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  1. Peter

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    OOps! I will just say protagonist from now on since I have trouble remembering names. And I wrote "I not condone a predator . . . ." I should have written in true cave man fashion, "Me not condone a predator."
  2. Peter

    Why did Ayn Rand quit smoking?

    I remember seeing for the first time, a sign on a semi truck next to a large supermarket in California about the dangers of smoking but I could not remember the date of 1964, so thanks. I was thinking 1962 or 63. Then the makers of Menthol cigarettes claimed theirs were less harmful but they were not. There were so many ads from people like Reagan and John Wayne promoting smoking. What a shame. Now baby powder applied to the female genitals has been proven to cause cancer, with a huge lawsuit and payout.
  3. Forrest Gump did not fast, and he got real big. There may be hazards to fasting. When I do it I get hungry.
  4. Peter

    More Feces Than She's Ever Seen!

    The latrines were awful smelling when I was in the Army. Ummm? Okay. Don’t go to Lancaster County Penn. in June, July, or August either. The Amish are decent sorts but rich in horses and horse crap is everywhere with a side order of flies. We were just discussing going to The Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre to see “The Wizard of Oz,’ with our granddaughter and family but that didn’t pan out. We could get tickets in row D which isn’t too bad although there is only one more row further away from the stage. "Somewhere over the rainbow . . . "
  5. Peter

    Fake News

    “Fake news shit” in French, Faux nouvelles merde. And in German, Gefälschte news scheibe.
  6. Peter

    What would Ayn Rand think of the MeToo Movement?

    I just wanted to add, the policeman's perspective about sexual labels, like homosexual predator. A man who thinks he is straight but tries to force himself on a man or initiates sex with a man, even if he is "the one on top," well, he is still committing a homosexual act, and in the eyes of the law, is a homosexual. If tomorrow, the same man, coerces a woman, then he is a hybrid predator. From the NY Penal code, section 69.
  7. Peter

    Ayn Rand And The End Of Love

    Bob Hayden wrote: I do not see any signs of a sadistic trait in Roark elsewhere in the novel. Do you? Certainly some of DF's behavior could be on a S/M continuum. end quote Agreed. For the sexual union to be moral, it would be required that Howard Roark knew what Dagny was thinking and that she would welcome the encounter. Otherwise it was rape. So, was Howard able to read minds, or precisely know what a woman was thinking from her words or body language? Good luck with that, all you teen boys. Obviously, he did according to Rand, because I see no evidence of Roark being a Don Juan who had had thousands of sexual encounters. He just knew. What horse crap. What "elitist" horse crap. And I not condone a predator using his position to violate a woman and then saying, “She agreed because she wanted the role.” It is borderline criminal and unethical in a business sense. Mixing sex and business should get anyone fired. Peter
  8. Peter

    What would Ayn Rand think of the MeToo Movement?

    Guess what I saw last night on one of the nostalgia channels? “The Rainmaker.” Some of the John Grisham novel and movie “The Rainmaker’ concerns the horror of sexual harassment. I think it is one of Grisham’s best. Peter The Rainmaker (1997) Rudy Baylor's a young lawyer who goes to work for an ambulance chaser. He brings with him a case wherein a woman wants to sue an insurance company, that stalled on paying her son's medical bills, eventually he got too ill that he's now terminal. When his boss is investigated for his unethical practices, Deck Schifflet, another man who works at the law office, suggests that he and Rudy open their own office which they do. Deck has gone to law school but for some reason has not yet passed the bar. And now the two of them, try to handle the case themselves but they are up against Leo Drummond, a powerful and wily lawyer. And Rudy would like to do things honestly.
  9. Peter

    What would Ayn Rand think of the MeToo Movement?

    "Garsh," said Goofy, "Dldelancey is as purdy as Minnie." I have no doubt some women who dress modestly and want nothing to do with others are glad when they get old enough to not be such a temptation. And I am not so sure Ayn Rand liked to be harassed or thought women should simply tough it out. I am glad that our nation’s policies for sexual harassment are in place. Morally, there should be severe repercussions for being a predator. Even when a “work place romance” has preceded the current advances, a person should be protected from unwanted solicitation for sex, bodily exposure, etc. Company ‘no fraternization rules’ are a good thing. I can remember standing at urinals when I was a teen and having voyeurs trying to see my privates, and a couple of times I was propositioned when I went on a job interview. Yuk. I am for cameras in public restrooms as long as they are not “focused” on anyone’s genitals. I am all for a company’s personnel department being watchdogs for the innocent. I am glad that stores have security personnel. There used to be a park in the town of Delmar on the Delaware / Maryland border that had urinals. I remember stopping to use one and noticed the predators, especially homosexual men, hanging around and being a nuisance. Shortly after that there was a “sting operation” and someone I worked with was nabbed . . . and exposed . . . to the press. He was a predator at work too, but mostly with females. Good riddance. I used to sit on the benches in Ocean City and watch the girls in their bikinis strut by. By the time my own daughters were teens I stopped doing that, though it is still hard not to look at a pretty woman. Now I look, notice the attractive woman, and then I don’t stare any more. Peter From: Jennifer Baker To: objectivism Subject: OWL: dependence on sexual harassment laws Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 00:01:35 -0700 (PDT) One thing I should also make clear is that I attribute the lack of sexist obstacles in my life and career to the sexual harassment policies that are in place. I have been asking older women today what academia used to be like, and in the near past, before the culture changed as a result of sexual harassment policies, it sounds like it was ridden with lecherous behavior. I asked my dad, who has worked as the vice president and COO of several hospitals what happened when sexual harassment became -- increasingly-- illegal. He described a complete change in the hospital's culture. The doctors used to do things like pinch women, with great frequency! My dad says the incidents would be reported, but there was little the hospital could do, and the doctors tended to get away with it. When a hostile environment became illegal, and the hospital became culpable, they cracked down on this sort of behavior. (And that is what I remember growing up, how doggedly my dad would pursue sexual harassers working in the hospital.) I ha ve only received harassing emails (which are, from what I understand, in Arizona and other states illegal to send, they fall under the cyberstalking laws.) There were a set of them, from someone I had just met (and barely spoke to) at an Objectivism conference. Anyway, this was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. So I do not mean to suggest that the women today are doing so well because they would be able to overcome harassment on their own. The protections are working. I am trying to give credit where credit is due: I don't feel burdened today by being a woman because of the recent changes in the laws and in the culture of the workplace (47% of managers, administrators and executives are now women, according to the U.S. Labor Bureau's 2001 report, at women who worked in earlier generations have my deepest respect, I know I could not have made it then. When I showed people the emails I was sent, the most common reaction was "well, this is career suicide." I think it is significant that they meant this on his part, not mine. That is, even though the emails were full of accusations-- that I was an alcoholic, that I had sex with three men at once the last night of the conference, the erotomaniacal insistence as to why it was my fault this complete stranger was interested in me-- I have heard that in the past, if you were a woman and someone wrote these things about you, your workplace would not be sympathetic, and would instead be amused. Or interested. My workplace was disgusted and furious. I am certain that this atmosphere is necessary to my confidence, to my having a job at all, to my being able to sleep at night.
  10. Peter

    Fake News

    Ni! The Knights Who Say "Ni!", also called the Knights of Ni, are a band of knights encountered by King Arthur and his followers in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They demonstrate their power by shouting "Ni!" (pronounced "nee"), terrifying the party, whom they refuse to allow passage through their forest unless appeased through the gift of a shrubbery.
  11. I am not interested in discussing geometric shapes. It doesn’t pique my interest after the first examination. Here is an old subject that does interest me. What do we value? Here is my sliding scale of values. Generally, humans from the instant after fertilization should be given more consideration than inanimate matter and more consideration than the vast majority of the animal kingdom. I prefer a sliding scale of value to be used with all life culminating, in full rights for adult humans near the apex of the rights / values pyramid. POINTS 100 to 1,000,000 - family and other people you would die for. 90 - a toddler you see wandering around in traffic and other entities that cause within your innermost being, an immediate, explosive "Call to Action." 85 – Top notch Objectivists like the late Barbara Branden 84 - AR, though deceased :O) All Objectivists, Students of Objectivism, Fans of Rand, Libertarians (except the Crazies). 75 - I nominate human rights to all adult humans, who recognize human rights, as defined by Ayn Rand. 74 - other humans. 50 - children, one nano-second after the cord has been cut 45 - (26 week to near full-term fetuses as described in Roger E. Bissell's 1981 article in "Reason Magazine,"- A Calm Look at Abortion Arguments: My personal turning point away from Orthodox Objectivism.) 44 - retarded humans 22 - previously violent criminals, if no longer a threat to anyone but they still can't vote or own a fire arm. 21 – human embryos one second after they come into existence. 20 - pets (I have a feeling this category could be moved higher in points) 15 - food animals 10 - other animals 1 - single-celled organisms 0 - Above this point, Thou Shalt Not Kill anything, except with due cause (to be defined by ME. Below this point, kill as needed. Let your conscience be your guide :O) -10 germs that cause minor illnesses -15 animals that attack, kill or eat people, i.e., mad dogs, grizzlies, leopards. -25 major germs that cause death or diarrhea. -45 The murderously, criminally insane. -50 murderers and tyrants. They have reason, but are evil, so they are lower than animals. -75 mass murderers. Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot etc. Know what the least used first name is now? “Adolf.” -100 the lowest rung of Hell
  12. Peter

    rant about North Korea

    Aggressive tariffs? Non Monsieur. Mais retaliatory tariffs, mon ami? Here is a silly question for youse French speakers. Are "Amie" and "Ami" enough? Don't the French need a way of describing friendly homo/pan/trans citizens?
  13. I know the "tin foil hat" idea is foolish and worthy of laughter, but I wonder if building your house from "better materials" could protect you from outside radiation? Simply opening a window can help protect you from radon gas.
  14. Peter

    Is freedom to breed a right?

    Phrenology. Lines on the hand. Height. Deepness of voice. Size of gonads or mammary glands. Genetic makeup? Is it possible there is a genetic marker in your DNA that determines traits or do you "Choose Free Will" as Rush sang? 50-50 nature - nurture? As I contemplate my inner being I would say I am (60 percent nature,) (40 percent nurture and free will.) As I write the last sentence I changed it three times. Who can possibly introspect and know for sure?
  15. Ah so. Circumference determines distance traveled, in the same amount of time.