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  1. My amazement that the drug is sold, as well as a pro-Ivermectin book being plugged - on Amazon!: That success story out of India has not received general news coverage, that I've seen.
  2. And one of the best shows in a while, Schitt's Creek, came out of Canada, acted-produced by Eugene Levy and son. The country has a quality film industry.
  3. Michael, Tamed. That's the word that comes to mind in these recent times, even pre-pandemic (which played perfectly into certain hands). The taming of the collective people, not only by nanny governments but by the people who childishly need them. Again, like livestock, aptly, this shows the masses can be taught to be willingly herded and corralled with not a bleat or moo in protest.
  4. Michael, here is the clear liquid, generic product I use - 'ecomectin 1%': One of a few cheap brands made locally for livestock, also in restricted supply and so increasingly costly. An acquaintance who dabbles in health remedies suggested and supplied me a 50 ml bottle cheaply, about $15 US equiv.. NOT to be injected of course, but a few drops rubbed into the skin, once a week. At such low dosage, about one ml, from a stock solution containing one percent Ivermectin, and absorbed topically one time per week - it sure is safe! After a month of use I haven't felt a single side effect. And that is for my use as a preventative, with the vits I mentioned - but it has an unofficial growing reputation as a treatment. Truth is, I don't know for certain how efficacious it is for either purpose; there are studies online which cut both ways and several positive anecdotal reports. No harm, no foul. If anyone wants to use it - especially for a Covid patient in a bad condition - who can forbid you and why?
  5. How true to the course of history to this point, one can decide for oneself.
  6. It was a pharmacist and an MD who privately told me they had treated Covid infections in their families with Ivermectin. (Plus strong doses of C, D3 and Zinc). Those infected came through with flying colours, reportedly. Roll-out of vaccines is slow here, due to usual government causes.
  7. My simple answer to ''Why AR rejected Conservatism'. She expected more from the conservatives (re: capitalism). The Left didn't even bear mentioning, they were (and are) beyond the pale.
  8. Enquiring minds would like to know. It is not politics per se, it's where the O'ist institutions stand ideologically and how credible to readers they remain. TAS has been quite vocal about Socialism, an out of touch ARI has consistently trashed the conservatives and largely left Socialism alone (from the regular articles I get). Even today, when all out condemnation and canceling has been declared against conservatives by the Left, you'd believe from ARI that the right were the rising danger. For example from a week ago:
  9. The same low-risk/non-risk group (healthy under 40's/50's, approx.) whose lives were arbitrarily devastated first time round, with lockdowns, now have to do it over again with mandatory vaccinations - again, for the sake of everybody else's safety? At ¬some¬ risk of vaxx side effects e.g. thrombosis and unknown risks in future? Teens and children included? This has been a mass sacrifice of the healthy and able to the unhealthy and unable. Who does your life belong to?
  10. Yeah, it's also become a darling of conspiracy mongers who want individual choices suppressed. It's a provably harmless drug to humans (I use topically as a prophylactic), and if it is ineffective, too bad. But restricting it's sale is arbitrary. btw I am not anti-vaccination, but it must remain one's choice.
  11. What is the availability of Ivermectin in the US? It was restricted here, though I managed to find some. Most disturbing, on the recommendation of medical-pharm individuals I spoke to, it is quite effective; how many people needlessly died?
  12. Good, if a bit heavy on history. Where was discussion of ARI's obvious Leftist bias and where TAS stands politically?
  13. I've not found a better writer on lockdowns - and the rest - than Jeffrey Tucker (at TAS): A follow up:
  14. Another good one by Buck Sexton:
  15. 'Not going to stop' - Harris laughs. Back in September. (Go to 5.30)
  16. A good one from Sexton. Why is it the many conservatives I read who most regularly call for the facts, want the evidence, can reason from those and prize (national and individual) values, can show a sense of balance and proportion and have the integrity to voice unpopular opinions against the outrage of many (and call for the freedom of speech to do so)? IOW, they who are coming across as most ... objectivist? I sincerely would have liked to have read this kind of bold article from ARI Objectivists, who went into vapors upon the 'insurrection'. (Necessary and usual disclaimer: I do not condone the forced entry by a crowd into the Capitol and any destructive/violent actions: I understand the seriousness).
  17. Splashed, emblazoned, at every turn, on social media and the msm and by leftist politicos from that day until the present. Never let a good crisis - etc. The (missing?) weapon held in a white hand would have been pictured and enlarged on every media site. The whole world must be shown and be outraged by the mass menace of rightist 'white supremacists' (oh, we are anyway, thanks to the media control?)
  18. If she'd had a weapon I'd sing a different tune. But no gun visible or reported at the inquest, although she was carrying a knapsack. Peter, what disturbed me is there was no warning given that I heard and the guard was out of line of sight and didn't seem to want to make his presence noticed, so it looked like an ambush. (Also can't figure why she wasn't stopped by the guards right next to her outside the door when she was banging on it and climbed through). In general, I don't disagree, a stupid woman - you place yourself in harm's way, occupy illegally, or resist (!) lawful arrest, you are taking chances with your life and perhaps had it coming when things go awry.
  19. It is sickening how long the authorities (and tame and gloating MSM) managed to hold back/sit on the forensic evidence of the officer's true cause of death (for political purposes, without doubt), and I saw Babbitt's slaying - a premeditated shooting lacking clear and present danger, it appeared to me - and no officer named yet? Unbelievable.
  20. I don't know of a fly, Michael. The passage I imagine you mean reads: "Now consider the painting described at the start of this discussion. The cold sore on the lips of a beautiful woman, which would be insignificant in real life, acquires a monstrous metaphysical significance by virtue of being included in a painting....[...] Art and Sense of Life. In short, why deliberately defile beauty? That recalls for me many artists' and screen writers' self-ironic mockery of anything good, heroic and beautiful in mankind. In a word, "naturalism", a denial of the volitional mind. I've read all those authors you mention and they are very good. Their characters are at least depicted as slightly flawed romantic figures, who know their opponents as vile people and get to defeat them. Not: as nothing particularly virtuous separating them, the moral relativism, like much of movie and fictional art (and contemporary culture, uncoincidentally) has it.
  22. This evening at 9:21 pm, will be the 21st minute of the 21st hour of the 21st day of the month of the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century. Aren't you glad you knew this?
  23. ha, and noticeably you understand quibble well.
  24. Very good, and thanks for inserting objective value** in there to remind us. A few quibbles, the objective "should" is entirely individual not collective, and "an objective value" and "a responsibility that goes far beyond simple reproduction" are contradictions. That then is a duty. One reproduces (or doesn't) not for the species or society, but for the offspring and oneself. I echo your reminder, William, that a couple can be successful (and more) at nurturing a child, having known a few gay parents and their kids myself. Successful? Not from undertaking an onerous, prolonged duty and selflessness, but from deeply committed values, an enjoyment in and for the child - which are, you guessed, selfish values. **the objective standard of which is "man's life" - quality men and women leading quality lives.