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  1. I do apologize. I thought his enthusiasm for President Trump was feigned. Is Canadian Duance still around? I wonder what she and other Canadians think of Harry and Meghan immigrating to Canada? I think if they arrived on Delmarva we would be thrilled.
  2. Marc, I know you are Canadian but are Americans safer under President Trump? Are we freer under President Trump? Are we better off under President Trump? Are we closer to a laissez-faire economy under President Trump? Would Ayn Rand approve of President Trump? Would Ayn Rand approve of President Trump more than she approved of Dewey, Goldwater, or Reagan? Should Objectivists and lower “o” objectivists be proud Americans under President Trump? If Americans are happier now than you were under Obama . . . re-think your position. Drop the “snide.” Use reason. Peter
  3. Harry, Meghan, and the wee bairn, are going to live on Vancouver Island which is just north of Seattle in Washington State. There are no bridges to the mainland. You take a ferry or you fly in. Vancouver Island seems somewhat remote with less than a million inhabitants but probably fewer paparazzi will invade. Will they stay? Any predictions? I remember Harry from the military, standing nude in a hallway with his hands over his genitalia, with a young lady. I forget why but he seemed to fancy the ladies of his own age. Maybe they were playing take a shot of Scotch Whiskey, strip poker. I don't think Harry is like his infamous relative who was recently in the news for being friends with Epstein.
  4. 28,939.67 ▲ 32.62 (0.11%) Bazinga!
  5. Ta-Da! January 14, 2020 12:30. DOW at 29,027. No wait! 29030 at 12:31, an all-time high, and rising. Time for a mixed metaphor? The caged bird sings as she loses her shackles! Hold on. 29,030.37 at 12:33.
  6. Freedom works Iran. Free yourselves! It feels good.
  7. I liked the video of 99 percent of Iranians avoiding / not walking on the "painted on" American flag on the sidewalk as about five shills for the administration yell at them to tromp on our flag. Perhaps there will be a change there, if so many of the people despise their rulers.
  8. Trump's Average Unemployment Rate is the Lowest in Recorded History. “President Trump starts off 2020 having presided over a lower average unemployment rate than any president at a comparable point in office in recorded history,” Philip Klein reports in the Washington Examiner. “Since February 2017, Trump's first full month in office, the monthly unemployment rate has averaged 3.9%. No prior president has averaged less than 4% over the first 35 months of his presidency. The closest was Dwight Eisenhower.” The unemployment rate for December held steady at a historically low 3.5%, according to Friday’s jobs report. end quote And the DOW keeps getting close to 29,000 as the day goes on but hasn’t reached it yet. I think a dem debate is going to happen soon, but only with 5 candidates including the legendary Indian princess Poco-hauntus. If she had lied and said she was of the other "Indian" blood we could call her Rani. Isn't that east Indian for Princess?
  9. Some of the best investigative journalism ever? The picture of that humongous pile of cash sitting on a pallet on its way to Iran, should have won a Pulitzer Prize. I would have preferred the traitors be executed via La guillotine over a firing squad. What traitors. What monsters.
  10. I agree. Something stinks. And the fact that there is out-cry, stinks.
  11. Who do you think you are fooling? You are trying to give him a heart attack. Admit it!
  12. February 3, 2020 Iowa primary. CBS Iowa Democratic poll: Butt, Sanders and Biden tie with 23 percent. Iowa State University poll has Butt at plus 3. Emerson: Biden 23 Sanders 22. February 11, 2020 New Hampshire primary. Democratic polls: Sanders with a 2.7 percent lead over the other Democratic contenders. The Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucus on February 22, with 36 delegates has Biden averaging 8.6 percent over all other contenders. Feb. 29 has Biden with a lead in South Carolina. Massachusetts: March 3. WBUR/Mass/INC has Warren plus 15 percent while the Boston Globe has Biden at plus 2.
  13. A message came up when I clicked. "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location."
  14. Those four February voting dates should prime things for Super Tuesday and then I bet the Dem's will begin to focus in that Old Hickory Clingon way. Is the President's skin thick enough to withstand the onslaught? Yuk!