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    John C. Paschalis
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    I'm a "P.h.D.": "Professor Hibernating in my Dreams"
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    A Phenomenological Examination of the Perception of the Differentia as Presented in Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology by John C. Paschalis
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    Movies: Babel, Rendition, Mission Impossible 1 and 3, the Rocky movies
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    I am an uncommitted gay male.
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    looking for male

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    Suburban Chicago
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    Writing; Objectivist epistemology, meta-ethics, and ethics; personal trivia associated with the history of Objectivism; working out on the elliptical machine; cooking new dishes; decorating.

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  1. what are a paloexistenlaist??

    a survalist that did read sarte?

    sombody that read kirkegaard and watch bill o realy on fox news?sombody that read dovstyti and atlas shrugged and live as a backpacker `?