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  1. I will not defend myself here. To the person who expressed an interest in my writing and asked about my reasoning, you may contact me through Facebook if you wish to continue this. The information is readily available.
  2. You don't understand at all. I got your joke. My reference was to your implication that I am too serious. To be truthful, I have multiple oppositions which have nothing to do with you, as an individual, Ninth Doctor (or that I won't assume have anything to do with you. I am not going to follow your posts to determine your particular character). I did not mean to "call you out." This was more situation to principle.
  3. It is precisely because it is seen as an "unjust application" that I do not frequent this forum.
  4. Thank you especially to Daunce Lynam and Joel, who I recall as "Greyhawk." I wondered where you had wandered off to. I don't intend on being active in this forum, but to Daunce - The stories posted on OO are my rough drafts. If you are interested in the final works, they turn up there. ^ Furthermore, what individualists would hold me to an age? Corrupt laws are corrupt. Good premises and be well, Summer
  5. This was immensely insulting. When it comes to either receiving harsh criticism v. you going easy based on my age, I'd prefer the former. Looking back, my draft really was terrible. I've rewritten it.
  6. "Shackles grinning wide... Its bindings pale to you... but you know, there is more to this life to prove. Stand, fight for the virtue of your pride".

  7. "There was no longer any money" or, maybe something like "Money no longer existed; it had been eradicated" (...etc., etc.)? I dunno, rules are rules but flow is flow so breaking or adhering is always secondary to flow in my book. Always with the choices, right? If you don't already own it, get a copy of Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style." This little book is one of the true great ones to have around when you're making decisions. And it's CHEAP! Get a used one somewhere--I think I paid a buck for mine. There are some neat things in there, you know, like using colons, semicolons, or
  8. I still have a fair bit of editing to do but here we go - Untitled; Rough Draft. Chapter One: Amber watched in stringent silence as the sun leisurely rose within the lavender-kissed sky. The glaring red of its sphere seemed incongruent above inanimate gray rooftops and below, city streets were bursting with the assiduous movement of workers progressing in blind compliance. Their march was unbroken by hesitation or thought as they pushed forward, abiding to the whim of some unseen transmission. While the weather held a promising clarity expressed through its cloudless view, aesthetic beauty
  9. I suggest you watch some John Stossel programs, try YouTube. I will look into them.
  10. I can't go into details about the novel itself but I can specify a particular step I am attempting right now. The story takes place in the future, roughly 2049. I've already made note of technological innovations but could use a little assistance regarding the decline of businesses up to this point. Government starts to interfere, which results in the conflict addressed at the start of the book. I was hoping for some interesting examples of politics getting in the way and even making companies go out of business by means of taxation, regulation, etc. If you could create hypothetic scenarios -
  11. Jake, I really like your "I only bow to my audience" line. Also: loving the Troll Spray. Very creative method of handling Jim's situation.
  12. I am considering just rewriting the whole thing. It irritates me now when I read it because it could definitely be improved upon. Also, I kind of expect better of myself.
  13. This was before the editing. I changed a few lines when I uploaded it to my blog, though. Thank you for the responses.
  14. I was shifting through documents and found a lot of my older writings... This one was composed in the sixth grade and is called "the Curse of Earth's Angel". Opinions, maybe? Earth's Angel; By: Summer There once was a young lady named Hadarah Sun whose beauty overcame all others. Her long, fair hair cascaded like moonlight down to her shoulders and the electric blue of her eyes sliced into the souls of all whom dared to meet them. But while the girls would comment upon the glory of her flawless skin and perfect body - although they never said a hurtful word to her face - they each shared a mu
  15. I honestly wouldn't know... I found it online and thought it was so goregous and expressive (to me, purple is a very passionate color: as my profile default clearly declares), that I had to grab it.