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  1. *me two cents* I will never come out of the closet!
  2. the object can be unknown in my experimental musical endeavors but that would be the object for the object to be unknown.,, I see where that might not make sense-- consider future music., music written never to be preformed but having to "wait" one year before the first actual performance of the piece. this could be the object of the music to not be heard for a year yet the actual object of the music is unknown till the sounds are "felt" by a listener in order to invoke that feeling that is there.
  3. just so you know Yes I am a musician artist and I try to wrtie words at times as well. my label is where I am apart of an artists collective ., I like to make videos to my musics I have created. thinking like I kinda do now and then I figured we might want to organize our ideas of music into the object of music the need for music the music itself and the sources of that music. anyone have comments?
  4. OK, so far, in my journey through, Atlas Shrugged that I am reading: word by word ., sentence by sentence, page by page, chapter by chapter I plan to list in this thread my favorite and significant quotes that effect my life. first up is .,, Quote number one: "She thought: For just a few moments---while this lasts---it is all right to surrender completely---to forget everything and just permit yourself to feel." pp.20 50th anniversary edition PB To me this has effected my kind of surrender and the way in such that I can surrender. It is for me and here, I will explain that I surrender regul
  5. yes this filters the little kids who have xxx filters on their browsers but notice this is a dot gov site -- I have yet to understand why I actually promote this site., other then it being the best I have found. Enjoy, Just wondering if this is a repost here and this site already know that site.,, if so or otherwise feel free Admin to reorganize the link Bill N.
  6. so yes x^3+y^3+z^3=r^3 is the first real relationship between what is x,y, and z and the distance r to the object from the origin (0,0,0) >> (x,y,z) in what would be considered relativistic spacial dimensions also since there is the solution to the equation where n=3 but there needs to be n unique values added and then they will equal the resultant value to the power n to solve the equation one just adds one to n and adds n elements added together then factors the results this become the "simple solution" to Fermat's last theorem and as well develops relativistic spacial definitions in t
  7. thank you Michael, It is just the idea that adding three different whole numbers together after cubing them, you know multiplying their value together three times has a whole number cube root value meaning after adding these cubes together the result is a new cubed value in a number system of whole values or a unit numbered system if you will Pythagorean concepts explain that two numbers squared is equal to a third number that has a whole number square root value that is not similar to say the value of the square root of 2 or, say the cube root of three that can not have an "exact" value in th
  8. What of the neo-aesthetics = the novelty of something that is new compared to the same old stuff? at a point the industrial revolution was new. The musics of the industrial genre are new at times, new or old change of the obvious could be objected to by the masses and the individual in that mass of societies.
  9. *getting feet wet in topic of discussion here; I can't wait to get to that speech in Atlas Shrugged * in my theories of reality as it is and the consciousness of being aware of that is subdivided ad infinitum but not in the "normal way." It is not as if its compositional subdivisions are subsets, I think they are not subsets but recursive ideas that rely on the previous consciousness that is being aware of. I am aware of consciousness. That consciousness is aware of Itself. I am aware of that consciousness that is aware of Itself That consciousness that is aware of being aware of itself is "n
  10. Ok, this is my favorite. But, you know, It might take three monkeys a typewriter and a elephant under the weather to create a unique Dialectic to explain the obvious but I will remind you that would leave a mess behind for cleaning up. (babble babble babble.,) (starts a babble thread in the forum of non-sense) I think you call it the outer limits section possibly or am I wrong again? -------------------------- I would rather be wrong then right because with being wrong I can learn from the mistake, improve and grow. Bill N.
  11. I hope to live up to that I am still working on the correct signature for my postings here that would define the universe/multi-verse simultaneously without stepping on the toe's of the giants before us. It is in the mix and being stirred right now.
  12. think, I learned as a young child that a, b, and c are letters of the alphabet. Sorry to be obvious, but I don't get it. Why do you call them numbers? Michael I like that picture of you holding your chin it represents you doing what I believe is called thinking moreso that x is x and y is y and z is z x,y,z and r, have values beyond that pythagorian logic states that a squared plus b squared equals c squared thus the triangle with the distance a for one side with the line of length b perpendicular to the length a reaches left and forward the distance a and b respectively correct? then the
  13. i get things like this at most of the new forums that I start... LOL defense of what? as the goal of being is where? right back to topic: If we are to say that negative realitiy/energy exists is this not real or a non rational concept? what then does the meaning of mapping things directly to the location of time/space where they are becoming what is means what at this point in the equations?
  14. Selene: Seeing from the quick bio you provided interests I to like a good game of chess as well, but am more apt to play abstract strategy games at that site is in beta and is slow but the games are move a day based and usually the server is up without loss of a move. I am in a tournament there with an interesting kind of para-dine of play structure. My "handle" is xoet there and I have several games I am always willing to start a game of. One thing without revamping the prisoner's dilemma (yet) what is/are the virtues of winning or losing at games? or, does it b
  15. Given that a, b, and c are positive natural numbers the solution is unitary and of a whole number meaning 3 * 3 + 4 * 4 = 5 * 5 exactly without irrationality or fractions there of in a, b or c. I submit the following x * x * x + y *y * y + z * z * z = r * r * r where x and y and z are the value of the grid (x,y,z) mapped to the value of r. and that x, y, z, and r follow the same whole number values and solutions just "to the next level" x=3, y=4, z=5, r=6 exactly without irrationality or fractions there of in x, y, z, and r. comments?