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  1. Shatters? Compare Sweden to its neighboring countries. Country Cases/ Deaths/ 1M pop 1M pop Denmark 1417 70 Finland 793 32 Norway 1373 37 Sweden 1739 213
  2. Net neutrality - USA vs Europe Coronaviris - innovation
  3. Nice fog and snow job. You point the reader to 141 pages of presidential actions starting in 2017, most of which are not about the coronavirus that didn't become an issue until 2020.
  4. Nothing at all with what you have written?? Then you need to explain your scornful reaction to what you posted from Daily Caller and the included video with Dr. Birx speaking. Link. Daily Caller wrote: "Dr. Birx says that anyone who dies with coronavirus, regardless of any underlying health condition, is being counted as a death from coronavirus." Dr. Birx is pretty clear, and Daily Caller is truthful to what she said. She didn't advocate reporting two causes of death if there was a pre-existing condition. Neither did you or Daily Caller. Why did you react the way you did?
  5. Yeah, for example, it is "totally beside the point" that there can be multiple causes of death. Multiple causes being possible is contrary to MSK's a priori assumption that there can be one and only one cause of death. His a priori assumption is super precious to him when there is one cause of death he wishes to diminish. His confirmation bias and willingness to evaluate-before-identify demand satisfaction.
  6. Bill Gates did not invent the internet. In fact, Microsoft's management failed to foresee its potential.
  7. It's decided by the doctor who signs the death certificate. The doctor can code for multiple causes.
  8. Coronavirus - death of a campaign
  9. Coronavirus - death of a campaign
  10. Coronavirus - Medicare for All #3
  11. Coronavirus - Medicare for All #3
  12. Coronavirus -- supply chains