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  1. Hello Mike, Pete, Bill Nice to be able to chat today. Hope all are well and prospering. Please forgive that I disagree with Mike where he typed about the murderer's manifesto that // I also glanced through his manifesto. Sick. Narcissistic and cheerful. // I too skimmed a portion of it and thought it a grim warning and call to war based on internet conspiracy myths and Kant style group-think subjectivism rather than self-aggrandizement. But then again war is always sickening. The guy's live stream of him shooting up the mosque showed him handling his weapons very profi
  2. Good points Grant.Thanks. Without rule of law, one guys freedom fighter is the next guys terrorist. //There wasn't, btw, any state left to speak of.// In the fictional dystopian world of AS, there were States mentioned. In Part 3 C.10 there's the scene where Midas Mulligan is planning his investments in New York and Pennsylvania, so even at the end the story presupposed Federalism. The States still existed so did the Country and the question of morality is irrelevant. Dagny murdered the guard. Ragnar committed piracy and is depicted as a terrorist. It's a matter of fact within
  3. Well, in service of conversation I had to do my best to defend the protection of law and basal order of political bodies to facilitate interactions of juxapositioned Homo Sapiens some of whom may be Human or qualify as Man. Of course you're correct. The moral basis of politics once eliminated, renders protections of law of no effect or so I would think the dystopian fictional world of AS's United States would operate. However, in a fan fiction squeal I think using the idea of separate legal jurisdictions qua Federalism would lend literary gravitas to such a plot device as having the State poli
  4. Oh Criminy! I must vote for this passage as best laugh of the week.
  5. Well back to why Peikoff had a heart attack upon learning that Branden and Rand had been banging each other. So if Peikoff thought of Rand as his mother, did he think of Frank as his father? And that Frank was a slacker must have bugged him? If so, then how could he not expect that Rand would have been playing the field to find what she couldn't get at home? And how did Branden hook up with Rand in the first place; he was just a kid during the War and wasn't old enough to buy beer when Rand was writing AS. Did she hustle him from some venue for young people? Was she out hunting for some young
  6. This is what I love about this message forum. You guys are way smarter than for which you give yourselves credit. Be that as it may, I'll take the bait. Dagny's action was a criminal act of murder because there was no act of succession or declaration of independence to form a new political body by the minions of Midas Mulligan's valley despite that they'd bugged out. Merely bugging out to the valley did not form a new country. Countries can only be formed by express declaration . They were still citizens of the dystopian disfunctional United States depicted in AS and hence still subject to its
  7. Hi Tony. Well it's June 16th and a week later. Thanks for your remark. It's a good one too, and reading it makes me feel guilty because the USA is much closer to a total police state than the ideal noted by Jefferson in his inaugural speech: Like John Galt who willing to kill himself to save Dagny from torture, perhaps a committed Objectivist philosopher should think about pedagogy, but of course they do, so by extension those who willing to support in some manner their activities are less culpable. Maybe that my enjoyment of chatting here on OL isn't an application the secon
  8. Piss me off some Randroids maybe did I. Bought I did.
  9. Cool. $$$$ We earned it. So when Dagny murdered the guard at Project F while breaking in to spring John Galt, she was justified because there ain't no such thingy as "society" and those who initiate violence deserve to get some back. Oh justice me psychopath down. Yeah Rationality.
  10. Hiya Mike. Well, since Branden did it, I was thinking maybe Peikoff was doing the competitive anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better thingy.
  11. Thanks for an insightful analysis. I just finished reading Atlas Shrugged. Now I hope Branden didn't think or feel he had something in common with the archetype illustrated by James Taggert. Fictional character, yeah, and no goons of thugs working for totalitarian police states were injured in the writing of AS; still though, I loved the scene where Taggert breaks down after Galt tells the boys how to fix the electro shock torture machine. Besides, he wasn't really interested in banging an older broad, (Holy Fuck. The sagging wrinkles. Yuck.) but doing so in service of The $ is earning it baby
  12. Hiya Pete. Been away for a week, but got some work done; still though GHS writes good stuff. His atheism book helped my shake that God superstition. Witchdoctoring aside, I and the other riders on this mornings Green train lucked out. A crazy was triggered and pulled a honking big ass large caliber revolver. The gun was in a gunny sack and the dude held it over the top strap while pointing it a the guy who dared to speak and saying loudly 'It's your lucky day that I'm not as mad at you as God. But I'm going to give it to ya. You're gonna get it. God is mad at you.' and so on for about a minute
  13. Double standards drive people batty. I wish it could be blamed on water fluoridation so I could post a clip from Dr Stangelove where General Ripper is telling Lt. Mandrake about it's evils because Kubrick's mocking was an early manifestation of cognitive dissonance by Dunning-Kruger. Personally, I'd like the USG to make it policy to lean on Mexico and the Central American govs to permit Laissez Faire and to disallow illegals to get any kind of welfare or subsidy. But the powers that be don't care about what anyone thinks unless it gets them more power. Sadly the contrary path leads to empoweri
  14. Good points Wolf. A lifetime of crap thinking from a bunch of stuff from crap culture has left a me with a crap philosophical outlook. Having been raised as a child in a religious culture and having lived a life surrounded by those who accepted believed and practiced bogus associated ideas has inculcated a bunch of crap into my thinking. Nice work. Charity looks like a fun read. Thanks for the clue, and you can use my family name as a character, why not. There has to be a guy named Chris Cable somewhere. Almost everyone loves the sound of alliteration.