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  1. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Protesting a man eating his dinner can quickly escalate to terroristic threatening. I say "book'em Dano and fine them." Jail them for a second offence for 30 days. For a third offense, one year in federal prison or even better, pay the local county lock up to take them in for a bunk and three squares a day. And lots of rotating friends/bunk mates. OH, no! Does that mean terrorist moms will be separated from their kids? Pooh on the kids. Who will cash mom's welfare or George Soro's check?
  2. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Maybe Lenny Peequaff and his Lilliputian army of toads is capable of such a blasphemy, but I am not so sure. I advocated McCain and Romney over the demon-cratic candidates and I still would. But by now I am even rethinking my support of Ted Cruz over Trump. Nope. I would support Trump now. Let's see; Cruz or Rubio or Poco-haunt-us in 2024? Cruz. Then Rubio. Never Warren. I think I once voted for the Libertarian candidate for Prez.
  3. Peter

    Fake Social Media

    Pretty please! Just one more. Chance the Gardener: Good morning, Louise. Louise the housekeeper: He's dead, Chance. The old man's dead. Chance: I see. OH. I knew that this morning. [Chance goes back to watching TV] You know Louise? The old man wanted to be preserved in amber like those bugs and dinosaurs from long, long ago. That way he could always be seen by future generations. It’s not gruesome at all. Louise. He was a great man, Chance. And he’s left his fortune to you. Are you gunna do it? Preserve him in amber? Chance: Of course. The undertaker says it won’t be cheap, but IF he can display him in the local museum, he will do it for cost. In amber. Louise: How much? Chance: One dollar a ticket. He expects a thousand people will visit every day. And then the old man will be in the Smithsonian . . . . forever. Louise: No, Chance. How much to preserve him in amber? Chance: $50,000 for one, but I got a two for one deal. The old man and then me for $85,000. In the Smithsonian. The undertaker’s business is a corporation, and will be run by his son, so it will surely be done. I won’t wear a suit but the old man wanted to wear a suit. Peter The real dialogue From “Being There”: Chance the Gardener: Good morning, Louise. Louise: He's dead, Chance. The old man's dead. Chance the Gardener: I see. [Chance goes back to watching TV] Later . . . [With other poor black seniors, watching Chance on TV] Louise: It's for sure a white man's world in America. Look here: I raised that boy since he was the size of a piss-ant. And I'll say right now, he never learned to read and write. No, sir. Had no brains at all. Was stuffed with rice pudding between th' ears. Shortchanged by the Lord, and dumb as a jackass. Look at him now! Yes, sir, all you've gotta be is white in America, to get whatever you want. Gobbledy-gook! end quotes . . . . In 2012, scientists announced the discovery of a fly and two species of mite preserved in millimeter-sized droplets of amber from northeastern Italy. The specimens are around 230 million years old—100 million years older than any previously recorded. The mites have been identified as two previously unknown species, Triasacarus fedelei and Ampezzoa triassica, and are distantly related to modern gall mites. David Grimaldi, a curator in the American Museum of Natural History’s Division of Invertebrate Zoology, revealed he was surprised by how much his discovery resembled modern mites: “You would think that by going back to the Triassic you’d find a transitional form of gall mite, but no, even 230 million years ago, all of the distinguishing features of this family were there—a long, segmented body; only two pairs of legs instead of the usual four found in mites; unique feather claws; and mouthparts.” The fly, unfortunately, couldn’t be identified, since only its antennae were well-preserved. Still, its presence alone has led scientists to hope for further such discoveries down the road . . . . One of the most important discoveries to come from the Dominican amber specimens was a new species of pygmy locust, dubbed Electrotettix attenboroughi after Sir David Attenborough, the famed British naturalist and filmmaker. The pygmy locust is about the size of a rose thorn and lived between 18–20 million years ago, in the Miocene era. Grasshoppers and locusts are rarely found in amber, but the discovery is remarkable because it demonstrates a clear intermediate form in the evolution of its subfamily. The most ancient pygmy locusts had wings, while modern examples do not. Electrotettix attenboroughi has what appear to be vestigial hind wings—remnant structures like the human tailbone or the leg and foot bones found in the ancestors of modern whales. The fossil represents a remarkable witness to the loss of a major appendage in a whole subfamily of organisms. The discovery was made by University of Illinois paleontologist Sam Heads, lab technician Jared Thomas, and study co-author Yinan Wang. end quote
  4. Peter

    Fake Social Media

    Chance the Gardener: As long as the roots are not severed with the silent majority in the heartland, all is well. And all will be well in the garden. The sewage from Hillary will float out to sea before the election in 2020. Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. She has fallen and she can’t get up. We will get spring in 2019 and then summer again. The Tea Party is still all around us. Hillary is a wilted flower covered in cow poop but the fertilizer backfired. Because it is from the back of an animal, she did not grow and prosper. Yes! There will be growth in the spring! President Trump will be reelected! I’ll be darned. Rand was in “Being There” with Peter Sellers but her part was played by a man! Peter From “Being There.” President "Bobby": Mr. Gardner, do you agree with Ben, or do you think that we can stimulate growth through temporary incentives? [Long pause] Chance the Gardener: As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden. President "Bobby": In the garden. Chance the Gardener: Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again. President "Bobby": Spring and summer. Chance the Gardener: Yes. President "Bobby": Then fall and winter. Chance the Gardener: Yes. Benjamin Rand: I think what our insightful young friend is saying is that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we're upset by the seasons of our economy. Chance the Gardener: Yes! There will be growth in the spring! Benjamin Rand: Hmm! Chance the Gardener: Hmm! President "Bobby": Hm. Well, Mr. Gardner, I must admit that is one of the most refreshing and optimistic statements I've heard in a very, very long time. [Benjamin Rand applauds] President "Bobby": I admire your good, solid sense. That's precisely what we lack on Capitol Hill.
  5. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Well said, Jonathan. The other Jon wrote about Old Hickory Clinton, “What should we call her “Objectivist” advocates who have been so quiet for two years?” I can’t remember any of “us guys” advocating cave bat Hillary. What? With her dung, her fascism, her scary demeanor, her screech, and horrible fangs, no objectivist could ever support her. Unless it was some hybrid “left libertarian animal groupies.” Get thee to an underground nunnery you ghoulish, foolish troglodyte wieners! No . . . not even Tracinski could emotionally blunder down that bat hole during the nominating season in 2016. He didn’t even mention her in the following fearful article, though he does bring up Hill Billy Clinton. Donald Trump Is the Man the Founders Warned Us Against by Robert Tracinski. Take the news that John Kasich is being funded by George Soros, a billionaire notorious for bankrolling far-left institutions, and combine that with the fact that it was Bill Clinton who encouraged Donald Trump to run for president, plus the way Trump has dominated the race with billions of dollars of free media donated by the press corps. It's looking like this is the year when the left--sensing that Republicans had a dangerously strong roster of candidates--decided they were going to take over the Republican nominating process. . . . . How did we make this possible? One of the lessons to be learned is about the perils of conservative populism. Over the past fifty years, the political right has invested heavily in a kind of anti-elitist populism. We see ourselves as representing the "silent majority" and the salt-of-the-earth regular folks out in the heartland, as opposed to those corrupt coastal elites in New York, Hollywood, and DC. But now a lot of us are experiencing the whiplash of discovering that this sort of populism can be used against us--coupled with disappointment that the salt-of-the-earth heartland types, whom we counted on to be our allies, can sometimes be talked into voting on the basis of their fears and resentment instead of heeding the better angels of their nature. If part of the story is that the right's intellectuals became disconnected from the concerns of some of the blue-collar Reagan Democrat types who supported the Republican agenda in recent decades, the flipside is that some of the rank-and-file of the right has begun to ignore the basic ideas they supposedly stood for. They've stopped listening to the intellectuals, even when we're right, and they've suspended their powers of critical examination just as they are confronted with a politician who deserves more than the normal dose of skepticism. Trumpism is a warning about what happens when you make a big show of being the party of the regular guy against the eggheads. We need the eggheads, too. The right needs to start depending a bit less on rabble-rousing populism and a bit more on the strength and influence of its thinkers and intellectual institutions. The left has a vast intellectual base in the universities and in generations of students indoctrinated in the universities. (Which does not prevent them from falling for a great deal of flim-flam and nonsense; more about that in a moment.) The right needs a similar base . . . . end quote Oh come on Robert. The Founders would be cheering by now! Peter
  6. Peter

    Donald Trump

    Rush Limbaugh who actually derided the Bill Clinton bimbo and good lady's groping hustle at the time is now reminding us how Hillary destroyed the lives of Bill's accusers who were telling the truth. Remember Killery libeling / talking about bimbos following a car across a trailer park if the driver was waving a hundred dollar bill? She was a rotten monster completely against women's rights but now she claims to be a supporter. What a hypocrite. We should name a newly discovered animal after her and call it a Hickory Hypocritter.
  7. Peter

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    She was being naughty.
  8. Peter

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    That was always on my bucket list until I got older. We have a winding country road with trees on both sides in spots so I drive slowly which annoys younger drivers behind me.
  9. Peter

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    Sigmund Freud smoked cigars and got mouth and lip cancer. It smelled so horrible no one could be around him. Even his beloved dog could not stand to be around the smell as his face rotted off. Oh oh. Hurricane Michael is getting close to the Chesapeake Bay. 30 to 50 mph and 3 to 5 inches of rain are expected for us, starting around 3 pm this afternoon. After looking at the destruction of those beach front properties in Florida a guy on the Weather Channel wondered out loud if anyone would want to rebuild in such a risky location.
  10. Peter

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    I remember Rand's lecture on "60 Minutes" and she actually said we should be so honored and thankful we should kiss a smoke stack.
  11. Peter

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    Generating second hand smoke is the initiation of sneaky force. Twice in the last week I could smell leaves burning and another time it smelled like trash burning, even though the folks burning it must have been 300 or 400 yards away with woods in between. Thank goodness, my new central air conditioning system scrubs the air so I don't smell it unless I step outside. And someone had been smoking in the Food Lion bathroom last week and that really pisses me off. You come out of the bathroom and your shirt smells like smoke. It wasn't worth a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. I may have been overstating the risk of smoking, but why take the risk? And, no offense meant, but riding a motorcycle is not worth the risk when your odds are so much better with a ton of steel surrounding you. Too bad, airbags on a motorcycle don't work . . . . unless they were filled with helium and you got be whooshed upwards when your inboard computer sensed a crash coming.
  12. Peter

    Donald Trump

    I know I made fun of Trump/Rump back in the 2016’s as looking like Mussolini when he spoke, etc., but his “nationalism” is not fascist. However, the left is fascist/leftist, and they are using “brown shirt” tactics. My reversal of my opinion of our fearless leader was as easy as counting on my fingers. Just getting to “One Potato” got me past his faults. Let’s see, a million good points minus four equals . . . I bought 7 Mega Ball tickets at two bucks each, and I got the mega millions number which is equal to 2 bucks, and also the mega millions number plus one which is equal to 4 bucks, so I spent 14 and got 6 in return AND I had a lot of fun anticipating a win. The next drawing is on Tuesday and in 2020. Take home for the cash option after taking out 60 percent for taxes is $142, 000, 000.
  13. Peter

    Judge Kavanaugh and the Crazy Lady

    Them signs is vish-us. I was impressed with Graham's fortitude.
  14. Peter

    How could Ayn rand smoke?

    If you drove with the tail pipe pointing into the car, that would be the same as smoking. Ralph Cramden from, “The Honeymooners.” “Gee Alice. Driving, instead of walking, is so grand. That’s why people take my bus.” “But Ralph. Couldn’t you at least vent the diesel fumes out the back instead of into the transit bus?” I know addiction has its benefits (har dee har har) but why get hooked in the first place? The hazards from daily life are not intentional but smoking is deliberately “willing yourself” to live a shorter life and die a horrible death. It’s like opting for slow strangulation over the electric chair. I can better understand someone getting hooked on opiates after a back operation. You have no need to smoke unless you are trying to be one of the Kool Kids.
  15. Amen, Brother Jon. I remember a line from "Lawrence of Arabia" that went something like, "I may be a bad man, but I am a good Arab."