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  1. Did you ask to have me keep track of what my sociology teachers said? I said I would make a list and send it to you. I was emailing you about socialism in sociology courses. My research methods teacher said "We think we are more unique than we actually are, It's a strange thing we humans do." She also said any paper about how the government is in my business and needs to but out is a "trash" paper. In another class my teacher showed a film about how communist countries have better health than democracies. This film was about twenty years old. I commented on how this is false based on re
  2. I am looking for data sets. I will look at those. I appreciate it.
  3. I am in a research methods class and am doing a paper on capitalism vs. socialism. Where can I find data from a private organization?
  4. Ayn Rand wrote about being rational but she also smoked. Somone wrote on this site you can rationalize smoking if the benefit is greater thean the cost. I just read nicotine postpones Alzeimers Disease by four years in people who have it in family genes, which I do. I personally just quit. I think I jsut want to rationalize starting again but I also like researching it. When Ayn Rand was alive, did ciggarretes have a bad reputation as being harmful to your health? nick
  5. Did you study music in school or learn it on your own?
  6. Also most rap music is ego centered and individualistic.
  7. The employees just park in regular spaces open to anyone.To get a validation the employee must park on the bottom level. The mall wants all employees to park on the bottom level of the underground garage. There are some people who rebel against parking down there. Do you think women would feel less than safe parking down there? I have trouble with some women who refuse to park in this area but still want validations from me. The parking enforcers are men so I thought maybe the women would feel vulnerable. Question: Are the employees taking paid or preferred parking spaces? I am not cle
  8. To blindly follow anyone is irrational.
  9. The argument about women being penetrated is used to attack pornography. I think during sex the man is dominant . what do you mean by dominant?
  10. At the time, my friend and I had a techno/ rap group. My dad had me sign a contract and made me promise to stop pursueing music in order to live with him and for him to pay for my private school. I said yes and stopped playing music. I just starting to get into music again after about 10 years. Why would he want me to stop playing music? I have no idea if I am talented at it becuase my friend wrote most of the songs in the band. I just wrote the lyrics and did the drums. part of me feels like I am just rebelling against him. Is it reasonable for a parent to tell a teenager what hobbies
  11. I sometimes think I need to change and the way I did things in the past must be wrong. My manager is authoritarian and wants me to refuse to give employees validations if the people are parked in the wrong spot. Before he got on me about it I just gave them to everyone. It makes no difference to me where you park. I am living on my own so I am scared of losing my: therefore, I am turning into a jerk to avoid getting in trouble at work. Has anyone had experience with this?
  12. This site has the information about the study. might you have a source on that second example with the brain scans and female urine stimuli? Adam
  13. I enjoyed the video Ginny: I have always been amused by the cliche "mind over matter" as if it were a competition rather than a unified whole. The power of positive thinking works. One aspect that was a moment of clarity for me as I read Atlas the first time, was how Rand debunked the mind body dichotomy. Makes for wonderful days and nights. Thankfully I read the book real early in life. Adam
  14. In a class entitled gender, race, and ethnicity under the sociology department I learned from Dr. Goodman. This was at the University of Utah. During one class she stated “if you are against affirmative action you are a racist.” In another class my political sociology teacher Professor Bro said socialism is more fair than capitalism. I wonder what his definition of fair is. Most teachers use the term exploitation when regarding capitalism. What is the teachers definition of exploitation. Is a women working in a factory gaining independence and the capitol needed to stand on her own fee
  15. A journal is a good idea. What do you want me to write in it? Do you want me to put teachers names in it? nick Well put! Great advice. Know your potential enemy better than he knows himself. nicholasair: Out of curiosity, what year are you in at school? Is it a primarily State or Private school? In the US or outside the US? Adam OK. Excellent. I would like you to start a journal in a word file. If you wish to discuss it with me just e-mail me on OL and I will provide you with my info. I would like to make teachers who are openly biased part of a broader "class action type" suit.