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  1. I just picked up a copy at a used book store end of last week. Really enjoying it so far, as I haven't really read anything that takes so much of her fiction under consideration - most of it all has just focused on Fountainhead and Atlas. I have always loved We The Living over her other novels, as her characters were so much more human. And her short stories - most of them I adore (Good Copy has to be my favorite). It is wonderful to see read this book, how he discusses her development through studying all her fiction. I am about halfway. I wish I had read this book a few years ago!
  2. GRRRR!!! Barbara I second that! Isn't this more a question of psychology? I mean, I don't see how the basic principles of Objectivism really supports this, but is Ayn Rand's own personal application - but I still don't see how her own philosophy would support it (like the whole woman shouldn't want to be a president thing. (But then again, I still won't call myself an Objectivist yet because I still have soooo much to learn before I make up my mind.) I throw up a little in my mouth every time I read this kinda stuff. Seems very anti - individual to me. Very June Clever in a Gloria Steinham so
  3. I was able to attend the lecture on 8/21 - enjoyed it. CRC does a good job with presenting the lectures (I have been to several in the past), as well as facilitating interesting discussions, and a time to socialize after at dinner. Well worth the small fee and time if you are in the Dallas area.
  4. Stephen King Ginny - loved what you wrote as well. I totally get what you are saying there! It is funny, because I feel a bizarre way about letters. I think, for example that the letter S just looks so happy and friendly. But the letter U eh, not so much. Every now and then, when I write a serious email or letter and have my first name down, I look at it and think "My first name just doesn't match the tone of this letter!" Strange, I know. But I wonder how much of that had to do with me giving my son a first name with an S as well, haha.
  5. Oh my goodness! So many books and authors I haven't read suggested here! I am updating my list for the next few times I go to the library. By the way - I LOVED "Brave New World". I read it for the first time several months ago, after my son was assigned it in his high school English class. I was impressed with the book - I thought it read very easily. I would have preferred a heroic ending as well, but didn't expect it. I loved Orwell's "1984" but I thought this was better - tied with "Animal Farm" and "Anthem" as the best I have read about these types of societies. Regarding Hitchens - I onl
  6. Thanks - I will look for it!
  7. Anyone else have a flash back to the marriage seen in Princess Bride? "Wuv, twoo wuv..." I don't think marriage is for everyone. For me, it works. I have been married for 10 years. I have always wanted to be married at some point, I just had that a positive view of marriage growing up. However, it has took me a few years of being married to realize that while it can be GREAT for those that have met their true "soulmate" I can really understand why it may not be for all. Personally, I like the legal commitment. I trust my husband 100%, and have no doubts he will be faithful to me, and fulfill h
  8. Let me just say, that this project started about a year ago. We bought our house in August of '08, but have been renting it since October of '03. Great landlords - never once raised our rent, and they pretty much let us do anything we wanted as long as it didn't damage the house, and we paid our rent. Anyhoo...we did some things last year to get ready for the appraisal. We had serious issues with the AC/Heating unit, and because of that long term water damaged the hallway floor. The landlord replaced the whole system, but my husband and I decided we should really take care of replacing the flo
  9. A very VERY belated, but very sincere Happy Birthday to you Barbara!
  10. Barbara - I ADORE Agatha Christie! I have read most of her novels, though it has been several years. I discovered her at my grandparents house when I was 10 years old. The first one I read was Crooked House, and I was hooked! In my late teens, I bought the The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie and just wore it out. Great companion to her books. Unfortunately, in my early 20s, I purged a lot of books, and gave many of my novels of hers away. Thank goodness we have Half Price Books stores around here so I can build my collection back up after I replenish the book fund!
  11. Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms here on OL. =) I hope you all had a great day.
  12. Yeah - that is not cool. Due process is in order here, what the hell?
  13. Okay, the problem I am seeing here is I don't think true LF capitalism is a breeding ground for corruption, because it makes no sense in a truly capitalistic society to take advantage of others - it is fair trade. No getting things over on others, etc. Regarding the firefighter situation, my view is that in such a town, people would agree voluntarily to contribute money towards fire protection. You see it all around the country - there are many volunteer fire fighters/stations through a lot of rural America. I have a friend that lives in a rural part of the DFW area down here in TX, and they
  14. Rand was not a god, therefore she was fallible. As for discussions of God, there are a lot of things man cannot "prove" through the use of logic. N Branden commented that an orgasm cannot be logically proved. There is an excellent dialogue between Nathaniel Branden and Ken Wilber addressing the reasoning of subjective content, titled: Exploring the Rational Reconstruction of Trans-Rational Mysticism. You can download this through or if you are a paid subscriber. I would definitely try out the one-month free membership on Integral Naked just to listen to
  15. Michael, I don't know him very well, and I have other questions I would like him to answer for me first. However, I will ask once I get to a point where I feel comfortable doing so. I say that not because I am afraid of offending him, but more out of respect for his time, and the fact I have other questions that are more important to me personally I would like his input on. I can agree to disagree with you as well. =) (That is what I like about this board, we are free to agree to disagree without all hell breaking loose! Very refreshing.)
  16. Sherry, I agree with you. I discovered Objectivism in 1968 just when Rand and Branden split. I had been reading Branden's articles in The Objectivist Newsletter and had finished reading Atlas Shrugged for the first of many times and read The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. The notion of having to choose between them never entered my mind. I naturally kept reading and rereading both and still do. Just thought I would mention it because it is similar to the TAS ARI thing. I go to their websites too, both of them. I hope that they each succeed in spreading the word and
  17. Okay - I joined - all ready to put in your reference email - but there was no place that asked for it??? (I do play guitar - I have been playing horribly for the last 28 years and love every minute of it! I even have some awesome recording software I never use haha).
  18. Barbara, That's a good question. Our goal is to cover literature based on rational thought, with a rational philosophy backing or influencing it, such as Objectivism. This is how we came up with the name for the group (actually credit has to go to my husband, he suggested it, I had no good ideas). I will admit I am sure there will be some works that maybe will have some irrational elements, (sometimes you don't know until you read it, and I doubt I will read everything before we get to it). but I am okay with that because I am looking forward to exploring books, essays, etc., with others. Mayb
  19. Michael, I respectfully disagree that Dr. Lewis has a "cult mindset". I do not know him well -but I attended a lecture he gave our local group last night (it was on Ayn Rand and American Culture - he covered many things that he has written for a chapter in the new book coming out with others later this year - sorry I do not remember the name right now and don't have my notes handy), and it was very good. A few of us had an opportunity to chat with him for an hour or so after the lecture. And, tonight, we had a get together, where I and several others had a chance to talk with him more. I think
  20. Huffington had a post a few days ago online entitled "The Ten Most Offensive Signs" at the Tea Party. There were a lot of really bad ones (references to jews and ovens - basically likening Obama to Hitler, etc., etc.) I was really upset that any of those would be there, but also upset that they seem to go out of their way to find only the worst among the crowds. I see several of those on this page as well, but at least they have more this time, showing a better balance.
  21. Imo diluting the issue by a joke won't get us anywhere here. I'd prefer if we keep focused and get to the heart of the issue. Which is why I'd like you to answer my question regarding the belief in god. You wrote: And your reason has led you to which conclusion regarding the god question? I think if one learns Objectivism, and integrates it, they will be lead to the conclusion that there is no God, based on reason. I think it sometimes easier for some one already an atheist or at least agnostic to integrate it, since giving up belief in God can be very difficult to do.
  22. Here are two more videos that people may be interested in: His short speech at the Tea Party on April 1th His interview with CapMag after his speech. Good stuff. He does a good job explaining the meaning of the Tea Parties, and how it isn't just the taxes we need to fight, but also the government programs. Well worth watching!
  23. I can be a bit of a cold hearted cynic, but I actually got teary eyed watching her sing. And it was such a beautiful song - the lyrics are wonderful. She had a lot of courage to sing on that show. I thought she was pretty damn heroic.
  24. A few minutes into this video of one speaker in Dallas, you can see a large black sign that says on one side "John Galt Lives" and on the other side has the CRC logo. My buddy Donovan is holding it up (you can see him at some point, he has on a blue shirt). The big yellow "Atlas will Shrug" sign is held by another friend of mine.
  25. I saw one in Dallas, and a fellow that I believe was Mexican/Hispanic with his two kids. I spoke with a friend that was at the one in NYC last night and she said there were blacks, whites, Indians, Native Americas...a nice mix. I admit I sought the black lady and the Hispanic fellow and made sure I gave them a flier. I wish we had more minorities - because I think once we have more "people of color", perhaps more people will wake up and take the philosophy more seriously. And perhaps those that are not white (or male for that matter, there seems to always be more males than females at the gro