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  1. Instead of pampering the authorities' collective bargaining "rights," maybe we the people should be limiting their tendency to shoot at us!
  2. I dunno, I have an acquaintance from Russia who says the KGB was better than the local child protective services after she moved stateside.
  3. It's spooky how many images from an anti-Soviet newsreel...can be replaced by images from modern America. And how much Washington's struggle against freedom lovers...mimics the old Cold War.
  4. There have been a lot of incidents lately where authorities seem to have acted appropriately and pulled their punches against victimless New Hampshire liberty activists. But why is it happening? Is it just a coincidence, or is it a trend?
  5. Ron Paul: Wikileaks isn't the problem America's "leader of the genuine opposition" decries calls for Julian Assange's assassination. This is an illustrated version of Congressman Paul's December 6, 2010 audio broadcast.
  6. Who will tell the world what is happening to New Hampshire's growing liberty movement if it is silenced? You will! Or at least, you can...especially if you're overseas. Join the Free State's leaderless "Foreign Legion" if you'd like to help keep the world informed of our fate.
  7. From RidleyReport.com - WeWontFly.com protesters in New Hampshire find a terminal seemingly denuded of travelers. Meanwhile, one of them finds himself under attack by would-be censors.
  8. Apparently some guys on one of the other forums who saw this video got together and started looking at boats to see if forming a privateer might be doable... Probably nothing came of it but who knows?
  9. Even if you were to assume that all the Free Staters were philosophical anarchists... The results of their activism would still be tempered by the activism of those who already lived here. Once thus averaged out, the Free Staters' impact would simply be to slow or temporarily reverse the long growth of government. There is no danger of the ball rolling out of control uphill.
  10. That's what he had to say two years ago.... so, have we had enough time? Or will Federal collapse come down to being a survivalist situation?
  11. Arrested for videotaping outside "his" courthouse, liberty activist wins lawsuit against Homeland Security.
  12. The numbers would be higher but we have to wait two years before running in statewide elections. So the pool of people we had to draw on was only the folks that moved during the first 3 years after NH was selected for QuasiGulching. We should be able to run maybe 2x as many candidates in 2012, although for some reason it seems like the numbers elected triple each session.
  13. Liberty migrants achieve a next gain of 6 in New Hampshire's state house. This total counts only people who are officially Free Staters, i.e. they signed the Free State Project's letter of intent and moved to New Hampshire for more liberty. Another 30 to 50 long-time-resident libertarians are thought to have won seats in last night's electio
  14. From RidleyReport.com Oath Keepers prep lawsuit against NH bureaucrats After using Oath Keeper affiliation as one excuse for taking a baby, New Hampshire's child protective division is now the target of a planned lawsuit. Oath Keepers is a group of current/former military/police who pledge they won't follow unconstitutional orders.
  15. Today's Ron Paul Straight Talk audio broadcast, unofficially illustrated by RidleyReport.com For those who don't like "Dr. No's" military views, a reminder: He got more donations from soldiers than any other candidate in 2008, and served as an air force flight surgeon during Viet Nam.
  16. "for every three of us on this forum not working for the government, we are supporting through taxes a 4th worker in government. And when he retires, well... we have to keep on paying taxes to support his retirement." Well that's assuming the situation doesn't collapse outright between here and there. Rand was more or less expecting it as far back as the 50s, right? Think how much more precarious the system's status is now.
  17. If governments didn't harass people at ports for having guns piracy would be a lot harder.
  18. NPR was up in arms a while back about Croatia's dozen or so presidential-security bureaucracies. But how much have they questioned the 1271 government-security bureaucracies in America?
  19. http://www.youtube.com/ridleyreport#p/a/u/1/FxShMbiQlhg BP oil disaster leads to so much government crackdown, some of the relatively good companies are fleeing to third world hellholes.
  20. Overall I think he's only 98% right lol, I worry Rand is already abandoning too many liberty positions though...that will get out of control I fear once he has power. Sigh.
  21. This is an unofficial illustrated version of Ron Paul's upcoming July 12 broadcast on Afghanistan. And you thought a few $69 toilet seats were a big deal!
  22. So, what do you think? Is he right? Or should vessels that dock in Massachusetts have to face the state's draconian gun laws, traveling the whole world unarmed?