harris: How do you conquer Rome with no weapon other than your voice? Cicero: Sometimes, if you find yourself stuck in politics, the thing to
  8. I am looking around for my covid immunity shot. Any suggestions? CVS? Walgreens? My wife suggests the VA but they took too long on one other crucial matter, though they came through in the end.
  9. I think the demotion of President Trump is partly responsible. 2024.
  10. I agree. Why demote rational intelligence and emotion to less than it is?
  11. Another portion of President Trump’s legacy for America will be his passion for freedom and personal and economic liberty. Here is an interesting clip from Ghs. Peter The Tao of Strategy Part Three by George H. Smith 6/19/96 . . . . Many other things can influence conversion: a charismatic leader (Gandhi), authority figures (parents who instill libertarian values in their children), a religious text (the Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu), a mystical experience, and so forth. . . In such cases an appreciation for the "beauty" of liberty often occurs before a person has acquired detailed informatio
  12. One portion of President Trump’s legacy for America will be that he kept us out of wars and the following reflects how I grew up in a military family. It’s a bit of a joke with a big grain of truth. Peter The Foo Fighters: . . . . I've been waiting on a war since I was young. Since I was a little boy with a toy gun. Is there more to this than just waiting on a war? Just waiting on a war for this and that. There's got to be more to this than that.
  13. The new AOC inspired law will make them wear a tattooed, scarlet letter on their foreheads. joke.
  14. I think President Donald J. Trump is tired of the b.s.
  15. From The Blaze: Pollster Frank Luntz released results Monday from a poll of Americans who support President Donald Trump after the lethal rioting at the U.S. Capitol. Luntz said that he polled 800 Trump voters and found that a great majority of them would vote for the president again if given the opportunity. "Despite their criticism of his conduct since November 3rd and last week, 𝟵𝟭% of Trump voters say they'd still vote for him if another presidential election were held today," Luntz said on his official social media account.
  16. On Cavuto’s Fox show Rep. Allen West mentioned that the Ayatollah still has a Twitter account where he frequently chants “Death to America” but President Trump has been banned.
  17. I know this is a nuanced situation but when you swear to defend the Constitution when joining the military, you mean it without equivocation. Your word is your bond. Vice President Pence was doing the same when he agreed to run for office. He is honorable and he did not shirk his responsibilities. Peter Taylor, formerly of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery 7th Infantry Division, Artillery. The Oath of Office (for officers): "I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the _____ (Military Branch) of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly
  18. Thanks William. Tomorrow will be a bright, sunshiny day . . . I hope.
  19. Condensed, and closed up for brevity. I tried to cut out what the Dems were saying but things are not looking good. Peter From USA Today: In a show of the president's evaporating support within his own party, Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., suggested Trump should resign and could face "criminal liability" for his actions . . . . Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a longtime ally of the president's, was among several Republicans who said Sunday they support a second impeachment, a double black mark that has never befallen a president . . . . What we had was an incitement to riot at the U
  20. Corey Lewandowski, former Trump senior advisor is just saying about what I just said, but better.
  21. Someone mentioned air traffic and around 6:45 pm I heard a small plane heading in the direction of DC and I wondered . . . Greg Gutfeld on Sunday at 5 in the afternoon showed the hypocrisy of the celebrity hypocrites / progressives, or is that an oxymoron, on his show. Greg Gutfeld: “We can’t pick and choose your thugs.” Yet he showed Maxine Waters for example, telling people to pour gasoline on things and set them afire. And other leftists applauded violence happening with the Black Lives Matter movement.
  22. Another DC policeman has died. Fox News is wondering if there was a failure of leadership when the President and his son, during their pre-riot speeches urged their supporters to protest at the Capital. I think Donald Trump Jr.’s and Senior’s “rally speeches” will be scrutinized beginning Monday. And that video of Kimberly Guilfoyle (first Lady of San Francisco from 2004 to 2006. No kidding. It says so below on Wikipedia) dancing before the President’s speech was funny. Some Pols are saying the Trump ruckus and possible impeachment is taking away from Biden’s spotlight and picking of a c
  23. Will Monday fizzle or explode? Tomorrow at this time we may be closer to knowing. I saw that mosquito coast AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who’s ancestor brutally killed off native Americans) wants to impeach El President asap to keep President Trump from pardoning himself, his family, and others . . . . and to keep him from running again in 2024. The Washington Examiner quoted below is considered to be a more conservative newspaper. Peter From The Washington Examiner: Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina said the House could finalize articles of impeachment as soon as Monday, with memb