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  1. anthony

    Donald Trump

    There is a man I associate with Donald Trump, who was a major tycoon on the SA scene . He is Sol Kerzner, who has since built casino resorts from the Bahamas to Dubai, to Atlantic City. I had a memorable time of a few days in his company covering the story for a financial mag when his first resort, Sun City, was about to open, Dec 1979. In his company helicopter we flew over the arid hills of Bophuthatswana. This is hot, wild, uninhabitable country useless for anything, one would think. As we crested a hill, he pointed to the valley below and casually remarked - "Here's where I decided to put it" - and down there was this sight like an enormous oasis incorporating hundreds of acres - a towering construction site, vast pools and greenery, teeming with hundreds of workers, and I was incredulous. I just stared at him I think. Who can have that kind of vision, to make something so huge - from nothing? He tirelessly walked through the site the whole day with his large team of architects, engineers and designers, noting unfinished building, mistakes and expertly suggesting improvements. The big opening was the next day attended by world leaders and celebs, and you can bet that everything was finished on deadline. To this day I remember thinking that such people operate power on a scale, and with a mind for detail, I find unimaginable. All that was his own initial, and projected vision, and he's repeated it in other countries. This type of man is an extreme and rare category of prime mover, and yeah, couldn't function without "a healthy dose of egoism". A long time later, no surprises, I discovered he is sociably pally with Donald Trump, similar field of industry, competitors and friends - with comparable characters and visions, and brash personalities that attracted controversy, also. And in hardhat on a messy construction site, or in board rooms, and speaking with foreign presidents and PM's, all the same to them. A type that knows how to make something out of nothing. An old article and photos might be of interest: How Donald Trump knows about South Africa 09MondayMay 2016 Posted by Harry Booyens in The US & South Africa ≈ 4 Comments Tags Donald Trump, South Africa Over the recent past, Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party in the United States presidential race, has commented on more than one occasion about South Africa. While South Africans can scream until they are blue in the face, he was dead-on right in each of his comments. See for example HERE and HERE. Any honest human being who knows that country knows he spoke the truth. I thought I would explore why that is the case, because Americans are typically outrageously ignorant about South Africa. That is how one very nice New York gentleman once told me, “Oh I know South Africa! I was in the Mediterranean in the war!“, and a Masters degree lady told me “Perhaps you know my friend in Liberia“. Another held me, as South African-born, accountable for the excesses of Idi Amin in Uganda. A young Canadian asked me a month ago whether “Africa has countries“. It is therefore quite incredible that the US Congress should have overridden the veto of President Ronald Reagan in order to impose comprehensive sanctions on South Africa in the 1980s; this while the majority of members of Congress could not find it on a map. So, how is it that Donald Trump should be so spot on in his observations? This intrigued me, until I watched a 2 hour television programme about the rise of Donald Trump some weeks ago. At some quite unimportant point in the movie Trump is in a limo on the way somewhere, and that’s when a blurred image of another passenger in the same limo caught my attention. I was quite sure I had seen THAT man before in the flesh. It was in the early 1990s on the tropical volcanic Comore Islands in the Indian Ocean, of all places. A new resort had recently been opened on the main island and week-long packaged stays were being sold in South Africa. The man behind the resort was South African real estate magnate Sol Kerzner, the man responsible for Sun City and, now more recently, Paradise Island, which is advertised daily on US TV. My wife and I had bought one of these one week stays on the main island. While strolling around the grounds back then in the early 90s, I found Sol Kerzner busy kicking around the grass in front of one of the “cabanas” as though he was unhappy with the lawn quality. I had no particular reason to start a conversation with him and so we proceeded on our way, leaving him to kick at his lawn. However, I mentally filed away the image. It turns out that, in the intervening years the world’s two major real estate developers, Donald Trump and Sol Kerzner, have been working together quite a bit in the Bahamas and Dubai. No doubt, Donald has been hearing the reality about South Africa from his friend Sol. As regards to what the degree they “hang out together”, the following images may perhaps clarify the situation. In the image immediately below we have, from left to right, Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Heather Kerzner and Sol Kerzner together. In yet another photo below, we have Donald Trump and Heather Kerzner together at another event. Against this backdrop, black actor Samuel L. Jackson is extremely welcome to move to South Africa if Trump becomes president of the USA, which is exactly what he has “threatened”. Perhaps he could play Jacob Zuma in his next movie. I would suggest the world would be a better place if Kerzner and Trump maintain their relationship. I well remember the young Comorean who hired out for a day to drive us around his island in his Mini Moke. His hero was Sol Kerzner and he waxed lyrically about Kerzner as being an example of what people can do if they set their minds to it. Perhaps Americans can take an electioneering lesson from the young Comorean. He correctly identified opportunity and hard work, rather than handouts, as a key issue in life. That sounds remarkably like Trump.
  2. anthony

    Donald Trump

    Korben, "Why do you think Trump was so attracted to government and politics?" That question gets to the meat of it. Why, indeed? (Going back over the political personalities I have seen, it may be that narcissism is a job requirement! I'm half serious, narcissists are calculated as 10 - 15% of a population given by one psychologist - I wouldn't be surprised if politicians measured closer to 50%). So what makes Trump any different, why should he be picked out when many others are not? Types of narcissism given in an online search: Overt. Covert. Seductive. Vindictive. Name any pol, and we can have a fun game pinning these simplistic labels on him/her. Obama, certainly "covert" (with some vindictive). Hillary? John Kerry? Biden? ha. Donald Trump, for the sake of argument but I'm unconvinced - is let us say, an "overt" narcissist. Returning to your question, I have to ask: is it possible that an individual who's narcissistic may also possess rational convictions and purpose and do objectively good things? I think so - I guess a minority people are in absolutely perfect psychological health, and while he may be un-intellectual (I am sure not anti-, as some O'ists say) he is quite the realist and he has at least one high principle, not so distant from an O'ist intellectual. And I don't think that the President's motives are psychological and narcissistic-driven. Understand, I think any person is most often highly complicated, with mixed premises, but if I believed, from watching him from the start of his campaign, that Trump saw *only* his personal gain and was motivated *only* by self-aggrandizement, power lust and narcissism--I would not have gone on supporting him. I believe that he is the genuine article. He has from long ago seen and heard from the 'ordinary' people, those many side-lined and forgotten, and thinks that they, not the progressivist intellectuals, were the backbone of America. That they became his power-base because he understands them, is no more than what any politician will tap into, and has to, if he wants to effect change. There are also good and valuable uses and applications of power, and of course I take it that you are on the side of a Great America, (although it's fair and rational to query your President's definition of this, and his methods).. On another level, his actions are kicking back against Socialists/altruists/Leftists, who were leading the USA on a dangerous path; that's more than enough reason for me. There is also the nature (narcissistic, second handed, vile and sacrificial-of-the-nation) of the very worst of his outraged/scared opponents, e.g. glibly preaching "democracy" while trying to hinder/destroy any democratic processes. If one had recently dropped down to Earth from an alien planet, one would need only to take one look at them, and know they must be stopped and vote for Trump (again). By your enemies you can be known.
  3. anthony

    Donald Trump

    Look for commonality before dismissing: independence (and so, individualism) is loathed and feared by narcissist and globalist-collectivist. Both share a loss of selfhood, "self-sovereignty". There is or could well be, causal compatibility between a pathology and an ideology. (Within an individual). But "all" of them? I didn't say or believe that. All S is not P. All e.g. actors, are not narcissists. All career politicians are not narcissists. However, due to the nature of those professions, ie. receiving public attention and adoration -and having the power over others lives - it would be a very safe bet that there's a higher incidence of narcissists among them both, than the national average .
  4. anthony

    Donald Trump

    Michael, Globalists are Ellsworth Tooheys, on a grander scale. When they've partially succeeded in collectivizing individuals into convenient 'groups', next and ongoing - collectivizing individual countries - One World, in loving harmony, and all that stuff. One noose for all necks, and guess who'll hold the leash. You have a good point, narcissism and power-lust-sacrificial altruism could be highly complementary in a person's makeup, in whom the psychological neurosis and the nasty moral philosophy would be self-reinforcing, I'd think. I know you're funning about the looks of Soros and Bond villains. The aesthetic and style of political leaders today matters overmuch, I think, in an extremely image aware, media/movie-influenced period of unreality. Look at the string of boyishly urbane leaders, or the Mother figure (Angela of Germany) and one maiden aunt (Theresa of Britain). The superficial appearances and demeanor satisfy some emotional need in people . ( I get distinctly from actors and artists and that general type I know of here, aesthetes are the biggest anti-Trumpers. I couldn't care less and would back him if he looked like Quasimodo, which he doesn't).
  5. anthony

    Donald Trump

    My feeling is narcissism is poorly understood, much too often diagnosed lately. It might be used as a smear tactic against anyone who is considered too extroverted, brash, assertive or - "selfish". I have strongest doubts about President Trump's oft-called narcissism. But the neurosis is true to some. I once had occasion to research the condition (painful story involving a woman), and if I recall right, there is a craving common to such people involving getting their "Narcissistic Supply"- from anyone and everyone. Most often the prominent quality they have is a potent charm, like a powerful lamp which they can switch on for the fortunate recipient, then arbitrarily remove, holding one in their thrall for a long time. It is as if they create an addiction for their approval. Seldom, are they crass, blunt or plain-spoken, it is their suave, empathic outward demeanor which finds and attracts to them a constant, fresh "supply" of general adoration from people around them. No, I wouldn't say this of the President who reacts spontaneously, almost guilelessly (who can tell if/when he's deliberately sowing confusion in his opponents?) and without overmuch charm. However, I have suspicions of one or two others' narcissist traits... ;)
  6. anthony

    Donald Trump

    Merely, I was indicating to Jules that it can be possible to sometimes make opposing value-judgments to those made by top-flight intellectuals. I think each of us inductively comes to his individual "world-view", by an enormous amount of integrations from his experience and thinking, the goal of course being the grasp of reality and human nature. More critically, one's evaluations of the facts on the ground, especially political issues/policies, and more especially the difficulty of assessing an individual (here a political leader, and his words, acts, character, motivations) can make for different conclusions also.
  7. anthony

    Donald Trump

    Hey Jules, Stephen's a gentleman, a great intellect and the most incredibly knowledgeable scholar of philosophies (whom I have read, anyhow). He is not, last I heard, an Objectivist (if that makes a difference). Differing evaluations e.g. of Donald Trump, often come down to having a different comprehensive world-view.
  8. anthony

    Donald Trump

    You'll be waiting for hell to freeze over (iow), therefore better to make your judgments - if understandably tentative for now. I think his "virtues", as such, are shown in the results of his doings. Where there are created values by someone, there exists a degree of virtue in that person. And one can't doubt his resolve and courage to go on, faced by ongoing 'enemy fire': personal threats, slander, obstacles, outright sabotage, etc.. Without which, he could accomplish far further, and more openly/honestly, who can doubt. But I don't come here to extol the President domestically, I get a rather more overseas view. I mention the obvious, he's shaken up the established world order - an altruist-moral status quo which needed rattling-opposing, for once. Don't know about you, but way back to my teens, I was always puzzled by America's attitude to the blatant presumption by other countries that the USA must always step forward, lead the way, carry the can, be the convenient whipping boy, and pay in hard cash and in its own lives - for transgressions and failures by other countries. It has been as if Americans felt it was their moral obligation, for being somehow, mystically, 'blessed to be better', and had guiltily accepted a duty to the rest of the world. For many abroad, since strength apparently comes effortlessly to those Americans (the USA, a "metaphysically given" in effect), the attitude is "they owe us" -- stupidly simple as that sounds. My good guess is Trump knows all about it, if not quite philosophically, and has been giving clear notice he's no longer automatically surrendering his country to this expectancy, thereby sending shock waves abroad, as at home, amongst the sacrificers/self-sacrificers.
  9. anthony

    Donald Trump

    Heh, writer Nolte says what I've been frequently saying -- It's all, most, about style over substance... Nolte: Woodward Book, Anonymous NYTimes Op-Ed Reveal Trump’s Done Nothing Wrong 7767 Andrew Harnik/Associated Press 6 Sep 201810,799 -------------- Trump has done nothing wrong. Remember that… As the corrupt media fabricate a “fitness for office” crisis, remember… Trump has done nothing wrong. Even those hiding behind anonymity, even those hiding behind those hiding behind anonymity, no one has made a single allegation that Trump has done anything wrong. All this ginned up media hysteria, all this Never Trump nonsense about the 25th Amendment, all this #Resistance adulation over a glory-seeking narcissist hiding behind the skirts of the New York Times — where is this narcissist’s allegation of wrongdoing? Go back and read the piece — there’s no allegation of wrongdoing on Trump’s part, just a coward, a preener, a saboteur with no respect for the Constitution, no respect for our electoral system, and even less respect for the American people who voted to put Trump in charge as opposed to an unelected cabal of Deep Staters. All this hand-wringing, all this frenzy, all this invented concern over chaos in the White House, over this unprecedented moment in presidential history, what is it really about…? No, ask yourself that. Stop for a moment. Take a breath. Close your eyes. Turn off Chuck Todd. Put away the iPhone. And ask yourself, what is this concocted five-alarm Constitutional crisis built on? If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that it is built on only one thing… Grade-A, 100 percent horseshit. Even if everything Woodward’s anonymous sources say is true… So what? Even if everything the New York Times narcissist says is true… So what? Look at what these failures and liars and grifters are trying to con you with… Because it has nothing to do with illegality, nothing to do with substance, and everything to do withstyle. The corrupt establishment is colluding to head fake America into freaking out over Trump’s style while Trump delivers and delivers and delivers on the substance, on things that actually matter. Trump has an erratic management style. So what? I’m supposed to care he burns people out, dresses them down, demands they do crazy stuff like at long last win one of these endless neocon wars? So what? I don’t care how Trump makes his decisions, I care about the end result of those decisions. All this long con over Trump’s “fitness” is based on is his management style; which is meaningless inside-inside gossip for the stupid and shallow to masturbate over – a hoax, a con, a carnival barker’s sideshow. How about if we focus on the substance for just a moment… Our economy is booming for the first time in a freakin’ decade, manufacturing jobs are finally coming back, North Korea has stopped launching missiles, the War on Terror feels like a bad memory, ISIS is no longer lighting people on fire, Putin’s adventurism has been halted, the rule of law is returning to the Supreme Court, someone is finally paying serious attention to the plight of the working class, were out of the Paris Hoax Treaty, the Iran Deal is dead, we’re not funding the Palestinians, we’re not transporting billions in cash to terrorist nations, the media are finally being treated like the Democrat operatives they are, the Obamacare mandate is dead, black and Hispanic unemployment has hit record lows, and, and, and… Look at that. Look at all of those accomplishments, all the substantive substance above and tell me again why I’m supposed to give even a scintilla of a damn about Trump’s style. Style over substance, style over substance, style over substance… That is the only thing this stupid maelstrom is all about… Trump’s enemies in the Deep State, the establishment media, and those Vichy Republicans in Never Trump, cannot touch Trump on substance, on his undeniable accomplishments, so they’re using anonymous sources and their own self-regard to try to gaslight us into believing style IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Okay, let’s talk about Trump’s style, his temperament, his approach to the rule of law, our vaunted institutions, and the First Amendment… Has Trump bent subordinates over the Resolute Desk to use them as his own personal humidor and then committed perjury? No, that was Bill Clinton’s style. Has Trump weaponized the IRS against the American people, left four Americans to die in Benghazi, run guns to Mexican drug lords, and spied on the national media? No, that was Barack Obama’s style. Has Trump politicized a funeral to fuel his petty grudges? No, that’s the McCain style. Has Trump launched a war of choice with no endgame? No, that was George W. Bush’sstyle. Has Trump been caught off guard by no less than the fall of the Soviet Union and 9/11; did he sucker us into an endless war because his intelligence was junk? No, that’s the Deep State’s style. Has Trump laundered money through a law firm to hire a foreigner to approach the Russians so they can fill a dossier with lies as a means to rig an election? No, that’s Hillary’sstyle. Has Trump lied to obtain warrants so he can abuse his power to surveill and spy on a presidential campaign? No, that’s the FBI’s style. Has Trump called for violence? No, that’s CNN’s style. Does Trump oversee an institution riddled with rapists? No, that’s Hollywood’s style. Is Trump in charge of an institution that covers up for and enables sexual predators? No, that’s the establishment media’s style. Does Trump stand silent as his audience boos rape victims? No, that’s Jake Tapper’s style. Those guilty of the above want to overturn an election because Trump refuses to take their crap, enjoys cheeseburgers, fires off tweets that haven’t been focus-grouped, wants to kill the monstrous Bashar al-Assad, protects our border, and might have yodeled in a porn star’s gully 13-years-ago. All I know is this… For the first time since those passenger planes hit the World Trade Center 17 long years ago, Trump has at long last returned America to peace and prosperity… Something so rare, no one under the age of 30 even remembers what it’s like. Well, let me tell you, I remember peace and prosperity, I recognize it when I see it, I see it now, and it is glorious and long overdue and hard-earned, and the guy who deserves the most credit for delivering it — all I can say is God bless his style, and goddamn the hysterics trying to gaslight me into caring about anything other than the substance his style delivers.
  10. anthony

    Fake Social Media

    Yeah, when push comes to shove, the immediate antidote for the Leftist drift (or dive) in recent times in several places, I think will be the election of Conservatives. That's a correction only in political terms I'm sorry to say, but we are certainly seeing more good sense, rationality and attendance to nations' values coming from the conservative intellectuals. From what I hear of Trudeau, who (also) wished for Canada to imitate the progressive European 'model', his and his party's punting will be a step in the right direction. I am betting on the North Americas and their realists!
  11. anthony

    Fake Social Media

    Yup, Michael, it slays me when Objectivists play up the 'interventionist-protectionist' trade issue, now (as if this wasn't in place ever before) - and specifically against this Administration. I find sometimes they apply variable and highest standards to your President, anticipating a reality which isn't there yet (what I think of loosely, as the idealist, 'President John Galt' syndrome). I'm not expert on the matter, but it seems trade and tariffs slide often into a one-sided business which needs correcting if a country is going to hold its own and rebuild an economy. I gather many domestic regulations are being hacked away by Trump, isn't that plenty for O'ists to applaud? Laissez-faire, far as I know, would only be of individuals and individual businesses/industries trading internationally, without government support and aid.
  12. I like this guy (and his thoughts are most pertinent to South Africa, the only country ever which stringently enforced Affirmative Action favoring a MAJORITY race).
  13. Stefan M. dramatically but objectively calls her out on land, property rights, and morality transcending 'legality'. But of course, his is a voice from the hating 'alt-right'. Loving leftists may safely ignore him (cover those ears - hear no evil, see no...).
  14. anthony

    Donald Trump

    What that is rather, William is "methodological skepticism", the normal careful "skepticism" of checking first - verifying facts and information incoming (usually) from others, and man-provided sources. Far distinct and not to be confused as here, with "philosophical skepticism", which is basically that knowledge as a whole, is not possible to a mind. For that skeptical epistemology, one's senses are imperfect/ineffectual - and/or, that abstracted concepts corresponding to reality can't be formed in a mind. Iow, casting doubt on, or even, dispensing with, reason.
  15. anthony

    Donald Trump

    How about, none? I "trust" what I have seen, and reservedly, what I hear. Unlike your belief in news, I trust news sources only in limited amounts. Having worked in the press and then PR, I know how they and journalists operate (also editorial standards of newspapers and reporting were immensely higher back then, all over the world and in the English opposition press here), anyway much content today has swung to opinion and political spin, less, factual. Anyhow, William, how does this query on "sources" apply here? I've not mentioned at all, murky 'facts' about the horrific farm murders, as compared to the national murder rate, and whether there is deliberate targeting of white farmers, nor anything about the brutality, nor the possible racial vengeance, or any potential collusion by some in govt. or its possible squelching of forensic data. Do I believe there is some-much truth in these, yes. I've stuck to the known facts - public incitement by two filthy political leaders - and the plan to (arbitrarily) take and redistribute successful (of course) farms, and the morality and workability of this. I think this is looting by state, of course. You heard too, my appreciation that one world leader has been forthright enough to call it as he sees it, and to question the justice of this action - by a black majority government upon a minority - when everyone else is terrified to speak up. But all of this has only tangential relevance in this thread, however crucial it is. "Land" and the settlement/colonization 100's of years ago by Europeans into huge and largely uninhabited territories is a fraught topic which is not going away. South Africa and its white minority is collecting some of the guilt arising from that from other ex-colonial countries.