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  1. Fred, length of any fiction created by a wordsmith must be directly proportional to complexity of the plot-theme. Suggestion one I offer is to rethink your plot(s). The other suggestion involves which person to write in. First person novels (Private Eyes are famous for this) always come out with short books/stories - even with a number of red herrings showing up. The third person view, however, gets complex and lengthy very quickly - (Again, for the Private Eye genre, when the detective is just another protagonist in the book). These are devilishly difficult to write and still hold the interest of readers/potential readers - and doing so without red herrings - because all of a sudden time frames of action in the work loom in importance (Again consider the private eye. A murder victim can not meet up with a protagonist after he is dead.....). My bookkeeping of my sub-plots with place/date/time lines is a clumsy housekeeping task - there must be some software for sale that helps...... And finally, the words used by the wordsmith must be precise and the word count must absolutely be minimized and express the exact idea the wordsmith had intended or, once again, the reader will be pissed off and not buy your book/story. Good luck. Cecil
  2. Write in 50 point fonts and four inch margins.
  3. There was something on the internet about Mars heating in parallel with the earths heating. The article I read quoted a Russian Meterologist who was cynical of UN-IPCC findings and Al Gore. Anyone know any details of that? Cecil Williams