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  1. ok, let's see......for example - my English is not all that great therefore I can not express as freely as most people here. Therefore the misunderstandings. I have read many beautiful ideas and phrases here. Now there's no way that I would possible be able to come up with anything similar in my own words since the language barrier, but I would strongly stand behind the idea. Does that mean that everytime I say it I'd have to mention the person's name who wrote it? I most likely won't even know who said it the first place but the idea will stick in my head.
  2. We are discussing Pross because I was reading the garbage pile as you call it and this question just came to me. No offense to anyone was ever intended. I sense this is a sensitive issue for you but there's no need to take it out on me or suspect me of being an impostor. In the future I'll be sure to filter what I am allowed to ask here.
  3. You simply need to look up the word in a good dictionary. Almost everything he wrote of any significance was word for word written by someone else. We are talking about many hundreds of posts. --Brant Is that not considered learning from someone else?
  4. I have beed reading through the garbage pile trying to understand why Victor was considered a plagiarist. Would the same apply to me if I learn from everyone here and then relay it to others? I look at it as creating a new Bible, set of rules and beliefs for oneself. Is it wrong to preach what you believe in?
  5. Yes I did see both Ironman and Dark Knight. My son and I would go to flea markets with my wife when my son was a little boy and there he discovered comic books. Initially he collected Conan the Barbarian which he read with delight. He reasoned with his mother that Conan was intelligent and spoke rationally with a decent code of values. Later on his interests spread to a variety of other heroes including Ironman and the whole of the Classics Illustrated series (which I collected). What did you think about those movies? There's some controversy as to Dark Knight being a better movie, better act
  6. i have enjoyed this movie as well, saw it Sunday night and found it breathtaking. the plot had many holes however it was the most entertaining movie i've seen in a while. BTW galt, did you see both Ironman and Dark Knight?
  7. My heart goes out to you Anka. I have read your posts and feel that you have a lot of resentment towards the "bloody mystics". On the other hand....maybe it would be best to go and talk to them, find closure, have a good cry, to open up to people who used to be a part of his life at some point. One thing that I can suggest though is getting a pet, any kind, whatever would be more convenient for you to deal with, dog/cat/hamster/fish. Name it after your lost love and it might fill some of the emptiness that you feel inside.
  8. Indignant


    9 crimes by Damien Rice
  9. Hello pretty lady!

  10. Hmmm, interesting.... what has he done to not be welcome here?
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Hi and welcome from an off-and-on poster to this list. I actually enjoy this list quite a bit, but get busy sometimes. Darrell Thank you Darrell! It's completely understandable that many people don't make it to this forum as often as we'd like, since most of us are adults and are busy with our regular lives.
  13. Well congratulations are in order! May you live a long and happy life together!