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  1. I truly do understand that, and I do have patience and I am quite polite, though I was trying to get across that many forsake the idea of individualism. Though I guess denying the ideas of the other two being virtues was a bit rash. Trying to avoid looking like I am making up an excuse, I guess I was looking for something to put into the writing at the time. Thank you very much for the feedback.
  2. "Election Song" by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains
  3. "Individuality is a Virtue" by Jacob Miller-alderman A man scolded me For I lacked patience “Patience is a virtue” he said I declined such thoughts I walk to a beat of my own A woman scolded me For I lacked courtesy “Politeness is a virtue” she said I declined such arrogance I only bow to my audience Others have scolded me For I lacked Charity “Righteousness is a Virtue” I declined to such “obligation” I give only to the workers I scolded me Brethren Cause the shared indifference “Individuality is the only true virtue” I said They declined such opportunity I walk alone on my path -------------
  4. "Endless Armageddon" by Toxic Holocaust Very loudly to ignore the people in the other room...
  5. Thats why I like listening to underground music, a lot more variety "Fire Away" by by Bad Influence
  6. As the title says... "Ex-Teenage Rebel" by Subhumans
  7. (Note: I wrote this a bit before I found objectivism, and I have also posted it and other things on my blog spot. I know it isn't much, but I thought it was pretty good for a piece of writing while bored in school haha. I don't know if this counts as an "article", but I will move it if I need to.) Human nature and ideals are to complicated to discuss without thinking of the origin of the said human. Take a moment to look at the world with all it has in it, but then take one man or woman out of this world. Set that man down in a secluded area where no one else is. Erase his mind of human speech
  8. Thanks Adam, it must have been hard growing up in an area like that. When I found Objectivism for the first time, it opened my eyes so much, and I realized just how much potential there was in the world. I had always had a dislike for collective type of ideology, but because of objectivism, I found the words I have always been looking for. I even had used it to make a great anology today lol
  9. I live in Minnesota and it sucks for the most part. There are a lot of marxists here, in fact last year I had a pro-communist teacher. My name is hyphenated, because my mother was divorced and got married. I didn't want to get rid of my last name at the time so we just added to it. I would love to start a philosophy club, but the reason m,y school doesn't have a philosophy class is because people kept failing it when they did. I will definitely try, but I don't suggest a big turn out. Though I guess nothing is gained if nothing is worked for. I am very thankful for all the welcomes, they alway
  10. My brother had read "Anthem" and he loved the book, so he started to look up other things by Ayn Rand, and basically pulled me into it with him, and I have been hooked ever since. Though it is hard to find copies Ayn Rand's non-fiction books, but I am currently reading "Atlas Shrugged" and so far I am really enjoying it.
  11. Hello, there my name is Jacob Alderman, I'm kind of new to the whole Objectivist thing, and I thought that this was a good place to try and find out more about it. I'm 16 years of age, but I usually study things like Philosophy, sociology, and musical history in my free time (though my school doesn't have a class for philosophy unfortunately). Hopefully I will have a splendid time here, and be able to learn more about this great philosophy.