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  1. Yes, the intrinsicism that's still around Objectivism. The intimate knowledge about their intimacy 'came to me'. Ayn Rand must be no less than perfect, as woman, and in every which way. To maintain the image, Branden must be the swine who manipulated her.
  2. Heh.
  3. Several aspects of jealousy, mainly physical, material, creative, intellectual, sexual. Not meant of anyone in particular, but can anyone say for sure there wasn't any or every kind of jealousy generally aimed at Brandon re: his special relations with Rand?
  4. If I'd not been digging many sources, I might not have known this clip was out there. Not going to be seen on BBC or CNN and not reported in the NYT. You mean, the venerable New York Times, which had difficulty even reporting that Hamas started the conflict, would hush up this overt statement? A Hamas terrorist brags that They "...form human shields". That is, the women, the children, the elderly want to do so. (Because they believe in the cause, he clearly wants us to know). Honestly, while I've long known how civilians were used this way, I'd assumed the phrase "human shield" was concocted by Israeli observers. The normal mind reels at the implications. No one can absorb child sacrifice. Could it be, many might have to ask, that Gazan children are born and bred to be "shields" for the terror group's intent to wipe out Israel? (not only to have their pictures emblazoned on front pages for sympathy from the West). Everyone already knows that kids are trained young to be "freedom fighters" - but this is too much. Rather, most retreat to a mental safe space in which Israel is the automatic killer of children.
  5. Peter: It begins with the media.
  6. Where do you draw the line in the chain of causality? I maintain this 'lady' is both effect and cause, leading onto further cause -- etc.* Then people in societies outside of Israel will be casualties also to followers of her proclaimed morally-righteous cause, and they are my first concern. The situation is that following latest political events, it's perceived by enemies, wrongly or rightly, that America isn't covering Israel's back any longer. (Although, Israel has never and doesn't expect, nor want, American military support). Moral support has been short, condemnation enormous from media, public and politicians. It appears foes understand western moral superiority very well, while many in the West have been relinquishing it. Sensing vulnerability and the big moment, every scumbag person and organization and ideology is jumping in. No, I don't see only a problem of regional sovereignty. This involves the fate of the West, at bottom. 'They' know this. Everyone else should pay heed to what they know, not laugh them off as crazies, or sameold, sameold . Things have never been this bad and are gathering steam daily. *Right up the causal line, I ask: is the only person one can name "evil" the final cause - the initiator of the probably coming war, the Ayatollah of Iran? Cannot be.
  7. If we are only a small band here which can and usually do raise our voices, farting into the wind, against the 90+% anti-Israel, anti-Jewish noise everywhere, I think I for one should.
  8. I don't endorse this writer's opinions about the USA; only take into account that it is a growing perception out there. Especially, for the European Jews. (Leftist Jews too are coming to the realization that Leftists are rejecting them, at the least, gone very silent re: latest anti-Semitism. What I've been opining to Jews for years. Don't worry so much about the White Supremacists and right-wingers, as the MSM puts out, it is the Left ("your" Left) who pose the greater and immediate harm).
  9. Okay, but caught in between are Jews in every western country. I don't see this BLM incitement as primarily against Israel. There's a bigger picture. (You might have missed my edited post). A Muslim told me once that some Islamists reckon there's no better way to eliminate world Jews then to drive them all into - "back to" - Israel by making them feel uncomfortable and threatened in the West. Then they could all be taken out in one go.
  10. Michael, maybe. But: "...if we don't step up boldly and courageously to end this imperialist project called Israel, we are doomed". I think of the millions/billions around the world, blacks, Muslims, (and whites) who are and will take this as their call to arms, to violence upon local Jews where they are. This is now incitement by the infamous/famed BLM, revered in many places, backed by Antifa, which has predictably joined forces and added further credibility to the Palestine cause. Sometimes we've just got to take someone at their word, to realize they know and desire the consequences of their rhetoric. "Doomed"? And will organize the personnel to carry it into action. Unlike previous conflicts there, things and events are ramping up well above any previous pressures on Israel, we are heading into unknown territory and anything is possible. She knows as well as anyone that Israel is not going anywhere - 'ended' - short of a huge and deadly defensive war. (Cue Iran, who are always watching for signs of weakness from the international community, now seeing a ¬morally¬ compromised Israel - which was, as always, the single objective of the Hamas attack - and the time to strike could be soon ). Talk about money, big tech has been throwing big money at BLM, 'capitalists' sanctioning a Marxist-racist movement.
  11. "The country that you want me to renounce is all that stands between me and having to rely upon your kindness. So thank you. You and your scorn have made my case." Featured Post I will not be a lamb on the altar of your purity