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  1. Yuk. We never had extermination camps like the Nazis but we did have slavery plantations. Saturday is Juneteenth. It is horrible to think that America once accepted, to some degree, the institution of slavery, And I welcome another Federal holiday. Do you get to take the day off if you normally work on Saturday? Probably not. Notes. Juneteenth NOUN a holiday celebrated on June 19 to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. The holiday was first celebrated in Texas, where on that date in 1865, in the aftermath of the Civil War.
  2. That brought back memories. It is sad, to lose the love of your life. I love Michael’s stories about living in Brazil. I spent three years in Hawaii, with a mainly Japanese American population. But to be fair my high school was Radford with a large military family population and I lived in Naval housing, and then I lived in Sasebo Japan for around 9 months. And later I spent 13 months in South Korea. I have mentioned this before but IMHO South Koreans are most like Americans and have some sterling qualities. Peter The words to what we call Sukiaki are sad. Peter Sukiaki [English translation:] I look up while I walk So the tears won't fall Remembering those spring days But tonight I'm all alone I look up while I walk Counting the stars with teary eyes Remembering those summer days But tonight I'm all alone Happiness lies beyond the clouds Happiness lies above the sky I look up while I walk So the tears won't fall I cry while I walk For I am alone tonight Remembering those autumn days But tonight I'm all alone Sadness hides in the shadow of the stars Sadness hides in the shadow of the moon I look up while I walk So the tears won't fall My heart is filled with sorrow For tonight I am alone For tonight I am alone
  3. I have not thought of that song in a half century and I am only jiggly bob years old. I think he was doing his own whistling too.
  4. Wow. Finally you have started eating heart friendly Honey Nut Cheerios. Live long and prosper, you dynamo.
  5. Uh oh. Ellen isn't going to like this. Edit. And I see Stephen Boydstun is a newbie. I think we've been hacked!
  6. Odd. I see Michael has started rating us and I am an apprentice. I don't think of myself like that at all. I just don't want to discuss the intricacies of Rand's philosophy. I want to discuss issues and ideas with others who are "fans of Rand," from the perspective of being a rational human. Wow. I thought Michael would rate himself as "grand poobah" but he didn't.
  7. Gosh yer smart. I thought about explaining it better but I figured the superior beings on this list would look it up. But I still couldn't have said it better than you Wilhelm.
  8. Yup. Both evolved out of Africa. I don't know how "far back" a scientist would need to look to observe bones that were from a common ancestor of us and them. But I think there were several pre-human ancestors as time marched on. I remember one was an Asian human variant that was the smallest in size. They found evidence of human eradication of Neanderthals and their flight to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea to avoid slaughter. And they found evidence that some female Neanderthals were allowed to live and breed with homo sapiens. edit. From a science site: . . . What's more, genetic evidence has shown that modern humans mated with Neanderthals before these individuals disappeared about 40,000 years ago. Many of us today still have 1 to 2 percent Neanderthal DNA, findings that suggest that modern humans who encountered these individuals saw them as people, too. end quote I looked around the web and different experts suggest that Neanderthal’s average IQ’s were between 71 and 100. 100! Astonishing. But they may not have had the facial tools to speak well to humans. Much of their art and tool making may have been from copying humans. I suppose I should say homo sapiens, sapiens instead of “human” because most experts referred to Neanderthals as humans too. I wouldn’t mind going back and retaking anthropology again but there is always the net.
  9. Recently I saw a rendering of a Neanderthal male and it did have a "slightly more African look" to it. And genetically we all originated in Africa, with several modifications along the way. I like the Star Trek universe where many alien races are related. Live long and prosper, fellow Vulcan.
  10. Oh yeah. Bombshell documents. Are you ready for some football from the Far Left? Counter this brothers and sisters of reason. Quote . . . . but his corrupting presence has contaminated not only the GOP but also the Department of Justice and law enforcement. We still don’t know the extent of how Trump and his allies pressured, corrupted and manipulated our democratic institutions from within to advance their perverse schemes for power and profit. From The Daily Beast: The GOP Doesn’t Care That Trump Planned a Coup. Do Democrats? Wajahat Ali 2 hrs ago/ Thanks to the bombshell documents the House Oversight and Reform Committee released just ahead of Tuesday’s hearing on the Jan. 6 insurrection, Americans have a clear and unmistakable view of just how far former President Donald Trump went in trying to corrupt our democratic institutions, engage in a violent coup, and overturn our free and fair election. “These documents show that President Trump tried to corrupt our nation’s chief law enforcement agency in a brazen attempt to overturn an election that he lost,” said Democratic committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney. She’s absolutely correct. I would add one simple edit: It’s Trump and the GOP. He attempted a coup—and, yes, we should all use the word—and he’s still trying with ample help from Republicans. If you consider that hyperbole, I direct you to those bombshell documents revealing how the Trump administration, including chief of staff Mark Meadows, attempted to pressure the Department of Justice to advance dangerous conspiracy theories of election fraud and influence courts to nullify the election results so Trump could stay in power. An hour before announcing his Attorney General Bill Barr would be stepping down, no doubt because he refused to promote “the Big Lie,” Trump’s assistant sent an email to Jeffrey Rosen, his incoming attorney general, showing evidence of alleged “election fraud” in northern Michigan and “talking points” to advance the obvious lie. Two weeks later, Trump’s White House sent a draft brief to Rosen for the DOJ to submit to the Supreme Court intended to effectively nullify the 2020 election and help Trump usurp power. Transcribed interviews with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reveal he directly pressured DOJ officials at least five times to investigate batshit conspiracy theories, including one suggesting that satellite technology from Europe was used to tamper with US voting equipment. It appears Rosen, and other senior members of the DOJ, were not willing to pledge allegiance to Trump over the United States. “Pure insanity” is how Rosen and Richard Donoghue, who was the acting deputy attorney general, described Meadows’ emails. Trump then considered replacing Rosen with a sympathetic sycophant, Jeffrey Clark, who was then acting head of the civil division, to continue influencing the DOJ to help him succeed in his criminal, authoritarian coup. These revelations, which are shocking and should be thoroughly investigated, come on the heels of the equally jaw-dropping but totally unsurprising news that the Justice Department, acting as Trump’s Luca Brasi, decided to retaliate against Democrats and the media. Specifically, prosecutors subpoenaed Apple for phone records of Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, their aides and family members, including a minor. The Justice Department also sought to retaliate against reporters and media outlets for “leaks” and attempted to seize thousands of emails and phone records of news outlets’ reporters. If this sounds like the thuggish tactics used by strongmen and corrupt rulers in authoritarian regimes, well, it is. Let’s not forget Trump continues to praise Putin, and was friendly with Hungary’s Orban, who was “Trump before Trump,” Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Turkey’s Erdogan, Saudi Arabia’s Muhammad bin Salman, Israel’s Netanyahu, who is desperately copying Trump’s tactics to remain relevant, Egypt’s Sisi, and the Philippines’ Dutarte. None of them are particularly celebrated as champions of human rights, the free press, an independent judiciary or the small inconvenience known as a democracy by and for the people. Thankfully, Trump lost and his efforts to erase his loss fell short, but his corrupting presence has contaminated not only the GOP but also the Department of Justice and law enforcement. We still don’t know the extent of how Trump and his allies pressured, corrupted and manipulated our democratic institutions from within to advance their perverse schemes for power and profit. What I do know after watching this hearing is that Jan. 6 was simply a sneak preview. The GOP and its right-wing allies in Congress, law enforcement, and conservative media are going to attempt another coup when they lose another election. At Tuesday’s hearing, the committee wanted to investigate why it took the National Guard nearly four hours to respond to the U.S. Capitol breach even though top officials at the Defense Department received 12 urgent requests for help from the Capitol police chief and mayor. Meanwhile, Army leaders told the National Guard to “stand by” five times even as violence escalated, which eventually claimed five lives. Pipe bombs were also found near the U.S. Capitol and some of the protestors came with weapons intending to assassinate Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We also know that officers are being investigated for their alleged role in the insurrection and that white supremacist groups, sympathetic to Trump and the GOP, have tried to infiltrate law enforcement agencies across the country. The committee had the opportunity to question FBI director Christopher Wray, Gen. Charles Flynn—the brother of Michael Flynn, who was Trump’s disgraced national security adviser and is a prominent promoter of both the QAnon conspiracy and the “Big Lie”—and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt, director of the Army Staff. It was revealed that Gen. Charles Flynn and Gen. Piatt were both involved in a phone call in which Army leaders were worried about the “optics” of sending in the National Guard. That’s the same National Guard that quickly responded with massive force to peaceful BLM protesters and cleared others out of Lafayette Square with tear gas and violence last summer. No such concerns of “optics” were present then. One would assume Republicans, who are allegedly so committed to law and order and national security that they held hearings on Benghazi and Clinton’s emails for years and have focused on antifa as a fake terrorist threat, would take the opportunity to dig deep into this massive failure of intelligence and law enforcement that allowed hundreds of armed, violent insurrections to take over the U.S. Capitol for the first time in 200 years. Or, they could ask FBI director Wray to do more to investigate and prosecute members of armed militias and white supremacist groups, some of whom participated in the violent insurrection, and are also the number one domestic terror threat in America. Nope. Instead, they used their time to whine, deflect and obstruct. They performed for their base and said the House should be spending its time and powers to investigate Dr. Fauci’s emails, the Wuhan lab theory, the border crisis, the threat of inflation and Biden’s economic policies. They also found time to whine about masking policies at the U.S. Capitol and to urge Americans to move on from the insurrection that Republican Rep. Clyde recently referred to as a “normal tourist visit.” If you were the party that was actively aiding and abetting a violent insurrection, you’d want to “move on” as well. It was a grotesque spectacle seeing Rep. Paul Gosar grill Wray on who “executed Ashli Babbitt,” and suggesting, without evidence, that the officer who shot her was hiding and waiting to kill her. Gosar didn’t spend time worrying about Officer Sicknick, who died trying to protect his colleagues from Babbitt and the violent mob. Neither did 21 Republicans in the House who just opposed a bill to award congressional gold medals for Capitol Police officers who defended them against a violent mob during the January 6 insurrection. Like some other House Republicans, Gosar actively supports white supremacist conspiracy theories, has ties to armed militia movements, and cheered on many of the events of Jan. 6. Wray said the FBI has arrested 500 people so far and is currently overseeing hundreds of investigations. They could start by talking to some Republicans like Gosar as members of his party have blocked a bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection and acquitted Trump twice, with a majority of them even voting to cancel the election. Their conservative media ecosystem is actively gaslighting America and their base with dangerous conspiracy theories, as a majority of Republicans believe the “Big Lie” that Biden lost the 2020 election. Thankfully, Democrats are in power. However, they retain a slim majority before the 2022 midterms that are stacked against them due to GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression. The question is whether this latest revelation of Trump and the GOP’s attempt to subvert democracy will force enough Democrats to finally abandon the dangerous illusion of “bipartisanship” and flex their power to fight for accountability and justice. One piece of good news is that Pelosi said Tuesday that the House committees will continue their investigations after Republicans blocked the Senate commission. Also, the House Oversight Committee said it will request Rosen, Meadows, and top Trump officials to appear for interviews in light of the latest revelations. Judging from what we’ve seen, Republicans won’t be forthcoming. If they don’t comply, will Democrats finally flex their subpoena power, do a media blitz, and unite on messaging that Republicans are actively aiding and abetting the destruction of our democracy? One can only hope. It’s time for Democrats to unleash hell, as I’ve discussed before both here and here. Our democracy is worth it. It’s time for them to behave like Republicans and finally bring a bazooka to this knife fight. If they forfeit their power and principle for “bipartisanship” then they might as well acknowledge they are actively complicit with a counter-majoritarian, extremist GOP that is actively trying to subvert democracy in front of our eyes.
  11. We had first row seats for Barry Manilow back in 2007 but I don’t remember what they cost. But now? I looked it up. $468 for first row. Wowzer! Back then my daughter said Barry came right over to them, asked if they were newlyweds, and sang.
  12. Years ago my oldest daughter was married in Las Vegas. While there we had smoke from wild fires and that was awful. We gave our two tickets to a Barry Manilow concert to the newlyweds to avoid the smoke. But later we went to see “Spamalot.” It had David Hyde Peirce (from the TV show “Frasier”) playing Sir Robin and starred John O’Hurley (who was J. Peterman on Seinfeld) as King Arthur. It was exquisite! (And coincidentally Barry Manilow is back again. Tickets are a mere 51 dollars at the International Showroom, Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.) Peter “You Won’t Succeed On Broadway” lyrics from “Spamalot.” ARTHUR: Have you heard of this "Broadway?" ROBIN: Yes sire...and we don't stand a chance there. ARTHUR: Why not? ROBIN: Because...Broadway is a very special place, filled with very special people, people who can sing and dance, often at the same time! They are a different people, a multi-talented people, a people...who need people...and who are, in many ways, the luckiest people in...the world. I'm sorry sire, but we don't stand a chance. ARTHUR: But why? ROBIN: Well...let me put it like this. In any great adventure, that you don't want to lose, victory depends upon the people that you choose. So, listen, Arthur darling, closely to this news: We won't succeed on Broadway, If you don't have any Jews. You may have the finest sets, Fill the stage with penthouse pets, You may have the loveliest costumes and best shoes. You my dance and you may sing, But I'm sorry, Arthur king, You'll hear no cheers, Just lots and lots of boos. ENSEMBLE: Boo. ROBIN: You may have butch men by the score Whom the audience adore, You may even have some animals from zoos, Though you've holes and krauts instead, You may have unleavened bread, But I tell you, you are dead, If you don't have any Jews. They won't care if it's witty, or everything looks pretty, They'll simply say it's shitty and profuse. Nobody will go, sir, If it's not kosher then no show, sir, Even Goyem won't be dim enough to choose! Put on shows that make men stare, With lots of girls in underwear, You may even have the finest of reviews. CRITIC: You're doing great! ROBIN: The audience won't care, sir, As long as you don't dare, sir, To open up on Broadway If you don't have any Jews. You may have dramatic lighting, Or lots of horrid fighting, You may even have some white men sing the blues! Your knights might be nice boys, But sadly we're all goys, And that noise that you call singing you must lose. So, despite your pretty lights, and naughty girls in nasty tights, and the most impressive scenery you use... You may have dancing mana-mano, You may bring on a piano, But they will not give a damn-o If you don't have any Jews! You may fill your play with gays, Have Nigerian girls in stays, GIRLS: You may even have some schizas making stews! ROBIN: You haven't got a clue, If you don't have a Jew, All of your investments you are going to lose! There's a very small percentile, Who enjoys a dancing gentile, I'm sad to be the one with this bad news! But never mind your swordplay, You just won't succeed on Broadway, You just won't succeed on Broadway, If you don't have any Jews! Arthur, can you hear me? To get along on Broadway, To sing a song on Broadway, To hit the top on Broadway and not lose, I tell you, Arthur king, There is one essential thing... There simply must be, simply must be Jews. There simply must be, Arthur trust me, Simply must be Jews. From Wikipedia: Just when it seemed that John O'Hurley would be known as "Seinfeld's" J. Peterman forever, he waltzed away with the first-season championship on "Dancing With the Stars." The busy businessman is involved in multiple projects and has side careers as a pianist, game-show host and author.
  13. Run for the border! I have already gotten the Phizer double shot but I may sign up for another if I can win a pot of gold. Dear Abby, are there any repercussions from getting three shots? Signed Curious in the US. answer. Dear Curious. Heck no! Get four or five shots to increase your chances.
  14. I read that the current vaccines also work against the new, deadly Covid variant.
  15. Hey Beevis didn’t Dion have some kind of rock group? Why didn’t they give him a gold star instead of a Bronze Star? And what’s it mean if you were a JAG in the Navy? Since President Trump mentioned him as a possible running mate in 2024, here is a cut and paste from Wikipedia about Florida Governor Ronald Dion DeSantis. Closed up for brevity. . . . . Early life and education. Ronald Dion DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida, the son of Karen (née Rogers) and Ronald DeSantis. He is of Italian descent. His family moved to Orlando, Florida, before relocating to Dunedin, Florida, when he was six years old. In 1991, he was a member of the Little League team from Dunedin National that made it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Dunedin High School in 1997, DeSantis attended Yale University. He was captain of Yale's varsity baseball team and joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. On the Yale baseball team, DeSantis was an outfielder; as a senior in 2001, he had the team's best batting average at .336. He graduated from Yale in 2001 with a B.A. magna cum laude in history. He then spent a year as a history teacher at the Darlington School. DeSantis then attended Harvard Law School, graduating in 2005 with a Juris Doctor cum laude. Military service. DeSantis received his Reserve Naval officer's commission and assignment to the Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) in 2004 at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center in Dallas, Texas, while still a student at Harvard Law School. He completed Naval Justice School in 2005. Later that year, he received orders to the JAG Trial Service Office Command South East at Naval Station Mayport, Florida, as a prosecutor. In 2006, he was promoted from lieutenant, junior grade to lieutenant. He worked for the commander of? Joint Task Force-Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO), working directly with detainees at the Guantanamo Bay Joint Detention Facility. In 2007, DeSantis reported to the Naval Special Warfare Command Group in Coronado, California, where he was assigned to SEAL Team One and deployed to Iraq with the troop surge as the Legal Advisor to the SEAL Commander, Special Operations Task Force-West in Fallujah. DeSantis returned to the U.S. in April 2008, at which time he was reassigned to the Naval Region Southeast Legal Service. The U.S. Department of Justice appointed him to serve as an Assistant U.S. Attorney[ at the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Middle District of Florida. DeSantis was assigned as a trial defense counsel until his honorable discharge from active duty in February 2010. He concurrently accepted a reserve commission as a lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General's Corps of the US Navy Reserve. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal.