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  1. Baal, Speaking of Turkey I wonder what you might think of the notion that Erd... might have caused the fake coup attempt in order to grasp even more power for himself. He has used the coup as an excuse to arrest over 1400 judges and many in the military he must deem to be opposed to his policies. It is hard to believe that a coup would have been attempted if they didn't have enough support of the coup from the military and enough elites to begin with. The idea that the coup was a fake is not original with me but I wanted to bring up the subject because I find no one else has me
  2. Will no one here acknowledge that the Founders were guided by Vattel's contention in his Law of Nations in 1756 that Natural Born Citizen meant that both parents had to be citizens of the country. If one accepts that understanding then it follows that Obama, whose father was Kenyan as he readily admits, does not meet the eligibility requirements to be president of the United States. For that matter the eligibility of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are in question as well. What we have is a Constitutional crisis the establishment is unwilling to deal with.
  3. We know the bad guys ignore the Constitution except when it serves their evil purposes in their pursuit of more power for the central government. Judging from the decisions of the Supreme Court they have been so inclined as well. We should not make the same mistake. In order to take the Constitution seriously we ought to understand that the Founders were concerned about potential foreigners seeking to become president that they sought to guard against that by including the 'natural born citizen' eligibility requirement. By which they meant that both parents had to be citizens of the US for th
  4. I have subscribed to the newsletter entitled Market Report which includes condensed commentary on financial matters in the US. James Cook is the founder of Investment Rarities and has been warning of the coming crisis for over forty years attributable to the egregious money printing by the Federal Reserve and which has been emulated all over the world. The voice of the newsletter has always sounded as if the collapse were just around the corner but the hyperinflation has yet to manifest itself. This time though we are closer than ever before given the magnitude of the unsustainable debts of so
  5. A full page ad appeared announcing the publication of the "lost" novel , Ideal, by Ayn Rand. I am surprised that no one else has noticed this.
  6. Here are a couple more: And a book or two: Tom Woods: Nullification Griffin: The Creature From Jekyll Island Timberlake: Constitutional Money:A Review of Supreme Court Monetary Decisions Levy: The Dirty Dozen Enjoy!
  7. Well our own country under the guidance of the current administration is in more trouble than is realized by those who still have jobs. The unemployment rate is officially touted as about 5.4%, an asserted improvement over the nearly 10% when O took office years ago. Actually, according to John Williams of Shadowstats it is closer to 22% and much higher for inner city minorities. The national debt has doubled from 9T to 18T although there are off budget items such as the promises made to the baby boom cohort which is entering eligibility for receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits at
  8. Baal, You said: "The matter was decided when the killer was convicted of felony murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. We can assume he received a fair trial since there was no concerted effort to reverse the conviction...." That is probably true in this case. But that there are many falsely accused and wrongly convicted cases is also true. Evidently the most common reason is mistaken eye witness identification. The Innocence Project .org has used DNA evidence to overturn over 300 convictions. One cannot assume that just because someone was found guilty of a crime that he really is t
  9. On the face of it these two escapees are convicted murderers and deserve to be hunted down and recaptured or killed if they resist or ignore orders to drop their weapons. But, to adopt a Devil's Advocate position, how much do we know about the remaining escapee? He was serving a life sentence for the murder of a sheriff's deputy but we are not made aware of the circumstances of that event. Is it at all possible that, although convicted of murder, the murder was actually a case of justifiable homicide? If so maybe we should be rooting for this fellows escape. We are not told much of anything a
  10. The Altas Society promulgates Ayn Rand's philosophy. A literal handful of college activists started Students For Liberty in 2008. The SFL movement is still growing nearly exponentially and is in over one thousand campuses worldwide. SFL holds conferences in greater number each year, now over fifty. It is driven by the student activists who recruit others to the cause, read, discuss, listen to reason, establish beachheads in still more colleges and high schools. SFL is allied with The Atlas Society and other organizations within the individual freedom movement, e.g. www.ff
  11. GHS, Your book, ATCAG, is on my list of books which I give to promising individuals whom I meet not just in the course of my "job." It is in bold print for good measure. I am optimistic enough to believe that the day will come when children will be raised to listen to reason rather than indoctrinated by parents whose concern is that their children will have the beliefs needed to assure them a place in the afterlife. There are a handful of books which are a breathe of fresh air in a number of fields and yours is one of them. gg
  12. On the contrary, I find time I spend making some young person aware of Objectivism and the pro individual freedom movement to be time well spent when it appears to be appreciated. Today a truck pulled up and a few minutes later the doorbell rang. It was a young lady whose job it is to spray the trees in town to kill the moths / caterpillars which are eating the leaves. In the process of showing her access to the trees I asked her when she graduated and where she went to college. I asked her if she had heard of Students For Liberty or Young Americans For Liberty when she was a college student.
  13. IS it really so that material which is radioactive but has an very long half life is not as dangerous to one's health than one with a short half life?
  14. Naturally I wonder if he has given any thought to other subjects and where he stands on some of the issues of the day. At the end he said that he only had to keep one game in his mind at a time which is the key to his success and that he would need more time to give more consideration to other possible moves. It is a very impressive display. I have encountered a rated player who happened to be a blind man so all of his games were in effect blindfolded. Fun to watch a genius at work.
  15. I still don't know just what or which is causing all the sea creatures in the Pacific to be affected? I just make sure any salmon I buy is from the Atlantic Ocean.