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  1. Thanks PDS, I used to teach literature, composition, and history mostly but I've gravitated more and more to literature. One reason is that unlike most subjects, literature courses keep changing a little bit (for those teachers allowed to select their own curriculum.) I'm teaching two other courses this term as well...I can explain**. > Go Blue. I was only at Michigan for a year, so it took me a second...Did you go there? Ann Arbor was a lovely college town. ** Actually no I won't. I always knew Michael would eventually prove to, like Linz and Diana, kick me out or start deleting posts
  2. Here's the course catalog blurb for a course I'm teaching starting in several weeks: COURSE DESCRIPTION: America doesn't have a Shakespeare, but we do have a Mark Twain. Many consider him the greatest quintessentially "American" writer. He is arguably the most influential across the last century and a half. He simplified language, brought about a more natural way of writing, wrote books that generations of school children and adults warmly remember, was a great satirist. Twain is often not only deeply perceptive about people and their ways, but is enormously, laugh-out-loud funny as well.
  3. > What exactly prevents your from using the simple, clear and informative quote function? Asked and answered.
  4. Note from MSK: Text deleted. It's easier. I'm tired of babysitting this poster and moving his crap to the Garbage Pile.
  5. Note from MSK: Text deleted. It's easier. I'm tired of babysitting this poster and moving his crap to the Garbage Pile.
  6. Subject: Locked into Delusions and Imaginary "Facts" > nobody takes you seriously...your credibility is shot to hell right now Michael, what's the weather like in your imaginary universe? I'm amused that 'nobody' means people outside of your tiny little circle of homeboys here. You have sort of delusions of grandeur thinking your minuscule little crowd of insult boys and misfits represents everybody. And it's laughable that I should take you or them and your opinions seriously. > I've seen you try to teach an expert elementary-level stuff in his field Another sign of delusion that you
  7. Show me where I actually changed the meaning in a paraphrase.
  8. Subject: being patient and pleasant and diplomatic and tactful (people and teaching and conversational and debating skills) Related to this is the question of when irritability and lack of tact occurs. For me and for most people, obviously when you are personally attacked as opposed to having your ideas treated with precision and respect. But in the OWL case WSS quotes, while the whole back story was not snipped, it seems as though it was the overall style of discussion that was an irritant for me - "academese" and nit-picking have always annoyed me. Where I'd like to improve is in dealing w
  9. Subject: being patient and pleasant and diplomatic and tactful In #161, WSS reposts something from OWL of mine in which I'm in the middle of a debate on the rights of children. What's notable is how irritated debating with 'academic' types made me. I can certainly see how my crankiness and disrespect for the 'academic style' would piss them off. [WSS helped me see it just now by bolding the cranky or condemnatory parts]. Maybe there is a more diplomatic way I could have made the same points I did, but my style is not as diplomatic as it could be...especially as frustration builds up over t
  10. > What post are you quoting from? I've searched but I cannot find it. This is very annoying. If you will not use the quote function, you could at least give a post number, especially when posts have been appearing at a rapid rate, as they have tonight on this thread. [GHS, 157] Sorry. I almost always give a post number, unless it was just above (one of the one or two posts the reader has just read). I forgot this time.
  11. William, thanks for reposting that long post of mine from OWL. I had forgotten it and I think it's one of my best posts. Certainly a pretty thorough discussion of the issue of the importance of method and of why it's important to critique it, learn about it in an intellectual movement or discussion forum. I don't like to repeat myself and when I've said the same things more recently I'm not likely to take as much time to lay out my view and my reasons in that much detail. So, that's helpful - it shows with crystal clarity where I'm coming from and that I was dealing with the very same issues
  12. > There is no proper use of quotation marks for a paraphrase unless you are quoting someone paraphrasing. [brant] Give it a rest, pal. > Here’s a plum example of you making one of your ignorant attacks, then not following through when challenged. [ND] Not it's not: You can't even read.