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  1. Thanks for getting the word out, Michael, Roger, and Jerry, and for the kind words, Barbara, Jim, Jordan, and Chris! And I do hope you'll come, Neil - I'd love to meet you, as well as Michael. The full program is now up at the website. We're on course for a great conference! A couple of you were wondering whether presentations would be put on CD/DVD. We are making arrangements for that - but we won't make anything on it, so, better to come to Vegas. Come check out the new speakers! (We almost got Jimmy Wales, but he had a schedule conflict.) For those planning to go, I highly recommend a free day visit to the Valley of Fire State Park for its geological deserty splendors. It's close enough that you'll have time left for a night on the town. Hope to see you all there!
  2. Free Minds '09 Objectivist Conference June 30 to July 8 University of Nevada Las Vegas Come experience the stimulating Free Minds '09 Objectivist Conference in Las Vegas, from June 30th to July 8th. Our theme will be “The Past, Present, and Future of Objectivism.” Over 50 incisive presentations from world-class thinkers are on tap, and the conference will feature an exciting new approach to social events, providing participants with enhanced opportunities to interact with other Objectivists on the basis of shared interests. Learn more about Free Minds '09 at www.freeminds09.org. Reason and freedom are under attack worldwide. To fight for our values and bring about a more rational culture is a prodigious goal, but one that is very real and possible, as our powerful line-up of speakers will demonstrate. Come and join in a passionate exchange of ideas for making this brighter future a concrete reality, while enjoying the “Galt’s Gulch” experience of fellowship with Objectivists from all over the country. Speakers include David Kelley and Edward Hudgins from The Atlas Society, Nathaniel Branden, Robert Poole of Reason, Tibor Machan, David Boaz of Cato, Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal, Marsha Enright, Doug Den Uyl, Doug Rasmussen, Mimi Gladstein, Robert L. Campbell, Fred Stitt, Rand biographer Anne Heller, Robert L. Bradley, and dozens of other world class thinkers and doers. Fees for tuition, housing, and student tuition are all very low. Plus, register now for major discounts. The April 30 discount deadline shown on the website has been extended as a courtesy to those receiving this notice to May 31. Please spread the word to others who may be interested, and feel free to contact us, at freeminds09@gmail.com. Fred Stitt, Director Kate Herrick, Conference Coordinator Free Minds ‘09