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  1. Go to this YouTube segment: and listen to what he says at 2:20. Did I hear right? Did Yaron describe Executive Order 9066 which authorized the internment of more than 110,000 Americans of Japanese descent, both 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation, as "legitimate"?
  2. Link: I came across this film being mentioned in The Intellectual Activist, in that it was based on a true case, the real-life murder of an Iranian journalist living in Orange County. The movie was made, but in the aftermath of the Ayatollah Khomeini's death threat against Salmon Rushie, it failed to find a distributor. I had seen references to a Polish VHS release called Grozba , but no clue as to where to purchase a copy, or even an URL to where one can watch it on the internet. Can anyone help out? Here are two images on the VHS cover.
  3. Who hasn't heard of Anne-Sophie Mutter, the classic violinist who has graced auditoriums for over 4 decades! Talented, beautiful, passionate, and with her trademark habit of wearing sleeveless gowns and not using a chin rest, she is a feast for the senses! Here are three of her performances, one accompanied by a pianist, one with an orchestra, and one of her soloing.
  4. Her life story is an incredible one of overcoming adversity. Rachel was born 15 weeks premature, weighing 1 pound 5 ounces at birth, which would afflict her with Retinopathy From Prematurity , leaving her blind. She would develop an affinity and talent for music. First learning piano, then flute, later guitar, she would take a liking to the progressive rock of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, even eliciting praise from Keith Emerson himself.She released her 1st CD of all self-compositions, where she performs everything except drums! Her song "Greg's Favorite" was written and dedicated to Greg Lake.
  5. From Croatia, a classical guitarist who is as pleasing to the eyes as she is to the ears! (Always helps!).
  6. Ah, I guess I should have read the fine print: "The author of these articles is Peter Schwartz". DAMN, that was a waste of money for what I thought I was getting!
  7. Whatever they put into her Russian Caravan!
  8. I was just about to start a thread on this very subject! I had subscribed to The Intellectual Activist when it came out in 1979, but that was several address changes ago, and my copies got lost. So a few months ago, I started buying the PDF form from, and started printing out the issues for a local Staples store to cerlox bind into a readable periodical form. And.........I started noticing references to an article by George Reisman that were missing. articles by Reisman, period! Or even a review - by Robert Getman - of the book "In Defence Of The Corporation" by Robert Hessen. I still am going through Volume 4, but the song remains the same, they omitted "Truth And Toleration" by David Kelley, and anything by Reisman or Walsh. It's like someone's quip:"A good Soviet Historian is one who can predict the past"! And it's also rangles me that the Ayn Rand E-Store is not forthright enough to announce/describe these PDF files as 'truncated', before you buy!
  9. Anyone ever come across this lady on YouTube? Talented, expressive, beautiful. Originally from the Republic of Georgia, now living in France, Khatia has 5 CDs out, as well as several hours of TV/video appearances on YouTube. Often plays with her talented sister Gvantsa ( also beautiful and a Salma Hayak look-alike!). Here are two solo performances, and one duet with her sister:
  10. A banker,an electrician and a politician were all asked the same question:"Name the problem that occurs when expenditure exceeds input". The banker replies "Overdraft" The electrician replies "Overload" The politician replies "What problem?"