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  1. Dunno why you're asking Kori, dear, since I'm the one with the quotes. Anyway, he's a stand up comedian, not as famous as he used to be. His brand of humor was...strange. He would deliver his jokes with minimal expression and just run straight through his ludicrous lines without pausing for laughter or anything. Quite something. ;)
  2. Hi Kori, Haha, I never thought of it that way. It's public, but I had to test to get in. It's pretty cool. Every year we do different dissections. We watch live surgeries via distance learning. Last year we did hospital rotations and next year we get to intern in a medical profession of our choice. Our curriculum is also more science-oriented, although we get the regular humanities classes. This is not an endorsement of public schools though. :angel: It's definitely an improvement (I don't think I could have survived at a regular high school), but it is still frustrating at times. That's so cool! I want to be a medical illustrator, and I'm waiting [im]patiently to learn all the proper anatomical stuff in college. Anyway, welcome to anyone who's joined up since I was here last, enjoy your stay =) I'll try showing up a wee bit more often. Oh, and I'm rereading Atlas Shrugged, for the record. Sayonara!
  3. Thanks everyone! Sorry I couldn't reply earlier, but I appreciate all the well-wishing and advice. Yep, I gotta be a grown-up now, how 'bout that. B)
  4. Well, it would be hard to pick any one thing that was most interesting to me. I was mostly just taking in the sights and the people. I have to say, going to another country really opens your eyes to what you take for granted at home...such as which is the "correct" side of the street to drive on. There are a thousand more examples, that's just the most obvious one Oh yes, we also went to see their production of Chicago (the musical). Aside from the bad accents (I hope we don't really sound like that), it was both alarming and amusing to see them portray the characters in the American stereotype. A very enjoyable show, of course. I love the songs and the style, no matter who's playing in it. But the difference between their version and our Hollywood one is definitely interesting.
  5. Inky


    Congratulations and good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone! And Chris, I do believe I also share a birthday with Anton Lavey, though I'm not sure how I feel about this. Don't worry everyone, I've seen enough Chinese operas and Bollywood films to be able to handle any kind of singing.
  7. Gonna have to agree with Brant on that one, Mike. Though they both apply at times. It's a question of personality, I think, whether you're more of a go-getter or afraid of failure. I need coffee. I'm being Master of the Obvious again.
  8. I really don't have a problem with it at all. The only times my friends ever get my philosophy full blast is when they're asking me for advice and things. And whenever our English teacher happens to ask for our opinion in an essay, she gets a dose of it as well. Other than that, I'm just myself, and no one really notices. Certainly people disagree with me, but I'm the sort that can set aside my differences and enjoy a person for their company. A great example: My best friend is a Communist. (I'm not ashamed to say so because I know him, and he's more than just a Communist to me. Nor am I worried about what people will think, because as far as I'm concerned, no one else really has the right to complain about my choices in friends unless they know both of us personally.) But really, if you make wise decisions, being a teenage Objectivist is a piece of cake. I don't have friends who give me crap about my beliefs and can't accept them because the second I meet someone like that, I know I wouldn't really want to know them anyway. Simple
  9. Well. I'm sitting here in the computer lab for English class, having finished early. I just have to say that I'm getting very annoyed at the selections our teacher makes for us to read. Right now the assignment is to read "Tell Me A Riddle," a short story by Tillie Olsen. For those who do not know, Tillie Olsen has been a Communist since the very beginning, and her short story reflects very much off of that. The introduction to the story seems to recognize how this whole thing is Communist propaganda. I'll put up the introduction when I get home, because the period is almost over. But this has to be the third story she's had us read by a Communist. And all the other ones are about miserable women in bad marriages, or how bad men are and such. Really...I'm quite tired of this.
  10. Inky


    Ah, mother, I <3 you so...throwing in RHPS, Bauhaus, Siouxsie...everything....for me. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone indeed. :ahappy:
  11. If I'm not much mistaken, he had an exhibit all to himself at Beatlefest a few years ago. He has a very distinctive style, I recognized it immediately.
  12. Hm, I know what you mean. I know an "Objectivist" or two, but it seems that they're mostly using it as an excuse to be total douchebags. I've tried flinging Atlas Shrugged in a few people's faces, but I suppose the 1,000+ pages can be a bit intimidating...I'll find a good convert and drag them here soon enough.
  13. Heh, no comment here, my mother's wandering around :whistle: And if any of you guys happen to have friends who are interested in Objectivism or are Objectivists themselves, please do invite them. Sometimes it seems like this joint needs more of a teenage perspective on things.
  14. I'm still alive! Okay, role call, how many teenagers are on this forum? Just to get an idea. Perhaps we could start discussing ideas from a teenage point of view, or how school life affects us while trying to live rationally and the like. I'm Tina, or Inky, whichever you prefer, and I'm sixteen. Now it's your turn.