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  1. Good piece, Roger.

    Given that I published ATCAG in 1974 and two more books on atheism since, my friends are often surprised when I recommend various Christian writers throughout history, including those with whom I have the most serious philosophical disagreements.

    For example, Augustine's Confessions remains my favorite autobiography, and I regard Pascal's Pensées ("Thoughts") as a fascinating collection of insights.


  2. Roger,

    My bright light test is this: If a person holds a significant philosophical position that Rand expressly repudiated, then I don't think that person should use the label "Objectivist." Such positions would include anarchism and determinism.

    I'm curious why you posted this and other interesting comments on your blog instead of on the main site. I think people tend not to notice blog posts all that much. I know I don't. And I find it more difficult to keep updated on blog comments.