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    United I stand, by myself as an Individual, against and resisting corruption from the Orthodoxy and Tyrannical manifestations of Collectivism, Counterfeit-Individualism and Mysticism.
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  1. I also plan to vote for Libertarians in most of the Georgia races - with only one exception, the governor of Georgia. The reason for that is because I don't like the fact that the Libertarian candidate John Monds ( is a member of the NAACP in Georgia (see the web site I am not sure why the Libertarian party will let someone who is also a member of a race-based organization (correct me if I am wrong about that) to represent them in an election as important as governorship. I think Libertarian party of Georgia really makes a philosophic
  2. I just watched this science fiction movie titled Sunshine on Sunday. It is a story about a crew of 8 on a mission to re-ignite the dying Sun in the Solar system. I compare it to other sci-fi movies I've watched, I will say the CGI effects in it is first-rate. Apart from some other science fiction movies (e.g. Alien Vs. Predator, Chronicles of Riddick, Transformers and Serenity etc.) that shows more intense actions, instead it shows more on the psychological side of the crew members living in the vast empty space and under the immense pressure on completing a high-risk mission that may or may
  3. That's a religious quest. There are people who have tried to find religion in Objectivism. They have embarrassed and are embarrassing themselves. A dedication to reason is not properly a dedication to what someone else says reason results in. --Brant However, from what I read about Objectivism so far, it mentions that men's soul is the consciousness in him/her as he or she perceives the reality. Wouldn't it also make sense to also say my soul (consciousness) is searching (looking) for the one true voice (objective truth)? I don't know what your consciousness is doing. You need to start provi
  4. Existentialism is not about what exists in the world. It is about Dread, Angst and the Absurdity of human existence. Do you find Dread and Angst interesting? Ba'al Chatzaf You're absolutely right. I stay corrected No, I absolutely don't find Dread and Angst interesting. After I read the novel "Stranger" by Albert Camus (a French novelist who wrote novels in the theme of existentialistm), I was more depressed than ever! P.S. Though I still love some of his sayings or quotes. P.S.S. Now I find Ayn Rand's quotes are even more cool and intelligent and practical B) - Antihero3000
  5. No. Read some Rand on the subject of Objectivism. I suggest: The Objectivist Ethics (in the paperback Virtue of Selfishness) Galt's speech (in Atlas Shrugged, and also in For The New Intellectual) for starters. These two sources will give you a good grounding. The other essays in Virtue of Selfishness are particularly good, also. Bill P (Alfonso) I actually have bought The Virtual of Selfishness and The New Intellectual. Since I am on vacation until early next year, I guess I will try to read them both. Thanks! - Antihero3000
  6. Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto No. 1 in D, Op. 35. There are so many violinists playing it. So far, I find two of them play it so brilliantly are Jascha Heifetz and Leila Josefowicz. - Antihero3000
  7. Me too. The song is so worldly and originally individualistic - Antihero3000
  8. Philosophy is the software of the human mind. We all have a philosophy after early babyhood; it's usually a mess, and as people grow so do their philosophies. Most formal, academic philosophy is one set of worthless garbage arguing with another. --Brant Brant, You said philosophy is the software of the human mind. I bet this is an analogy. Does it also mean that the human mind is very similar to a computer or machine? If that is the implication, does it mean that an intelligent design is behind the human mind since a computer or machine cannot exist by itself but must be designed and created?
  9. That's a religious quest. There are people who have tried to find religion in Objectivism. They have embarrassed and are embarrassing themselves. A dedication to reason is not properly a dedication to what someone else says reason results in. --Brant Brant, Thanks for the comment and I appreciate for your valuable input. I wholeheartedly believe my current quest does not have anything to do with religion or mysticism (not anymore I am sure). I think they are both irrational and dangerous to me from my prior experiences with religion and mysticism. However, from what I read about Objectivism
  10. The One True Voice is your own. Don't look to a guru or a thought-master for the truth. That is the quickest road to bondage. Ba'al Chatzaf Ba'al, Thanks for your unique insight. If I am correct, Objectivism is a framework (or philosophy) antithesis to Extentialism or Subjectivism. And I think back then I was more into the ideas of Existentialism and influenced by it. I more and more find that Existentialism is a system of thoughts that will ultimately lead to despair and frustration. Personally, I will be more interested in knowing more about the philosophical differences between Objectivism
  11. I come up with this poem back in 2001: An Existential Quest I am a boat sailing in the ocean of void; With my soul searching for the one true voice; Even though facing my own fate alone is the only choice; I will sail to my destination with the deepest joy. I sincerely hope Objectivism is the one true voice that I have been searching for. - Antihero3000
  12. I was searching in this forum on whether "Equilibrium" is recommended, to see if someone have watched this movie already. It is a brilliant movie, and it is thought-provoking. Christian Bale's exceptional acting really bought out the theme of the movie about how an individual mind (and behaviors) changed from being a member of a collective to an individual. Being someone who likes watching movies that have similar plot - a lone individual against the hostile world or universe. I will recommend other movies like V for Vendetta, Chronicles of Riddick and Shine. The best moment in this movie is w
  13. Chris, Thanks for the response. I still prefer the handle because it reminds me to think outside the box In my personal opinion, the concept of heroism in today's world is tainted with idea of self-sacrifice. Being a hero often means sacrifice yourself for the common good. In order to remind myself not to be the kind of hero that is contradictory to what Ayn Rand has envisioned, I would rather be a bit eccentric. antihero3000
  14. Hello All, Being new to this forum, I look forward to learn more about Objectivism from the posts and ask questions. Thanks. antihero3000
  15. Although this might sound a little geeky, this is the future. It is also a great source of income (I should say wide array of income mechanisms) if you do the studying. However, you don't have to become a geek. Most applications are very user friendly. If we are near to a global financial crisis, it makes sense to learn this stuff, as I do not think it will go away in a crisis. The only problem to learning is that right now we are in the middle of a wonderful explosion of a vast number of new applications (both free and paid) arriving on the Internet everyday. Each one has its own procedures t