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  1. ive been lurking but not posting. The global warming conspiracy is, a bit of a hardline, radical view of what's going on today. I'll just put out there that environmental and atmospheric chemistry is really not up for debate. A chemical reaction is a chemical reaction. The issues at hand today and the lack of environmental damage seen today is zero, pretty much. I look at the global warming fear mongering, like telling a 13 year old kid not to eat mcdonalds everyday cuz he's gonna die at 70 instead of 90 of a heart attack of heart disease. We are in the infancy of the impact on the environm
  2. You're right, it's not the same thing. But I would be surprised if even the most primitive tribes didn't have "laws" against murder. BillP i see your point,and i still have some issues though trying to put myself within a culture of which I know nothing of, where the moral code is not as progressed as post scientific/industrial revolution. Maybe we can't imagine living in a world completely dominated without a sense of understanding of our moral code of right an wrong. Murdering someone is wrong because of the value systems we have in place. Murder in the case of "execution" or "war" is not w
  3. Sure, but that's using reason as evolved using your environment, past experience, and societal norms, but you can't assume that everyone reasons the same way, as value systems do vary between cultures. Not entirely convinced a strong argument doesnt exist for both.
  4. Hmmm.. Interesting. What I can walk away from this is the following: we can't get into the brains of the authors, but we can learn and evolve and rationalize from what was written. I still am holding on the ropes that just those that believe in god can provide a starting point for rational thought and reason, outside their passion to believe in a god, as they do value freedom and happiness.
  5. I find it interesting that the following statement that there are "certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" ascribed in the declaration of independence in the USA. What i find more interesting, especially that i see those words written here often is that preceeding those words are the words " "...endowed by their Creator with..." I just find it interesting that the DoI attaches some value to the god thing. I hope i don't get attacked for this, I just find it interesting that the words preceeding the famous part is rarely stated. Perhaps th
  6. I try to take a 60000 foot view of the world, and can't seem to shake that an isolated tribe in the rainforest may have a completely different moral code than an evolved/industrialized, evolutionary and technologically advanced society where we have had the opportunity to evolve our morality to include placing a high morality on life and safety. Murder is wrong in an advanced society that values life, and I just don't know if it doesn't carry that kind of value in such a rain forst tribe. If they believe in an afterlife, perhaps life or living is just part of the journey of their soul? How c
  7. GS, You can also feed people bad food (by volition) and impact their biology. So what? These elements still exist. Of course they all impact each other because they are not isolated existents. They are all part of the same human being. If you impact the human being in a drastic manner, you impact the human being's components. You just mentioned the part of the triad above that is called "environment" or "nurture." Are you trying to say that this component is existentially more important than the others? I will admit that volition is highly variable. It has to be. This is one thing that drives
  8. Evolution of morality http://www.thestar.com/Comment/article/593720a I am a scientist but havent had the opportunity to read the primary reference for the news article i link to above. Things to note: 1. University of Toronto is a world reknowned university for it's research (I'm not sure about the authors of this research) 2. The journal it is published in, Science, is in the top 3 of scientific journals to have research published in. So, the peer review process of the research would have been scrutinized by experts in the field of the area of focus of the article. Maybe someone who has ac
  9. kalch


    brant, enough... Troll i am not.
  10. web presence? I have nothing to hide. I have my corporate wbsite and a quasi functional blog - industry and recruiting combined - im a sole practioner executive search consultant for the biotech industry.. I also dont want to mix personal research with my corporate profile. Id be happy to share this info with you, but not on an open forum, where web crawlers can pick up my name more than it already is.
  11. i don't think i completely understand what a troll is. I'm off to read the other threads that may provide further insight into objectivism. Unfortunatley, you lost a fan and potential individual who wants to learn more. By labelling so quickly, without information (which I guess I should have put in my profile) is probalby more damaging than being open minded about curiousity. Again, I find this paranoia about what I don't know, interesting. Obviously, there's been some negative exchanges on this website that has lead to defense mechanisms being immediately used. As I said above, I'm off t
  12. kalch


    Hi, My name is Mike. I am a PhD scientist by education and a business guy in the biotech industry by day. I like the different classifications of objectivist types. I am a secular (atheist) jew, and like Objectivism, I can pick and choose how to integrate certain thinkings, ideology and applications to my daily filter. Thanks for hosting this community.
  13. not trolling. You guys are paranoid. About what I dont know. I do find this interesting. And to seek the truth before applying a label is not nice. Michael, thanks for the link.
  14. what does that mean ? i still don't understand the paranoia before answering questions. Brant, I sent you a PM, at some point, hopefully we can connect off the board for you to feel comfortable that I am just a guy asking questions.
  15. k, now i'm confused. Brant, you seem angry at something.? what's with paranoid replies? Why aren't questions just responded to? I am an I, not a they. I am being villified for no reason! Asking questions, and hearing opinions is a valuable way to learn. Being attacked and accused is a turn off, as I can tell that you may have had some negative interactions previously. I find the tones of the responses different to what I expected from this forum.