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  1. Ted, I'm not even out of high school, let alone in college where I could take such a class. And in regards to the names of my characters, I know that they need some work to sound as if they are all from the same general geographical area, as well as several locations. I just put in names to personify the characters, rather than write in Person A, Person B, Mountain D, etc., and had intended to change several of them to add flow to the styles of the names, but I chose working on a new short story over refining the one I currently had to better practice writing and exorcise my creativity. Adam,
  2. Before you start reading, want to warn you - it is a bit of a read. I had originally thought of editing and revising it thoroughly then trying to get it published, but at this point, I'm just writing short stories for practice. Rather than edit this one, I'm going hard at work on my next piece. Enjoy THE TITAN SPHERE The sun burned at their skin as Taylin and Rous exerted themselves with each step across the sands of the Tehlam. This desert, unlike many others of the region, was laden with enigmas; mysteries and lore passed down from the histories. It was these puzzles, though, that tantal
  3. While I believe I know the answer to the first question I am about to ask, I shall ask it anyway. Does the Objectivist Philosophy support homosexuality? I have yet to do a large amount of study on the topic, but, from what I've learned, Rand was against it because she found the lifestyle disgusting and the government benefits these couples may receive to be unjust. (I may be wrong in this, so, by all means, correct me if I am)
  4. Is it an oxymoron for one to identify themselves as a Christian Objectivist? (I apologize for not elaborating much on the question. It is a fairly strait forward question that I have been trying to figure out myself, figure I'll ask the OL community and get some feedback on it.)
  5. Simply put, the opposite of nothing is anything.
  6. Nice finding another Philip Glass fan I've been a huge fan of his ever since I first heard his "Symphony No. 3" I have yet to hear any that you noted, with the exception of "Heroes" (And I'll be sure to look up the three Movements you listed). "Metamorphosis 2" is another personal favorite of mine. I, too, highly recommend any of his work. Brad
  7. Even one death in child-birth makes the point. Child bearing is hazardous. Who should determine what risk shall be borne? Easy. The potential victim. Ba'al Chatzaf For once, you, sir, are fundamentally incorrect. Child bearing is hazardous, this much is true, but the woman made her choice when she has sexual intercourse. That is her choice. Regardless of any preparation made in attempt to not bear a child, when you commit the act of sex, you are taking the risk along with any repercussion, such as the baby, being an acceptable side effect of the act. In short, the woman makes her choice to
  8. Adam, I don't think that the definitions of fetus, child, and potential life are the one's that need be defined. The one we are having issue on is life and when begins. Life is synonymous with Natural Rights, and having parallel views on the definition of life would avoid this discussion in its entirety. Brad
  9. A fetus is NOT a child. It is not a person. A fetus has no rights. And there is no sure way of determining whether a miscarriage was natural or caused by negligence. Your are wrong four ways in one posting. Good going! Ba'al Chatzaf I think we have a serious fundamental difference of opinion here. I have the same passion for the fact that a fetus IS a person as you have that is is not. I do not think we will ever find a middle ground on this issue. A fetus has rights, one can determine whether a miscarriage was natural or caused by negligence, and, again, a fetus is a child. Brad
  10. Michael, If negligence was to blame for the death of a fetus by means of miscarriage, then I do believe that the mother should be held responsible for the crime of child negligence in a court of law. If the child was a miscarriage due to misfortune, then it was a death of natural causes and should not be addressed in any sort of legal manor. Brad
  11. Truly, we read it. You can see that in the tally of 58 views (plus one, now). For a haven of critics, the silence is deafening. If nobody liked it, you would have had more feedback. It would be waggish of me to ask if the Buenos Aired Police Department has a sign in English. According to Wikipedia, they call themselves Policía de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, also known informally as Policía Bonaerense ... to their many friends, no doubt. MSK knows the Latin American scene best of all, but my intuition is that anyone they picked up would not sign a release but would just disappear. Pe
  12. Ba'al, Would you then eat the flesh of an unborn fetus, so long as it fancies your taste? Seeing as you are taking the position that a fetus is not a persons, I see no reason why you would object to it. Brad
  13. I believe the one with the difficulty of determination is yourself, not I. Brad
  14. No. I eat meat without regard to the animal. But a fetus is nothing even close to an animal. I fail to see how the two are even comparable. And I take it you are willing to become a cannibal, so long as the flesh is properly seasoned? Brad
  15. Adam, I think it is under no circumstances acceptable to take the life of an entity without his / her / it's consensus, unless, as stated earlier in an arguing post, one entity has voided his / her / it's right to life. Brad