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  1. 9thdoctor

    When the Catholic Church gets creepy

    Only a pervert would make such an association.
  2. 9thdoctor

    Donald Trump

    Yeah, he keeps it very measured; the headline is clickbait. Meanwhile, I just came across this. It was uploaded in February, long ago in news-cycle terms. It really blows Omarosa's credibility to hell. On any topic. Including taped conversations. And again, the headline doesn't do justice to the contents.
  3. 9thdoctor

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    Hey we cool; it's not like I launched into a full scale Phil-ipic. William did the research, then I withdrew any suggestion that your quote was treif. Hell, I even hedged on it in the original post. Happy now? On the theme of bad quoting practices, here's a great bit from Rand herself. I love the way she says the word "contemptible".
  4. http://reason.com/blog/2018/08/14/its-happening-gary-johnson-running-for-s Evidently he's taking the plunge. The New Mexico race has been slated to be an easy win for the Democrat. I'd really like to see Johnson pull off an upset.
  5. 9thdoctor

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    Ok, that shows her using it as a heuristic herself. So it's kosher. Not too long ago I heard Yaron Brook criticize TAS for ascribing a different "villain" quote to Rand. Someone posted it on OL.
  6. 9thdoctor

    Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election

    I wonder if, that being an Ellsworth Toohey quote, it's really kosher to ascribe it to Rand. Though I can think of some follies that aren't worth spending any time on.
  7. 9thdoctor

    Peikoff at the Ford Hall Forum

    ARI has just uploaded all of Peikoff's FHF lectures, with the Q&A's, to YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/AynRandInstitute/videos?disable_polymer=1 This one was of interest to me, not for the lecture (it's the same as what Rand delivered) but for the material before and after concerning her illness and death. It's been available before, but I'd never heard it.
  8. 9thdoctor

    Walk Away Movement

    Has anyone reached out to Lord Humungus for an endorsement yet?
  9. 9thdoctor

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    I thought that kind of thing was all in the past. Years past. You're right that there's less activity. But here's something recent I saw there that I think you'll enjoy watching. Leonard shows off his art collection. I think a lot of forum activity has migrated to Facebook, where everyone gets to be their own moderator. And that's more attractive to the kind of people we like to avoid, leaving behind a better ratio of worthwhile contributors. Alas, Knucky is still active as ever (over at OO).
  10. 9thdoctor

    Love Songs

    No, I never did get to hear him live. The first item here is adapted from Strauss. What's not to like? He was great. Just listen to the musicianship on display here:
  11. 9thdoctor

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    I don't see how you would have gotten "unbanned". If you're hankering to join, you may as well set up a new username, probably all you need to do is have it link to a different email address. If you were banned in 2011, obviously I don't know what you did to get banned, but just look what I was able to write in 2012: http://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?/topic/23082-peikoff-on-date-rape/&tab=comments#comment-288348 There was someone calling for me to be banned, but it didn't happen. I posted there pretty recently, within a week or so, something about music.
  12. 9thdoctor

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    That's not been my experience with Objectivism Online. Though if you look at old threads you'll see some of the old cultist behavior on display. I think that kind of thing, to the extent it still exists, has migrated to Facebook.
  13. 9thdoctor

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    If you can think of more examples, add them in. Those 3 were all I could think of but it's surely not an exhaustive list. Re Muhammad Ali, I recall hearing Peikoff talk about it on one of his podcasts. Looks like someone transcribed it here: http://capitalistpig.com/news-media/peikoff-muhammad-ali/ But I must have heard/read about it somewhere else also, since I recall that she had (at some point) two cats, named Mo and Tommy. Mo was named for Muhammad Ali, and Tommy for St. Thomas Aquinas.
  14. 9thdoctor

    Would Ayn Rand have voted for Trump?

    How about we look at comparable examples from her life? 1. she supported Wendell Wilkie, who was a successful businessman with no government experience and virtually no military experience. 2. she "supported" Nixon, even in 1972, because she judged the alternative to be much worse. 3. she admired Muhammad Ali, specifically for his public persona, that wild braggadocio that reminds me of Trump at his (to my taste) most repulsive. Ali pulled it off, Trump...well I sure don't like it but plenty of people must, after all he did win. I voted for Johnson, and like to think that she'd have revised her view of Libertarians by now. Abstain, Trump, Clinton, Johnson, she'd have picked one of those four options. How about a poll of the channellers? 1 for Johnson.
  15. 9thdoctor

    The Left's New Darling Dingbat

    Finally we know why the unemployment rate is (presently) so low. "Everyone has two jobs". http://reason.com/blog/2018/07/17/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-unemployment I saw someone call her the Sarah Palin of the left...after a few minutes reflection I feel that's quite unfair to Sarah Palin.