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  1. I think she enjoyed some of the trappings of money. Mink coats and Godiva chocolates come to mind. Your comment about projection is spot on.
  2. Allow me to join the celebration. Happy Birthday Barbara!
  3. Why would he do that? He'd have to write a bigger check to the US Postal Service and one to Ayn Rand who did own half the publication. The figures sound right to me. Rand left an estate of slightly over half a million dollars. Without the ARL it would have been much smaller. That'd be like 1.5 million today. --Brant Your comment about having to write larger checks did not occur at the time. Ayn Rand's estate size suggests that Barbara's point about her not getting very good investment advice is true. She may also not had a very tax attorney after Atlas.
  4. The Supreme Court has a way of making conservatives into liberals and vice versa. As I see it, justices come to the court with expectations born of ideology and the reality of new challenges forces them to apply those standards. In so doing, they discover new truths. The John Birch Society tried to make much of Earl Warren's tenure as governor of California. I think that neither Warren nor the Court nor the JBS had any idea of how the future was about to immediately unfold. For me, perhaps the greatest jurist was not Oliver Wendell Holmes or John Marshall or Roger Taney. It was John Marshall Harlan, the Great Dissenter. You never know where that person will come from. "... With the Whig Party's dissolution in the early 1850s, he shifted his affiliation to the Know-Nothings ... Harlan campaigned for Democrat George McClellan in the 1864 presidential election and ... Though considered for a number of positions in the new administration, most notably for Attorney General, initially the only job Harlan was offered was as a member of a commission sent to Louisiana to resolved disputed statewide elections there. Justice David Davis, however, had resigned from the Supreme Court in January 1877 after being selected as a United States Senator by the Illinois General Assembly. Seeking a replacement, Hayes settled on Harlan... " ( I'm not going hold my breath on Kagan changing. Harlan was a very great Justice but Marshall was much more important. I think the adroitness Marshall displayed in Marbury v. Madison is brilliant.
  5. "Can't" would have been my guess. I'm sure hardships were endured throughout history with other four-letter words....haha! ~ Shane "Can't" is an acceptable pronunciation in English, though I more often hear "Kant" pronounced to rhyme with "want." The latter is how the KP narrator pronounced it. I'm not sure what would be acceptable to a native speaker of German. Another awkward moment in KP history occurred during the recording of my script on Machiavelli's The Prince. I quoted a passage by Machiavelli -- solemnly dramatized by an actor in an Italian accent -- that attacked a certain policy as futile by comparing it to sticking one's finger in the hole of a dike. It took a while to get things back on track after that passage was read. Ghs The dike wasn't Elena Kagan?
  6. I met Karl when we took Basic Principles of Objectivism in Washington DC in 1966. He was a cool person in the best sense of the term. He marched to his own drummer.
  7. Brant; I remember hearing from a tape by Kaye Nolte Smith that Leonard Peikoff got into trouble because he said something like did Ayn Rand think she could get away with a big raise in the price for the ARI from the Objectivist. I know that in my circle many of the poorer Objectivists had to stop taking the ARI. There were reports on circulation of the Objectivist published. The first was published in the Nov. '66 Objectivist and reported a circulation of 21,056. The next one published in Nov. '67 reported a circulation of 17,469. The next one was published in the July '68 reported a circulation of 18,296. Another one was published in December '69 and showed a circulation of 16,169. The next one was December '70 and the circulation was 16,195. The Objectivist ceased publication before the next report was required. It is interesting that the Objectivist reached a high in '66 which it never reached again. ARI types all claimed that Branden was cooking the books for the first high figure.
  8. I have said this a couple of times on OL. Is there any evidence that Obama's mother was ever in Kenya? Obama's birth was announced in the Hawaiian newspapers when it occurred. Just a suggestion to who ever needs it. GET A LIFE!
  9. Thanks for the tip.
  10. I think I received two census forums and a post card reminded me to fill it out and send it back. There continue to be ads on buses here in DC.
  11. And you should not be. War is an emergency and in an emergency the first things to ditch are compassion, mercy and morality. What is left is victory or defeat. In the pursuit of victory, any means not fatal to our side are fair means. There is really only One Law of War ---- Win it. And god damn the collateral damages. Ba'al Chatzaf I hate to tell everyone but I think Ayn Rand would agree with Ba'al.
  12. I had a crush on Lena Horn, when I was much younger. R.I.P. She was a good singer and a good actress. The late Lenny Bruce had a comedy schtick. He asserted there is no such thing as anti-black prejudice. He asked the men in his audience who they would rather sleep with; Kate Smith who was (very) white or Lena Horne who was black. A pause. Then Lenny would say: See, I told you so. There is no such thing as racial prejudice. Ba'al Chatzaf Ba'al; Great post! Thanks!
  13. JeanBean, LOL... You remind me of me... (Nowadays I go ahead and return them...) Michael Jean; You really should return them. One of the things I have done recently is reduce the amount of books I have from the library but I have more peace of mind.
  14. Chris Grieb

    Lena Horn

    She died yesterday. She was a beautiful woman and a great singer. Before she appeared in movies most of the black women looked like Hattie McDaniel. Many of her songs in the 40ths MGM musicals were not shown in the South so she was unable to be an actress with lines. Jim Crow cost America in many ways.
  15. We have recently had the deaths of Corin & Lynne. I think only Vanessa is left. They were all leftists and could be counted to support whatever bad cause was around. They were also very good actors. I'll enjoy their movies but wince when they give their political positions. They had Elizabeth Taylor as a step-mother.
  16. I have been told that was a black female NBI student who passed out Goldwater literature in Harlem in 1964. Do Anne Wortham & Susan Love Brown still dislike each other?
  17. No book by Kant is included in Ayn Rand's Marginalia. Was there a list of property including her library in the documents about her will.
  18. Robert; I thought he would be done with three. Keep us informed.
  19. Michael; You really make "orginial sin" sound pretty stupid. Is that the idea?
  20. A world of masturbators and homosexuals? In Lectures on Ethics, Kant condemns "onanism" as an "abuse of the sexual faculty without any object," a practice that is "contrary to the ends of humanity and even opposed to animal nature. By it man sets aside his person and degrades himself below the level of animals." (Kant apparently never saw Chimpanzees in a zoo.) Kant's condemnation of homosexuality is similar. When there is "homogeneity instead of heterogeneity" in sex, "this practice too is contrary to the ends of humanity; for the end of humanity in respect of sexuality is to preserve the species without debasing the person...." This is way off topic, and deliberately so. The Obama qua Kenyan theory is a crock, and even if it were true, I wouldn't suggest anything be done about it. Any attempt to dethrone Obama on this basis would generate a constitutional crises of the first magnitude, especially given that he is the first black president, and it would only reinvigorate Obama's supporters. Let the guy hoist himself by his own petard via his policies and actions, not his supposed place of birth. That Constitutional provision is antiquated in any case, and should be amended out of existence. Ghs Ghs; Ayn Rand and Kant seem to be on the same page about homosexuality We are on the same page about Obama.
  21. Jeopardy is have its Celebrity Tournament of Champions and I think Michael McKean will be the big winner. Michael McKean is one of the best proofs that the intelligence of actors should not be judged by the roles they play. McKean played one of two stupid guys on a show "Laverne & Shirley" that had several dumb people. Almost of his other roles he has played a lot smarter
  22. Google is noting with a ballet scene in its letters that this Tchaikovsky's birthday. Listen to the 5th, Swan Lake, or the Pathequi today. Don't forget the 1st Piano Concerto. Ayn Rand liked his music. The first is mentioned in "The Fountainhead. Ayn Rand liking him is most certainly not the only reason to listen. The Russians came up with many great composers during the last half of the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century.
  23. GS, Of course they knew! But they realized that most people are ignorant of such things as details of the eligibility requirements of the Constitution for President. They know that Obama was a valuable person for their purposes. He was well educated and eloquent. He was intelligent and crafty. He shared the establishment premises and know how to cash in on them. They knew he was a more appealing candidate than Hilary and could easily beat McCain. They appointed many judges who would not hear challenges by using the lack of standing argument. Specious to be sure but it has worked so far. I can't believe you people. The bad guys in this game are truly evil and willing to use lies and deceit to achieve their goals. Why Obama is even willing to argue in public that his health plan will require individual mandates to raise the money to make it work. He has said in no uncertain terms that without such mandates it will not work. There are accepted mandates such as having auto insurance, compulsory public education, taxation for which there is evidently no actual law. They have us or most of us being compliant or in favor of their agenda. The media is in their pocket as are the courts and the public schools teachers and the university professors. The ideological foundation for their agenda is in place. They have been getting away with their interventions for decades with virtually no opposition of any strength. "electoral authorities!" Give me a break! The only individuals who are interested in the truth are a handful of individuals to whom the truth and the Constitution matters. I was kind of hoping there might be a few here on OL. I am not going to go to Washington D.C. to march although I will be there in spirit. One must choose one's battles. I will be watching closely. In the meantime I am submitting a Resolution to the House of Delegates of the Massachusetts Medical Society next week at their annual meeting to oppose Obamacare and to press the Attorney General and the State House to sue for nullification. I believe 38 other states are in some stage of advocacy of the nullification process. Not too late for you to take possession of gold and silver bullion coins. The rise in price of gold is just at the beginning of a long term bull market given the debt crisis in the world and Bernanke's inclination to respond by rolling the printing presses as he has been doing. SIlver will do better given its smaller market, enormous industrial demand, short supply and its role as money in addition to gold. Check out to see what is available and to follow the prices. Beware of high premiums on rare coins rather stick to bullion coins. 231,258 Succinct and accurate. I only wish we could wake up from this Kantian nightmare, but as you stated, we are living in era where they control the entire apparatus. How wholly unfortunate. Did you even read the article I linked to? It puts the natural born citizen argument raised here to bed and it was written way before this controversy - so it's free of a pro or anti Obama motive. It's just the facts - and they're very well referenced. If you want to keep your head in the echo chamber, be my guest. Before you start arguing with me about how evil Obama is - I'm only responding to the article you posted regarding Obama's eligibility to be president. I'm not debating you on health care reform or any issue. If this isn't enough and you want to argue that the author and everyone she referenced and the legal community were all Pro-Obama in 1988 - it could be argued that because Obama Sr. had not divorced his first wife before taking a second then because of the bigamy law Pres. Obama was born in the US to a single parent who was a US citizen. This is just as far fetched as the argument above, I know - but you seem to like conspiracy theories. Ian Ian; Talking to Gulch is a waste of time and I have tried but I'll have to remember what you said about Obama's father not being divorced from his first wife. Gulch; Good luck with your resolution against Obamacare in your physicians group. I hope your reputation has not preceded you
  24. The Fantastics ran for over 40 years off Broadway. It has a very small cast. I believe the cast is less than ten people. A huge number of high schools have done it. It is based on a play by Rostand. A good number of the actresses who played the girl went on to become big names. The first El Gallo was Jerry Orbach who was on Law & Order.