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  1. This could really harm the election. Trump Declares Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” The Greatest Music Video Of All Time by Ryan Leas @ryanleas | September 14, 2020 - 8:17 pm I don’t get it. Therapist. What don’t you get Forrest? Well. The video starts out with that guy Axel taking drugs and drinking alcohol. Therapist. Uh huh. And then he gets married. Therapist. Go on. Then she dies. Therapist. Oh my, Forrest. . . . And they bury her. Therapist. That doesn’t sound good Forrest. And the guitar player is in a weird, wind storm and his
  2. Brant wrote: Don't these fools understand that when their usefulness has dissipated they will be dissipated? The law will crush them or the incoming rulers. end quote Incoming? Why wait. I think there is sufficient proof to call the “on and on and on” rioters terrorists. Burning houses or businesses down for political reasons turns arson into terrorism, and any deaths or injuries incurred add to the felonies. Peaceful protest is always allowed even with bullhorns and a lot of yelling. But I am sick of the terrorism. I want to see it stop, President Trump. Will it stop if Biden is elected
  3. How many Senators are there? 100. What would a majority be to pass a nominee? 51, THANKS TO THE DEMOCRATS! See the above. Peter Notes. From Todays, New York Times. How Mitch McConnell Can Quickly Push Through Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee. The rules and partisan breakdown of the Senate make it possible for Republicans to swiftly confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Here’s how. WASHINGTON — Hours after the Supreme Court announced the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, vowed that the Senate would vote on a r
  4. I suppose you might meet someone at a fan-of-Rand meeting like on a campus but no where else. I remember dating and found most people could care less about Ayn Rand's philosophy, even if they had read a book or two of hers. Their eyes may not have glazed over but I found that I bored her. If you start with a shared interest in "a hobby" the relationship is not built on much. There are aspects of a relationship based on more substantial, personal things than things from a book or a philosophy. Of course I would not recommend socializing with a Marxist, but just because you met person who ment
  5. Maybe Biden is like Typhoid Mary and passing on the Virus to all the journalists he does a face to face interview with . . . so every interview is by phone camera. It is interesting how some phone / camera interviews and news stories are OK visually and some make you seasick.
  6. Here are some contradictory statements from former Vice President Joe Biden, just weeks apart. Which statement is a lie? From the Daily Wire: a reporter asked, “Some have speculated that you are subject to some degree of cognitive decline,” the reporter said. “I’m 65, I don’t have word recollection that I used to have, I forget my train of thought from time to time. You got 12 years on me, sir . . . . Have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?” the reporter asked. “I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested,” Biden responded. “Look, all you got to do is watch me, and
  7. Interesting. Five women suggested for the next Justice of the Supreme Court and one man. As mentioned previously by Michael? we may know by Tuesday who the lucky winner is! Here is something about the long-shot guy. Peter From USA Today. Who might succeed Justice Ginsburg? Trump's short list begins with these five women (and one man) Richard Wolf, USA TODAY 25 mins ago . . . . Amul Thapar. When Trump embarked in 2017 on what would become the nomination and confirmation of more than 200 federal judges, Gorsuch came first. Then came Thapar. A Kentucky protégé of Senate Majority Leader Mit
  8. Mitch McConnell said he hopes to have a list of nominees by Tuesday September 22, 2020 and others like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio may have had the same sentiments. And then they will vote in the senate. I suppose some republicans might want to discuss the list but I don't think this will be a long drawn out process. And certainly their will be no long speeches or filibustering in the Senate. This must be done before the November vote is finalized, per Mitch.
  9. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, Ginsburgh said she would have retired then. So now, she was hoping to last as long as a Biden win to poison the well of America.
  10. Welcome to Van who recently joined. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “Over the long haul, I have had it all.” NBC. McConnell: I will fill Ginsburg's seat with Trump's nominee. Schumer says don't dare. Chicago Sun Times. McConnell: U.S. Senate will vote on Trump Supreme Court pick/ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will vote on President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, even though it’s an election year. By Associated Press. Updated Sep 18, 2020, 8:26pm CDT
  11. So long Justice Ginsburg. She was friendly with conservatives raspy Scalia and quiet Thomas, on the court. She had been battling cancer for almost twenty years. In the last two weeks I have seen two articles predicting her death and wondering who President Trump will pick to replace her. Unfortunately I don’t think there is time for a “quick pick” because of the looming election. So the incumbent or incoming President Biden with have the honor.
  12. I have it! Biden’s Democratic fight song. “It’s my party and I will cry if I want to.” I saw that Walmart is going to emulate Amazon with hyped online shopping but you still need to go to a side door at Walmart to pick up your goods. We used “Instacart” for groceries again and in spite of the usual “replacements” or out of stock postings we got most of what we ordered and it is left at the back door. Is it 45 days until the election. Does America blame Trump for the lockdown? I don’t think so, but he is in the Oval Office when bad things are happening. Rasmussen. Trump p
  13. Ellen wrote: You have a populace who are the ignorant, defenseless, and even willing subjects of totalitarian rule. An Oregon congressman was on Fox News earlier today talking about the fires, Covid-19, and protests, and as an aside he said, remember that Oregonians rioted the day after Donald Trump was elected and that was before all this other stuff. They were criminals and destroyers then and nothing has changed.
  14. The posses of the old west would lynch the pedophiles.
  15. Homunculus Carnifex, the species of the homeless dwarf friend, of Conan the Barbarian? The jerks. Quick! Take a turn at the next left and another left to Ballywood.