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  1. Ol' Man River sung by Wiliiam Warfield: Such a deeply moving song - and what an incredibly expressive bass voice! · The words of a YouTube blogger capture exactly what I feel about the song and W. Warfield's performance:[Louise Miller]:"Tears, chills, goosebumps....up and down my spine....every time I hear this song. The words are so moving, so emotional. And this singer is so expressive and his voice carries the message so well." (end quote) 
  2. moralist: What exactly is it that makes you so certain? My own direct personal experience. Greg Greg So it was a purely subjective experience on your part, with no objective evidence involved?
  3. moralist: What exactly is it that makes you so certain?
  4. The ability to deceive also seems to be part of our evolutionary heritage. A while ago, I watched a documentary where some clever monkey in the jungle uttered a loud 'warning cry' which made the others of the group flee because this type of cry signaled 'imminent danger' to them The smart monkey, now alone, then feasted on the coconuts the group had left behind. For it was those coconuts he had coveted.
  5. Tony, I'd like to have this illustrated by an example: In what way had a person who e. g. embezzled money 'earlier self-sacrificed his/her independent mind to others'?
  6. But can't an accomplished liar also be quite succesful at putting others at service to him/her?
  7. But doesn't the very notion of "cheating" automatically involve dishonesty? Can one 'cheat honestly'? This sounds incompatible, 'oxymoronic'. So whether one cheats at a school test, at a game, or on one's spouse - dishonesty is always involved. For the cheater always wants to conceal the truth about what he/she is doing.
  8. Selene, Speaking of centralized tyranny: incredible what is currently happening in Russia! Putin's hunger for power won't be satisfied by annexing the Crimea and the East Ukraine. This is only the beginning. The dangerousness of Putin had been grossly underestimated - for example by the former German chancellor Schröder who had the naiveté to call Putin "a democrat through and through." But Putin is exactly the opposite.
  9. So sorry to hear about your dog's death, Brant. But I'm sure Saga had very good life with you.
  10. Drastic formulation, but this may indeed be true. Hard as I try, I can't imagine Part III be made into a film. Galt's Gulch full of happy people - Danneskjöld rescuing Galt ... How on earth can something like Galt's Gulch be presented convincingly on screen without sliding into the too rose-colored? Even a genius like Frank Capra encountered problems in presenting a 'happy valley': The preview of Frank Capra's 1937 Lost Horizon - a movie in which a 'eu'topian valley (Shangri-La) plays a central roletoo - was a compete disaster. Soon people started giggling during scenes which were not suppos
  11. Hi Brant, You failed in what? In trying to chase me away for good? How's your chocolate Lab ('Saga'?) doing?
  12. Selene, Indeed she has also had that small seconday infection from leakage from the surgery - that's why it didn't seem to bee healing well. So we took her to the vet clinic again. It is being treated with antibiotics and she is doing a lot better now. Thanks again for your kind words and for the medical info!
  13. Angela, I hope everything is going well with your family and your Golden Retriever [??]. A... Hi Adam, It's been quite a busy time in my life during the past two years, with caring for elderly relatves occupying a larg chunk of my time. As for our (meanwhile 9 year-old) Golden Retriever dog - interesting that you should ask about her as well - actually she had to undergo an emergency operation last week! We had to rush her to the hospital (her abdomen suddenly had bloated) - the diagnosis was metritis and they had to operate her right away (ovario-hysterectomy). She's home now but still very
  14. “All theory is gray, my friend. But forever green is the tree of life.” (Goethe, Faust Part 1).