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  1. Some places that reacted fairly or very quickly are going back into further lock downs, or considering it as cases "surge" -e.g. UK, New Zealand, Israel - despite the freedom seeking minorities which oppose them. Boris was saying he wants everybody in England to test every day...Huh?! Virologist Wittkowski's factual advice will be proven right, "flattening the curve" extends the curve. But such dissenting experts have been silenced by social media pandering to WHO, UN, etc. Let's eventually see some model that can demonstrate how many lives have been saved (or not) by the blanket is
  2. "You don't have to rely on altruistic obedience". True. The prevailing perception of love is that you sacrifice yourself. (Or someone does for you). Except, much of the time, most people aren't surrendering "a higher value to a lesser one". Sub-consciously at least, they understand that the object of their love is 'worth it', and what they do to sustain it through thick and thin totals a gain in value, since they love him/her above minor outlays, but often they'll mis-name and display their acts as 'sacrificial' nonetheless. Then the others, the authentic self-sacrificers, who hang on through
  3. Beware COVID-19 Vaccine Politics By Buck Sexton Dear reader, Last week, President Trump made an optimistic claim... "We could have a vaccine soon, maybe even before a special day. You know what day I'm talking about." The possibility of a COVID-19 breakthrough should be positive news to all Americans. But some are terrified for what it will mean for the national election, now less than two months away. Never in living memory has an emerging medical breakthrough been poised to play such a critical role in who will stay – or become – the leader of the free world. For t
  4. Next follows Bahrain, and some interesting ramifications. It is clear that the moderate Arab states have long been tired of the Palestinians - who predictably are mighty upset at these 'betrayals' - for holding out of a peace accord. Next that with Iran's threat to the region, they'd rather side with Israel. And - the timing of these diplomatic moves: just shortly pre-US elections, shows they are openly throwing in with and supporting President Trump, for whom this is a feather in his statesman cap so bettering his chances for re-election. (Maybe, also gaining the USA as a potential ally).
  5. The video is very good, but slavery is not 100% relevant to my post. Bear in mind that slavery and racism are not always equal bedfellows. Where there was systemic racism like South Africa, there wasn't slavery. Which went roughly for all the African ex-colonies, they tolerated little or no slavery but had racist policies of varying severity.
  6. I don't agree. Conversely, America is NON-racist. It's predominantly individualist. To be actively anti-racist is still to be aware of collective differences and make allowances. Which is why most Americans don't know how to deal with the new racialism, masquerading as "anti-racist", espoused by a minority to divide the nation. They don't recognize anti-racism, or the threat it poses, since non-racism is what they know and live by..
  7. There is no "anti-racism", it's all simple racism now. You are defined by your group - period. Uplifting or pandering to a person's type, group or tribe - by cause of their "type" - is as much anti-individualist and -phobic, as belittling and negating them because of their type. (While granted the latter is nastier in appearance, they are identical in premises and consequences). The soft bigotry of low expectations, as it's said, is a subtler and insidious racism. It follows we'll have competing groups, and sacrifices of one to another (altruism-collectivism) and a break down in society. There
  8. Michael, At that stage of the game, with fears of conflict in the air, it was important for SAfricans (and the international community) to believe the fairy tale of reconciliation - the past is forgotten and we are all free and equal now. Hell, that's what I believed. Mandela was excellent in that role of statesman and race reconciler keeping hidden his personal (mostly private) dislike of whiteys. A pragmatist, he said that obviously the country needed the Whites, their finance and abilities and foreign investment to succeed. He would have been appalled at the ANC today, the elite looters hav
  9. There's no edit function. But to add, Peter, the nihilists and cynics who would force society to be 'good', would be useless without numbers of followers: the fervent true-believers, sundry feel-gooders and useful idiots.
  10. Peter, I'd like to be reassured by your positivity ;0. I've seen more than enough of the unbelievable nihilism of the US Left to be persuaded. What I remember reading of FDR's period, this is not to be his 'soft', one might say good-willed Socialism - wrong-headed as it was - now is a different context. They want nothing short of totalitarian control. Socialism, the down trodden and poor, equality, and so on is their moral pretext. That their objective won't be accomplished due to Conservative/patriotic resistance is not much help. In the effort of power, the Leftists will do maximum damage. I
  11. Inspired by the Marxist Black Lives Matter, this was predictable, I saw something like this coming our way next. And there is almost zero overt white on black racism remaining in SA, I know (but plenty of the reverse, systemic and legal to shut whites out of the economy) - AND all lives taken are by blacks on blacks. This is Malema of the EFF (Economic Freedom Front, sounds good? Except that it wants to nationalize banks, property and everything).
  12. We can do it too! Shampoo ad about frizzy hair 'causes' our own thuggish Marxist crew to attack and force closures of major SA pharmacy group, Clicks. Plainly they mimic the US and the success they saw of holding businesses and their unwitting, 'racism' to ransom.
  13. "To eliminate [racism]". No, in order to foster racism merjet. BLaMe. When race is one's tool it must cut both ways. For your 'group' against the other 'group'. Denigrating the white race because of true or imagined racism, past or present, is equally racist-collectivist. When you hear of "equality" today, you can know that it's supremacy they want. What it is is a minority of dissidents and cop-outs within the blacks, who could not succeed in one of the freest and wealthiest nations, have taken the easy route of pointing out everybody else by race for their lacks. (Then w
  14. Ah, Michael, But we mustn't overlook how shrewd was Obama's long term plan pallying up to the Iranians which brought about this turn of events! Apparently in Biden's mind, anyway. Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Leftists have a determinist streak I've noticed. The economy took off after Obama - therefore because of Obama.