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  1. Heh. The pot calls the kettle black. Here is one of many, many instances in which you have made up crap, tried to cram it in my mouth, or portray it as my thoughts (psychologizing), and then attack your own concoction rather than what I did say or did think. LOL. You are addicted to making personal attacks on me. You can't even follow the advice you gave to anthony, which was to ignore me.
  2. Wrong. That's what the software did (to my surprise). I did not plan it that way.
  3. "You shouldn't poop in public."--Brant (link). Thank you, Brant. I also salute you for your service, fellow Vietnam vet. Maybe MSK will learn something from this, but I seriously doubt it.
  4. Hogwash. That's a passing analysis of your lame Sep 19 story, though. No thanks, snooty. I know plenty about humor, having read some astute observers, which doesn't include you.
  5. Two Articles by Walter Williams, RIP Moral debate per Alasdair MacIntyre
  6. Hear this total bs in the first few seconds from Trump's mouth.
  7. MSK made a parody Sep 19: I apologize for taking so long to return the favor. Mighty MSK at the Bat It was a fine but gusty, windy day for baseball in OLville. The home team was behind in runs 2-0, going into the bottom of the 9th. The visitors' pitcher was nicknamed The Magician, since he could baffle hitters with his toolkit of pitches, including tricky ones, made with superb control. He was often compared to Greg Maddux in his prime (e.g. 1995). Stil
  8. Heh. Re theocracy, you dropped the context. You first arbitrarily invoked ‘theocracy’ trying to sneer at Andrew Sullivan, who did not use the word. “Theocracy’ implies more than a fusion of religious and political ideas. The more is real people practicing them in real-world politics. By your murky, presumptive premises, Sullivan must have meant a theocracy in the USA. I applied your premises to infer a theocracy in the USA in a different way that you didn’t like – Trump and Paula White-Cain – but wholly consistent with your premises. That's checking your premises. Your 2nd sentence is a n
  9. LOL. Anthony gets duped by MSK's mis-diagnosis. Then he tries hypocrisy. He doesn't personalize anything? LOL. Here is anthony to me within only the last 24 hours: "I think your trouble is that you would not see the way to individual freedom if you tripped over it" (link). "I'm one step ahead of you" (link). In other words, his arrogance posing as a rational argument.
  10. Wow, you are that far out of focus! ..... Wrong again. ..... LOL. Wow, you somehow believe your arrogance is a rational argument! The OO folks were correct. Trying to have a rational discussion with you is a total waste of time.
  11. Ditto to you. You seem unhinged. I haven't been posting about them. Stop trying to change the subject.
  12. You get an F in logic, but have your way -- a pro-Trump theocracy led by Trump and his spiritual advisor Paula White-Cain. She can be the mystic of spirit and he the mystic of muscle. .... That's more of your pigeonholing and lack of focus, and you are wrong again. Andrew Sullivan is not "the Left." Enjoy your upvote from an idiot.
  14. LOL. A sneering piece of “intellectualism” from a smug pro-Trumper based on pigeonholing, psychologizing, and fabrication. Sullivan said nothing at all about theocracy, yet that’s what you try to cram in his mouth. Sullivan is not a leftist like Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren, AOC, Nancy Polosi, or Adam Schiff, yet that’s how you pigeonhole him. For example, elsewhere he has been very critical of wokeness that is so popular with leftists. Sullivan said nothing about Islamic “Fundamentalism.” It’s nice that you noticed that while trying to smear him for it. Finally, not surprisingly, you sweep unde