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  1. John McAfee apparently arrested for wearing thong instead of face mask in Norway
  2. There are 15 gears and 3 capstans, so you flunked. Let C = clockwise, R = the reverse (counter-clockwise), and D = doesn’t matter. Then the direction of rotation of the gears and capstans starting at the top left are: C R R C R C R C R C R C R C R D D D Since the 15th letter is R, the box lid opens more.
  3. Coronavirus - how much infected?
  4. Thanks, William. One of the authors, Lindsay, also write the articles linked in my Website About Wokeness blog-post. Pluckrose also co-authored with Lindsay the book Cynical Theories. The article "Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship" is also on the New Discourses website.
  5. Website about Wokeness Edit: Link fixed. Thanks, William.
  6. Some obviously knowledgeable people created the document at However, “knowledgeable” does not mean honest or trustworthy. Lying and misrepresenting with lots of statistics and a very complex model is easy to do. It will be interesting to see if Rush Limbaugh does a show about the alleged massive study, or not. He has a slew of researchers and money to check it out before he pontificates. He has touted HCQ several times.
  7. Yes, Professor Moriarty, she did. Her tweet grossly misrepresented reality by omitting pertinent, important facts.
  8. MSK wrote: "Brant, Damn you. Too often you manage to say in a sentence or two what it takes me paragraphs and paragraphs to say" (link). I will summarize in a few sentences what took you paragraphs and paragraphs to say. You find fault with the messenger, e.g. citing the CDC or WHO or CNN. You believe that entitles you to dismiss the entire message as propaganda, falsehoods, and garbage. That’s despite any facts or merits in the message. You even cite a fact and then concoct a slur. You don’t have enough interest to discern what is relevant and objective from what isn’t. It’s so much easier and convenient for you to trash the entire message and the messenger. At the same time, you exempt Dr. Simone Gold’s message from any of your “analysis” and slurring her.
  9. Chloroquine for SARS-CoV in vitro is quite different from hydroxyhloroquine (HCQ) for SARS-CoV-2 in humans.
  10. Coronavirus – clinical trials #3 Coronavirus – clinical trials #4
  11. Check your assumptions. See this post written by Ellen Stuttle. My post was about Ellen Moore.
  12. ‘Pestered’ Belgians sue Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson, and the Belgium government over coronavirus restrictions
  13. Barbara captured quite well my recollection of Ellen Moore. Ellen considered herself an expert on Objectivism. I once had an exchange with her about her assertion that 'similarity reduces to measurement omission.' This was about 20 years ago. So my memory of our exchange is now vague, but it went something like follows. Peter posted what looks like part of it here. Seeing her assertion as gibberish, I challenged Ellen to clearly explain it, with at least one example, and to cite passages written by Ayn Rand, especially from Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, to support her assertion. She tried multiple times without success, usually remarking about how dense I was for not understanding the obvious. She would cite a passage from Rand which didn't support her assertion along with repeating or adding more of her own gibberish. Eventually I made a parody of Ellen forming the concept of orange (the fruit), that went something like follows. Ellen gathered together several oranges, not all identical. For example, some navel, some Valencia, some large, some small, etc. She could perceive their similarity, but she didn't yet have the concept orange. So she proceeded to measure the oranges in various ways -- their circumference around the middle, how thick the rind was, how many seeds were inside, how much each weighed, etc. She still didn't have the concept orange or grasp the oranges' similarity conceptually. Then I told her she had not yet measured how much juice she could squeeze out of each orange. She had a sudden flash of insight. She finally realized she had omitted the measurements of how juicy each orange was. Thus she finally grasped similarity conceptually and the concept orange.
  14. Patrecia Scott drowned in 1977 per
  15. That’s a good analogy. Since Dr. Fauci approves using remdesivir for Covid-19, I bet Berman does, too. If so, I would like to see Berman read the NIH guideline here about remdesivir and then ask him, Does remdesivir meet your exalted “gold standard”? Here are some excerpts: - “There are insufficient data for the Panel to recommend either for or against the use of remdesivir in patients with mild or moderate COVID-19.” - “In a randomized clinical trial, there was no observed difference between the remdesivir and placebo groups in time to recovery or mortality rate in these subgroups.” - “Because there is uncertainty regarding whether starting remdesivir confers clinical benefit in these groups of patients, the Panel cannot make a recommendation either for or against starting remdesivir.” In only one of the clinical trials did remdesivir show any benefit, and that was a moderately reduced time to recovery. Is remdesivir a cure for Covid-19? There is zero evidence for that. The web-page I linked above has links to the NIH guidelines for (1) Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine and (2) Hydroxychloroquine Plus Azithromycin. Conspicuously absent is a guideline for Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc, which Dr. Risch and other doctors recommend. They say zinc enables HCQ; without it HCQ is minimally effective. Dr. Risch's Newsweek op-ed:
  16. Coronavirus – clinical trials #1 Coronavirus – clinical trials #2
  17. MSK, thanks for posting the video and article about the death of George Floyd. When I first saw videos showing only the time when Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd's neck, I wondered what happened before then and after the police arrived.
  18. Coronavirus – a safety analogy
  19. Coronavirus - how deadly? Coronavirus -- about the numbers
  22. Another doctor talks about hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir here: