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  1. Thank you, sir for your lovely welcome. I believe that the OL boards are a great asset and example of how Objectivists can be and I feel very welcome here. In comparison to the other SOLO board where it seems everyone there must be the Wahhabi equivalent of an objectivist. I'm exceptionally poor at similes and understand little of Wahhabism beyond the evening news. It certainly sounds like a similie that accurately portrays their zeal and fervor. But I am hardly unbiased. Quite interesting, if this was indeed the case, then why are so many Americans becoming Muslim? It isn't the fastest gro
  2. Welcome to Objectivist Living. I suppose I should ask: when did you first hear of Ayn Rand?
  3. Anarchist always sounded dirty... I prefer Autokratōr (literally, self-ruler). An attempt to annex both autocrat and "autocracy" from the clutches of statists. I dimly remember the term always referenced with Colorado Liberty (later Rampart) College and LeFevre. Someone help me out? Anyhow, welcome to Objectivist Living. ;)
  4. That sums up my feelings (e.g. hilarity).
  5. You believe that Islam becoming the majority religion in the US would result in the US' demise? If so, how and why? If you'd allow me, sir. But before I begin I'd like to thank you. Thank you for coming to Objectivist Living and expressing your views competently, coherently and with great personal character. Something I do not say often, and only when the occasion merits. I will, for now, simply dismiss the notion of a Muslim majority appearing in America or any Western country. Mark Steyn is undoubtedly entertaining in American Alone (a book that must start any conversation these days; for
  6. I think it's a fairly conclusive to say that the Global Warming "debate," is now more than ever open to skepticism.
  7. Very amusing. Took the edge off a hard day.
  8. Finished A Brave New World...

  9. Great find Michael, though couldn't energy be used to, eh, recruit the fellow for a site that doesn't hate his guts? Maybe, perhaps, a great Objectivist site with the initials OL? Who says that Objectivists are for globalism and materialism? Objectivists are for freedom and prosperity, but I'm not sure those things are exactly the same as globalism and materialism. Darrell I think the point he was attempting to make was that it would be good to find people who are perfectly fine being the Liberal Boogeymen (e.g. Objectivist).
  10. I love John Stossel! I'll watch that show, as I do all of his shows.
  11. Oh my, an ignoranus!!! [happy new year - may ye become less ignored of things... ;-)] Ever since Death of a Salesman, I've never been able to call someone an ignoramus. Anyhow, Happy New Year everyone; with that unique moon.
  12. That is actually a very, at least on first inspection, good question. *Subscribes to Topic*
  13. Why is nothing ever on the West Coast, and if it is; somewhere deep in L.A.! Bah-hum-bug.
  14. Lysander Spooner is an intellectual machine. His essay on the "Constitution of No Authority," so directly mirrors my own thoughts it's frightening. One of my gifts for Christmas was "The Libertarian Reader," Edited By David Boaz, and there was a section on Mr. Spooner. Very, very, interesting.
  15. The best book I have ever read in quite sometime. Certainly, not a literary classic but filled with wit, charm and countless memorable phrases. It was a joyous ride of intellectual pleasuring. My girlfriend bought it for me knowing I would agree wholeheartedly with him. I love her, and her amazing choice of books. And I recommend everyone else to pick up a copy if they can.