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  1. I think "Christian Objectivistism" is a particularly egregious contradiction if for no other reason than that it reeks of intellectual sloppiness.
  2. My reason for asking is not to appraise Rand as a novelist. I ask the question because I'm trying to understand what I read. I realized early in the book that the story is not very realistic, and that the author's intention is to tell a story of great individuals, so it makes sense that she uses the individual inventor as opposed to a team. But the fact that the protagonists assume that the motor was invented by a single man struck me as implying that such a revolutionary invention would only be likely to come from the mind of a single genius. Or maybe I'm reading too much into a triviality. A
  3. It's my first time reading Atlas. Or reading any kind of fiction for that matter.
  4. Why do Dagny and Hank assume that the motor had been invented by a single man, as opposed to a collaborative effort by an engineering team? Of course, it could have been either, but they automatically know that it was created by a single man. Why?
  5. I really wish I had discovered Objectivism when I was a teenager. It would have saved me a shit ton of trouble...