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  1. Wokeness - Andrew Sullvan Hyperbole, truthfulness, half-truths, lying, Donald Trump, Joe Biden
  2. I keep a copy of Microsoft Edge on my desktop so I can occasionally read an article from the New York Times, Bloomberg, and other publications that allow a low number of N free articles per month w/o subscribing. If I reach N, I clear the browser history to reset the "articles read" to zero. The Washington Compost doesn't allow any free articles.
  3. Black Rednecks and White Liberals #1 Black Rednecks and White Liberals #2
  4. Yesterday I emailed a very good friend this URL. His reply, lightly edited, follows. "Really depressing. Just watched a Tucker Carlson episode that covered the media trying to suppress the Hunter Biden scandal. Many years ago Ayn Rand wrote an essay "The Argument from Intimidation," which is the modus operandi for advocates of this nuttiness. I've heard America has experienced 4 religious revivals, which could manifest as an obsession with sin. We might be in a "secular religious revival" obsessed with the one big sin of racism, and imposed on the rest of the country by int
  5. My doctor says you are wrong and I agree. I trust him and my own judgment far more than you, who asserts but provides no evidence.
  6. I didn't donate to ARI before 2017. I donated to TAS.
  7. ARI will receive a smaller donation from me this year for its endorsement.
  8. No. What gave you that silly notion? I know you don't have a high regard for truth.
  9. Nobel Laureate on the Morality of Markets The V.P. Debate -- NY Times
  10. Three of the images in the second row at the URL I linked show a 'Pennsylvania Application for Mail-in-Ballot'. It appears to be a 3-page form with the 3rd page showing addresses where to send the application. One image in the 5th row and one image in the 6th row show 3 pages of an 'Official Republican Party Mail-in Ballot Application.' The first two pages look identical and like the 1st page of the above 3-pager. Clicking on either, I see the back of the form. Clicking on the one in the 6th row, I see another, different form along with a picture of Trump. It is a 2020 State Absentee Ba
  11. What is a "Trump mail-in ballot application"? The first several images here show no party affiliation on the application and include no picture of Trump. Apparently the Republican National Committee has engaged in some trickery -- see the ones with -- like the makers of the videos MSK posted.