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  1. Who ya gunna call? Ghostbusters? From an old letter of mine back in 2003 from Atlantis or OWL . . . . Dan wrote: “Isn't it possible that Objectivism is incomplete and might even have some errors in it? Isn't it possible that more work needs to be done here -- not just in applying Objectivism, but also in working out just what should stay, what should be modified and what should go in the core philosophy (ontology, epistemology, and theory of value)?” end quote That is an interesting point Dan. Objectivism is a “contextual philosophy,” and MUST be amended if new knowledge contradicts something within its Philosophy. Reality is all. Objectivism requires it, but how is change to be accomplished? Ayn Rand is not here to do the amending. Who proves there is a contradiction now? Leonard Peikoff will not change a word Rand wrote and that is right. When he has expanded on Objectivism he has had many critics who questioned his judgment. And he has been very slow in producing or at least publishing anything he has written. He is the logical choice to be an arbiter or judge, as her closest confidante in her last days and as her heir. Rand did place the mantle in his hands, and as much as some may loathe the thought, he has the moral authority to officially “add” or change Objectivism. Leonard could have created a Foundation like the old NBI and enlisted the people currently at ARI, TOC, or Jars to be writers in residence. There could have been a *super* “Intellectual Activist Magazine” much like the old “Objectivist Newsletter,” expanded lecture series, etc. I can imagine Chris Matthew Sciabarra writing for that imaginary journal. But that is not to be. So, what contradicts Objectivism? Anything? Speak up. Anyone is free to discover something and perhaps reach a consensus. It will be a slow process for now, but I imagine the pace will quicken. And Atlantis and OWL are a great place to begin the discovery. Semper cogitans fidele, Peter Taylor
  2. It has come to our attention that the United State's mountains called The Rockies have been partially confiscated by Canada and renamed The Canadian Rockies. You are hereby ordered to give them back. U Thant from the United Nations. edit. "O Canada" O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all of us command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free! From far and wide, O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. What’s from Canada? Popular kids’ fictional character, Winnie the Pooh, was inspired by a black bear at a zoo in London, which was named Winnie after Canada’s city of Winnipeg. The first Winnie the Pooh stories were released back in 1926, and their popularity saw several more volumes released by author Milne over the years. The telephone was invented by Edinburgh-born Alexander Graham Bell, who immigrated to Canada in 1870 with his family. Bell was a researcher, teacher and scientist, who began to research into acoustic frequencies while he was teaching at various schools for the deaf. Maple syrup is not just a food that originated from Canada – even to this day, 71% of the entire world’s maple syrup is produced in the country. 91% of this is produced in Quebec, the maple syrup motherland. Unaspiringly, Canada is home to a whole host of maple trees. Just when you thought Canada had already set enough world records, the border between Canada and the US is recorded as the longest international border in the world. It is otherwise known as the International Boundary and is 8,891 kilometres long. You might not immediately think of Canada when someone says “donuts”, but it turns out there is a bigger link between the country and the popular sweet pastry treat than many people realize. Despite having a fairly small population, Canada has been found to consume the most donuts in the world. It also has the most doughnut shops per capita out of all the countries in the world. America might be more known for its donuts, but in Canada, donuts are an unofficial icon. Canada’s most popular donut chain is Tim Hortons (named after a national ice hockey league player who opened the first store). There are currently more than 2,500 Tim Hortons stores across the country, which are thought to sell a staggering 3 million donuts on a daily basis. Canadians all. Jim Carrey. Justin Bieber. Neil Young. Mike Myers. Drake. Celine Dion. Michael J. Fox. Ryan Reynolds. Alanis Morissette. And OUR beloved Alex Trebek who was born in Sudbury, Canada. Trebek, who has lived in the United States since 1973, said he decided to become a citizen because he is married to an American and they have two American-born children.
  3. Thanks William. I found this from yesterday on MSN. As reported by William Scherk . . . .. The Arizona Republic reported on Friday evening that Ken Bennett, Arizona's former Secretary of State who has been described as the audit's "director," was barred from entering the building on the state fairgrounds where the audit is moving forward. The newspaper reported that Bennett had shared some of the audit data with outside experts showing that the ballot recount was tracking "very closely" with Maricopa County's certified results. end quote Newer news from a few hours ago. President Trump just held a rally in Arizona and here are some of his quotes from Politico: “I predict when the votes come in … I think they’re going to be so horrible. They will be, in my opinion, the results will be so outrageous,” he said, promising to continue the fight in further politically driven audits across the country . . . “This is only the beginning of the irregularities,” he insisted, reeling off a litany of polling grievances, none of which his team of lawyers were able to substantiate in court after the election. “We’re not talking about Arizona any more. We’re talking about the United States of America.” The Republican-controlled Maricopa County government has strongly opposed the review conducted by a company called Cyber Ninjas, whose founder has backed Trump’s claims of a stolen election.
  4. See a doctor or talk to a receptionist and simply ask if the doctor is advising shots for Covid. There you won't find conspiracy mongers but someone who is expressing a real doctor's opinion. I know . . . a clinic or a doctor will make something off the transaction, but it is always thus in a free society. One more point. On an objectivist site I am the only one daring enough (joke) to suggest medical advise is valid.
  5. Once more. Ask your family doctor or a Medical assistant at a clinic about the advisability of taking any of the vaccines. When you do internet research you are clouding your view with unproven assertions, and an agenda, even if they CLAIM TO know some fact the medical community does not acknowledge. That is not credible.
  6. And when you are wrong, do you ever admit it? I am not trying to be mean but I don't think you or That Guy, etc. are looking at this from a reasonable perspective.
  7. But I would not chomp on a pill, or NOT, based on the "internet science" scattered across a vast information panorama. Go to a doctor or the VA. I think I read there have been 600,000 deaths in the U.S. to date from Covid. People who do not get a doctor's opinion are putting themselves at risk. edit. I have also heard 98 percent of the current deaths from Covid are unvaccinated people. If anybody has a paranoia or agenda it is the vaccine deniers. As with school age children, if a parent has a religious reason for an exemption, I can understand that, though I disagree with their decision . . .
  8. Column: Ivermectin, another bogus COVID treatment, becomes a darling of conspiracy-mongers (
  9. Equine excrement. I saw a statement based on nothing.
  10. From NBC News March 22, 2020. "Senator Rand Paul has tested positive for COVID-19," Paul's account tweeted. "He is feeling fine and is in quarantine. He is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events. He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person."
  11. And Ike as commander in chief of the invasion. I re-watched the speech Dwight Eisenhaurer (sp?) gave when he first speaks of "The Military Industrial Complex."
  12. I am a fan of "Rand" but I wish he had not kept interrupting. The "moderator" tried to get Rand Paul to let Fauci finish, but he continually cut in. And Rand Paul had bags under his eyes like I have never before noticed. Odd. Are they from smoking or lack of sleep . . . or stress maybe?
  13. Now cometh The Delta Variant Hollywood! I re-watched “Good Will Hunting” yesterday. What has Matt been up to? Has he gotten the vaccine? It sounds like it. Matt Damon who starred in the 2011 movie “Contagion”: “There are a lot of reasons that people have, and I don’t want to belittle them,” . . . . “It’s tough for me, I have a couple friends who are immunocompromised and they can’t get the vaccine, so they have no choice but to rely on the rest of us to do our part to get to herd immunity. So I look at it that way.” . . . . “I wish at the beginning of this people came out and said, ‘Look, if we all do this, then we’ll protect each other better,’ rather than ‘Well, I’m not in this cohort so I don’t have to worry and it’s not going to hurt me that much.’ It’s just about looking at this as ‘me’ thing or an ‘us’ thing.” . . . . “But look, it’s a personal choice. That’s the beauty of America, it’s a free country. And none of us would have it any other way. But I fall heavily on the side of trusting science more than something you read on Facebook.” Notes. Contagion, the 2011 movie about a fictional pandemic sweeping the globe, has resurged in popularity in the wake of the coronavirus. Now, the team behind the film, including its stars Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Laurence Fishburne, is reminding people how to stay safe during what’s quickly become a global health crisis.
  14. Ooops. Make that two teachers. One has gone from being a real journalist . . . to Special Ed and just a few days ago . . . to being a high school journalism teacher.
  15. I do distrust Network News, and to a lesser degree government sources like the CDC and Fox News. But if they say X number happened and they can break it down . . . well I have been watching the virus rates since last March and reposting them here on OL. Local hospitals report cases and lately use that for a reason to require masks and vaccinations for those entering the facility. Another example is if an expert on any news source can say how many died from COVID in each state or city, I believe them with a grain of salt. However, blogs, alternative news sources, kooks, people with agendas, and conspiracy sites don’t have much credibility to me. I am still waiting for several things to happen that were said to be like inevitable from alternative news sources. Trump resuming office. Massive voting fraud. Overturning the election. COVID is a hoax. The vaccines are a hoax. The vaccines are meant to subjugate or kill you. But I do listen and believe The Veterans Administration about COVID. I may have mentioned that I have close relatives who work in health care facilities, another in government, and another is a teacher. I believe them. When I went to a doctor’s appointment for a CPAP checkup I wore a mask as required. My doctor wanted to know if I had gotten the COVID shots and when I said I did, he responded, ‘Good, good,” and then he said, “Masks off,” and we both took our masks off. I believe him in this life and death dilemma. Michael wrote about COVID, “Nothing observable in nature.” I DISAGREE. If *it* is objectively true, then *it* is provable using Objective (Aristotelian, Randian, and Scientific methods (observable, verifiable and repeatable). Peter Notes. Quotes from OPAR by Leonard Peikoff and Ayn Rand, pages 112-120. According to Objectivism, epistemology is necessary for practical purposes, as a guide to man in the proper use of his conceptual faculty. We are ready to concretize this claim. We can now begin to identify the rules men must follow in their thinking if knowledge, rather than error or delusion, is their goal . . . . These rules can be condensed into one general principle: thinking, to be valid, must adhere to reality. Or, in the memorable words of the old "Dragnet" TV series, which can serve as the motto of all reality-oriented thought: "Just give us the facts, ma'am." But how does one reach "just the facts"? The answer lies in the concept of *objectivity*; it requires that one grasp the full philosophic meaning and implications of this concept . . . . When you grasp this concept, you will have an invaluable tool enabling you to assess and, if necessary, improve the quality of your own thinking. You will also understand why, out of all the possibilities, Ayn Rand chose to call her philosophy, "Objectivism."