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  1. Richard Matthews of Operation Live Free or Die squares off against authoritarian Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger in a Maryland Congressional race sure to capture the attention of Ron Paul supporters. But will Maryland's "Iraq war opponents" really vote for an Iraq war opponent?
  2. Assuming you're fit and healthy, I think it'd be more time-consuming than physically demanding. Shayne i think he's prepped for it pretty carefully and can take his own pace, will have an rv in the area keeping tabs on him.
  3. What: Illegal puppet show When: Wednesday, April 23, 2008. Starting between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. Where: Outside New Hampshire State House, 107 N. Main, Concord, NH (Near Main but out of pedestrians' way). How: "Outlaw Puppeteer" will perform "The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail," As an act of civil disobedience against the state's prohibition On unlicensed puppeteering for profit. Who: Dave Ridley, 41, of NHfree.com. Ridley is a Manchester videographer. Projected turnout is 20, mostly Ron Paul supporters and NHFree folks Why: Protest legislature's refusal to repeal unnecessary laws. Latest details: http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?topic=13709.0 Ways you Can help: http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?topic=13727.0 Dear folks at Concord P.D., Concord City Hall, the Attorney General's office and the NH Legislature: Somewhere between 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. on April 23, I plan to commit an illegal act in Concord. I will hold a puppet show, for profit, without government permission. The show will be wholesome and unobtrusive. But it will violate RSA 286:1.* Conducting it appears to be a misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of one year in jail. Hopefully, it will draw some small attention to the neglected importance of repealing bad laws. Earlier this year, the State House overwhelmingly voted down HB1347, a bill aimed at removing obsolete statutes. There were problems with the bill's wording, but the fact remains Concord has declined to eliminate dozens - maybe thousands - of senseless laws which clutter our books at best and endanger our freedoms at worst. The problem is milder in New Hampshire than most places. But even here it's illegal to pick up seaweed off the beach.** It's illegal to clean litter off the White Mountains without a permit.*** And, of course, it's illegal to grow hemp for even for the most constructive of purposes. Some crazy state laws lie dormant and unenforced, others crowd our jails with victimless "criminals." More appear upon the scene each year to confuse or strangle individuals and businesses. After 200+ years of adding state laws (8,200 Kilobytes worth), it's time to reverse the curse. It's time for Concord to start eliminating statutes instead of imposing them. A sunset provision on all new laws would be nice. A robust "repeal committee" might be an option. Some statutes I can't argue with, but others hemorrhage tax dollars and prevent people from living their lives. So I beg lawmakers: Stop "protecting" us from peaceable commerce you don't approve of. Stop saving us from G-rated puppet shows, rope-making plants and clean mountains. We who cherish our vanishing freedoms are often told we should work within the system to achieve these ends. But the system has just refused to carry out this repair. Thoreau put it best: "As for the means the state has provided me for changing it....they take too long, and a man's life will be gone." So I will do what Thoreau did, and openly violate the law rather than wait for a repeal that may never come. My intent is peaceable; I bear no grudge. But I won't not stop until I am arrested or have amassed a thousand dollars in illegal puppeteering profits. I will come back again and again until one of the above occurs. And I urge other New Hampshirites to do something similar. Don't mindlessly obey laws that harm the people, just because they are laws. This event will occur outside the State House near Main. So it may violate not only RSA 286 but also the prohibition against demonstrating without a permit on House grounds. I'm ready to be flexible on this issue if we're not forced to request a permit, forced to leave the state house area or forced to stand in anyone's way. But I'm prepared to face charges of demonstrating without a permit. In any case, RSA 286 appears to ban unlicensed puppet shows for profit, not only on public property but everywhere in the state. So it apparently would still be illegal to do this, even in your own home! Again, this is about more than the right to hold public performance. It's about the need to reduce the estimated 100,000+ pages of often-harmful New Hampshire law, something we will never accomplish through conventional means. Respectfully yours, Dave Ridley Manchester (Followed by my contact info) * Puppet Law: RSA 286:1 - http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/x...286/286-mrg.htm ** Seaweed law - http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/X.../207/207-48.htm *** Litter pickup law - http://www.ahajokes.com/laws029.html
  4. Free Stater Will Buchannan is escaping to New Hampshire...on foot! This week he began his walk across the country to generate attention for Ron Paul and the Free State Project. Will and his family leave behind forever their residency in socialist Hawaii...and urge you to do something similar if you haven't already!
  5. Activists are wondering why nothing's been heard from jailed tax protester Elaine Brown since authorities hauled her back to New Hampshire as a trial witness. For over a week she's been listed as "in transit." And that's just the tip of the iceberg in this general update of Brown-related news. BTW I wanted to thank you OL folks for continuing to have a friendly and tolerant place for me to post these NH liberty updates. That is not always an Objectivist characteristic, but you guys wear the cross of St. Ayn well
  6. Exclusive footage of Federal agents' infamous encounter with "dog walker" Danny Riley during the "standoff" with New Hampshire tax protesters. Riley is on trial this week for allegedly donating a firearm to Ed and Elaine Brown...who holed up in their Plainfield home for eight months rather than submit to sentencing on tax charges. However he was armed only with a coffee mug during this incident...
  7. Should be an interesting question for Objectivists... This RidleyReport.com vid asks: Is it "neoconservative" to spend ourselves into a military collapse? How will we bomb things if we can't buy the bombs? If you cherish our military adventures, is Paul the only candidate who would preserve our ability to wage them?
  8. ....But supporter David Krouse backs the authorities down in court.
  9. For over twenty years, "Patriot Pastor" Garrett Lear has strode the halls of New Hampshire's legislature...serving as a voice for his faith and his Revolutionary War ancestors. Today he talks with us about Real ID, the liberty deficit among Christians and his colorful outfit. Pastor Lear's church is in Wakefield, New Hampshire. What do *you* think? Is Real ID the Mark of the Beast? A precursor to it? A bad thing? A good thing?
  10. A controversial political outsider shunned by his own party on the eve of national disaster. A prophet with loyal and dedicated supporters. These phrases ring true for more than one great man. But have enough people heard Paul's warnings to know who they should blame when the bottom falls out? Will they know that our meltdown was caused by the simple fact that Washington under both major parties created and spent too much money?
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I do tend to get the impression that these guys are hacking at a lot of branches but am just glad they are staying both active and peaceable. There may not be a conspiracy or fraud attempt, but these guys have at least drawn attention to cracks in the defenses against such fraud.
  12. Me got to oppose Dr. Paul on one thing he suggested in his February netcast...even if it's only the second bad idea he's ever had...
  13. From RidleyReport.com Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.org makes second trip to New Hampshire, files new investigative report on her findings related to the presidential primary process.
  14. This is interesting stuff about the felons although in and of itself drug trafficking does not make a person evil or a threat....
  15. Paul-endorsed New Hampshire activist Jim Forsythe prepares bid for 1st Congressional District.
  16. Pro wrestling star Kane from WWE makes a minor cameo in this video analysis of Ron Paul's fascinating new youtube brieifing.
  17. Guns are allowed in New Hampshire's state house and most of our government buildings. When State Rep Eleanor Kjellman tries to change that...the local citizen gun lobby overflows her hearing, and the bill goes nowhere. See how it unfolded, and hear what she has to say when I interview her.
  18. Yet another use we've discovered for open carried firearms in New Hampshire...
  19. Tensions boil over at the New Hampshire primary recount when state officials temporarily run out of ballots...leaving volunteer observers with nothing to do.
  20. who is the convicted felon in charge and how do i verify that information?
  21. Today's update... Paul activist: NH recount moving into juicier ballots Dan Stewart is a "Recount Junkie," a Paul activist heavily involved in the controversial New Hampshire Primary recount. He says the NH Secretary of State's office has been picking and choosing what gets counted first, and that may mean the more interesting ballots are just now coming under scrutiny. Also in this report: What are the potential positive results that could come from this recount and the heavy scrutiny it has placed on the state's ballot process? And who really controls the ballots? Dan gives us his take.
  22. NH: GOP recount triggers concern over uncast ballots My 2nd report from scene of New Hampshire primary recount. Ron Paul supporters express a new concern: The lack of ability to account for uncast ballots. State officials respond to the concern. Note that citizens are able to open carry firearms in the state building where the recount is underway, with no grief from authorities.
  23. Thanks Mark. I miss things all the time especially on the first pass at a story. And I rely on viewers to help me fill in the blanks. Since I'll likely be continuing to cover this, I can hopefully take your concerns into one or more of the future reports on this.