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  1. You really off the beaten track. I went first to Edmonton, found Lac La Biche and Athebasca and listened to a few of their radio stations, CJSR FM?, and got lost in the wilderness north of there... great fun listening in on international languages and music. (hey, found Fort MacMurray on a normal map. Main route north stops there, whew what a gigantic country)
  2. Give us your position and go outside wave to everybody, Jules. haha. Imagine if this were live picture - with live broadcasts.
  4. A pleasure guys, like you, trying to make sense of it all. When you've got time, some lighter opinion pieces at JWR also caught my fancy, so I posted the lot. Look at the usually thoughtful comments underneath and as bonus, a page of Think Toons. I know you can take the occasional religious references with a bar of salt.
  5. As good as I've read so far:
  6. There is a particularly American quality that Rand identified (some speech to cadets at a military academy): "earnestness". I like seeing that in Polly (and in General Flynn, who she linked to). I seem to recall in younger days that me and many others raised in the Brit tradition rather laughed at the quality, but admiringly, some tacitly recognizing that it stood for resolve, courage and values-held. Somewhere along the line, its my belief, earnestness began disappearing in the US, replaced by "cool". Largely the second handedness of a concern of one's appearance and acts to others' eyes. With cool, followed - likely, was caused by - cynicism (about holding values, altogether). Not altogether disappeared, earnestness is even having a comeback in America, I'm pleased to see.
  7. The conjecture isn't mine tho I agree with it. Results of cabin fever, divorces will shoot through the roof, birth rates will peak in 9 months. So I will rush to be the first to name the phenomena. "My hubby and I had a Corona divorce". "I was a Corona baby".
  8. Peter, With rational self interest it's presumed that we are acutely self-protective, within realistic limits - and would responsibly protect others from ourselves if we had even the faintest sign of having contracted the virus (before earliest testing for it). I haven't the greatest confidence in the majority's rationality*, so have reluctantly accepted the necessity and right of government clampdowns. Delineated for and limited to a fixed period. That's collective-statism in action that needs to be tolerated temporarily by freedom lovers. It is true that no government knows what's going on enough to accurately predict Coved-19's outcomes, not enough to gamble with their populace's lives. So they naturally lean to over-control, and probably should. *(A statement I read will become more common, you have probably seen it on the news: Roughly - Those people who don't take precautions or those with symptoms who don't self-isolate are -- "selfish". Contrarily, of course they demonstrate self-lessness). It is horribly disturbing to see the inactivity round one in 'the market-place', of many local/national shops and services some of whose owners I know, on up to the general economy and world economy (especially, like you, the blow to the US, completely out of nowhere). The costs to multi-millions of individuals' lives, incomes, profits, ambitions etc. I cannot imagine nor get my head around. Re-starting again after the freeze on their businesses and jobs will be hard and impossible for some. Continuity is life-blood to any enterprise. Therefore I tend towards - the hell with it, let the cards fall as they may. The cost will be too high. I'm willing to personally take a risk, prefer being active, free and unrestrained - and staying alert. But I can't insist others do. If self-sacrifice is "giving up a greater value for a lesser one or non-value", aren't we everywhere getting closer to that value-balancing point and then a tipping point into general sacrifice? We'll know better in a few weeks.
  9. Good actor, Idris, but like all of them who believe the parts they were given to play and lines they spoke lent them the authentic status of moral superiority and expertise (Will Smith had a strange thing to say about a part he played once relating to this pandemic). In the meantime, with three days till a 21 day total lockdown in SA, there's this sense pf panic-excitement in the air. Risky times (and I mean from other people). Everybody living in preparation for a post-Armageddon imagined from the deluge of Hollywood films of that type, Zombies, aliens, tsunamis, killer bees, viruses, etc.. Hollywood rehearsed the world.
  10. A Spockian absence of emotional experience - even lack of emotional display - is an O'ist ideal? Guys, it's so far from true it's not even wrong.
  11. The normally respectable local Sunday Times today. Front page headline: "STANDSTILL. Frightening new projections of rate of Coved-19 has SA Defense Force on standby ready to deploy". What?? Facts released by the government - the CV figures today have risen from 202 to 240 cases - 16 of them, people who had NOT re-entered from overseas and caught it there. I.E. the in-country re-transmission rate so far has been minor (for some odd reasons). Most atypical statistics, I know, but this govt. and media fearmongering here is universal, to some degree. Health Minister Mkhize: the whole population could be infected Fear; riots; military force. The 'causal' relationship. 1000+ cases registered in 40 countries in Africa...
  12. Let's ban cars. (And motorbikes Jon). Stay home and be safe, nobody dies, ever:
  13. One of a kind dies:
  14. Ha, my middle name is John. I was slightly embarrassed to put that among such exalted company as Rand and Kipling.
  15. Not at all. I also don't think it was artificially constructed, I haven't any problem accepting the official reasons and source. Coved-19 is real and has to treated gravely without hysteria, by individuals and governments. 'Don't be afraid, be vigilant' - Pence. I do think, however, there are many who are not now, and would not be unhappy with any recession in the US - so-called celebs have been blatantly wishing for that outcome to overturn the president at sacrificial cost to the nation - and the world economy (or collapse of capitalism). Nor sad with the panic (set to increase in coming weeks as things get worse before they get better) which is not exactly allayed by much of the media - leading to probable riots in some countries. Those, in short, who view this pandemic as the first stage in a 'new global order'. In other words, this is a fortuitous happenstance for any who plan to step into the vacuum afterwards and rule us (for your own good, yknow). Eleven years ago and another serious outbreak, H1N1, which might also have created uncertainty and major alarm, media overkill, quarantines, lockdowns and shutdowns - but didn't. Before it went on to cause up to one half-million deaths. My part guess, at that point nothing must be allowed to sully the terms of office of the then president. I only bring in the reminder of the swine flu pandemic as reference, dismayed at the Coronavirus' projected mortality rate and aware that there is error in direct medical equivalence with this one. But overall, fundamentally, what's new?