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  1. merjet

    Judge Kavanaugh and the Crazy Lady

    Yes. Co-Executive Director of Center_for_Popular_Democracy (link) gets funding from Soros' Open Society Foundations.
  2. merjet

    Mixed Martial Arts: Tucker Carlson vs Amy Peikoff

    MSK: "Are you just blanking out the data shenanigans or do you really believe nothing goes on?" What data shenanigans? Just because the government is a customer of Amazon Web Services, there must be shenanigans? Where is the evidence? Are you just blanking out all the shenanigans between the Trump Organization and governments before he was President? Is the Trump International Hotel lease with the government shenanigan-free? Do you believe nobody employed in the Trump Organization, e.g. maids, gets food stamps?
  3. merjet

    Mixed Martial Arts: Tucker Carlson vs Amy Peikoff

    Yes, really. For example: And Amazon having government as a customer is "in bed with the government"? What's next? A company that sells office supplies to any part of government is "in bed with the government"? A building owner that leases space to any part of government is "in bed with the government"? And that some of its employees having received food stamps puts Amazon "in bed with the government"? By such criteria Donald Trump was "in bed with the government" and "lost his high moral standing" before running for President.
  4. merjet

    Mixed Martial Arts: Tucker Carlson vs Amy Peikoff

    Wow. You sound like Bernie Sanders.
  5. merjet

    Mixed Martial Arts: Tucker Carlson vs Amy Peikoff

    Peikoff should have focused on the secondhand Marxist thug Bernie Sanders. Instead she said nothing about him.
  6. merjet

    Donald Trump

    ?? Sales and stocks prices are two very different things.
  7. merjet

    Donald Trump

    If by "creative stats" you mean a ticker name followed by a number and in a different color, such things are common in financial markets articles. They are current time price quotes often updated. If looking at the page when the market is open, it might update while you are reading it or if you refresh it. Ditto for the numbers in red in your post.
  8. merjet

    Donald Trump

    Nike’s online sales jumped 31% after company unveiled Kaepernick campaign, data show.
  9. merjet

    Correspondence and Coherence blog

    Modern Austrian Economics #1 Modern Austrian Economics #2
  10. merjet

    Donald Trump

    -3.2% in one day is a noisy blip. NKE was up 57% the previous 12 months. The blip was a knee-jerk reaction from some investors. There isn't only one market. There is the stock market and the consumer market. People who decide to buy/sell/hold NKE stock are not the same set of people who buy NKE goods such as shoes. Very likely NKE executives considered how both markets would react and believed the net effect of the action would be neutral or even positive in the market of consumers, i.e. NKE's revenues.
  11. merjet

    Correspondence and Coherence blog

    Two Kinds of Apriori Accountable Capitalism Act Rothbard on Economic Paradigms
  12. merjet

    Correspondence and Coherence blog

    A Life of Discovery #3 A Life of Discovery #4
  13. merjet

    Correspondence and Coherence blog

    A Life of Discovery #1 A Life of Discovery #2
  14. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    Pitiful. Suppose for the wheel and axle pictured here: 1. The diameter of each wheel is 12 inches and the diameter of the axle is 3 inches. The wheel and axle roll one revolution, or 12*pi = 37.7 inches. According to self-deluded Jonathan: 1. The axle must slip 28.27 inches, or some other non-zero distance his diseased imagination severed from reality can fabricate. 2. There is an invisible, 2nd support tangent to the axle that the axle slips on!! Baal: "The inner wheel [e.g. axle] is rigidly affixed to the outer wheel. since it has a smaller radius its circumference is less than the circumference of the outer wheel so it slip on its rail by a distance equal to the difference of the circumferences." (Link, my bold). Max: "When the larger wheel makes one rotation without slipping, it travels over a distance of 2 π R. So does the smaller wheel [e.g. axle], but if this wheel [e.g. axle] wouldn't slip, it would only travel over a distance 2 π r (r < R). However, it has to travel over a distance of 2 π R, so apart from its rotation it must also slip with respect to its support, to keep up with the larger wheel." (Link, my bold). Its rail?? Its support?? Anyway, to both: 2*pi*R = Rotation + Translation + Slippage 2*pi*R = 2*pi*r + 0 + 2*pi*(R-r) Both imply that translation is irrelevant. Alternatively, Translation = Rotation + Slippage, which is ad hoc and far short of comprehensive. Me: "Translation fully accounts for [the smaller circle/axle] moving the horizontal distance 2πR, like it does for its center and the wheel with radius R and the same center." (Link).
  15. merjet

    Aristotle's wheel paradox

    You are wrong again. It is pure rolling that does not include slipping (link). You are welcome to use the formula and say the small circle's amount of slippage is zero. I would.