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  1. what are a paloexistenlaist??

    a survalist that did read sarte?

    sombody that read kirkegaard and watch bill o realy on fox news?sombody that read dovstyti and atlas shrugged and live as a backpacker `?

  2. So is every Democratic President before Obama a socialist to you?
  3. This is a good question. Could you give examples from which we may induct ahypothesis? My first thought is that the attainment of consistent happiness, with nary a contradictory emotion, is the emotional leitmotif of human survival according to Ayn Rand. But like plants and animals, we are dependant on the material surrounding us for successful survival and therefore human virtue alone will not guarantee that everyone be happy in every respect. Perhaps they are angry because they cannot apply Rand's ideal in practice-- due to what they have to work with and cannot change. Or, perhaps they
  4. is neo-Objectivist,paleoexistentialist

  5. The surgeon Dr. Thomas Hendricks is one of the (admittedly minor) heroes in AS. Why not more like him in her fiction? I want her to show how social workers and releif workers and soup kitchen directors can be heroic. But as she allegedly said in the Playboy interview: "Charity is not a major vitue" (or she said something to that effect).
  6. If little else, I do have a way with words, don't I?
  7. Public option: redistribution of productive citizens' taxes. Ergo, immoral because it infringes on the right to privately initiated production. Iraq war in 2003=distribution of soldiers to overthrow theocracy that was [<]x1,000,000 threatening to us than Iran=unnecessary death of American soldiers. Ergo, immoral because it infringes on the right to exist as a breathing organism. Iraq war in 2003-2010: redistribution of egoistic military strategy from using full resources to decimate Hussein's army and the later insurgents, the latter being less a threat than Iran (but a threat nonethel
  8. Bob: NOBODY'S PERFECT. By this I mean: Nobody in the modern world perfectly manifests the totatility of their aims. Sincerement, John
  9. I did check your link, and discovered that someone else wrote what I thought were your original words. It's no problem for me at this time. I know it was not done intentionally. It would be helpful to me if you could place punctuation marks, or use the inbuilt quotation format, to separate your words from those of other writers. But now, I have no quarrel with you. You may find the quotes I posted from Camille Paglia to be interesting. She would seem to agree with the principles of this new feminist movement you refer to. I myself am in basic agreement of these principles, but to what ex
  10. The following quotes have been selected from this link: Quotes that I have found important and/or intriguing have been formatted in bold by myself.--John (a.k.a ValueChaser) "The last western society to worship female powers was Minoan Crete. And significantly, that fell and did not rise again." - SP, p8 "Metaphorically, every vagina has secret teeth, for the mal
  11. Indeed "empathic benevolence" is hard to be self-described in such Objectivist terms! Consider the following "comfortable" Objectivist phrase from The Fountainhead; the quote is relevant to your post because it is an obfuscated way of saying who the object of self-interested action should not be: "I think that the cardinal evil is placing your interests in other men." (I am quoting now from memory) What? So a surgeon who takes pleasure in achieving a satisfactory level of health of his patients is evil? He does not get his hands wet in stone and geometry in order to build buildings like th
  12. I take what you say in very good faith. In that case, the feminists who are interpreting her as anti-male are taking too much liberty in their factual interpretation. It is one thing to invent her unknown motivation. It is another to praise that very same motivation (anti-masculinity) which moves her or anyone else.
  13. Do the feminists have it wrong when they equate "disobeying his order" with a self-admitted dismissal of "attraction-as-asset"? I don't know that part of the Bible, and the only quotes Selene provides are from feminist commentators. If she was motivated to defy a view of herself as a sexual object, and as jeffrysmith suggests, refused the "order" to display her "beauty", then the one and only virtuous thing about her refusal to follow the order to display her beauty, was that it was an order. But Esther is the one who asserted her personal values by trading the "objectifiable" (to borrow th
  14. Christopher, I believe I misunderstood you in my comment. I thought you were saying that certain wavelengthsof color should be disregarded when measuring color, because they are not useful in identifying percepts of color; to which I had been thinking that this way is effective if identifying colors in the spectrum of visible light, but not if identifying invisible light, such as "ultraviolet." I was thinking, after my reply, that only imperceptible light such as "ultraviolet"--light that need not be known when identifying the category of light per se--is indeed useless "noise" when differ
  15. So let me get your understanding of "two omissions" straight, Stephen. Rand's theory of concept-formation, at the stage when we are "releasing" (which I am understanding as synonomous with "omitting") the particular identities that are not part of the similar units (in two or more entities) under mental isolation, not only are those irrelevant (to the concept) identity-attributes omitted, but also "some particular measure value along a specific dimension"? For example, "fluffy coat" and "threadbare coat" are isolated according to the "distinguishing characteristic" (Rand's term) of "cloth th