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  1. Good thoughts. I was struck again while watching a Jane Austen film how simpler it was once, especially for human relations. Early humans were aware at one time of *only* what they sensed and perceived in their immediate vicinity, acts of other individuals included, and could conceptualize from those. (Since mankind survived, there is testament to the fact that they did). That stays the same, the epistemology is unchanged and constant, but information of concrete things and human actions multiplied exponentially with increasing modernization - and the mass media - and so requires much further
  2. The most definitive answer so far, to virus and lockdowns. Listen at 1.5 speed I suggest.
  3. Fantastic signs. A rebound I wouldn't think possible. The market has 'voted' in an early election?
  5. Yup Michael, Scott Adams is firm on the American/ individual/freedom/leader's role, and that scientists and MD's should never stray - in official capacity - outside their fields, into economics, ethics or politics, much less make arguments from authority (out of their areas) a la Carl Sagan, or that they need taking seriously. Most disappointing of the respectable New England Journal of Medicine that they'd make this nakedly obvious political ploy against the Trump Administration, close to the election. And I see similar propaganda from other once apolitical and great organs, like Nat Geo's ma
  6. "Nothing". I like that. Je ne regrette rien... The President's Mass Declassification By Sebastian Gorka, PhD After I left the White House in 2017, I wrote a book of my experiences and the way Donald Trump, a non-politician, had totally upended American politics. Once The War for America's Soul was written, I decided to do one more thing... I contacted the president to ask if he would agree to an exclusive interview on his tenure to date and lessons learned. He agreed, and the transcript of our discussion in the Oval Office became the appendix to my book.
  7. Of interest to you Mike. Not all of them, as I said, a minority with integrity:
  8. Typical, all of science and medicine has been compromised by a single, unquestioned ethics: government owns your bodies and you are responsible for others' bodies. When a govt. doesn't do enough fast enough - perhaps from a semblance of recognizing citizens' self-responsibility and individual liberty, these people stick the knife in and 'politicize' what's not their business to do. Altruism 101. One's life belongs to the Other.
  9. Anti- *illegal* immigration, right. The same deceitful strawman I heard from Brook and Co. about the President: "Anti-immigrant". Apart from your good reasons and the attractive US welfarism which some Objectivists don't want to consider, dropping context and by idealist standards of the ideal free nation of full individual rights, there's of course a good social reason against open borders. While every citizen in the country is documented, identifiable and traceable, now allow others coming in who can't ever be found or known. Not that most migrants are or will be criminals, but it only take
  10. Philosophy ~explains~ the "mystery" to one (else what good is it?). The absolute truth is, to the universe, there's no value in life and particularly human life, we are as useful and incidental as a lump of rock or volcano or Black Hole, and as valueless. Without A Valuer. So "value" was a construct of mankind along with 'purpose' and 'meaning'. I think you start enjoying living - totally - the moment you realize - fully - that there will be an end to it, there's no let off, in time you will die. And "Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" (and die all the same). All implicitly
  11. There's the distinction I was talking about. Today's "anti-racists" are indeed the new racists - or "racialists". Looking for and stirring up race supremacist motivations under every bed. A highly unpopular question to ask here: Where would you successful blacks be today in Africa if not for the "colonizers" you say you loathe? One or two youngsters who won't have to barely survive in another shit hole country get this guy's virtuous wrath. He could have picked on Hollywood starlets first.
  12. Paul was correct, Branden's and Rand's fields are distinct - and simultaneous, I think he'd agree: Good and evil and healthy and unhealthy. As both thinkers understood. Philosophy and psychology are considered different areas of formal study and application but co-exist in the individual mind and his life. (Self-evidently). Healthy and unhealthy was the specific concern of this Objectivism-grounded psychologist. Who would still write psycho-philosophically in Honoring the Self, about the correlation of human atrocities, sacrifice and self-sacrifice : "It is not self but the absence of self whi
  13. "Make deals not war"? Do you think the peaceniks (or ARI) will give the Prez an iota of credit?
  14. Some places that reacted fairly or very quickly are going back into further lock downs, or considering it as cases "surge" -e.g. UK, New Zealand, Israel - despite the freedom seeking minorities which oppose them. Boris was saying he wants everybody in England to test every day...Huh?! Virologist Wittkowski's factual advice will be proven right, "flattening the curve" extends the curve. But such dissenting experts have been silenced by social media pandering to WHO, UN, etc. Let's eventually see some model that can demonstrate how many lives have been saved (or not) by the blanket is