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  1. merjet

    Fake Social Media

    Okay. But when I use Google Images, I don't get counts.
  2. merjet

    Fake Social Media I did a Google search for {idiot} and got 226 million hits. I did a Google search for {idiot Trump} and got 87 million hits. 87/226 = .385. If that ratio were much higher, then I would get suspicious.
  3. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    LOL. Can you make an illustration with 5 extra tracks for this wheel? 😄 Feel free to ask the con artist Jonathan for help. 😃
  4. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    No, I did not exclude it. I moved it to the top of the small circle and made it dashed. But I understand. You want everybody to accept this monstrosity as authoritative, despite its flaws. 1. The straight lines are not the length of the circumference of the larger circle or the smaller circle. 2.The straight lines are ambiguous. Are they lines of travel or surfaces or both? Of course, you want them to be both so you can continue faking reality and desperately cling to your “solution” and your pseudo-self-esteem.
  5. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    But then it would be unlike the zillions of wheels people commonly see on cars, trucks, bicycles, etc. The reality of surface-to-surface contact for them is one place, where the wheel contacts the surface it rolls on. Did Jonathan dupe you, too?
  6. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Heh. You are lying and/or too stupid to know the difference between a line of motion and a surface. You can’t even count correctly. Ha ha ha ha ha. There are three horizontal lines in the first image on Wikipedia. The brown one is a surface that the larger circle rolls on. . . . . False. Sorry, jackass, you have no access to my perceptions or those of the ancient Greeks. You are also a very incompetent mind-reader. It appears to me, and it is a fact, that the horizontal distance between the smaller circles in both images on Wikipedia is the circumference of the larger circle. In the video you refer to the smaller circle does not appear to me to travel the distance of its circumference. I know that its circumference is only about 65% of the horizontal distance it travels.
  7. merjet

    Correspondence and Coherence blog

    China From Above Information and Investment #1 Information and Investment #2 Information and Investment #3 Information and Investment #4
  8. merjet

    Trump humor

    Some Trump haters such as the Washington Post, HuffPost, Steven Colbert and many others on Twitter gave flak to President Trump for not reciting the Apostle’s Creed at George H. W. Bush’s funeral along with the other attendees. Why didn’t he? I speculate that he misunderstood what it was about. He thought they were going to cite Apollo Creed. 🙂 Why do that? Speculating more, citing Apollo Creed rubbed him the wrong way. Analogous to Rocky fighting Apollo Creed in Rocky, he envisioned himself fighting Uncle Sam when he ran for President. But that didn’t quite fit. Rocky lost. Trump won. 🙂
  9. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    You put your hands tightly over your ears? You turned down the volume on your hearing aid? 🙂
  10. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    No, the “rate of turn” or rotation of the bigger and smaller sprockets in the video are the same in degrees. The video shows rolling about 1/3rd of a revolution. Showing a ½ or full revolution would make clearer what occurs. The smaller sprocket traverses the same horizontal distance as the larger one because points on the smaller one take a more efficient path. Consider the "6:00 o'clock" starting point for each. Call them Pb for the bigger sprocket and Ps for the smaller sprocket. As Pb and Ps roll to "12:00 o'clock" it is clear that Ps’s path is shorter than Pb’s. That is captured by the right half of the motion depicted in the lower image on Wikipedia. For a full revolution the different lengths of the two different paths are twice as evident.
  11. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Hogwash. The page didn’t have an accurate description before I edited it.
  12. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    You are a perfect example. Beep, beep. Vrooom.
  13. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    It is telling that the people who claim slippage apparently feel compelled to gratuitously add elements to its original formulation. Why? With their crutch, they have a “solution.” Without their crutch, they are helpless.
  14. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    You got it wrong, propagandist trying to rewrite history.