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  1. During past Progressive administrations, if Ayn Rand had immigrated to America during their reigns, she would have been deported. "Back to the U.S.S.R."
  2. Good one, William. Are you also poking fun at Brant “Goose” Gaede too? I looked up Track, Trig, and Tripp on Yahoo answers and they said: What the hell kind of name is Princess Fluffybutt? Why don't you do this: Look them up on the web under baby names. Those names are all there, with their meanings. Funny thing: With Sarah Palin's popularity came popularity for the names of her children. You find them everywhere, now. Just Google. So sorry if you don't know how to do that. The names Track, Trig, and Tripp are good solid names. They sound pretty good, too. What is with all you people who can't get over Sarah Palin? end quote Most of the babies in my extended family are named after older relatives, Biblical names, and famous people. It is odd when “famous,” full of themselves people name their kids in a HIP fashion. And remember all the 70’s doper names? Saint Peter David Taylor
  3. I was watching the Bond flick "Tomorrow Never Dies" with Bosnen? last night and it shows a dust up between China and Britain caused by a billionaire megamaniac. Hmm? Have Bill Gates, the Amazon guy, or Elon Musk tried to start any wars lately? And now for the news. Trump’s bad. Bad to the bone. B,b,b, bad. He’s bad to the bone. This is Carl Cameron Passwater. I am Sheepherd Smith. And this is Megyn Kelly, reporting for MSNBC. Good night. You can believe what we say.
  4. Michael wrote: Let them send their own kids to fight undeclared wars if they want it so badly. And where are the paid mercenaries and true believer, zealots? This dust up is not attractive to them. I do remember some Kurdish terrorist attacks against Turkey but if that is happening now it is not making the news I see. If innocents are targeted I am never for the perpetrators. And it looks like Turkey is bombing somewhat indiscriminately as proved by the innocents who are fleeing the carnage. Is America becoming isolationist? No. I support Trump's use for our economic global leverage and not the military. Of course the military is always an option and a large bargaining chip to see that "right" and justice is done.
  5. Finally. Yahoo printed the following story, so that tells you a Tech giant is at least partially in the pocket of the deep, progressive state. Carl Cameron was the Fox News contributor / jerk who said Fox News was no longer fair and balanced. Come on Carl. We know what is news and what is analysis. And where does he next speak? MSNBC. So . . . . MSNBC is “worthy” but Fox is not? And he mourns Shepherd Smith’s departure? What a hypocrite. Another victim to TDS disease bites the dust. It must come from tick bites and not boils on the ass. Peter Ex-Fox News Reporter Issues Warning About Shep Smith’s Replacements Lee Moran,HuffPost Sat, Oct 12 3:09 AM EDT Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron on Friday mourned Shepard Smith’s abrupt departure from the network, saying who he is temporarily replaced with will “be telling in terms of what happens next” at Fox. The network plans to fill Smith’s former slot with a rotating roster of hosts. He had announced his sudden exit on air earlier in the day. “It will be interesting to find out whether these are journalists who tell the truth or whether these are opinion makers who are essentially coddling the president as allies,” Cameron told MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Cameron joined Fox News alongside Smith when it launched in 1996, and was its chief political correspondent until 2017. He’s since criticized the network’s “partisan misinformation.” He wasn’t entirely surprised by Smith’s decision, he told Melber. “It’s a big loss for Fox News channel and it says something about the way in which the cable channel has been for years shrinking the news department and building its right-wing entertainment hosts, ’cause that gets ratings and ratings gets revenue,” Cameron explained. “It’s a real sad day for people who watch Fox News and want accurate information because Shep was somebody you could reliably count on.” “The executives know that this is a loss,” he added. “When Fox would say or do things that were demonstrably untrue, Shep would be the person that they would point to as a measurement of good journalism.” “Tell that to Jennifer Griffin whose report just went viral this week,” a Fox News spokesperson said to HuffPost in a statement. “Or Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum or Catherine Herridge who have all done outstanding journalism.” Without Smith’s show, Cameron said, the majority of Fox’s programming is now “predominantly talk, it’s predominantly supportive of a president who is violating all kinds of American values, laws, rules, precedents, etc. ... and the American people need to hear that so they can make good judgments. Otherwise it’s just propaganda, and that’s the stuff of third-world nations, not the one that prides itself as leader of all nations.”
  6. I went out to give my outside cat a snack just after dark and heard two shots fired from my right, about a mile away. Then I heard two more shots from my left about a mile away. Weird. It got me to think about possible coups against President Trump. That would start another Civil War, but I think Americans would rise up and shoot the bastards. The modern day progressive / communists are sick, enraged, and violent. Peter edit. I also think the shots were fired by patriots . . . possibly . . . but I don't know why it was coordinated like that.
  7. Who names their kid Hunter? I remember a Mash character called Trapper. Yeah, let’s give Hunter Biden the nickname Mouse Trapper Biden. Is he still being paid consulting fees of 50 grand a month? William wrote: How would we know if your opinion is right or wrong (or a mixture), Peter? As for Giuliani ... end quote How do we know? Reason. The scientific method. Knowing all the facts. Logic. HISTORY. I am still waiting for all the idiots to apologize for being Communists, Progressives, Protesters who support commies, etc. They have no shame even with the Soviet Union collapsed and communism seen for the monstrous scam that it is, and was. Peter From Donald J. Trump < Peter, Where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the Fake News protects his Crooked daddy, who is a total joke. Together, Sleepy Joe and his son, Hunter, have LIED to the American People and ripped off foreign companies for MILLIONS of dollars - and yet, they have the nerve to call for MY IMPEACHMENT? I DID NOTHING WRONG. This is the greatest Scam and Witch Hunt in the history of the United States. The Do Nothing Democrats are Con Artists who are only looking to hurt the Republican Party and your President. It’s disgusting. I’m sick and tired of Sleepy Joe and his corrupt son LYING about me. They are the ones that need to be investigated for their corruption. We can’t let these frauds get away with STEALING THE ELECTION, which is why I’m calling on YOU to step up and join my Official Impeachment Defense Task Force. Words aren’t enough. We need to do something SO HUGE, that even the Left won’t be able to ignore us.
  8. William wrote: It's an age-old epistemological question -- how do we know what actually happened in any given situation? end quote In Williams message at the bottom there is a “reveal hidden contents section” and that is as propagandistic as CNN or MSNBC with stories heavily weighted against Trump. Rudy Giuliani is being investigated over Ukraine? For cripes sake, Hunter Biden is the Ukrainian spy and dirty money taker. Fair and balanced. Most watched. Most trusted. Real news. Real honest opinion. We report. You decide. As I mentioned, a reporter who’s name I don’t remember left Fox recently and said it was no longer fair and balanced. He was thin, had light colored hair, wore glasses and I think he appeared mostly on weekends. But I do think Bret Baier is very fair and balanced in his reporting. I trust Fox to report the facts Does Fox have real honest opinions? Absolutely. Of course the commentators have a bias but since they are right, I forgive them. I think Fox is the only network that treats President Trump fairly. I remember all the big three networks and their news outlets treated Obama with “kid gloves.” But now, how are they treating President Trump? Not the same as Obama and they report in a biased way. Their selection of stories is biased too. Peter
  9. The next democrat debate is Tuesday, October 15, 2019. What’s below is from NPR and edited for brevity by Jim Carey, who says ‘ALL RIGHTY!” better than anybody. I thought about adding some funny answers but decided to not add anything, just cut out the boring, redundant answers. Peter 7 Questions Ahead Of The Next Democratic Primary Debate October 12, 20197:01 AM ET 1. Do any of the candidates go after Joe and Hunter Biden? There is no evidence to the conspiracies (that we won't repeat in this space) President Trump is promulgating about Joe and Hunter Biden. But there is a legitimate question as to whether it was appropriate for Hunter Biden to seemingly cash in on his father's name and serve on the board of a Ukrainian gas company when his vice president father was the point man for the country in the Obama administration. Most of the candidates will probably say that even dignifying that with an answer is playing into Trump's hands. But Elizabeth Warren struggled when she was asked about it, at first saying, no, she wouldn't let her vice president's child do that, before quickly backtracking and saying she didn't know. It's not outside the realm of possibility that she's asked to clarify. And will every single of the dozen candidates on the stage not answer the question, especially when they are looking to take Biden down a couple notches — or get him out altogether? 2. Does Elizabeth Warren face new scrutiny and how does she handle it? Just like that, Biden is no longer the front-runner in the polls. Biden and Warren are now co-front-runners. This past week, Warren caught Biden in an average of the polls after her steady rise through the summer. Given that status, do moderators pose more pointed questions to Warren around things like the cost of her sweeping — and liberal — plans. Warren has shown tremendous facility as a candidate, and, so far, other vulnerabilities haven't hurt her in the primary, including Trump's "Pocahontas" attack and her botched DNA test rollout. Perhaps as evidence of her rise, she's faced new scrutiny for her story of losing a teaching job because she was pregnant. If her rise continues, expect there to be more turning over of stones of her record and biography. 3. How does Sanders do, given this is his first debate since suffering a heart attack? 4. How does Tom Steyer do? The newest face to the debate stage is Tom Steyer. The California billionaire investor — and political novice — made a name for himself with his climate activism and his multi-million-dollar campaign supporting President Trump's impeachment. So how does he do, especially now that impeachment is all the rage in the Democratic Party? 5. How do the candidates handle impeachment? The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll out this week showed that while a slim majority are now in favor of the impeachment inquiry, 58% would prefer to see Trump's fate decided at the ballot box rather than through the impeachment process (37%). That presents a challenge for the Democrats on stage. Democratic voters are hungry to impeach Trump, but the general public is a more reticent. So will the candidates carefully walk the line to keep the majority who now say they favor the impeachment inquiry on board — or not? 6. Do the candidates play to the middle at all? One worry from veteran Democratic strategists about this field is just how liberal the candidates are. Forget Bill Clinton's party, this isn't even Barack Obama's party. Sure, Democrats have a deep well of fondness for Obama, but many in the base feel, in the age of Trump, Obama's caution and aspirations of unity are naïve. 7. Is this really just a three-person race — or can someone else show they belong? It's hard to deny the trend line. Biden, Warren and Sanders have consistently been the top three candidates for a very long time in this race.
  10. Donald J. Trump. JFK? DJT? The initials JFK Compared to DJT? I am not sure the initials will resonate like Jack’s but I think President Donald J. Trump is resonating with America just as JFK did before . . . and after JFK’s assassination. I am sure the Secret Service is better qualified and alert but I still worry about the crazies. I have seen two Trump 2020 flags in my neighborhood now. And so, to bed.
  11. I watched a little of the Louisiana “Keep America Great,” rally. Trump’s fans are so worked up, it is awesome. After two years of his Precedency, Trump supporter are hyped because he has done such a stupendous job. I remember his local pre-election rally at Stephen Decatur High School in Berlin, Maryland and the response was great but now I see a real “love” for our President being expressed for all he has done, and for all he will do. Peter
  12. Pretty funny. On Tucker Carlson tonight, someone wondered why, if the transcript is public, how can more whistle blowers be coming forward? Think about it.
  13. In Loosiana tonight: “The radical Democrats’ policies are crazy. Their politicians are corrupt. Their candidates are terrible,” Mr. Trump said to huge applause. “And they know they can’t win on Election Day so they’re pursuing an illegal, invalid and unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.” Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife: Oh my. Such language. Aunt Bee, what do you think? I think Sheriff Andy needs to stop drinking three beers before dinner. But . . . Aunt Bee? Andy doesn’t drink. Well. It must have been his sense of humor taking over.
  14. Michael told me to “Use your powers of observation, man!” I did. I saw the source was Fox, so I trusted them, but of course they could have been allowing Sheepherd to save some face. Michael quoted From The Daily Mail: Daily Mail is reporting that Shepard Smith was escorted out by security at Fox News today. That usually means you were fired - for cause. The plot thickens. end quote How do we know that actually happened? I disliked the guy so I will root for the version that hurts his reputation the most. His farewell seemed sincere. But he still could have been escorted out the door with a box of his valuables. I bet he stole some pens. Who will take his place? Peter
  15. So he wasn’t fired. Fox News announced late Friday afternoon that Shepard Smith is leaving the network after 23 years. Sources tell Mediaite that it was Smith’s decision to leave the network and that he was not fired. In a moving statement at the end of his Friday show, Smith announced the news, and said it would be his last broadcast. “Even in our currently polarized nation, it’s my hope that the facts will win the day, that the truth will always matter, that journalism and journalist will thrive,” Smith said. The Fox News anchor, hired to join the network at its inception in 1996, said his agreement with Fox meant he would not be reporting elsewhere in the near future. “So recently I asked the company to allow me to leave Fox News, after requesting that I stay, they obliged,” Smith said. “Under our agreement I won’t be reporting elsewhere, at least in the near future, but I will be able to see more of Geo and Lucia, and our friends and family, and then we will see what comes along.” “This is my last newscast here. Thank you for watching today and over the decades as I traveled to many of your communities and anchored this program, studio B, and Fox Report, plus endless marathon hours of breaking news. It’s been an honor and my pleasure.” end quote Another guy who's name I can't recall recently left because the network was no longer "Fair and Balanced."
  16. For once I wish I had watched him to see what he said on his last day. Luckily for Sheepherd he should be a shoo-in at CNN, MSN or the Chinese State News.
  17. Thanks William. That is the best impressionist I have ever seen. I had my wife watch it after me and she knew who was being "done" almost every time. I missed Morgan Freeman but the second time I figured it out. Duh.
  18. He was a bug. Every time he came on I turned to Fox Business. Step on it? From The Net. You don’t want to bug this insect. A fluffy-looking-yet-dangerous American dagger caterpillar was recently discovered along a trail in Michigan, prompting officials to issue a warning about the risk of touching one of the colorful creatures. “These cute caterpillars may seem harmless, but they are indeed poisonous,” reads a Facebook post by the Clare Area Chamber of Commerce. “DO NOT PICK THEM UP! Both children and adults can be affected by them,” the post continued. “Symptoms include the following: stinging sensation followed by a burning, itching sensation on the skin which can develop into a rash.” The caterpillar pictured in the Facebook post was found on a trail the Mid Michigan College campus.
  19. Fox: Turkey’s incursion into northeastern Syria this week has been met with international condemnation – but it’s also induced something of a schism between members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). On Thursday, Norway’s Foreign Minister Ine Soreide announced in an email to AFP that, given the complexity and ever-changing nature of the situation, “as a precautionary measure” the foreign ministry “will not handle any new demands for exports of defense material or material for multiple uses to Turkey.” “It is clear there is growing unease among some members regarding Turkey’s actions, and it is likely Norway’s move will be followed by other NATO members as well,” Nile Gardiner, the director of the Heritage Foundation's Margaret Thatcher Center, told Fox News. “Turkey is being put on notice over its military actions and will be held to account.”
  20. The White House has asked for a formal vote on impeachment in the House. From MSN: . . . .Questions about next steps are expected to dominate a Friday afternoon conference call between Pelosi and members of her Democratic caucus. The discussion comes as the White House has pressured Pelosi to hold a formal House vote for an impeachment inquiry, a dare the speaker has no intention of responding to, according to senior Democrats close to the speaker — at least not now. Newt Gingrich on Fox. The fake impeachment movement taking place is part of an ongoing effort to drive President Trump from office. It is part of a determination on the left that Trump must be expelled from the White House. This coup attempt – which is exactly what it is – has nothing to do with evidence or any single accusation. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when asked what she would do if the whistleblower accusation involving Ukraine collapsed, “We have many other, shall we say, candidates for impeachable offense in terms of the Constitution of the United States, but this one is the most understandable by the public.” In other words, no matter the evidence and no matter how many times President Trump and his team knock down the attack, there will always be another effort designed to drive him from office.
  21. Fox News. An Iranian oil tanker cruising 60 miles off the coast of Saudi Arabia was rocked by a pair of missiles Friday, briefly causing an oil leak and more broadly threatening to further inflame fraught regional tensions between the two heavyweight Muslim nations. We are sending 2000 additional troops, fighter squadrons and Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia.
  22. Jane Fonda arrested in DC protest. What is she protesting? A lack of wars to protest? From Friday October 11, 2019, RealClear Politics. Democratic nomination ranking. Biden 32, Warren 22, Sanders 17. General Election: Biden 50 Trump 40, Warren 50 Trump 40, Sanders 49 Trump 40. Who knew? Three guys are running against Trump’s nomination as the Republican candidate and their names are Weld, Walsh, and Sandford and they get 1 or 2 percent each and a pair of clown shoes.
  23. Ah. So Shakespearean. I wonder how many unobserved readers listen to any of us?
  24. Unemployment is near an all-time low. Fox was just doing a story on companies that have innovative hiring “lures” like a 10 hour day / 4 day week, or reducing weekly hours to 32 or 36. Interesting. I remember working for printing companies and getting a day off during the week if I worked Saturday or Sunday and that way I could schedule week day doctor’s appointments and other business without taking time off. I loved it. Now if I had been unmarried and dating it might not have seemed so good. Trump is griping about a Fox poll showing a majority of viewing respondents said go ahead and impeach. I bet El Presidente has a hunch anyone voting “for it” is doing so to get it over with and with a favorable outcome for him and our country.
  25. Deep thoughts. Jules Troy wrote, “And ISIS was somehow better Peter? Hindsight I guess...” What if? What if we had concentrated our revenge for 9/11 and strateeg–eree on ISIS and its supporters instead of Saddam, President George W. Bush? Would Saddam still be a thorn in our sides? Would Iraq have fought another war with Iran neutralizing both their country’s potential abilities to do international harm? Would Saddam have sent Scuds into Israeli territory dragging us into a war supporting our ally, Israel? I do remember we found tons of “yellow cake” in Iraq, which is a precursor to building an atomic bomb. It caused a stir when it was shipped back to the United States and the shipment may have traversed Canadian air space or railroads if I remember correctly. The only other thing I remember about that situation was that Saddam bought the yellow cake ingredients in southern Africa. Here is an interesting puzzle. What wars did America fight that were “just and moral wars?” Were all of them retaliatory other than our fights with indigenous Indians? On the no side I remember IFFY skirmishes with Canada, (Spain?) and Mexico but other than that? And don’t forget, we did not go the coloinization way of The British Empire and try to incorporate, to a Large Degree, the globe into our sphere of interest. Does anyone still refer to us as “ugly Americans?” We strove for dominance but not for colonization. I have my eyes wide open now that President Trump has used the phrase, "endless war," and our desire to stifle the "deep state." I am amazed and almost in awe. Peter