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  1. Coronavirus -- supply chains
  2. Coronavirus - Medicare for All #2
  3. That's hard to independently verify, at least for me. CNN is a subsidiary of WarnerMedia, which is a subsidiary of AT&T. Neither sub has publicly-traded stock and hence does not publish separate financial reports. I looked at AT&T's 2019 financial report here. There are some numbers for segments of WarnerMedia. Turner is one. I assume CNN is part of Turner. Turner's 2019 revenues were 88% higher than 2018 revenues; its operating contribution (net income) was 67% higher. Of course, that tells me nothing about CNN. CNN Airport
  4. Coronavirus - Medicare for All
  5. Coronavirus - Medicare for All
  6. by John Stossel
  7. Trump-Mnuchin, Sen. McConnell, and Sen. Schumer have all proposed "stimulus" plans in response to financial hardships due to the coronavirus. Relying on the news stories I have seen, Trump-Mnuchin's plan is stupid in my opinion. It pays everybody and hence is far off-target. Why send $1,000 to Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, the Clintons, or even me? Why send $1,000 to people who are retired, people who still have good paying jobs, or are wealthy? Sen. McConnell's plan is quite a bit better. His plan gives $1,200 to singles with 2018 adjusted gross income (AGI) < $75,000 and married filing jointly couples with 2018 AGI < $150,000. It gives $0 to singles with 2018 AGI > $99,000 and married filing jointly couples with 2018 AGI > $198,000. However, the link between 2018 AGI and current financial difficulty is weak. While Sen. Schumer's plan lacks detail, I believe his basic idea of expanding unemployment compensation is far more on-target -- people who were employed, but lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. Many of them were in low-paying jobs that were hit hard, e.g. at restaurants. His plan is probably slower to implement, but its aim is far better.
  8. Addenda: The primary lenders for commercial paper are money market funds.
  9. LOL. Another arbitrary assertion by a snarky fabricator.
  10. Me: "The 1918 flu pandemic was one of the worst. ..." (link). Mr. Snarky: "Merlin, Dayamm! Here I thought we were discussing 2020 and the coronavirus. And maybe the flu in 2020" (link). Heh.