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  1. Building codes have required fire sprinkler systems in multi-family (apartment and condo) buildings for a few years now.
  2. I've been gone dealing with a death in the family. I had time to think about this issue quite a bit while driving and have come up with the following reasoning to explain why I was wrong. Ayn Rand (and many others I'm sure) said that when one is having trouble to always check your premises. My original premise was that since we are such an advanced civilization with the medical ability to heal many birth defects that we have an obligation to do so. My idea that we are an advanced civilization I now believe is the source of my problem. We may have the means (medical ability) but we do not po
  3. *****PLOT-SPOILERS BELOW***** Well, the red-matter ship was stolen from Nero so one could assume that he had intended to keep it to save the Romulans later. A big plot hole I noticed was that no Vulcan ships appeared to be defending Vulcan from Nero. Huh? Wha? Yeah, the jump in rank from cadet to captain was painful. Why would Pike promote Kirk to first officer mere minutes after demanding he be removed from the bridge? That noone else, including Pike who wrote a dissertation on George Kirk, could put it together that the 'lightning storm in space' spelled trouble was silly. In the movie w
  4. The new Star Trek was an action movie, nothing else. Notice how it never stopped to catch it's breath. Don't feel too bad, though. You do realize that Roddenberry's future was based totally on communist ideals and altruism. I've always found it hilarious how the Star Trek Federation patrols the galaxy extolling the virtues of no money and peace. Yet every single episode had them firing phasers and bargaining for what they needed. The Ferengi was their obvious attempt to demonize capitalism and the profit motive, but the end product was so laughable and unrealistic that they are one of my
  5. I'm not police or military but I've studied their website and support them. It makes me feel safer to know they are there. The LV review article is pathetic. The Oath Keepers stand for one thing only - defending the Constitution. Also in a similar vein, there are groups seeking to educate the general public about THEIR ability and duty to defend the constitution regarding the Grand Jury and trial juries. The Grand Jury today is often denied to citizens, and trial juries are often instructed by judges in ways that violate the constitution. I don't want to hijack this thread but I think I ha
  6. Well, thank you for the excellent exposition of the Objectivist position. I'm having a problem, though, that when private charity is inadequate we say - too bad, so sad? But I have a more important question for you. Image that Objectivist values have become a fundamental part of society in general and of everyone's education. Would that "fix" things in that there would then be adequate private charity? In other words, when almost everyone is an Objectivist and need is no longer forced on anyone, then most people are more able to care for birth defects, and everyone feels more free and able
  7. The parents have a duty to the child. So now their child is born with a serious heart defect, or conjoined twins. Their country does not have a hospital capable of dealing with that, and though they are middle-class in their community they have no means to cover this expense. Your solution? I do. Yet still this year hundreds of children who should have had the operation as an infant still cannot get the procedure and they will have to suffer for yet another year at least. Assume you have helped out the doctors somewhere in South America this year. Your group is packing to leave but there
  8. I understand. This is why I mentioned the difficulty in defining just what is a "need", it is a slippery slope with no bottom. I also understand that, for an example, if a poor population somewhere makes a habit of six or more children per family they would be forcing an undue burden on those elsewhere in the world who are more responsible. But that is an extreme example. What about the poor couple who do have the means to take care for the one or two children they have, but are unlucky in that one is born with a cleft palate. Can you really stand in front of that six year old child, who
  9. Thanks, Michael. I'm pleasantly surprised that I found nothing to disagree with in your post. I easily agree with each of your numbered points, 1, 2 and 3. I believe my previous comments were my attempt to explain your points 1 and 2. I don't get as intellectual as you, though. I'm a very practical person and I like to think about issues by example, sort of like Einstein did with his "thought experiments". Your discussion of Rand's essay and historical-political environment of the founding fathers' times reminds me of my opinion that they, and indeed many parts of the world, were then und
  10. I assume this is the proper forum for this? I just got home from a Health Care Forum sponsored by a local news station (Denver, 9news). The governor and six of Colorado's U.S. congresspeople and senators answered questions. I plan on blogging about it once I organize my notes. But there is one very specific topic I would like to hear your opinions on. As I striving/budding Objectivist I understand that health care is not a right. One man in the audience talked about his daughter being born with issues requiring 27 surgeries, and Ed Perlmutter (Colorado Congressman) mentioned his epileptic dau
  11. I don't know where you saw that, just want to make sure people know it's not mine. Zazzle randomly adds link to products from throughout their marketplace, I suspect that's what you saw. Thanks Bob I didn't think you made it, as it was made by someone called "xuberalles." It's pretty clearly visible here: Second row down. To complement the message, it has a charming little illustration of an iron right smack in-between the words. Now, what I found notable about it was that it was in the favorites section. I've never run an online store befor
  12. I don't know where you saw that, just want to make sure people know it's not mine. Zazzle randomly adds link to products from throughout their marketplace, I suspect that's what you saw. Thanks Bob
  13. So I had a little bit of satori (sudden inspiration) and wondered about the marriage of these two symbols. The Yin/Yang has a generically positive association with the general public, while the dollar sign - as Objectivists know - is too often associated with plain greed. I like the idea of the dollar sign representing a "balance" between rights and freedom in the free-market. (Click to see this design on products in my zazzle store)
  14. For something that's supposed to operate on pure logic, computers sure do seem to behave irrationally quite often, eh? Thanks. Bob