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  1. Well, I appreciate the advice but it looks like I'll be leaving Objectivism in any organized fashion. I am tired of so many things, the first being that whenever I meet an Objectivist it seems they think I am not and only because I was never very good at the second-hander game. I can't repeat and emulate Ayn Rand as accurately as they can, and so I am seen as not being an Objectivist. It is pretty annoying if you ask me, we might as well assume because for someone pretending they are only fooling themselves. Objectivism as a philosophy seems as dead as all of the others. I believe the culprit
  2. You are exactly the kind of arsehole I just wrote about in my rant. Objectivists don't have a cold calculated way of looking at the world, we have a cold calculated way of looking at anything which is in front of us. You think you are better than us because you are concerned about a fuckload of strangers? By any test, any chess game, any scientific activity, we are better than people like you. You need to be concerned with your own existence, but you believe you have nothing to offer and no skills. You are not better than us, you are the worst. All of these groups and individuals you have talk
  3. Well, I never got to be a teenager and an Objectivist. I got to be a gifted teenager and an egoist though, and the problems teenage Objectivists are facing are not just because they don't understand the philosophy fully and seem religious. Nor is the problem one where people often identify too much integrity - but it is close. The problem is that, to be an egoist you have a supreme sense of self-esteem. I knew and still know that I truly am better than most people not only morally but in terms of skills. As a teenager, I was an arrogant brat to most people. Yet really I was just a skilled prog
  4. It's often just that people have little other ideas in the area. This reminds of an experience I had with a psychologist ( or psychotherapist if I remember) from Mexico who really wanted me to feel better by showing a horoscope book type thing that predicted your attributes based on your birth day. I was skeptical but interested on how accurate the description was. Then I realized that she was reading the wrong section for my date. Any confidence I had with her collapsed into a deep contemptuous distrust bordering on hatred. I informed her of the error with a derisive smile, and never came
  5. I took a while to reply to the last batch. I noticed in my late teens when I'd spend a lot of time helping others who were sexually abused that this happens to everyone who has been put in that situation. There are others with the same effects. I've never thought of it this way, but it seems like I'm holding myself back in the same way by vicimizing myself over the policial situation. And I do spend too much time, thinking about ways to strike the Government. You've got me thinking. It used to be that for me. It's all the catchphrases people say can leave me fuming sometimes these days, and
  6. They are good points, I've had a good sleep. I seem to get clouded by emotions and today I'm wondering why they happen. I've done a bit of thinking and I've realized that I have On a side note, I think depressive realism is basically just a malevolent universe premise. Coining new terms seems unnecessary. Well I've posted here a bit a while ago, I've lurked a lot, and I have a lot of respect for many of the members. I'm really just a stranger to anyone else here. I'm 23 too . It does take a long time to find your way, and I believe the key lies in the first post I made. Just because I say i
  7. I feel what people think matters because I have to live in society. I feel alienated, from jobs and everything I need to see my horizons. I don't sit around arguing anymore, I just go silent. It shouldn't matter so much but it does when I'm this young. I've met someone, but that doesn't help me very much with jobs. Courage is something I've been doing everything to work on. I've been working out so I feel strong and can face... even the worst of the irrational.
  8. They discharged me actually from professional help. I am thinking of doing CBT though because of exactly what you just said about thoughts. The biggest problem is it seems to be a fact that I have no future in this country. My father, he seems ashamed of me... yet enlightened as well. I feel doomed by facts, and sometimes I just want to flea to America.
  9. Well, I've been gone a while and resolved many of the issues I came here with. Yet, I seem to be in the worst position in Australia. After the floods many people now treat me with caution over things I said that never used to bother them. It isn't just that though - I feel completely ostracized from everyone for being an Objectivist. I either have to lie like hell, and become a worthless shell of a man like Alan Greenspan or just give it up which is impossible. I feel I've got less because I am met with so much apprehension. I also seem to never be worthy of many other Objectivists - just beca
  10. The ad makes me sick but I really don't see it as unethical. Just silly.
  11. When I was a teenager I read his book "Stupid White Men," long before I really cared about politics. He used to at least be funny, and I always simply considered him a comedian. These days he is just pathetic and as always fallacious. Unlike Ted, I don't think he should be in jail. It would be good if people were more aware of logical and critical thought. Unfortunately people will watch this crap, and let it influence them and how they vote. However, the reign of the left in the 21st century is only beginning for most developed countries. When the ideas that are leading to insane economic pol
  12. Yeah, the biggest problem is finding a way out of the nanny state and medicating myself into plato's fucking cave. I want to go to University, and I'd get in easily, but my parents simply would never get me student accommodation. I rent a house from my dad which just looks shithouse on a rental application. Most parents want their kids to move to where they can find some opportunity, my dad just constantly gets in my way to 'protect' me from it. I'm in a maze of a nanny state finding unable to get a life.
  13. OL, I've noticed in this late phase of growing up that I might not even be gay. I can't even work it out - but I always know when I was a boy a man altruistically shared his penis with me on a constant basis. He got sent to jail, I got on with my life, but whenever something happened at school that I got blamed for and my mother didn't like she told the school I was sexually abused - for a concession. Consequently, I'd get bothered again and again about it. The things that got me in trouble were trying to work out how to get girls to do the things I did as a boy to work out. Of course, by high
  14. It means that a state, if it issues its own money, must issue only gold or silver coin with which to pay its own debts. This put an end to State paper money (and minor coins). Remember that one of the arguments against the Federal Constitution was that the Federal government would assume the State debts from the War. Anti-federalists objected because the power of the purse put too much into the hands of the federal government ... which then sold bonds to pay off the state debts, of course... Finally, thar's gold in them thar hills! -- Georgia has naturally occurring gold, which is why they