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  1. I'm going out on a limb here, but if I don't do this I'll "think" about it too much and end up doing nothing. I'm still new to both the OL community and The Ludwig von Mises Institute. I've also been trying to make sense of the doings in Washington both at the end of the Bush Administration and the beginning of the Obama Administration. In reading article on either the Mises Institute or Reuters one gets the sense things may be getting dire. Some have suggested what's being done may be irreversible. I don't know -- yet. I'm more the eternal optimist: it's how I'm wired. I keep thinking someho
  2. Thank you, Rich! Country AND Western, along with a little bit of Eastern work just fine in my world! I'm primarily a rock guitarist who's been playing for over 40 years, but just recently back on electric (since Sep. 2004) with my beloved Strat. I'm still trying to get back in the game. Nice is good! I think we've had about 30 years of nasty to last us a couple of life times!! Well, we have to include "air conducting" as it's what we guitarists, do! Unless you're referring to the air guitarist version for conductors.. wanna see my Leonard Bernstein!! I also do a great Michael Tillson-Thomas fo
  3. LOL!! Why does that not surprise me, Kat? Ahh, but, Michael, she still loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah! ;)
  4. I passed on the Grammys, which, for a musician seems odd. There wasn't anything of interest for me. In 2007 it was the return (briefly I'm afraid) of the Police. Prior to that the opening of the 2006 Grammy's had a musical "mash-up" of several bands which seemed to work. I understand the producers of the show were trying to revise the format to bring more viewers in. Apparently they didn't succeed. And, Michael, how are you NOT in the doghouse (or litter box, maybe? ) with Kat for missing Sir Paul!
  5. xpaddy01

    Imogen Heap

    Unique aptly describes her I think. I first discovered her after buying Jeff Beck's "You Had It Coming" album. From there I bought Frou Frou, but haven't found a copy of her first album. Her recent appearance with Jeff Beck on “Performing This Week… Live At Ronnie Scott’s” on her song "Blanket" was, for me, one of the highlights. First because I was taken by her voice and her words, and second how gracious Jeff was in becoming merely "one of the band" for this number. Speaks well of both artists!
  6. Sorry for not answering this sooner. It was rude of me! Yes, I am a guitarist, which covers a lot of ground electrically and acoustically!
  7. xpaddy01

    Rush - Working Man

    Good Canadian boys, eh? I recently revisited Ayn Rand because of Neil Pert. I'm not sure how deeply Neil has delved into her works. Anthem was the basis for 2112, if I recall (I'm recently revisiting Rush in general). I would highly recommend anyone to visit Neil's site if for nothing else to read his diary and assorted writings. He is indeed a wonderful write. And, finally, I think Neil would fit in quite nicely at Galt's Gulch. I think he lives an objectivist life through his drums, his music, and his whole life. And, really, isn't that what we all want? (sorry for being gone so long.... )
  8. Thanks very much, Michael! I'll probably spend a lot of time initially just reading. There's a lot here to cover! And TVOS was wonderful because a) I'm a cat person, B) the cat references and puns were brilliant, and c) I'm the "other" romantic (different, I think, from the definition of "romantic" Ayn Rand uses to describe her work and philosophy) who loves a good tale of two souls finally finding one another. Mark
  9. To All: I've decided to take a deep breath and dive in amongst the Objectivist, my self a converted lifetime "bleeding heart liberal" (although recently I tried to actually figure out what that was and if it really applied to me... Bad time to do so after reading "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead"). I'm still working (or re-working... I read "AS" and "TF" along with much of Ms. Rand's work in the 80s... this time I've added the Branden's works, too) on trying to absorb Objectivism and try to apply it in my own life. I found this site though the wikipedia entry on Barbara Branden and defin