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  1. You mustn't leave out: Faster...Harder...Don't Stop...owowowowoWoWOOOOHOOOOO YES!!!!! All the while the male part of the sketch staves off his climax by reciting Gunga Din.
  2. 9thdoctor

    Happy Canada Day

    I don't show a message from you. I'll try PMing you, let's see if that works.
  3. 9thdoctor

    Happy Canada Day

  4. 9thdoctor

    Ted Keer, RIP

    BTW, a while ago I was shopping on Audible.com and came across a well-written review. It was good enough that I proceeded to check out the author's other reviews. There's no question in my mind who the writer was: https://www.audible.com/a/listener/A2M87ZUCNF11U3?ref=a_pd_Classi_c15_rvlsnl_2 The McWhorter one is the clincher.
  5. 9thdoctor

    Ted Keer, RIP

    This calls to mind Leonard Bernstein being buried with his score of the Mahler 5th. He performed the Adagietto at the memorial service for Bobby Kennedy in 1968, here's that recording:
  6. 9thdoctor

    Robert Bidinotto on How to Write a Thriller

    Someone has uploaded it to YouTube. I doubt it will stay up for long, this channel is chock full of copyrighted material, and hasn't been around long yet. I've set it up so it should start at the beginning of Honeysuckle Cottage.
  7. 9thdoctor

    Robert Bidinotto on How to Write a Thriller

    I was a little concerned the Bond reference was too obscure. After all, that one became the movie with George Lazenby. Yes, indeed, Annie must die. Mwah ha ha! That Hunter may live. And kill. It was meant to be a positive review! Now looking at it again, whew, referring to Barbara Cartland, that was pretty harsh. BTW, since you're both looking for something else to plow into, the Wodehouse references in the review came from the short story Honeysuckle Cottage, which you'll find as the final chapter here: https://www.audible.com/pd/Classics/Meet-Mr-Mulliner-Audiobook/B00668IPXE?ref=a_search_c3_lProduct_1_1&pf_rd_p=e81b7c27-6880-467a-b5a7-13cef5d729fe&pf_rd_r=9KGYJ47CX1W9T28WY7JE& This volume, full to the brim with masterpieces, also includes Portrait of a Disciplinarian. Within which occurs the immortal line "Can you produce the peke?"
  8. 9thdoctor

    Robert Bidinotto on How to Write a Thriller

    I just submitted an Audible.com review of Robert's latest. It hasn't posted yet, I don't know how long that takes. Under the headline "Hunter's bodycount migrates ever northward" If you liked the prior two in the series, you’ll like Winner Takes All. Starkly anti-Left politics, fight scenes matching Lee Child’s best, logical plot progression. There’s a nice homage to that supreme masterpiece of the thriller genre, The Day of the Jackal. A worthy sequel. IMO you need to have gone through the prior two first, this book doesn’t stand on its own. Most of the great thriller series (Jack Reacher, Travis McGee, Matt Helm, James Bond) hit a reset button at the beginning of each installment. New love interest, and little or no carryover of plot strands. Not here. And the length keeps increasing (Hunter 12 hours, Bad Deeds 15, now 18 for Winner Takes All). I think something will have to give if this series is to stay on track. My main criticism is well stated by the (fictional) thriller writer James Rodman: “an artist with a true reverence for his craft should not descend to gooey love stories, but should stick austerely to revolvers, cries in the night, missing papers, mysterious Chinamen, and dead bodies — with or without gash in throat.” We’re now on a third installment with Hunter and Annie together, and there’s not much room left for relationship progression. Their conflict is now about whether/when Hunter is going to inform Annie’s father that they’re engaged. Sorry, but this is fit for Barbara Cartland, alternately P.G. Wodehouse, depending on whether the treatment is one of forthright glutinous sentimentality or (preferably) something gently satirical and humorous. It’s just not thriller material. So by the end of Winner Takes All I found myself hoping that the author’s next homage would be to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Specifically its final chapter. The reader is excellent.
  9. 9thdoctor

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    I did a quick skim and yeah, both come across as non-collegial in their interactions with each other. Putting it mildly. Reminds me of some online O-land wars I've witnessed. George Smith vs. Shayne Wissler. George Smith vs. Dragonfly. Lindsay Perigo and James Valliant trying to tag-team you. Oh well, that's the internet.
  10. 9thdoctor

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    She's known to have attended a Russian Orthodox parochial school (or gymnasium as they called it). Evidently a prestigious one, where Nikolai Lossky was an administrator. This was through the age of 12, after which the family fled to the Crimea in the wake of the October revolution. I think it's safe to say she was exposed to Judaism and Christianity, and we can take her word that she became an atheist early (I forget, I think she said age 13). Her ethical theory is about as original as they come. Bob promises ("one day") to produce an essay making his case. He hasn't made it yet. We're waiting.
  11. 9thdoctor

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    Heh. I see you've encountered him before. But his potty mouth is not evident between the covers of the books I'm recommending. He makes the strongest case I know of. And the methodology is interesting, independent of the subject matter.
  12. 9thdoctor

    My Review of Creating Christ (Valliant's Book)

    Neil, have you looked into the work of Richard Carrier? I find it stimulating and valuable. I wrote about it a little here: Even if you end up disagreeing with him, I think you'll find the bible scholarship worth your time.
  13. 9thdoctor

    Donald Trump

    Rem acu tetigisti