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  1. 9thdoctor

    Screenwriting Prompt from Real Life

    Easy. It's The Straight Story meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What could go wrong?
  2. 9thdoctor

    Donald Trump

    Who are they? Name three. I can't think of one. I'm sure some people judged her the lesser evil, but "advocates"? I propose the name "Nullset".
  3. 9thdoctor

    Lindsay Lohan meets reality, what a metaphor for the US

    I think he kicked her phone out of her hand. Which is still battery, and probably calls for a stint behind bars even if he's a first-time offender. But it's not as bad as a kick in the face.
  4. Looks like this is the same story as this: http://reason.com/blog/2018/10/03/dog-rape-hoax-papers-pluckrose-lindsay This part has me in stitches: Wilson spent 100 hours in three dog parks, where she made note of a whole bunch of times when one dog humped another. When the humping was male-on-male, owners intervened in the overwhelming number of cases. But when the humping was male-on-female, owners were far less likely to stop it. This, the study suggests, might say something about the owners' internalized homophobia and their willingness to overlook female victims of sexual assault.
  5. 9thdoctor

    Judge Kavanaugh and the Crazy Lady

    At first I thought that was Steve Bannon. Sure enough, it's already been done.
  6. 9thdoctor

    Donald Trump

    And here I was starting to think they'd named Little Donny disease after him.
  7. 9thdoctor

    Donald Trump

    Ho-hum. Try getting this image out of your head:
  8. 9thdoctor

    Donald Trump

    Distinctive? It bends to the left, the right, unusual color scheme, unique vasculature, circumcised (or not), big, small... Predictions?
  9. "Half-ass", "not bad", c'mon, throw me a pork chop! Under the heading of division of labor, we need someone to concoct the relevant techno-babble. Volunteers?
  10. 9thdoctor

    Trump humor

    I got a kick out of this. Maybe there should be a Hillary Humor thread.
  11. It's going to be like the Reichstag fire. The Senate will vote emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor. Getting back to our collaborative thrillah, how about we have a CIA analyst, temporarily let's call him Jack Ryan, uncover a plot to use previously unknown technology/techniques to seed bigger badder hurricanes off the west African coast. Tie in the bad Islamic fundamentalist stuff going on in Mali. That's pretty close to Western Sahara, which is pretty anarchic right now. Western Sahara is (I imagine) where the tech would actually be implemented. Who's ultimately behind it? Who has the means to develop such advanced technology? The Russians, naturally. And how does it get uncovered? I say let's tie in the Cubans, since they're in the line of fire just as much as anyone else, and they have better ties to the Russians. Part of the technology ties into the "sonic attacks" that occurred in Havana. So probably that's where the plot starts, chronologically speaking. Ryan ends up going to Morocco ("But I'm only an analyst!") to advise on the take-down operation, which is planned to only involve drones, but no, something goes awry and Ryan ends up in a dramatic firefight, with only his good-guy Moroccan (read: Muslim) counterpart there as backup, barely making it out with a few broken ribs, while his hairdo remains intact. Back in Casablanca he tells his new man Friday that this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Fade to black.
  12. 9thdoctor

    Mixed Martial Arts: Tucker Carlson vs Amy Peikoff

    Schwartz and Binswanger too. I'm starting to like ARI people. Yaron Brook did a great job in this interview: Current weather conditions in hell: Heavy snow.
  13. 9thdoctor

    Mixed Martial Arts: Tucker Carlson vs Amy Peikoff

    Off topic observation: Tucker Carlson repeatedly refers to Amy Peikoff as a libertarian, and not only does she not bristle at it, she nods in agreement. What a change from even, say, 10 years ago. I've seen the same with Yaron Brook, during his appearances on Dave Rubin's show.
  14. 9thdoctor

    Fake News

    In short: