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  1. Since Anderson Cooper is gay I wonder what sort of encounter those two could have that would be fulfilling to both participants? I could not detect if she was spoofing but I don't plan on re-seeing the video. Did anyone else pick up on the actual nature of that interview? Another gripe with Cooper and other gays? I just saw an "Entertainment Weekly" article with him in it about celebrity gays. They must obsess about being gay. I don't sit around thinking about my sexuality but they do. Gay blades, Queer Dears? Think of something else to define yourself. I am watching season 3 of "Designated Survivor" on Net Flix. Now that it is off the major networks the characters say the F word and the sex is more real. I like the show better now, because the writing is better and more realistic. On the show one character used to be a man but has "transitioned" to be a woman. She is in a lady's room when a "natural woman" recognizes her and realizes "she" is a man. The lady has a fit and calls the cops. Whenever a person who has transitioned from a man to a woman is depicted in Hollywood they always have a woman play the transformed man. I don't think a natural women has much of an Adam's apple and they have to get the woman actress to speak in a deeper voice. It must be a rule.
  2. Peter


    Under your hypothesis, risk taking, sky divers, sea divers, mountain climbers, entrepreneurs, stock market investors, ignoring a "private property" sign, joining the military, poker players and gamblers everywhere, and even speeding would have the affect of making you stronger if the activity doesn't break your back. So, is there a rational reason to take risks? I want to be stronger so I will get the ladder and . . . Or are you just talking about happenstance and misfortune befalling worthy people? Sufferers of PTSD might also disagree, but occasionally I hear or think a phrase like I wouldn't be the person I am today if XYZ hadn't happened. I think Ayn Rand would agree with you, but she might say it was the positive, personal mental state and philosophy of the persons who have bad things happen to them that makes your phrase come true. I wish no bad things would happen to me. I was trying to remember if any Rand characters took "real risks" and the only one I can think of is Francisco, though I suppose founding or living in Galt's Gulch was taking a risk. Joke headline. FBI, ICE, and IRS raid mountain hideout of billionaire seeking illegals and tax evaders. Peter
  3. Peter


    Thanks William and Michael. Interesting. I will think about what you have reported. Is Iran closing in on a flash point? What would we and THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE WANT? Can Iran become a peaceful, productive country? Damn. I could go for that, as would 50, 60, or a larger percentage of their citizens, and the rest of the world. Wishing for it, with fingers crossed. Crown Royal is good. Hic. Peter
  4. Peter


    DIA director on Fox: Iran is likely at an inflection point. Is that what he just said? I will need to look inflection up.
  5. Peter


    I was on my way to the eye doctor. No changes reported. Sorry for typing but not thinking it through, Tony. I remember that movie and it was good. It is spelled with a “y” instead of an “I,” uh, whoever wrote that. Will was not especially motivated by wealth, power or prestige. Michael wrote: Even in kid movies, notice that most of the classics start with the kid protagonist being an orphan in a big world that is either bad or indifferent to them. end quote That carries on from our fairy tales from the German and other European heritages. Dickens certainly mastered that genre. Disney’s “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” and even talking “Dumbo” (he had to be a stand in for a kid) are well done on the same theme. The downside to intelligence could be being nerdy, Not being interested in anyone Not interested in your “grand arena of expertise,” and what if you are ugly but smart enough to pick up on that at an early age from other kids or adults? Stop picking your nose in public you little rat! As to the upside of wealth, being born in America, and a good effect of a federal government? In the January 2004 issue of Reason magazine there is a brief interview by Julian Sanchez of American Heritage” columnist John Steele Gordon, author of the book, “An Empire of Wealth.” Gordon’s thesis is that: “The United States is rare among the great world powers in that its rise to dominance owes at least as much to its economic prowess as it does to its military might.” Sanchez asks Gordon, “What would you advise the next president to learn from economic history?” Gordon replies, “They should understand the story of ‘Gibbons v. Ogden,’ when in 1824 the Supreme Court said that interstate commerce was exclusively the province of the federal government and gave us the first really continental-sized common market in the world. The American economy prospered mightily therefrom. The fewer impediments there are to transactions, the better off everybody is. After ‘Gibbons,’ for instance, the transportation system in this country exploded with the end of the New York monopoly on steamboats. Prices came down wonderfully.”
  6. Peter


    Per your last sentence, consider kids who are born into privilege and wealth. Can too much "smart" be a detriment?
  7. Peter


    All Activity states Anthony made a comment here about one hour ago, but I don't see it.
  8. Peter


    You wrote: The logic of and about the Talmud (and logic there was) was a kind of hybrid between inferential logic and inductive logic. It was, at its root Bayesian reasoning. To become an accomplished Talmud scholar of repute required decades of study. Jews have traditionally put a high premium on "being smart" and practical! . . . . And so it goes. A combination of genetics and culture, in some cases, is an effective breeding program for intelligence. end quote You also mentioned fewer women in China, while at the same time in Asia there are Tiger Moms who push and persuade achievement. And of course those Moms want smart grandkids. With IQ tests, modern genetic testing, and selective breeding and unfortunately abortions, evolution is still going strong all over the advanced nations of the civilized world. Peter
  9. Peter


    They had their pick of women? What? Women had no say? Goldie Hawn, Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Silverstone, Lizzy Kaplan, Lisa Kudrow, Alison Brie, Mila Kunis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jennifer Connelly, Amanda Peet, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Levy, and watch out buster, Gal Gadot would marry for love. Bob, that dig at Catholics losing their smartest to the priesthood is spot on. Are there Jews who are celibate? But would you, young Talmud reader, pass up a date with Jennifer Connelly? Peter
  10. Peter


    The average IQ score of Ashkenazi Jews has been tested to be 108 to 115, which is significantly higher than the population average in various countries where the studies took place. I had heard 117 in a well fed, well nurtured America but that was a long time ago and before modern phones, video games, etc., which decreases reading and thinking during daily activities. Ba’al wrote: . . . But what of the causes? There is a hypothesis which I moderately subscribe to , to wit, the mating customs of Ashkenazim in Europe put a high value on males who mastered the intricacies of the Babylonian Talmud and the very strict reasoning . . . . end quote Evolutionary processes? What sort of a time span are you talking about? No offense intended but I will agree that mastering the intricacies of “the obscure and unscientific while using very strict reasoning” is still brain fodder. I remember reading about what those communities. Daily interactions *required* that you put on your thinking cap. Radio may have been around but I do not remember any reference to people, especially kids listening to it. Reading, teaching, and smart conversation accompanied daily work. Peter
  11. Just when I think he has "understood" the rules of civilized banter he proves me wrong, Jules. Though his last few forays in big game hunting have been better. At some point Michael may even think we will be laughing together, though still "Friars Club roasting" each other. Who knows? Now back to me being his father figure . . .
  12. Oh for craps sake. I am not your father. And no I won't raise your allowance.
  13. Dream Weaver on another site wrote: Origin of life: A prebiotic route to DNA. Date: June 18, 2019. Source: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Summary: DNA, the hereditary material, may have appeared on Earth earlier than has been assumed hitherto. Chemists now show that a simple reaction pathway could have given rise to DNA subunits on the early Earth. The crux: [A] team of chemists led by LMU's Professor Oliver Trapp has proposed a much more direct mechanism for the synthesis of DNA subunits from organic compounds that would have been present in a prebiotic environment. "The reaction pathway is relatively simple," says Trapp, which suggests it could well have been realized in a prebiotic setting. For example, it does not require variations in reaction parameters, such as temperature. In Trapp's experiments, the necessary ingredients are water, a mildly alkaline pH and temperatures of between 40 and 70°C. Under such conditions, adequately high reaction rates and product yields are achieved, with high selectivity and correct stereochemistry.
  14. We were discussing Nationalism on this thread and it is a hard nut to crack. Is there good nationalism and bad nationalism? I see some overlap of what Tony is saying here and on other sites. I am not following him in any sinister fashion, just noticing what was said there. He is definitely one of the finest contributors . . . anywhere. Peter Tony wrote on another site on the thread, Notes and Comments on "The Virtue of Nationalism": For all the globalists' possibly "good intentions", any Utopianist project involving the dissolution of a nation's character into others, 'the one into the many', I think will necessarily be totalitarian to end with if not to begin, and where then, the individual's freedom of action? Another message from Tony on the same thread: Rand's thoughts on that hard to grasp and amorphous-seeming abstraction, a national "culture" I think is pertinent to nationalism and is central to the debate. Culture is one of those things - you know it when you see aspects of it - but find it hard to define. Ultimately, you are left a sense of a nation's freedom-culture (or not much). What *ought to be* a nation's culture she makes clear. However should an existing Western nation's independent cultural identity, compromised somewhat or highly as they are, be sacrificed to a 'global culture', which would be no culture at all - and which is the aim of anti-nationalists? Rand blasts tradition here, but is not (statist, collectivist) "progressivism" as bad or worse - the other side of a false alternative? Eioul wrote on the same thread: I agree that there is a proper nationalism (and I am curious to explore the implications of that), but it looks clear to me that fascism has a sense of improper nationalism, with an irrational concern for tradition - which is not precluded from nationalism. Tradition is present in fascism, but not in communism, and that's a pretty big difference. The reason seems to be different conceptualizations of how the world could and ought to be. We could argue about whether Nazis should be categorized as socialists, but does the book talk about Italian fascism, or American eugenics? Neither seemed imperialistic, although they were certainly concerned about identity politics. This is the last thought I had on it, next time I bring it up, I plan to have read the book already. Tony wrote on the last entry on the thread: The idea of utopian universalism is as much dangerous as historical, collectivist-statist nationalism, i.e., of individuals taking their self-worth from their nations (and the defeat of other nations). This cure for war is as harmful as the disease. The borderless, global utopia will turn out even more collectivist. First the sovereignty of nations gets undermined, then does individual sovereignty. I think that's the object for some. Now, individualist nationalism, on the other hand... end quotes
  15. Decent people . . . don't you ever do anything productive? Let's see some smart posts or quotes, not your low life drivel.