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  1. I promised to keep OL up to date on some of my video reports chronicling the fight for liberty in New Hampshire.... here it the latest from yesterday's infamous primary recount.
  2. Yes, I'm covering the fraud concerns and here is my report from yesterday at the scene of the NH recount: NH: Paul supporters out in force for primary recount (ridleo) Note that whatever tricks may have been played on us, Ron Paul got more percentage points here than in any other primary...and that was with over 20 people on the ballot and 9 major republicans still in the race at the time.
  3. Since you brought up Ron Paul...here is the most recent video I posted on the Paul situation.... however right now I'm dubbing a video I shot earlier today at the recount. That's the big RP news right now here...the recount. Stay tuned and I'll have the report uploaded tonight probably. Dave
  4. Hi all...I was keyword searching the net for libertarian web forums and found you guys. Actually you and, what, four other huge Objectoforums? Anyway that is good to see. I'm glad you're here and look forward to posting here again soon. I'm a news videographer and I shoot stories about the growing liberty activity here in New Hampshire...where Rand is often known as St. Ayn and the state motto is, well you know the state motto. In the absence of objections I will drop in now and then with updates and hopefully also be able to answer your questions about the pro-liberty migration experiment here....by showing it to you rather than just discussing it.